What could be causing my daughters headaches?

My oldest daughter is 12, and since last week been getting headaches and nausea. We thought it was the stomach bug going around as we all ended up sick. She was sent home twice, vomiting the first time around. This morning when we got up, she threw up again, and we thought she caught it from us again, but a little while ago, she started her first period. Could it have caused the vomiting and headaches?


It almost sounds like she’s getting the headache from the hormones changing since she’s now getting periods. I get monthly hormonal migraines and they hurt so bad. If anything maybe reach out to her pediatrician to rule out anything if it becomes an issue.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What could be causing my daughters headaches?

Yes. I always had headaches with my period, actually still do. And a lot of times it causes nausea too


Yes. I actually went thru it. All those hormones going nuts. Can and will cause all of that.


Could be migraines or from the hormonal shift during her menstrual cycle. I would make an appt with her doctor to be sure


My 12 year old gets a headache and feels nauseated when she gets her period. The first day usually.

Yes but it could also be migraines my little sister has suffered from these since 6 years old and once the headache kicks in she always gets sick and throws up. Take her to the doctor and get checked ASAP because they hurt and make You so sick! The period could just be making it worse or setting off the migraines .


Have her checked for migraines. Migraines can also cause nausea and vomiting


Have her eyes checked!!! When I was young I started coming home with bad headaches all the time and crying. First thing the dr wanted to do was have my eyes checked. Once that was ruled out I was given blood thinners to take. I eventually outgrew the migraines.


Yes every time I would get my period for at least the 1st day and a 1/2 I would deal with headaches, extreme cramps, nausea, even a low grade fever and that was from the time I was 10 until I was 21 when I got on the depo shot.

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Sounds like migraines

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I started getting migraines around that age. Whenever my cycle is about to start I get this way

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Girls are more prone to migraines than boys because of hormones is what I was told. Migraines cause nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and dizziness. I have friends who get them and their doctors referred them to a neurologist for treatment

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I would say it’s connected to her period, I still get heschaches/migraines on my period, especially it’s heavy. I think for myself at least it’s connected to my anemia too.

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Yes two of my teenage daughters have this. The dr can put her on medication for it. It helped both of my girls. Good luck to you momma.

I have horrible migraines around my period, poor thing xx

Cut out sugar from her diet. Keep hydrated, with good water. It makes a difference.

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Migraines or hormones from puberty… I developed migraines right after going through puberty

Yup my sister is now 18 and has been going thru this since getting her period at 11 for some people it goes away others it dont

I agree migraines plus hormones. My daughter used to get them right before her cycle. She didn’t have them prior. Lots of water and stay away from the caffeine. Hope this helps!!

Could be vestibular migraines

Was the only time i ever got a headache in my life

Get her to a doctor just to make sure

Yes I get nauseous on mine

Yes a few days before I get my period. I get really bad migraines and gets nausea

Agree with others. Migraines are making her puke. Speak to her doctor and they can give her something

Yes ! I get migraines around my time of the month and nauseated sometimes diarrhea too. Then it goes away as the week continues. Monitor and see if it’s one of her symptoms for PMS/period.

I have suffered from hormonal migraines for a long time.
I think it’s possibly hormone related.

I get hormone migranes my mom made feverfew tea and cold cloths dark room, and camphor oil when I was a girl.

Maybe she needs glasses migraines were terrible for my daughter at that age. Made her a eye appt. and she needed glasses

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I still get headaches and some nausea when starting my monthly and im 43 …

My periods used to make me really sick I’m the being, light headache, dizziness, the need to vomit, some blacking out.

Migraines. My daughter used to get them bad they ended up putting her on amatryptilin not sure if that’s how it’s spelt. But it helped and she’s 16 now and doesn’t have to take it anymore. Guessing it was some kind of hormonal imbalance

How long ago was her first period? (Don’t come at me for this) but if she was sexually active after her first period she could have gotten pregnant. Small chance but it’s possible. A girl I went to school with got pregnant at 12 and had her baby when she turned 13. With all of my pregnancy’s nausea and migraines have been my first indicators so it wouldn’t hurt to atleast check in my opinion


Hormones and or weather and they can get a lot worse go to the doctor and get a prescription for it saved my life literally I could not function nothing and I started getting them around 11-12 years old after I got my period

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Helpful for migraines: take one ibuprofen and one acetaminophen and some caffeine.

