What do you expect to pay and get from daycare?

I’m looking to start an in home daycare in Iowa. How much do you all pay (hourly or weekly) for daycare and what are some things you expect from your provider?


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We pay 100/week for full time for our 1 yo. We provide diapers, wipes, sippycup, and change of clothes.

I do expect them to have a curriculum and not just let them play all day.


I was paying $250 a week for one baby. She was private in home and licensed- she provided all the food and snacks and was a retired teacher. She did everything- took field trips, potty trained and helped with anything we asked. My oldest loved her when she was there and my youngest was still there till covid hit but since I’ve been working from home- I have her with me to save money!

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$219 a week for a 4 year old. Full preschool curriculum, breakfast and lunch provided.


I paid 30$ a day for one kid when I was sending my child. I provided diapers, wipes, formula. Once my kid started real food, he ate what she made. If he would of been super picky, I would of sent food.

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In California I pay $2300 a month for a full day five days a week. They provide diapers wipes and food/formula. They teach potty training. My toddler is pretty much in preschool and my ten month old is just surrounded by old lady’s who have child development degrees.


We pay $20 a day per kid… includes all meals and snacks. We bring pull-ups, Tylenol, and keep a spare set of clothes there.


We pay $215 a week for a 4 year old. They provide 2 snacks, 2 meals. Full time. It’s a learning center. We had to provide diapers when he was little.

Private in home I know it’s $100 a week. Regular daycare that I worked at started at $206 for infants $195 for toddlers $175 for preschool $150 for after school . That’s per week full time

“Summer camp” daycare- full day 5 days a week. They have full curriculum, play time, field trips, bowling, library, movie theater, aquatic center and history center day trips too. They supply all the food as well. $160/week. 1 kid.

We pay $160/week for our 3 year old and will pay $170/week for our newborn when she starts. We provide/will provide lunch, diapers, wipes, breast milk/formula. Daycare produces breakfast and a snack.

In Washington I use to Pay 995 that included breakfast, lunch and snack for full time 5 days a week

800 per month cause the average in Iowa (my state) is between 860-1315$ a month. You need to realize it’s going to be less money if you’re in a smaller town and more money in a city. Also make sure you’re certified in CDA CPR/FIRST AID too cause in my opinion if you’re not certified then you don’t need to watch kids. Also I recommend being a certified licensed daycare provider thru dhs where you’re on the list of approved of inhome daycares. I also recommend accepting people who get childcare assistance also. There’s also a limit of children you can have in your care. Make sure everything is child proof also. Also you should provide breakfast and lunch and a curriculum for the children.

We pay $170/ week for a 3 year old. They provide breakfast, snack, lunch, and another snack. They do activities and sometimes field trips. They are getting ready to start a preschool curriculum.

In NJ I pay 1300/month full time, meals and diapers provided by parents, they do get 3 snacks a day.


My ten month old starts daycare for the first time tomorrow morning :cry: it’s $267/week. I provide pampers, wipes, formula, breakfast, lunch, snacks, water, juice, bottles, sippy cups, disposable bibs and spoons. They do provide baby foods but he’s advanced and has six teeth so is eating regular foods now instead of what they provide for his age. Once he’s older he can have the option to eat their breakfast and lunch.

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When I was teaching at a preschool/daycare, I was paying $480 every two weeks so $240 a week, that was the discounted price Though… we did all meals and snack provided, preschool curriculum, potty learning.
Parents supplied diapers, wipes, formula.

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I’m in Iowa. I pay $27.50 a day per kid. Two kids are $37 a day. I provide wipes, diapers and legit baby foods, plus whole milk, formula or breastmilk . Sitter has everything else, provides food, snacks and drinks plus activities out of her pocket

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Small town Iowa here, normal here is about 2.25 or 2.50 an hour, bigger cities cost more

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Your going to get such a huge price difference asking that question if I was you I would contact the daycares in your area and base your rates around with theirs as you don’t want to be to high and you don’t want to be to low than you also have to think about if your prove things like diapers and wipes that’s a extra cost for you so you would need to figure that into your rate also or just have the parents provide it


That all depends on if you are licensed or not :woman_shrugging:


Kansas here. I have a unlicensed daycare for my 4 month old that is $20/day. I provide diapers/wipes/formula. When she moves onto solids, daycare will provide food. She also sends me videos multiple times a day. I am EXTREMELY fortunate. This gal is my friends aunt. She started daycare to help her grown kids and she is like a grandmother to mine. My baby giggles and smiles every time I drop her off

Other in home licensed daycares are $150/week for the same thing (minus videos). The facility is $35 a day even on days they’re not open.

