What does baby staying near the pelvis mean?

I’m 26 weeks, my son has stayed near my pelvis since he was 12 weeks gestation. He hasn’t moved higher or anything of that nature, his placenta is posterior, so I feel everything, but his movements are always lower near the bottom of my belly, never the top, I was w told boy moms carry higher, but my baby boy has stayed near my pelvis, and I would like to know what it could possibly mean for my labor, Ik you are not doctors and I’m asking my ob this question when I see her today, but I would like to know about your experiences.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What does baby staying near the pelvis mean?

All 3 of my boys were really low it was sooo painful.

Boys carry low. This is normal, I’ve carried low the whole time

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Lower is better for birth. Mine sat high and didnt descend for labor causing csections. You may have an easy labor. But it doesnt change anything really.

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Both my boys lived low!

I heard boy moms carry lower not higher…

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Just a variation of normal. Nothing to be concerned about.

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My youngest stayed there. She stayed facing my back and lived on my sciatic nerve. I always thought i would sneeze her out


I have 3 boys, all were carried low, I wouldn’t say it affected my labor any, it is all painful…

My baby only kicks near my vag :rofl:… she has been breech so that why I feel her there. Sometimes she feels so heavy like she’s just laying on the bottom

I carried low with my son

Naw boys are carried lower, girls higher. Someone told you wrong. I’m a boy mom of 4 so I’d know. My last baby I carried very low but all went well.


Boys carry low, girls carry high. My first boy stayed sitting on my pelvis, he was always extremely low! I’m 21 weeks with my second boy and this one is staying higher up but still not as high as my sister carried with both of her girls.

Second pregnancy and just about 21w and another boy. Carrying low again. I actually ended up with Hydronephrosis my first pregnancy from him being so low and clamping off my ureter tubes with his head. :sweat_smile:

My girl is and has always been low. She’s just been ready from the beginning :sweat_smile:

That’s just where he is comfortable it doesn’t mean anything

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My son stayed near my pelvis my hole pregnancy… I’ve always heard the opposite that u carry low with boys… I guess it just depends on the person

Could be posture or tilted uterus. Nothing to worry

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I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and he is very low. I have so much pelvic pressure and pain, have had it since about 10 weeks.

Why don’t you ask your doctor???

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It can cause pelvic pain and bladder issues if leaning that way. Don’t swim, it makes the pain worse. Mine was head down and low down. Assigned female at birth.

My boy stayed low on my pelvis all the way up until a few days before delivery. Boys ride low.

Babies position has nothing to do with gender those are wives tales …but I’d take low over high … maybe an easier birth! My daughter was LOW the whole time… i believe it made for an easier labor and birth

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I know the saying is boys carry higher. But it is just a wives tale. He is just comfy where he is

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Mom of 4 boys. All of them were low carried . Everyone is different though . Maybe he just likes it there rights now

Doesn’t mean anything it’s just where he is

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I’m having a girl in less than 10 weeks and I’ve only ever felt her lower. My placenta is up higher on my stomach and she has her back toward my stomach. So even if she kicked me on my upper belly I can’t feel it because my placenta acts as a pillow. I wouldn’t be too concerned. Just the other day it felt as though she was doing flips and in there and I felt it so much down there it was like she wanted to come out :rofl:

So everybody’s pregnancy experience is different because it all depends on your body and how it handles pregnancy my baby girl doesn’t have much room because I’m short so she sits right in the middle I’ve heard that boys carry low and girls carry high but I honestly feel like that’s just a myth because I’ve had some girl mom’s tell me they’re carrying low as well I just think it all depends on yourself I promise you’ll be just fine but yes make sure you don’t forget to ask your doctor like you said in the post :heart:

My son was very very low as well

All 3 of my boys carried super low. I’m 22 weeks with a boy and he’s just now starting to rise up. Some babies carry low, some carry high. It means nothing unless u are having extreme pain or bleeding.

I carried high with my son and low with my daughter. It is just where your baby is comfortable in your body. There is no fact of where you carry a boy or girl.

I’ve always been told boys sit lower and girls sit higher which was true for me in both of my pregnancies, one boy one girl

I carried low with my son and high with my daughter. He was always down in my pelvis

I’m pregnant with a girl and have the same issue I went through this last year as well with my other daughter I do know my lower back hurts badly but she is facing my spine head down really low

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My son sat high; but with my daughter she stayed very low my whole entire pregnancy- she found the position she was content in then never changed it. It felt like she was just going to fall out of there all the time; I was so worried she would come out too soon cause of all the pressure I had constantly but nope LOL she still came at 39 weeks (was induced due to medical issues) - I will say that my induction was from 9pm- 9am- she came out in 5 mins of pushing. (But my son came out in 20) so idk if her being low helped with that or not.

