What could help with this?

My 4 year old has had diarrhea for the last WEEK , she hasn’t been sick , no fever , nothing . Just horrible diarrhea -she has also started wetting the bed at night and that has NEVER happened, at least not since she was in diapers it’s just gotten worse and I’m not sure what to do other than take her into her doctor but I hate saying it, they’re just all stupid, especially nowadays it’s just guess after guess with them.. I’ll be calling to schedule her an appointment BUT would LOVE to have some advice if anyone has any.

She drinks plenty of water during the day so I’m trying to keep her hydrated and will be getting her Gatorade to keep her electrolytes up as well.

She still eats what she always has, nothing has changed in her diet…

I’m hoping it’s a stomach bug ? That just won’t go away ? But I’m not completely sure .

Would love to know what other parents might think or suggest to help with it . She cry’s everytime she goes to the bathroom because her butt just hurts so bad and I feel so so bad for her and wish I could do something to help


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What could help with this?

Could be constipation and what you’re describing coming out is called overflow. If the bowel is full/stretched it can impact the bladder and cause wetting


Try the BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce or apples and toast. It’s helps the diarrhea


There’s a loose stool virus going around. :disappointed:. Last a few days to a couple weeks.


Is she lactose intolerant? Or any other food allergies? I mean you might not know I guess and this could be why her tummy hurts so bad. I’d try switching up her diet, no dairy to start and see how it goes and if there is any difference. So sorry she’s going through that!!! I hope you can figure it out.

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I would go see a pediatric gastroenterologist


Could be toddler diarrhea…too much liquids…try to cut the amount u give n dilute it

Get to the doctor, like yesterday!!!


She has had diarrhea for a WEEK… take her to the dr.


Doctors,might have infection

Definitely possible stomach bug, even sick my kids act like you’d never know and I’ve found this year the illnesses have been longer and nastier than normal (I had a month long sinus infection and cold). Biggest concern is dehydration being a week already. Id still call the doctor because they can call In meds to help ease that

Probiotics!! They help within a day !!! Culterelle at walmart ! But yes doctor too!

There is a nasty stomach virus going around. My nephews have had it(both lasted about a week of lose stools) and it is contagious! I am on day 4. Don’t feel bad at all, no fever, no vomitting for me(my nephews had vomiting for about 24 hours) just loose stools

She may have an infection in her intestines

Please take her to urgent care and have them check for constipation. If going on too long it can cause issues! Poor baby a WEEK and not seen smh that’s insane

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get her to the doctor. best case scenario, it’s nothing big. worst case, she could become severely dehydrated (even though you’re giving her liquids) and get sicker.

been there several times myself and it’s never fun to deal with and there’s not really any way to get around going to a doctor for that type of thing especially since it’s been a week and not showing signs of letting up.

My house was hit with the stomach bug. It was more diarrhea than puking. It lasted 6 days for all of us. I would encourage you to at least call the doctor and see what they think and go from there.

Shes 4. Take her to a doctor.

Probabky should’ve been to the doctors already to figure this out. We can’t give the reason.

My 2 year old had something like this for a week, like her bowels were water. She wears a diaper still but would stand up, and poop the liquid, I’d have to lift her into the bath to empty it out :disappointed: we tried the BRAT diet and I got pedialyte like everyone recommended but when we saw a dr she advised against all that. So we switched to regular foods but cut the sugar and pedialyte out and she got better pretty quick!

Take her to the dr but my middle child when she was an infant had diarrhea over a month one time.

Could be a stomach bug because my youngest (17 months) just got over one she had diarrhea constantly for 4-5 days. I’d try giving her something to stop her up. Dairy, bananas. Something like that

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My daughter had this and it ended up being C DIFF! Take her in!

Doctor yes , bananas applesauce rice and toast. Wouldn’t give a lot of sugar products and would watch how much juice she is drinking. Pray baby girl gets better soon.

Could be a food allergy or intolerance. My youngest had a cocoa intolerance when she was little. Always had diarrhea and bad belly pain when she would have any chocolate. She out grew it, but it was tough to diagnose.

When my kids have upset Tummys I get them the kids chewable pepto and they usually have one more loose stool then their okay

Could be dietary or upset as well. Maybe a case of trying to find out if anything has changed or been upsetting her or looking at recent food intake

Get her to eat some more fiber and see if that helps. Broccoli, avocado, beans, peas, etc.