I never expected a school environment even when my oldest was in daycare. But I wanted them doing art projects or having outside time. It was old EXTREMELY helpful to have school transportation

I paid 140 a week
State certified home daycare
Who didn’t take the state subsidiary payments(no low income).
She had cameras in the areas that the children were in/allowed(living room, dining room, kitchen, backyard).
She had a clear sch, very dependable and did well with requests per child, she only kept a ratio of 6.

In Indiana I charged 40 a day or 150 a week for 1 kids they provide diapers, baby food, formula, ect. I provided breakfast, lunch and snacks. I have a family that has twins I charge 60 a day for both or 250 week. If a school age child is included its was 10 a day because most days they just needed supervised and helped me out. If we went to the children’s museum or build a bear,or something like that (an outing that cost me $) I would let the parents know and ask if they could send a little spending money for them. I usually covered most of the cost. We do crafts for holidays and spend a large amount of time doing outside activities. For kidos that required car seats if I did not have one I requested that as well.


I pay private in home for 60 a week and hot meals at every meal are provided as well as everything else is provided.

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Then there’s australia where places like Sydney pay well over 100$ a day for child care


In NC it’s about 180 a week. And the parents provide diapers wipes and formula

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I work at a license daycare in Tennessee. My boss charges 150 per child a week. Daycare provides breakfast, lunch, and a snack. Parents provide diapers/pull ups and wipes, bottles or sippy cup, and a change of clothes. If you bring a infant it’s the same price and basically the same stuff but parents have to provide the formula and baby food. Parents each day get a take home sheet on their child. What they had to eat and drink, times we changed them if they was wet,dirty, or dry. How was their day.


The daycares I have used in the past charge $25-$40 a day in Michigan. They provide snacks but I had to provide lunch. I also provided diapers and wipes.

It’s $109 a week for full time and they provide breakfast, lunch and snack. You provide diapers/pullups, wipes and formula/baby food and a change of clothes. They help potty train and they have a curriculum for 4 year olds getting ready for school, it’s not just all play/babysit. Sibling discount also.

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Here in CT home day cares cost $80-95/day for 1 child

Around 100-120 a week or 20$ a day
I would expect food to be provided, I would want some kind of light learning (curriculum) going on and at least daily updates on what they did and learned also potty training if needed

I would not expect diapers and wipes to be provided tho

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No idea as I don’t have kids, but I’m from Iowa as well. Don’t live there anymore, though.


Me over here looking at the outrageous prices! Small towns here in SD is $100wk. Typically all daycares the same care; food, potty training, circle time.

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In Alabama I pay $95 a week for part-time for my 5 yr old and $150 a week for my baby to be in the nursery, summer full time for my oldest is $130 a week and they activities, teach them the basics depending the age, crafts, stuff like that

Upstate New York 3 to 400 a week for a small kids and about 250 per bigger kids. They only provide food

Damn, I pay $8.50 a day or $170 a month!
I supply lunch and snacks they also offer a lunch and snack incase the child doesn’t want theirs spare clothes, a blanket and pillowcase for nap time

In MD I paid 25/day and provided diapers/ wipes and a change of clothes for in home day care. She had breakfast, snacks, and lunch. When I switched to a daycare center, it was 30 something a day and everything was the same except I had to pack lunch or pay an extra 3 dollars a day for him to buy lunch.

PA here…I absolutely love my daycare…I do get help with paying,I pay a co pay… but she was 11 months when she started, hated people… now she’s a social butterfly. She is 2,3 in late December. Loves learning and interacting. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better daycare. I was nervous at 1st but they comforted me and so worth it. You go with your gut when choosing. I had called other places and they seemed like my daughter would only be a number but this place, totally different. Only downfall, I feel daycare workers should make way more than they do. They’re work our kids, sometimes more than we are, they deserve better pay!

When my kiddos started daycare in upstate ny, I paid for my son (3 at the time) and daughter (7 at the time) $970 bi-weekly. Snack, breakfast, snack, lunch, and another snack was provided.

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And here I am in Long Island NY and they want anywhere from $500 -$800 A WEEK and they provide food and some type of learning but it’s not enough learning to worth the price

In iowa… I paid 170 for 2 kids. I had to provide diapers and pull-ups.

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I’ll be paying $200 a week for my infant. But thats here in Tennessee.