I read the first few lines & thought damn she’s on her :no_entry:. Yes those are my monthly symptoms :roll_eyes:

When I was in Jr high / high-school I got migraines the week before and the week of my peroid. The migraines were bad enough to make me nauseous:/ I’d talk to her doc

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For sure. I always got nauseous during that time.

When I first started my period, I was 10 years old, I would have severe leg cramps and I would feel nauseous and even throw up.

Bring her to the doctor.

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Get hormone Check very important , periods can trigger,as my daughter went through this stage badley.

Also check this out my daughter and granddaughter also suffer from this

Its called period flu… My niece gets it.


Anxiety? Especially if it starts before school or events ect.

Of course take her to the Dr, my son was experiencing the same thing, did blood work and was sent to neurologist. He suggested Magnesium Oxide and Vitamin B2, 400mg of each daily. Has helped tremendously, but if course, see a Dr to rule out anything else.

Menstrually related migraines it’s actually a condition


I used to get all those symptoms just before and first couple days if my period…
Hopefully it won’t be like that every month…


Migraine…get her some appropriate medication from your GP…if she learns how to notice them starting…aura, speech difficulties, vision distortions… she may be able to prevent a full blown attack.
Mine did coincide with my menstrual cycle and this seems a frequent adolescent female condition.
Good luck…I feel for her.


H pylori? Stress/anxiety? Possibly hormonal? Just guesses of course …

I would have her eyes checked… my niece needed glasses and she was straining her eyes to the point she was getting bad migraines and throwing up.

I dont want to give u a diagnosis as I’m not a Dr. I knew a child with those symptoms and he had a brain tumor. Try and talk to ur Dr about that possibility, as it is an extreme thought and they might overlook it.

First thought would be migraine.

Migraine’s get medication for this

If she just started her period then they definitely could be linked to that. I get migraines really bad with mine as well, sometimes they can and will make you physically nauseous and sick depending on how strong they are. I was put on meds for mine and it definitely helps


Did she get the " vaccine"? See her pediatrician, could be her hormones are starting to rise . Can you pin it down to any one food? Is her diet too high in sugars? Could be reactive hypoglycemia?

This happened to me get her eyes checked!!

This is a check with the doctor moment. She could have PMDD, she could just have regular run of the mill PMS, she could have a brain tumor, an aneurysm, diabetes, thyroid disorder …. She may need glasses, etc and etc…… the list is endless ranging from normal annoyance to life threatening situations……

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My granddaughter went thru this only 10… This lasted a month took her to the doctor had tests ran it turned out it was caused by her first period that didn’t even start for a month after she began to get these symptoms

I get Migraines every month, they start 2-3 days before my period and last about 3 or 4 days into my period. I get nausea and vomiting with mine. Even when my periods are irregular I always know when it’s coming by the headaches.

Yes I used to have this problem in school plus awful cramps

I get HORRIBLE migraines the day, sometimes 2, before my period. They get so bad I vomit, or feel like I need to vomit most of the time

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My first thought was - bet she is about to start her period. Then at the end bingo. I get migraines before, after and during my periods. Still think I have a hormonal problem but what can I do when no doctor will listen. I’d definitely talk to a doctor about it!

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I get migraines right before and right after my period a lot of times. And my migraines cause vomiting. So very well could be. Poor girl. I hope this was just a one time thing for her :weary:

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Don’t ask Facebook. Be responsible and Take her to a doctor.


I would maybe get her eyes checked, she could be getting migraine headaches.

Myself and my 3 daughters all started suffering with migraines when we started our periods. Obviously get it checked by the doctors .

Could b numerous things. please get blood work done n check her thyroid.

Yes it’s new hormones that have to get adjusted

I agree with everyone here. Def could be hormone related, since it seems that there a large group of us on here that all experience the same symptoms before (& after) our periods. I also suffered from migraines in between sometimes and would either throw up or need to and I needed eye care. I was wearing bifocals (no line of course lol) by the time I graduated high school. I use both glasses and contacts now, and usually don’t have any trouble except like the day before and day of my friend to visit. However, I also agree with the comment to take her to a physician to get checked out and then onto an optometrist. Just to rule out anything extra or special. Being a woman is so hard sometimes… and when you are just starting that journey, well there are lots of yucky feelings in our heads and our bodies… I know I didn’t understand most of them until way later in life.