During my pregnancy with my little boy, I carried really low, he was down near my pelvic too, from 20 weeks he was head down in my pelvic, movements were all low. My boy suffered with hiccups during pregnancy which meant every hiccup he had he would headbut my pelvic bone, (that was painful). I carried high with my daughter.

I had two girls, both of which felt like they’d just PLOP right on out with every single step :woozy_face::woozy_face::joy: honestly delivery wise, I only pushed a few times and they were out. They had me dilated for WEEKS before their appearance simply because of where they were sitting was putting pressure on my cervix and ya medical jargon lol. Honestly it doesn’t mean anything other than you may feel kicks in your vagina and (not to be gross but at least you’ll be warned) your butthole :joy::woozy_face::weary::weary: and more than likely you’ll be uncomfortable the closer to 40 weeks you are but pregnancy isn’t really a comfy thing anyways cause you know, whole human growing and all :joy:

Everyone is different. I carried low with my boys and high with my daughter . My second son was laying on my pelvis for two months . All was fine .

Its normal lol and its good if baby stays down cause thats where they need to be for delivery

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Boys are carried low, girls are higher

My boy is 9 months old and spent the entire pregnancy as low as possible… my girl was up high

The whole boy/girl tendencies are just old wives tales. I would take them all with a grain of salt. The two successful pregnancies I had were exactly the opposite of each other in every way imaginable. I have 2 boys! Every pregnancy and baby are different. If your doctor is not worried, my advice is to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.


Hi I was a midwife for 20 years and I can assure you that the gender of your baby has nothing to do with position in utero. At 26 weeks he still has plenty room and just prefers to stay low at the moment. Obviously as he grows and runs out of room you will feel him get higher. And like you’ve said with a posterior placenta you will feel his movements gradually get higher and stronger. Good luck with your pregnancy and delivery :crossed_fingers::two_hearts:


I’m currently 25 weeks with my 4th child (it’s a girl). I definitely feel her more down by my pelvis than anywhere else, but she is starting to stretch out more, where I feel her either up high or off to the side. I think it’s just where baby is comfortable at.

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My boys carried low and my girl super high.

Do a headstand in 2 min intervals

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With my boys I carried low with my daughter I carried low but had more weight around my hips to where with my boys the weight was all in my stomach area not also in my hips and face like with my daughter.

My youngest carried like this. Idk if it pertains anything to gender, but baby does feel like its gonna just fall out once your far enough along :rofl:

My younger (3 kids) sat on my pelvic floor the whole pregnancy. It just means your in for a tougher 3rd trimester with the movement and peeing unfortunately.

I carried really low with my son. Like he was there. The only thing keeping him in was that I wasn’t dialating. When my water broke he was born within 12 minutes. Just keep up with your appointments and always ask your doctor questions.

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My daughter was low & my son was high, both c-sections. Daughter was an emergency one & he was planned.

Normal. All 3 of my kids were super low. 1 son, 2 daughters. Put no stock in the girls are higher and boys are lower. Everyone and every pregnancy is individual

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I carry low, my son has been low since he was roughly 10-12 weeks, I’m 34 and he’s already in my pelvis. I too have a posterior placenta, he has always been head down ready to rock n roll. I do believe a lot of people with posterior placenta end up going into labour a few weeks early

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It means the baby if near your pelvis.

Lol it means nothing I was told boys carry low and I’ve carried two girls in my pelvis. It just means that’s what they’re comfy

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My boys I carried low and my girl was high. She didn’t drop until I was 8cm dilated and inn labor

Weelllll. Not exactly the same, but my daughter has been super low this whole time, like since 20ish weeks. I’m 36 weeks right now. Baby #3, my OB says it’s fine, she won’t get squished or anything, she’s just preparing for our birthing journey :heartpulse:
She’s like right in my pelvic area. Her head has been head down forever

I’m due in 23 days, my son is so fricken low that I feel him whenever I walk or stand up. It’s like he’s legit inches his way out on his own.:joy:

I carried all of my kids low I had 3 boys an 1girl.

You Might have a fast labor.

I carried really low and he got stuck during labor. It caused back and tailbone pain and the misalignment caused knee pain. If that happens to you definitely start physical therapy! I got an epidural and so many people told me the pain was from it getting messed up but after months of physical therapy I don’t have the pain anymore

currently pregnant with baby #7. every boy pregnancy i have carried super low… i’m 28 weeks tomorrow and sometimes it literally feels like he’s kicking my cervix :sweat_smile: anyway , it’s super normal :blue_heart: congrats and good luck !

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Doesn’t mean anything. I was told my 3rd son was SUPER low my whole pregnancy and they stripped my membranes 2 times and was told I would go into labor within the hour because of how low he was at the end of my pregnancy and still had to be induced.

