What did you pack in your hospital bag?

What are some things you didn’t pack in your hostpital bag that you wish you would have? I am 36 weeks and finally packing my bag and don’t want to forget anything


Chapstick was forgotten the first time and never forgotten again lol

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With covid I would recommend bring a laptop with a speaker and Netflix logged in. I was induced. My husband and I were stuck in the room bored the television channels sucked. We brought the laptop and watched Netflix for hours

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Also snacks hospital food isn’t the best and our hospital had limited menu because of covid.

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My hospital provided all my after care I just had to bring my clothes and comfort items from home and shampoo stuff if I didn’t want to use what they gave. They also provided everything for baby, so I only took one outfit to take them home in. Didn’t want a lot of bags to carry down when I left so took a small book bag with leggings and shirts and was good til I got home. Everyone is different though when it comes to what they want to take and what they take and feel they needed or didn’t.

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Phone charging cord.

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You don’t need a lot. Mainly comfy clothes to go home in, a charger, snacks and clothes for baby to wear home. It’s much easier to be in your hospital gown. They provide pads and diapers for baby. I brought baby’s diaper bag that had clothes and everything else for baby but didn’t need anything except one outfit. Also bring soap and shampoo and conditioner and toothbrush

Cellphone charger, hair ties, a brush and cash/change for vending machines.

All I needed was my pillow and chapstick really. And good underwear (high waisted) & clothes. I brought all suggested items and found I needed none of it other than those & a phone/laptop and charger for entertainment

I made little bags filled with fun sized candy for all the nurses that dealt with me :joy:

A book :joy: it took him over 27 hrs to get out! And I was induced bc I was almost 42 weeks!

Overnight (large) maxi pads.

I packed everything but the kitchen sink (multiple changes of clothes, pillows, my blanket, chapstick, snacks, drinks, entertainment, gum, flashlight and headlamp to walk around the birthing center at night, my aromatherapy diffuser, essential oils, ice packs, heat packs, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, all the stuff in the diaper bag, hair brush, hair ties and clips, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and much much more). Truth be told, I never even opened the bag until it was time to leave so I could get dressed.

I was only at the birthing center for 2 hours before my son was born and a couple hours after.


I wish I would’ve had our own swaddle blankets when my son was born

Here in south america everything…pampers wipes wash cloths baby soap your own soap underwears night gowns…stayfree pads…bedsheets pillow blankets for baby…clothes for baby…also your self toothbrush…hairbrush deodorants…perfume depends if youre there long and you have visitors…baby socks and slippers for your self…yep it was the whole darn suitcase for me…the first set were twins…and then a girl came a year later…

Phone charger, hair ties, chapstick

extra panties shampoo toilitries

I didn’t pack one for any of my kids. The hospital gives you all you need. They will also wash the clothes you came in with so you can wear them out. I just wore on sweat pants and t-shirt. I brought two baby outfits. One for pictures the hospital takes and one to go home in. And I brought carseat. The hospital provided bottles. Diapers etc. Why waste time and space on hospital room.if you need clothes pack sweats to wear home. No need for anything else. They provide tv.(which I never used) Radio (which I did use) food. Washing. Services. Any prescription meds you’re on they provide… Save yours for when you’re home.

Extra long phone charger. I had a 10 ft one. You never know where plugs will be in the rooms


Just need comfy clothes, depends, hair ties, pump if you need one, towels, phone charger, one coming home outfit/sleeper.

I packed everything perfect, according to all the lists, ended up never taking it. Went into labor two weeks early. Hospital provided everything, they even gave us an outfit for him to go home in.

I went in for an appointment at 36 weeks and didn’t leave. They admitted me early. I didn’t have a bag packed. My mom picked up some loose comfy clothes, and slippers. I really just wanted a hairbrush, hair ties, and a long phone charger

I forgot hair bobbles! Also figured when the time came with number 2, I’d pack my hairbrush and toothbrush once labour started (number 1 was a long lavour).
Yeah right, she was a little rocket who couldn’t wait to arrive, no time to grab anything (Bag was already in the boot) just had time to get in the car whilst OH drove like a madman…soooo, no toothbrush or hairbrush :frowning:

all my bags are packed and im so ready to go :joy::joy::joy:…mesh panties!!!