KY is $355/wk for a newborn and $325/wk for a 2 year old

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I work at a licensed center in Pennsylvania and we charge $130 a week per child. Infants I believe are $155 a week or so. The first child is enrolled at $130 a week and a discount for each additional child.
I pay $65 a week for my daughter since I work there. I have to pack her lunch and milk. The center provides morning snack, afternoon snack, and juice (as well as water). I provide pull ups, wipes, diaper rash cream, sunscreen, any medication (like tylenol/motrin, antibiotics she’s on, ect), sippy cups (but she will use a regular cup at day care also), extra clothes, a blanket for nap time; anything she would need from home. The 2 year old room starts helping out with potty training.
We fill out a daily sheet for the child from infant age until the hit 3. Once they hit 3, we no longer fill out a paper. If parents ask we will though.

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Cpr certification in infants and toddlers licensed through the state food handlers certificate daily schedule and routine cleanliness is a must not to overcrowded with kids I pay 160 a week

Safe sleep guidelines followed, cpr certification, routine I paid 160 a week and they provided breakfast, depending on time that you get there sometimes late drop off snacks and lunch

I pay $160 a week for my 4 yr old, that is “full time” which is defined as 30 or more hours a week but she also does preschool work with the kids to get them ready for kindergarten…i pay $80 a week for before and after school care for my 5 yr old, the price doesnt change if school closes for snow she will still keep my 5 yr old for the day…they provide snacks I provide lunch…im in Indiana…and when pricing centers with was the norm…found a couple cheaper and a few more but most were about the same

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CPR certified. Cyfd. I use to pay my baby sitter $20 a day.

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They should def be licensed and cpr first aide certified if you plan on charging a lot. Also one thing that bothers me is daycares who don’t comfort a crying child when being dropped off.


$45 a day in Maine for a 7 month old

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I live in MO and when my 7 yr was going before and after school it was $120 a week. When he was going full time it was $280 a week. When he went full time they provided breakfast, lunch and snack

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$45-50 a day for 1 child in Philadelphia. 730 to 430 meals included

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125 in SD for full-time. 80 for part time.

The rates for my childcare is 130 per day, i pay $67 or something for two days after childcare rebate
All meals etc are included
Australia Sutherland shire

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I live in iowa and every daycare I’ve went to usually provides food, toys, activities, books and songs. I know some want paid for food. And some it’s free. I also usually pay $2 an hour for daycare. I know each person is different.

$175 per week per child, meals and age based learning. Northern NY

From what I’ve seen In my area it ranges from $20-28$ per kid per day.

Our daycare here is 75 a week per kid.

Small towns are cheaper. Cities are pricier. You should look up pricing where you live.

I pay 230 for 5 days a week 745-445

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Live in Ohio, pay my 2yo daughters grandmother $40/day and we provide diapers, wipes, lunch, milk, snack, bottles sippy cups etc. We used to provide breakfast too but her grandmother provides that now, she also has purchased some spare clothes to have on hand even though I always have extras in her bag and she has purchased all toys and books, crib for her house. We only expect her to follow our schedule and ensure our daughters safety while in her care. She is a nurse so that of course makes me feel better but if she wasn’t I would have asked but offer to pay for her to be cpr certified.

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Fully licensed childcare where I live is 40 dollars a day full time. Nothing is provided. Parents must provide everything. 20 dollars a day for before and after school care , 25-30 if the provider drops off and picks up.

We live in Phoenix and pay roughly 200$ a week, for one kid. Cpr certified. Gets fed (breakfast/lunch if she’s there the whole day). Snacks whenever they want. Helps with homework. Doesn’t matter if it’s for a couple hours after school or if it’s for the entire day. However it is Phoenix, and it’s just stupid expensive for everything here. The biggest thing for me is that there’s enough help. If all else fails, make sure you have that helping hand, you will need it and it makes me, as a parent, feel a little better leaving my daughter in the hands of someone who has a team to help.

I pay $35 a day and it comes with meals from 7am - 5:30pm, it’s an at home daycare and regardless if your child is there for 3 days you have to pay $105 a week. If you send them extra days you just pay the extra $35 a day. There’s a curriculum, my son was non verbal and wouldn’t pay attention to kids his age when he started and is so much better with his speech and LOVES playing with kids now! I couldn’t have asked for anything more

2 kids
1,000 a month California


30 a day Wisconsin.

Daycare in the area I’m currently in is $65 a week for terrible daycares and $200 a week for great ones.

For the daycare I work at it’s $140 a week or something like that. Kids have the option of bringing food or we supply food. Parents supply diapers and wipes. We have blankets, sheets, and cots that stay at the facility and get washed by my boss. Parents also supply any butt creams, lotions, sun screen and the such. We have a lock box for medications as well. We provide am snack, lunch (if the child doesn’t bring their own), and pm snack.

