What do you do with your kids papers from school?

What do other moms do with all the papers their kids come home with from school & daycare with daily?! There’s so much and I want to keep them all to look back on, but 3 full binders later im drowning in beautiful artwork and learning sheets.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What do you do with your kids papers from school?

Wrapping paper for Christmas and birthday gifts

Giant Tupperware tubs, and suitcases. Once a year I go through them and prioritize and reflect on what my kiddos will appreciate me saving.


Take pictures of every page then upload to free print. Photographs are a lot smaller and easier put away.


I take pictures of a lot of the stuff that way I still have it to look back on in the future in case I don’t store it away somewhere. If it’s something really good and precious I’ll keep it otherwise I’ll hang it on the fridge for a couple weeks and then it goes in the trash and is replaced with something new

I had a box for every year. When my daughter moved out after graduation we went through them and saved one box full that she took with her. My two favorite works of art are framed and hanging in my living room. Yeah alot of space taken up with 13 boxes lol

I dont keep the learning sheets but I keep all the art and hang them when I can if its ripped I simply ask if I can toss it so 1) they know they get a say they worked hard on it and I always explain why I want to toss said item 2) so their feelings dont get hurt and think I dont want/like or need their work


I save a couple from each grade the rest :joy:

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Don’t ask me, I have a 3ft high unorganized stack on the top shelf of my closet :joy:


My son is 24 and I still have one binder of art and papers he wrote. It’s fun to look back at his creative side so young. Over the years I obviously got rid of a lot and only held on to ones that told a great story.

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I would keep any that are sentimental like a nice artwork or writing. Worksheets, quizzes, etc, I would just look at and then toss.

My oldest is in kindergarten so we can have the art projects from the holidays were they made the Grinch and Santa Claus and pumpkins and stuff like that depending on the holiday and then I kept major worksheets like the first time she was able to write her name 100% on her own the small paper books where they wrote The Little Words and Illustrated them

I kept some and mailed the rest to the grandparents

I throw it away unless he really loves the art he did like really loves it I’ll keep but I just throw it away

I kept the drawings and the stuff they wrote…… test papers and worksheets I threw away….

Recycle real quick :joy:

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I kept what was given as a gift or I’d have them pick out something they were particularly proud of. We have a few up in different places in our house.

I have a old dish washer box in my closet. It’s a memory box for them. But I only keep things like holiday art or something that is specifically written to me or my husband. I hang the rest on the fridge for a while but then it gets thrown out. You can’t expect to keep everything. You will be over run with it. Lol


I would love to know this too because I wanna say I seen a hard cover book thing before. We getting to a couple volumes now

I use to get an egg ring and get my sons to put it over their favourite part, cut it out and then I’d cover their books in them as they got older

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A binder for each kid with clear plastic folders to hold artwork and papers. Then 8x10 shadow box picture frames where you can change the front picture.

Take pictures of their holiday arts and special drawings and memorable items you want to look back on and make them a photo book through Shutterfly. You can do collages on their. I downloaded the app and every month you get a free photo book and just pay shipping.


Honestly I keep them all year then at the end of the year I pick 3 to 5 favorites then I let my kids decide what to do with them. I hang them on my son’s walls all year


Through in last years back pack… end of year went through, picked best and added to baby box. (Memory box)

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My mom put all of ours in a tub and now we see them and it’s like “really mom”

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Make a scrap book with the art stuffs and awards

I cut up my daughter a art from when she was little and just like scribbled on the page into hearts and put them on a canvas. She’s 9 and still has it

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My mom had mine in a brief case

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I used to have a clear out evert year and told the kids Santa needed the drawings to turn into wrapping paper, worked a treat lol xx


All these comments are making me feel bad for throwing most of them out :see_no_evil:


I kept certain papers or art work that meant something or wasn’t just like a coloring a picture type of thing. Any art that was made that wasn’t paper like a mug or something or of clay etc I have in my cabinet to look at daily. My younger girls take certain things they have done and tape them to their bedroom walls or door or some things we have on the fridge. I put their stuff in totes.

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I collect them all and we look through them and pick out a couple favourites to keep. I eventually want to make a scribble quilt with quilt squares that have her art printed on them to give to her for her 18th birthday in honour of her transformation from young child to young adult


I save some of it. But a lot of it gets thrown out. :woman_shrugging:t2: my step mom would keep the “important” stuff in a small plastic tote.