CLOTHES (for mom): comfy, loose fitting clothes for you to lounge around in, nursing tops if you plan to breastfeed, semi-loose granny panty underwear (in case you hate the mesh hospital underwear like i did), extra pairs of socks, house slippers/flip flops, a soft hoodie in case you get cold (even in the summer), an outfit to wear home that’s comfortable.

CLOTHES (for baby): 4-5 long and short sleeve onesies, 2-3 pairs of pants, socks, “beanie” style hats to keep baby’s head warm (yes, even in summer).

TOILETRIES: the usual; toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, razor, hairbrush, etc. whatever is in your daily routine. also bring a box of nursing pads, because you’ll likely leak everywhere without them, and a breast pump in case you plan to pump between feedings.

BABY ITEMS: 1 small pack of NB size diapers (w/ umbilical cord cut-out), 1 small pack of wipes (<< usually hospitals provide these, but just in case, it’s good to have some on hand), baby kit with hair brush, nail trimmers, etc., a couple of small bottles and a can of formula if you don’t plan to breastfeed (also should be provided by the hospital but just in case), 1-2 pacifiers, baby blankets.

OTHER: camera, phone, charger, extra batteries, a book, your own pillow/blanket, laptop/tablet, make-up (if you want it), housecoat, AN EXTRA BAG to bring home items the hospital sends you home with, nursing pillow, CAR SEAT (with base installed in the car already).

Before you go home, ask the hospital for an extra nose suction bulb thingy. The ones from the store don’t work nearly as well as the ones they use at the hospital. Also ask for a second squirt bottle for cleaning your lady bits and if you got an episiotomy or tore during birth ask for another can of Dermoplast spray. I even asked for another pack of diapers and wipes and they gave me those as well. One less pack I had to buy once we got home!

I WAAAAAY overpacked, I brought like 10 outfits because I didn’t know how anything would fit afterwards, didn’t know if it would be hot or cold at night, cute outfits for during the day. In reality I wore the same nightgown until it was time to leave. I also did not need to bring makeup, my skincare, I don’t even think I washed my hair. I am glad I took snacks and wish I took more. I was starving constantly , and the meals they served were not great or filling, and I would randomly get hungry in the middle of the night when the cafeteria was closed

I had a diaper, wet wipes, few clothes for the baby and I. Feeding bottles. But fortunately, that is not needed when I gave birth. The hospital provided everything for the baby even the milk and the clothes. I only have to prepare for my clothes. Turns out, that is how giving birth is in Japan. :slight_smile:


Comfy clothes with stretchy waist pants. Some kind of hand held back massage tool for your coach/husband/baby daddy to use if you have back labor. Pack your own toiletries because hospital stuff sucks. Clothes for baby to go home with, blankets and don’t forget to bring that car seat. They won’t let you leave the hospital until they know baby is safely and correctly buckled in one.

Toiletries ! Shampoo , conditioner , bodywash , elastics , hair brush . I swear to god I forget this stuff every single time for all 3 kids &, cursed myself everytime ! :roll_eyes:


Body wash shampoo conditioner face wash LOTION granny panties sports bra comfy clothes to wear home toothbrush toothpaste phone charger hair brush

Shampoo, conditioner and body wash! Labor left me sweaty and my hair was a tangled mess! The hospital supplies these items, they are not luxurious to say the least.

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I didn’t have a hospital bag😂

Depends underwear. Much more comfortable than the hospital underwear & pad. Less mess.

Following Cuz I’m 34 weeks 4 days n guna pack my bag in next. 4 days hopefully wen Mr is off for mother and baby bags please thanks xx

The one thing that I did not think about to bring was something nice to wear for me and my hub for the photos the hospital takes…you know…the overpriced ones that you end up buying…lol. I had something cute for my baby…but i was in a pink hoodie sweatshirt and my hub had a sleeveless t-shirt on…lol. They are still great though…lol.