Give her half strength tea

Sounds like IBS. Definitely get her checked out before adding anything to her diet or food routine.

Try Pedialyte for kids.

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My daughters primary (she had very hard poops, always constipated) told me that miralax works to soften and harden stools depending on what’s needed…

So I know it sounds crazy but when I eat anything with gluten or grease that’s exactly what happens to me. I have to stay away from everything gluten and anything with grease. Could be something she’s eating that could be causing the problem


Sounds like cdiff and if you believe your Dr is stupid you should be seeking a new Dr


Also childrens imodium AD

It could be a number of things so she definitely needs to see a doctor but I wanted to add that if you honestly feel that way about your pediatrician find a new one because they aren’t all like that ! We went through 3 but we did find a really great one that we really like, they are out there you just have to meet new ones and keep going until u find the one you like


I would try
cranberry juice ( help if it’s UTI )
Activia ( helps with digestive issues ).

Flat ginger ale can help but also see a Dr if you can

Jfc take her to a dr instead of posting on fb


Pedialyte is a good start

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Could be norovirus, or something else. I would take her in.

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Could she possibly be teething?? As she gets older she wont cry from teething but it still happens. What you dont want to do is give her apples, bananas, OJ…stuff like that. If she has diahherea…stick to water, pedialyte, ginger ale, etc. You can try giving her crackers, toast, some soup…light items…nothing heavy…

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Dr. Pepto and pedialyte.

Diarrhea for a week she should see the doctor right away sounds like a infection and diaper rash cream will help with her sore behind and pedialite


Could she be lactose intolerant? My youngest is lactose intolerant and has bad diarrhea and stomach pains when she has anything dairy.


Use baby rash cream for her bottom and soak in warm to cold water no need to go to the doc. Is probably a stomach virus thats what they’re gonna tell you i know im a mom water and elcs.are great and give her plenty of grains crackers pasta helps her stomach and keeps her full

sounds like bladder infection.

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B.R.A.T …bananas, apples, rice & toast

Avoid dairy & oils.

If she’s drinking and peeing that’s a real good sign, it’s likely viral and not alot a Dr could do. In the UK we have a thing called dioralite it’s like a salts and minerals replacement powder, do the us have something like that?


Il post on Facebook because doctors are all stupid she says :roll_eyes::joy::joy::joy::joy:


We’ve had a stomach bug and this after having covid just about the whole month of Oct so its really getting to just be too much at this point​:grimacing: There does seem to be something going around but I’m going to agree with you in that every thing we need drs, dentists, anything medical, for we end up in some nightmare of a situation where they are usually just entirely wrong and cause us more problems than good. And not like once, like this has been an over 5 years now thing​:roll_eyes: Unfortunately I have govt insurance and I think that plays a big part into it but I see ppl with other providers to through things similar as well. I don’t take my family to the dr for every little thing​:woman_shrugging: Its just not worth the time and effort and especially not when it’s something that’ll just pass soon anyway. Bc she’s losing a lot make sure to keep her hydrated. When we are sick we eat EXTRA well to ensure everyone is getting the vitamins and nutrients they need to be able to fight it off. You know your child so take her in when you feel it’s necessary. But don’t feel like your issues with the current medical system are invalid bc you’re not the only one to be going through it. When the cost to even be seen has gone as high as it now has it is actually quite inexcusable that the quality of care being given has gotten so bad and I’m really sorry for your experiences bc I know from my own personal ones that it gets exhausting :pensive:

Could be teething could be a stomach bug. I wouldn’t stress right now unless it keeps going.

Same thing has been going on with my daughter for the past week two. Everything except wetting the bed but she’s almost 8 so she’s a bit older than your daughter which might make the difference when it comes to that. But every time we think she’s fine, she gets diarrhea again or throws up. It’s been a battle forsure. Apparently there’s a nasty stomach bug going around and this is what it’s doing.

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I think a week is too long, time to call a dr and have her seen. Or go to an immediate care. And diaper cream on her bum in addition to that.


Definitely see a doctor, and give her a lot of probiotics.


My daughter is going through the same thing. She’s 8 and has episodes of vomiting and diarrhea often. She’s seeing a GI doctor this month for it.