I pay $540 a month for two days a week and $65 for drop in days. It’s an extra $3.50 a day for lunch.

When I was a Nanny I got paid 500$ every 2 weeks. However I also cleaned the house & picked up 1 kid from school and the wife from work (she doesn’t drive) I did that for 2 yrs.

Where I live its $100 a week per child, Age 2 and up. New born to 2 is $130 a week. Parents provide diapers, wipes, pull ups. Daycare provides meals and snacks.

My kids never personally attended daycare but I would want all the workers to be CPR certified

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I’ve struggled with daycare for my son because many lack education and resources for special needs children so they easily get turned down.


2 kids $940 a month. Texas


$1500 per month for 1 child in Atlanta but it’s the best curriculum and everyone is CPR certified and great student teacher ratios


In mass it’s about $35 per day. That includes two meals and two snacks. You bring diapers, wipes, formula, and any special snacks (like because of allergies). The child gets play time and age appropriate learning time

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How much to charge from in-home daycare? - Mamas Uncut

I paid 120 for 3 half days for a 3yo. She was more interested in the money than the quality of care. I wasn’t happy with the daycare although everyone was nice. I’m in NJ and the owner lives in Delaware about 45 minutes from there. She was hardly ever at the center and it looked rundown. I was trying to potty train and I would always pick him up and he would be in another kids diaper and it would be full. The only thing he really learned was how to spell his name. He was there from 830 to 4 and they had a 3 hour nap time 1200 to 3. Glad he started regular school last year. If I had the money I would have looked into a better quality daycare.

Video surveillance, pics throughout the day

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In Texas with a military discount, I pay 126/week for my 21 month old. They use the brightwheels app to keep you up to date on their day. They provide breakfast, lunch, and snack. They’re open 7am-7pm. Kids have a curriculum and outside play. They teach them. Sign language. I love it.


Call around and get an idea of how much centers charge and home daycares. Make rules and such to them. No payment, no entry. And do not let parents walk around your house!!! They can wait at the door. It is so disruptive! Parents will always look out for their own best interests. It’s your job to look out for the kids, yourself, and your family. 24 years and counting. I said what I said.

In NH. I pay 1200 per month per kid. I have 2 kids and am happy to pay for the quality they receive. When they were infants. It was 1500 per month

I pay $100 a week for full time. When my son was a baby I provided diapers/formula. Now that he eats regular food he gets snack & lunch there.

MA is pricey, it ranges from $275/ week-$500/week

We paid 145 a week for a 3 year old and 210 a week for newborn-2.5 years of age. They could only be there a max of 10 hours a day 5 days a week.

Don’t sell yourself short. People literally want to pay you .75/hr to watch their children full time. I suggest being a nanny so your pay can be equal to your work. There are people that will pay in upwards of $20/hr as a nanny depending on where you live. You can probably find people that will let you nanny at your home.


You need to contact your local county and see what it takes to be licensed or non - licensed. After you decide which you’ll do, you’ll need a home insurance rider in case you’re sued. You’ll need to decide when you’ll work. What services you’ll provide. Meal and snack menus. Activities. School help. Nap areas and times. Potty training. Daily cleaning. Interviewing parents. Vacations. There is a LOT involved. I ran a 24/7 daycare with a Sick Room, Parent’s Nights Out, Pre-School and Pre-K, and After School Care. I only charged $65 per child per week. I had a 2 year waiting list. Was ALWAYS paid. My staff and I kicked ass! Best job I ever had - but, also the hardest.


My daughter pays 150 private

Last year my 3 kids went to a home daycare full time and it was $635 per week total in NY

Wow in Australia we pay anywhere between $90-$120 per child per day.

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And prices snd safety are why I quit my career and am now a SAHM.

I pay $131 for 27 hours or less 3 days a week…so $534 a month or $655 depending how many weeks in the month that’s for one child I’m in Michigan

I’m from Nashville and daycare for a newborn is almost $400 a week and you provide food and diapers and wipes.

In iowa i currently pay 120 a week for each kid for 3 kids. Ive gone other places where it was 250 for three total. As long as they follow a schedule eat a good lunch and take a quiet time with some weather appropriate outside time im good

185 a week for my 7 month old. At an in-house daycare. I expect for my son to be paid attention to. As well as cpr certified and starts registered. His teacher provides snacks and even formula. I provide diapers and wipes

My neighbor does an amazing job with the kids she watches (mine included). She lets them play outside when its warm, swim, feeds them all day long, goes inside around 1 for lunch, a preschool lesson (my 3 year old has learned so much while being there), and so much more, then nap time. She wears them out… i pay $25 a day.

75-150 a week in small town of ga