Everything is fine. I have a 3 year old daughter who I carried higher and I have a 7 month old son who I carried low my whole pregnancy. I was painful towards the end because when he dropped it put more pressure on my pelvic and hips. But everything was during the pregnancy and labor.

I’m on boy #4 and I’m 37 weeks along and he’s low its just a lot of pressure and uncomfortability at this point. Sometimes when I pee It feels like he’s going to come out :joy::rofl::joy:

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I’m on baby 6 and this one has been very low the whole time I’ve got 9 days left and let me tell you every time this baby moves its head the leg Charlie horses are real!

My baby stayed low, only really felt him up high 3rd trimester because he had no room.
I don’t think it means anything because I had a beautiful birth at home.
Look into hypnobirthing, it may help ease your mind.

All my kids 2 boys, 1 girl were all super low. Like I could feel them all kicking my cervix. My daughter was so low they couldn’t get pics of her face it was literally smashed into my cervix.

I was always told girls carry higher but I may be wrong

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Get on hand n knees and gently rock back n forth, it will help get bub off Yr pelvis, if bub is in Yr pelvis at birthing time, yrl breach , I loved going beach, dig a hole in sand for tummy and lie on tummy, oh so relief, if u can go pools, helps to get some relief too, get weight off yr back,

Try Shepard of the gulf

do spinning babies if he’s posterior. I had one boy ride low and the other ride high. Position doesn’t determine sex

Doesn’t really mean anything, hopefully maybe a quicker delivery lol but that’s not even necessarily true.

I’m pregnant with a girl she is always up high my son was low

I carried my oldest in my pelvis the entire pregnancy. He was sitting on my cervix with his feet on my hip bone. The only issue I had was a sprained pubic joint due to turning sharply with him down there. Just be careful when you get bigger and have more weight on that joint. It hurts like a SOB and caused issues my second pregnancy 8 years later. I’m fine when not pregnant though. Also it made it difficult for my son to turn so he never did. I had a c-section because he was breech and wouldn’t move. A chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy can help with getting them to flip if you go early enough.

27 weeks now and my girl is so low, she hits nerves and the cervix punches are woooow lol

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How you carry the baby has absolutely nothing to do with the gender


I don’t want to scare you but my son is 5 days old & lay right in pelvis, my labour was horrendous all bottom , pregnancy near the end was so painful I couldn’t walk.

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A lot of pain honestly seriously the worst part about being pregnant probably the pressure is pretty intense :frowning:

I’m almost 24 weeks and my sons very low too way lower than my daughter was at this point the doctor said he should move up soon but I def feel like sometimes I’m punched in the vag :rofl::rofl:


I carried my last low in my pelvis towards the end I felt like everything was breaking but since she was on top of my cervix my labor went fast bc she was already there

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My 1st stayed so low he was literally right in my pelvis. His head had the imprint and still does.

They always stay near the pelvis. That’s where your uterus is. It grows with fetus so it’ll always be lower as the uterus is ticked behind the front of the public bone until 20 weeks. The fetus can’t get away from the pelvis.

Carried all my girls high - even in labor took a long time to move down

My boys were extremely low the entire time. Felt like I was getting kicked in my vagina daily, but labor on BOTH was less than 3 hours from my water breaking. I had terrible pregnancies, but my labors went amazing.

My son was low and my daughter was high it is normal

My first daughter was always high up and in my ribs, now pregnant with my 2nd and she’s always low down, quite often feels like she could fall out with how low her kicks are feels like they’re all in my groin , I’m 35weeks and she’s more mid belly but head low down :slightly_smiling_face: just how baby feels comfortable

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My baby stayed down the whole way through my pregnancy, I had a short labour and pretty quick delivery.

I carried my son low all through pregnancy.

My son stayed low the entire time. I felt the kicks in my privates :joy: toward the end I was so miserable and walking like a sumo wrestler

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I carried high with all three of my boys don’t remember how I carried my daughter

I’ve previously had 3 boys & I have carried different with all of them…

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My youngest (2nd) was low I think the entire time and his delivery was much quicker than my first; same with the entire labor.

Oh 26 weeks. Still heaps of room to move around. He will do his thing. Be guided by your midwife but if he hasn’t turned head down by 36 weeks, you can rub your tum in a circular motion (one way) in the hopes he will turn around. Best of luck, hugs!

Classically you carry boys low, girls high. Idk who told you that


I’ve had 3 girls, last one was super low all the time. Like I flet like she was gonna move a body part right outta my vajayjay :rofl: she had a imprint of the opening of my pelvic bones on her head when she was born. It was crazy. I felt like I couldn’t walk towards the end, like I walked like I was just horse back riding for hours :rofl::rofl: I also had this creepy feel that I can only describe as like little fingers moving like she was scratching at the very lower part…like by my pubic bone :flushed: craziest feeling EVER :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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My girls were high and Boys were low

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