Take her to children’s hospital

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When a child who previously has not wet the bed and now out of the blue starts wetting the bed it could be a sign of abuse. You should take her to the dr.


Definitely worth a trip to the doctor/er
My sister had an infected bowel that caused diarrhea. Sounds like it could also be an IBS flair or a food allergy. I would definitely try to limit foods to bland foods like mashed potatoes, oatmeal, plain applesauce etc.

Too much water is also a thing :relaxed:

My grandson was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The doctor told us, wetting to bed when they never did before is the first sign. Please go to the doctor.


It could be a bug or it could be something more serious. Go to a doctor, you see it as guessing, they see it as trying to find the root of the problem. There are so many different viruses, bacteria, medical conditions, etc. that have similar symptoms, how else do you expect them to figure it out?


Gatorade or pedialyte. Call the doctor. Take a stool sample to the appointment in a clean container- put Saran wrap into toilet seat to catch a good sample- no urine! Good luck- prayers

Go to the dr. She could have a parasite or something . A week is way to long to let this go.

Have her use preparation H wipes. They help with the pain. Doctor appointment is necessary. She could have C-Diff. That needs antibiotics to get rid of. Good luck

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Take her to a childrens hospital

Avoid Gatorade the sodium is sky high, electrolyte water is better,can get it at any Dillons or Walmart,also Pedialyte is good. If there is no viral smell to her bowels the children’s Imodium. Stress can cause the bed wetting also something traumatic can as well. We may not see situations traumatic to us that are to children. My prayers for relief for your child and strength for you.


Are you around any farm animals? Pets? My son is in 4H and shows steers. Had it happen to both of us. Nasty…

Coca cola after it lost it’s fizz

So you’re good with strangers on the internet giving you advice but you don’t like seeing doctors?

Please take her to a doctor.


Sudacrem for the sore bum in the meantime x it’s a life saver for little ones ! X

My niece had issues with horrible diarrhea and stomach aches. They finally diagnosed her with Celiac. She cannot have gluten of any kind. We have to avoid cross contamination with silverware/dishes also.

It could be many things…Dr visit needed. You may not like it but they can run tests and things we parents can’t unfortunately and they have access to medicine to get the kids better we can’t access without the Dr sooo…kinda gotta

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If your kid has had diarrhea for a week she needs the doctor. A few days you can handle at home. If it’s been a week and still going, take her in! They have 10-14 years of education, so I’m not sure why you think you’re smarter than every doctor to exist. You need to get her pedialyte and culturelle kids probiotics and take her in TODAY.


I think a doctor is a better place for medical information than Facebook.


I would try increasing her fiber and giving her probiotics and more fresh fruits and vegetables. Culturelle works good too.

All doctors are stupid and you are asking a bunch of strangers to diagnose your child?


Take her to the doctor. They are more educated than you think and here for a reason . Also my daughter and son just had something similar that lasted about two weeks . Lots of diarrhea. No other symptoms. Her doctor said they’re was a really nasty bug going around . They both are better now. If your not convinced it’s a bug, have them check her for Appendicitis. One of the first symptoms of that can be uncontrollable diarrhea. It’s also not “ guess after guess” it’s process of elimination used to properly rule out and diagnose .


Could be a range of stomach issues. Take her to see a gastroenterologist.

Ffs. Not everyone should have kids these days :rage::roll_eyes::rage::roll_eyes:


Please take her to the doctor today!!

While I understand it’s hard to find a good doctor. Asking random people who know absolutely nothing about is not the way to go. Make an appointment. :woman_facepalming:t3:


All 3 of my kiddos just had a stomach bug that went through them within like a week over Thanksgiving break. All 3, ages 6, 3, and 5 months, were puking and had diarrhea. It went through all the kiddos within like a week but their pediatrician told us to give the older 2 Imodium and it cleared them up by the next day. Took the baby a little longer but luckily she was still eating the same with the same amount of wet diapers, just a bit more of the poopy ones haha

Well lol want to just give a huge shout out to my kids doctors because they are amazing! Might not always get the answer instantly at the first appointment off the bat, but all tests get ran and an answer is always an outcome.

You can’t expect to get an answer instantly. Your pedi will most likely suggest you see a specialist who can help better like a gastroenterologist who will then run tests. Diarrhea can be a symptom of thousands of things. And these doctors need to pin point what’s the cause which of course will take a few weeks or so. If not sooner since it’s a child.