I packed heaps and I needed none of it the hospital gives you eveeything you need plus more

Food for your partner (granola, raisins, a gift card or two to have someone bring them something if you are there for a while)

Gosh its like packing g for a weeks holiday now back in the day we were in for 10 days and only needed our toiletries and night wear everything else was provided.

A robe, slippers, pajamas, face wipes just in case you labor awhile and want to feel refreshed, you can clean up some. The hospital will provide almost everything you can think of. I also brought a gatorade, and some snacks lol

I literally brought everything because I thought I needed everything. It was my first kid I was nervous on everything.

Make sure you bring your own sanitary napkins.

If you can find a short, light nightgown that unbuttons enough to breastfeed, get one and pack it for the hospital. Also pack pants that will stretch and be comfortable for when you leave. Also a loose comfortable shirt. Pack everything else you normally would for an overnight stay out of town, favorite soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush and a few large pads, just in case. If you take snacks, please don’t eat once you start heavy labor, throwing up during labor isn’t fun, plus you don’t want any food in your stomach in case things go wrong and you need surgery. Comfy shoes and a clean, unused tennis ball. Phone charger is a good idea too.


The whole bag :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I went to the ER for a different issue and they said I was in labor. I thought I was gonna get a brace for my ankle and get sent home.

Instead I got a brace a son a weeks stay in NICU and a lot of stress then home.

But in all seriousness. Phone charger. Most will forget it as most dont have a spare. Buy a spare and pack it now

It’s been 40 years, but I remember one girl thought she would be able to wear normal sized pants home. She was sorely disappointed.!


Snacks the hospital food wasnt bad but you need something in between. Your own pillow. Very loose clothing for your hospital stay. Cash. Shampoo and conditioner the hospital only had an all around body wash.

I just had a baby 6 weeks ago, the hospital provided tons of diapers, wipes, pads, undies…
They gave my husband all the pillows and blankets he wanted, plus they let us order 3 food trays for meals, in addition we were allowed to get every snack and dessert on the menu.
I packed a suitcase of everything I could think of, and used only toiletries, nightgown and baby clothes to go home.

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Flip flops for the ride home. My feet never swelled during my pregnancy but after I gave birth they did- I couldn’t fit into the slippers I had brought for the stay.

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I did pack some pads for heavy flow and am so glad I did. That way I didn’t have to pay for them from the hospital. The nurses said I’d be surprised how many people just pack panty liners. You’ll need more than that.

My favorite thing after natural birth was a ice pack made out of the rubber glove in the hospital it helped out so much after birth

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Comfy pjs and comfy NOT TIGHT clothes to wear home! Plus chargers and snacks for afterwards!! Now they don’t let you come in and out due to covid so make sure you guys have some good stuff !

When I had my baby 48 years ago, had to ask hubby to bring maternity dress as my pre pregnancy clothes didn’t fit. Tummy doesn’t go flat straight away.

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An extra soft wash cloth for labor. Felt so good to wipe my face with cool water. Used later in the shower. Gum. Loose clothes.

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Check with the hospital. Some are not supplying blankets and pillows to family. Think about a cooler for your drinks/snacks. Last but no least…a hairbrush…and maybe a razor for him.

I was HUNGRY!!! Never had I felt such hunger. I couldn’t get a grip for about 18 hours…no salt items

Non slip socks comfy clothes brush tooth brush undies and a good bra… I lived in a robe the first week after birth and day of.

The 20 somethings are now wearing depends instead of those hospital mesh undies. Completely disposable. No mess worries! Comfy clothes easy to nurse if you plan on nursing!

Feed dad on the way to the hospital!!! Make sure dad has comfy clothes. For you comfy clothes to wear home, a robe, and a couple of outfits for the baby.

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Jammies. I wore mine in and out of the hospital. I had a c-section so I needed loose clothes, but I think i either wore my pajama bottoms or a maxi dress because they were loose and comfy.

Pack a warm comfy blanket for yourself and hubby. I always find hospitals freezing

Snacks, chapstick, camera, charger, socks, slippers, stretchy/comfy clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner,brush, your own pillow. They provide wipes, perineal bottle, underwear (but you can take your own if you want. Id use granny panties instead of anything cute.lol) all things are included in your stay even if you don’t use them! For baby I took 2 swaddle blankets, 1 heavy blanket, 2 sleepers and 1 outfit for pics/ride home.