It could be dehydration vision problems any number of things so I would suggest making it appointment to get to the bottom of what is causing her headaches and vomiting

Go to the doctor, not Facebook.

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My oldest had the same thing starting at 3. She’s migraine prone. Seems crazy at that age but it happens. She gets a horrible migraine, throws up, and then usually it passes. Praying for you and your little one!

Yes it could be her period.

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Sounds like hormonal migraines :disappointed: I struggled with them until my hysterectomy. The most effective thing I found was ibuprofen, acetaminophen (the new dual action Advil is perfect!) and caffeine.

May be something related to shedding from the vaccinated especially if it involves periods. Dehydration is also sometimes linked to headaches.

Migraines… My daughter gets like that when it gets too hot out. So summer she has to stay in

Me an my daughter get very bad headaches when we get our period so you might wanna take her to her pediatrician so they can prescribe her some for when it’s her time of the month she e
Won’t vomit an the headaches aren’t so bad

Dehydration? Or period coming?

It definitely could be from starting her period, especially since it is her first time having it. Before I got my first period I got super sick and had a nasty migraine and then when it started I still had an awful migraine causing me to puke and ended up with cramps so bad that I couldn’t move. I also have endometriosis which we didn’t find out until years later. Everyone just thought I was being overly dramatic about how much pain I was in even though I was puking from the pain. Unfortunately it still happens to me even as an adult :confused:

I’m guessing she is getting migraines, I had them from the time I got my period until I hit menopause, I feel so bad if that’s what it is because they are horrible and they can get worse as she gets older

Yes, but if the headaches don’t stop take her and have an MRI done. My sister had bad headaches headaches two weeks, in and out of the ER 7 times they kept looking at her like she wanted drugs. She had all the veins in her brain clogged with blood clots. It caused a stroke and she’s been in a coma for 6 weeks. It’s been touch and go on if she’ll survive.


My period brought on migraines.

Def sounds like it her period. Hopefully it gets easier for her. I second the Motrin/Tylenol/caffeine regimen. I’d add in ice and heat packs.

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Absolutely could be period related. I’d probably just watch the symptoms. If they subside after the period ends its most likely hormones, if it doesn’t head to the Dr.

Yes sounds like her period and the stomach bug yall had. Praying she feels better and yall are feeling better. But just monitor her if its period related she should start getting some relief soon

If she’s a MTN dew drinker those will cause migraines. I had MRI done due to losing vision and needing complete darkness with a pounding headache and nausea. Found out from the hospital that something in the MTN dew was doing it and I was drinking a lot of mtn dew to stay awake for my job at the time

When I got mine I was shitting and bleeding and had a headache and puked

My 7 year old just got diagnosed with migraines… same deal. Good luck!

I get a migraine before my period starts and when it ends, it’s hormonal. But if she’s getting physically sick from it you should take her to the gyno. Some women do suffer some serious menstrual cycle symptoms that make them very sick and if that’s the case they can determine it and treat it. Only her doctor would be able to provide you with definitive answers.

Check with doctor, get tests done.,I suffered from migraines once my period started. Didnt know till 10years later my hormone levels were up n down. Still get them but never as much as a teen.

The migraine/headache could very easily cause vomiting. I used to get those the week before my period until I added in extra magnesium to my daily regimen. Hopefully since starting her period, the headache & vomiting has calmed down. Prayers for her.

Could be an allergy to something seasonal. It can cause bad headaches. Start Zyrtec w her. That’s the age mine started and they were awful migraines causes by allergens . Take her to Dr. They can give u referral for an allergist to get testing done. Periods can cause headaches sometimes also but shes only 12. The time of the year it is I bet it’s allergies. I never had any and tested negative for all but was diagnosed w non allergic rhinoitis. Migraine causes vomiting. I worked in the er and ppl would come in throwing up bc headache is so bad.

Take her to the doctor!!


Is she taking any new medications or eating new foods

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Yes it could be from her period, I’ve always had awful periods and these symptoms sound all too familiar. Start monitoring/recording her symptoms every month, and talk her her doctor about it. Ask them to check her vitamin and mineral levels- if she is low on things like calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and iron it will make her periods much worse.

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When I was in sixth grade I remember getting really bad headaches and turned out to be migraines. They gave me some allergy medicine which did help but every 6 months it was happening up until I got to HS and then it stopped :woman_shrugging:t4: but I do know the allergy medicine did help.

Ummm take her to the doctor.


Oh yes that happened to me

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