Dhiarreah means that the body is trying to get rid of something, maybe virus maybe bad food. But taking a kid in for just that after only a week will indeed be a waste of time until shes had it for a longer period of time… also, my entire house just got over stomach flu… each had same thing that lasted about 10 days.

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I’m sorry to say, but remember the Dr’s work for YOU, not the other way around. If you are NOT happy with them,then leave !!! But will agree, she does need to see a DR, & will agree with a gastro DR

Cut out dairy immediately

Doctors are all stupid, but you ask a bunch of strangers who never met your child and will have different answers. Make it make sense.


She could be constipated. I can guess that is probably 100% of the problem. Constipation can be diarrhea, having accidents and can lead to bladder infections. My daughter has been battling for months.


Mama you know your child better than anyone… If you are not successfully treating this then I suggest a doctor. If you aren’t happy with the Dr you have, by all means find one you do trust! Prayers for your daughter, and you to mama! :pray::heart:

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Pedialyte. Not Gatorade. Crackers , ginger ale & childrens Pepto.
Dr’s guess bc they put symptoms in the EMR system & it gives them a list of things to choose from. They don’t really “doctor” anymore unless it’s serious or they’re diagnosticians.

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BRAT diet to stop the poops. Bananas, rice, Apple sauce, toast.


BRAT diet. Lather diaper cream and Vaseline all over her bottom. Not ideal for a 4 year old…but my 2 year old just went through the same thing. Also…warm baths. Lots and lots of warm baths. Popsicles to keep her hydrated.

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After 4 DAYS with diarreah it’s time to take her to a doctor


Are you serious!!! :roll_eyes:

Why do people ask Facebook and not their children’s pediatrician these kind of questions!? :woman_facepalming:


Could some teeth be coming in

Is it possible she is/was constipated? I know it sounds like the opposite problem, but in reality when someone is badly constipated (called compacted at that point), the feces will leak from around the blockage and exit the body with the appearance of diarrhea. Also the pressure from the blockage on the bladder causes urinary accidents. I went through this for years with my daughter due to a medical condition she had as a baby (now cleared up, but learned A LOT through the process). Good luck Momma and prayers for your babe :pray:


Doctors are stupid so you should for sure ask a bunch of strangers on the internet with no medical training


Ok, I took my son to the ER last Sunday. Same thing!! They did X-ray his stomach, bc he was to the point of pooping watery blood. Bloodwork, & urine sample. Had already taken him to a clinic earlier, they said, viral infection. The ER said that his intestines were inflamed and irritated, but with that NOTHING other than “bland diet, fluids” he was mildly dehydrated, I took him back to the doctor the following Wednesday bc he had stomach pains so bad it was causing vicious vomiting and he DID pee himself once in his sleep. He is 12 hasn’t done that since he was 18 months old. He was also sleeping average 14 hours a day. Note, our doctor is AMAZING, but STILL viral infection. “Fluids” said they have seen a lot of this recently. Covid and Flu negative, but per bloodwork viral. Said it last up to 3 weeks, so I started making smoothies, I use plain vanilla Greek yogurt with 14gr of protein and live probiotics, banana, couple strawberries (just for more flavor) then I add probiotic powder, fiber powder (fiber will help loose stools and constipation & probiotics) his muscles were also cramping from mild dehydration, so added avocado (it helps wayyy better than bananas for that) mixed it with 2 ounces of smart water for electrolytes. To many electrolytes is as harmful as not enough! So, I did no more than 8 ounces of added electrolyte fluids a day (body armor has more) prob wouldn’t do more than 4ounces a day with a 4 year old. If I didn’t have smart water I added 2 ounces of strawberry/banana body armor to the smoothies… water and sugar free Ginger Al through out the day …and with in 3 days I had a totally different child… and he and his brother both have continued having a smoothie for breakfast. Just to try and keep their bowels healthy. Also, his bottom was terrible… from so much loose stools (acid) I done flushable wipes and after every vowel movement A & D cream (not ointment- cream goes on easier- less pain- same benefit) and a little baby powder ( I personally used the Johnson’s soothing Aloe and vitamin E baby powder) his bottom was completely normal within 48 hours and majorly relieved immediately.

Pedialyte helps better then water.