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I have a binder for keep sakes (one binder per grade) and everything else gets it’s time in the hall of Fame :heart: (I was cycling out art but this is usually jam packed lol)

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I asked my daughter (second grade) what I should do with them. We go through what comes home, I keep the artwork at her request, we talk about the tests and if she needs help in any area and then we get rid of them. Unless she says she wants to keep something, right now we toss it. I’m sure this will change as she gets older and we will keep assignments for her to look back on.

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I keep the homemade, as in the artwork and seasonal ones, but we don’t keep the homework parts. We look at them together, discuss mistakes if needed, and then after she’s in bed the go to the recycling. Bluey has a good episode where the dad is recycling away artwork, maybe try look into that episode?

I save anything that uses her handprint or footprint (when she was an infant) and things that are reusable (mug, vase etc). The rest into the trash.

I throw most of them out. By the fourth kid you realize you never really look back at them. I keep the really cool things. I’ve seen ideas to take pictures of them and have them printed in smaller prints to put in a book where you can fit like ten on one page.

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Omg lol I have the same question I’m struggling over here drowned in papers and art work!!!

I keep art projects and toss the workbook pages and stuff. If a page isn’t finished we’ll try to work on it. If he drew a circle on a sheet of paper, it gets tossed.

Throw them away :joy: I keep a few. By the end of the year I have a folders worth that’s it.

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I keep the paintings and collages/crafts. The scribbles on paper are tossed, except for the first few he did.

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I keep the crafts she does for seasons and holidays, couple of her first painting and coloring but the other with a few scribbles I through out. I already have a plastic container full(it’s a small one that I wrote her name on and daycare, each craft has the month and year on it)

I literally throw them all in the recycling so fast I’ve accidentally tossed homework a few times. When you have 4 kids you can’t be sentimental about schoolwork or else your house is gonna be a fire hazard :joy:


For artwork or school work turn it into a portfolio for each year. I also include a picture of my kids from each year in it. The crafts I let them decide and put it in their room.

My son in kindergarten and still gets a bunch. I toss them all out. The only ones I keep is special projects he does FOR me (valentines, Christmas etc) and put it in a folder.


I keep just a few things from each grade. Then we toss the rest

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I keep a few. But most get thrown out.

I got a binder with plastic sleeves, and put meaningful items in the binder. I did this for my two kids for each school year! So I’m not a good one to ask. LOL!

I created an email account for my son then I snap a picture and email it to him. I throw away the actual paper after that. Some things I will keep, like laminated crafts for special events or things he builds

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Put them all in a container throughout the year, and then come summertime go through and only keep your favorites. But do not do this in front of them :sweat_smile:

I keep super important stuff like report cards n awards in my folders. My 5yr old puts new artwork on the fridge as she brings it home, every sunday night while I pack her lunch she goes thru them and picks a favourite to put in her folder… others go into a big plastic tub that we use at Xmas/bdays for wrapping paper for grandies. (sometimes I stash a couple in my folders just cause they are super cute lol).

It sucks to throw it away and there’s only so much sharing out I can do without overloading family :woozy_face:

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I keep certain stuff but throw the rest away. I’ve got so much from preschool-PreK (he is in kindergarten) that I gave up cause I wouldn’t have room to keep every single thing he does


I’ve kept like 10 things maybe :rofl: they all look the same right now anyways

I keep the really cute ones on the fridge for about a month then they join the rest in the recycling bin.

I keep my faves. I started a “memory jar” it’s just a mason jar for now until I can find something bigger. I’ve been folding his notes and fave homework up and putting it in the jar. The rest I toss in the trash. I hate to, but we ALL know we’re not gonna keep up with it or need it lol :joy:

my bedroom walls are covered in my kids artwork.

Toss em mostly unless it’s special


Oh this post. I feel all of this. I have a 4 and 5 year old and the entire fridge is covered from top to bottom, on the sides, piles of artwork everywhere. I never thought I was gonna have kids so it’s hard to throw them away. Especially when they bring it over to me with those cute little faces…" Here, Mommy I made you a picture." Heart melts. I’m an artist too.


I keep paintings/artwork. I also keep some A+ papers. I also keep the ones that ask them a question and they answer with a cute or funny answer (ex. What they want to be when they grow up)

Goes in the recycle. I keep very little. They understand I can’t keep everything.

Had someone tell me before to scan them and make a folder on an external harddrive to keep them in. Or take photos and do the same. Keep a few if wanted (the super special stuff) and toss the rest. This is my plan…but at this point I have been saving stuff for almost 2 years, waiting for time to scan them in. :joy::joy: Not to mention the “special” items I have saved from the previous years. My daughter is in 4th now…and the “special” stuff is fewer and far between nowadays. Maybe this summer I will have time to catch up???

