What do you think about making a zombie doll for my kid?

My daughter is 3, and OBSESSED with spooky, scary and anything Halloween all year round. As I'm cleaning out her room, I'm finding several cheap and broken/ legless Barbie dolls, and I'm considering giving them a Halloween makeover. Basically painting em up like zombies lol. Just looking for some opinions on if this would be good fun or if maybe it's a little much for 3½. Obviously I'm not gonna make them too scary and gory, just a typical kids version of a zombie.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What do you think about making a zombie doll for my kid?

I think it’s a good idea

If you’re crafty like that then go for it.

That’s so cool I didn’t know that there could be another kiddo like my Bella!! She loves everything scary :ghost: her favourites are goose bumps, are you afraid of the dark and annabelle (she will be 3 in November) she’s being annabelle for Halloween. I’m so happy too see another kiddo with same interests as everyone thinks it’s pretty odd :joy:


I say you know your child better than any of us. Of she can handle it and enjoys those things why not. Have fun. Would love to see pics when finished If you’d be up to it

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I think it’s an awesome idea. My daughter will be 3 in a couple weeks and LOVES all of that horror/spooky stuff too. You know what your child can handle and what she likes. It doesn’t matter if strangers think your child shouldn’t have it. Do you :yellow_heart:

Do it…ive done a few with my daughter’s old dolls her and my 2 yr old son really like all of them especially the clown.


Your kid would probably love it, so why not? My kid is almost 3 and easily scared so we bought lots of sweet Halloween decorations this year. She can’t even watch My Little Pony or certain episodes of Octonauts without her insisting it’s too scary :joy: I wish we could do more for halloween, but we’re going all cute this year. If your kid leans spooky, go for it!

My one year old is the same you should definitely do it

Honestly I’d paint them the zombie colors (green teal etc) and just supervise her with sharpies to make her own touches

It’d be a cool project.
I did lots of crafts with every kiddo really young and my middle kid really took to it. At 3 they put together their own cotton ball snowman, it was super cute.

That’s the same as monster high dolls but idk if they make them anymore. Cute idea

Yes my son is the same way he’s 15 now but when he was 1 he loved scary / horror movies just like me :slight_smile: so go for it sounds awesome :heart_eyes:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What do you think about making a zombie doll for my kid?

If she likes it why not? Why not get her to help? My wee girl is obsessed with it too. We make up our own halloweeen stories and dress up all year round x

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I 100% support this! I’ve thought about doing this for my 2 year old. She loves spooky, scary and creepy!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What do you think about making a zombie doll for my kid?

Um. Yes, full send. If she likes it! Make her a zombie graveyard!

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What do you think about making a zombie doll for my kid?

My daughter loved zombies and creepy stuff from very small too… she once drew a zombie giraffe in preschool with a 90 degree bent neck and cross eyes and it’s tongue hanging out….we ended up being called in for a meeting with the teacher to discuss her drawing which could not be displayed in class…


Awesome idea! I think a zombie bride is a really cool idea for a doll I’d definitely recommend making her one

Yes, cute! My girls loved “spooky” & Monster High stuff…my husband made them coffin toy boxes :coffin: they’re 14 & 15 now & still love them.

I think it’s a great idea! My daughter loves spooky too!

My 2 year old walks around pretending she is a zombie arms out in front saying “zoooombie” over and over she eventually scares the crap out of my 7 year old :joy: I say don’t whatever you think is appropriate for your child after all your mum/dad and your opinion is all that matters! Hope yous have fun with them :relaxed:

Monster high… That can be a but pricey though.

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I love this idea! I would totally do it!

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My little sister is like this too. For Christmas last year my mom got her a Chucky doll and she LOVES it. She’s getting Tiffany this year :joy:

Wouldn’t be any different than a monster high doll, go for it.

Yeh go for it lovely idea xx

My kids loved the creepy stuff. I just loaded up on cheap dolls from the dollar tree.

It’s what she loves so make it happen mama❤️

Do it, she’ll love it! My 11month old son sleeps with a chucky doll :tipping_hand_woman:. His room is baby monster themed so my aunt crocheted all kinds of little monsters, voodoo dolls and spooky stuff. He loves scary stuff already.


I’m not sure why this even needs to be asked for second opinions. You know she loves spooky and creepy, so what would be the problem? My mom used to read me Dracula and Frankenstein as bed time stories, halloween is our favorite time of year. I even had a creepy baby doll my dad got me that I always slept with, still have some others from when I was younger. Don’t focus on the status quo or “the norm” for little girls, focus on what she likes. It’d be even better if she helped you, spookify the dolls up together and have a bonding moment

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My fav Halloween decoration was we’d take old barbies/dolls we didn’t play with anymore, my mom would “gore” them up and put them on those fake spider web decorations with a big ole spider in the middle. She attached it to the front of our house every year

That be fun. You should do it.

I would. It’s no different then if they liked princesses.