From a dad’s point of view. A few DVDs and a portable dvd player with headphones.


Pack lots of no slip fuzzy socks. Stretchy granny panties. Loose sweats, tshirts. 2 or 3 robes. Lotion, makeup wipes, brush, toothpaste, toothbrush.

Your own robe, slippers. Outfit for the baby. Make sure you have a baby carrier strapped in the car for the ride home.

Things for dad! Change of clothes, snacks, cash for vending machine, toiletries.


Slippers and my own clothes. Hospitals can be cold.

Clothes that you would wear home. Baby stuff. Charger for phone and tablet.

I packed everything you can think of only thing I used was lotion chapstick shampoo conditioner my own nightgown and socks my discharge outfit and babies outfits

Things have changed so much since I had babies, but if I were going…FOOD!
Birthing a baby is work!

Extra socks. My water broke while walking, soaked my socks, hubby had to run home for another pair.

Comfy lounge clothes, nothing tight. House shoes or flip flops. Body wipes to wash up and nice bath products to make you feel nice. HAIR TIES, brush, and lip ointment, chapstick.

Masks for eyes when you are trying to sleep

Nothing but cloths to go home. Ur only there for 24 hrs don’t bother getting fancy baby has onesies on it’s all good

Loose, comfy clothes for when you go home, outfit or 2 for baby, special blanket for baby if you have one, robe, pjs, slippers, toothbrush & toothpaste

Take pj to wear home dont even try to wear you other clothes even though you fell so much smakker

Oh and I wore nursing tank tops just because they were comfy and because I could nurse.

A light blanket, water, charger, earphones for an anticipated long wait in the ER

Flip flops or slippers, phone chargers, pillows, comfy clothes, snacks because you will not be able to leave your room

Depends…so much better than the huge pads with mesh underwear. Comfy jammies.

My own favorite underwear bc I HATED those mesh boxers

Hospital don’t give baby a pacifier anymore?

Snug underwear and pads.

You now have to supply the baby essensials so make sure you pack diapers and wipes

Chap stick…my lips were so dry


A good lotion for hands arms and legs

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Your own shampoo,conditioner,toothpaste, and body wash


Brush and hair ties , lip gloss

A tennis ball, to have your couch rub on your lower back

Small extension cord for your phone charger :electric_plug:

A change of clothes for me an baby

My own cuddly blanket

A nipple guard if ur planning to breast feed

everything I could get my hands on, mainly food, because hospital food sucks!

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Make sure you launder baby clothes before

Non slip socks, chapstick, snacks and your own pillow

Bottles.diapers.blanket. pacifier. Spit up rags

Super soft bras. Comfy socks.

Pajamas, underwear, sports bras or bras that fasten in the front, sweats and a t-shirt, deodorant, shower gear, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, some PJ’s for baby and a diaper bag. Based on how long your hospital stay is. Pack for the unexpected. But don’t pack like you’re moving in.lol good luck!

Im going in tonight… i have pjs, period underwear, zip up bras, a going home outfit (baggy shirt, baggy pants) my husband 3 outfits, phone chargers, my toiletries shampoo, contact stuff, glasses, deodorant, tooth brushes, tooth paste. New stuff due to covid my hospital requires us to bring snacks, pillow n cover for my husband, change and cash for his food/vending machines, also my own breast pump. Baby stuff i have a going home outfit, a bottle and paci because my hospital doesnt do pacis unless u bring them.

I feel like im moving i have his diaper bag, his carseat, and then we have our bag a 24" suitcase. Just feel like we have over packed but the hospital told us to pack extras

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With my first I wore uncomfortable hospital gowns. The rest I took my own comfortable pjs. And plenty of my own undies. Disposable mesh hospital underwear suck. For baby the first time I over packed… baby really only needs coming home outfit, blankets and car seat. The hospital provides the rest there.

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I packed all kinds of stuff thinking I would use it or need it and never used any of it LOL I basically used the same nightgown the whole time, used all the hospital’s resources that I could and watch TV rather than reading books and magazines that I had brought…