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I keep almost everything. Some on the fridge, some in storage but i also have a wall with both my kids pictures and art thats framed. I call it their wall of fame😅 my
Mom never kept any of my stuff and i like showing off how proud i am. But also totally throw some away if ya got to!

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I take pictures of them and send them to a dedicated email address

I keeped the art work that I like best and tossed the rest. There’s no need to keep it all. You’d need a storage locker to keep it all.

Edit: it all fits in on small plastic bin. And that’s one bin for 3 kids.

Take pictures of them all… your favorite ones have screen printed on tshirts for them… when they outgrow the shirts, have a blanket made :heart:

Keep it all U will not regret

I have a storage bin I keep their artwork from school and any special stuff…

I made a bin for the year. Then I went though that years bin and kept what I wanted. That stuff went into a big bin for both my kids that I still have today! My children are 27 and 21.

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I keep the really cool things inna storage bin for when she’s older and the rest in the garbage

When my kids were little we would pick papers out and mailed them to grandparents, aunts n uncles.

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I keep cute ones and trash the rest

Keep everything that is super important to you and scan the rest into your PC or cloud for safe keeping. I have 5 kids and if I didn’t do this, my house would look like I was a hoarder


Some goes on our fridge and some goes in the trash lol I would say go through it for now on and pick what feels special and toss the rest they still have so many years of art work to go through so don’t feel bad!

Or get a big tote and keep them all lol

Throw away the learning sheets. Keep the artwork


The school work, I don’t keep. I never have. I have 4 children. Each kid has a tote that holds their baby stuff - hospital bracelets, hand/footprints, a few select outfits, baby books, all their awards - honor roll, prefect attendance, spelling bee, geography bee - hand made holiday ornaments and cards. Two of my children have had art work displayed in the local museum, that stuff is in there. Then each kid has a photo album of pictures taken since birth. I buy the big photo albums that look like 3-ring binders, so I can add pages as needed. It keeps each kids stuff together and organized. I upgrade the totes as needed, when they get full, and keep them in our storage room. My three oldest dont really bring much home anymore, but my youngest, who is 8, is always making us pictures and projects. They usually go on the fridge and then get cycled out and packed away when she does new ones.

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I got the bins from Walmart and I put what grade they are abs out the stuff in it and then end of each year I put it in the storage bundling

I keep the important art like for holidays and if it’s something he drew for the first time. Also like the first time he wrote his name, etc

I pick some art work to keep and a few learning papers and report cards… it’s just to much to keep it all especially if you have more than one child.

I use the Qeepsake app. Take a picture of the paper, upload it to there, then when I order the photo book, it’s in there.

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I keep the best of them. I know how it is. Been there and it’s just sooooo much.

Keep art and special papers.

throw away all the learning sheets and just keep some of the nice artwork

Keep my favorites. No need for so many but sometimes he has the funniest pictures or the cutest animal drawing and those are worth saving and what I’m going to be happiest looking back on.

My mom has a little wooden chest that she’s kept ALL of the things we used to make and bring home from preschool, elementary, middle. Mostly the things we made for holidays, or if we brought home coloring sheets or anything as such. It’s something I’ll definitely be doing with my son! :blue_heart: I myself love to look back at what I’ve made during those years and the memories of being little again.

Find a wall that’s big in the house and display it like a museum. That’s what I do

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Every month change the “theme” of the artwork

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Lol please don’t keep it all my mom did and now I have 3 totes in my building :sweat_smile: cause I moved out and gave it all to me keep mothers day and birthday stuff, cause I never wanted to deal with this in my adult life, I’m busy keeping up with my 6 kids :laughing:

I save anything with finger prints, hand prints or foot prints.
And any major holiday thing/project.

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I kept all my kids stuff from school right up to grade 12. What I did was I took a picture of everything and then threw them out. So I have them all. It still was hard to do but it wasn’t like I was gonna look at them ever again.

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I always just kept one worksheet and then all the art.

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I keep favorites and burn the rest

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I keep the pictures they make, unless they’re on the back of worksheets or random doodles. The rest goes right on in the trash.

I’m so guilty of this! I keep almost everything! :grimacing::flushed:

The daily stuff goes to trash the day after it comes home. If it’s got a funny answer we will snap a pic. We do digital copies of all other artwork and interesting things that come home. They all get sent to the same email, and reflection can be done online without am the clutter. Email and password can be handed down later on as well. Of 6 kids we’ve got roughly 30 framed pieces that line the walls of our “art gallery.”

Plastic container, or boxes.

We keep only the things they make or draw. Their homework sheets aren’t as important, as their little artist skills. I have some big totes that I put them in