What is a good formula for babys who spit up a lot?

My baby is 2-weeks-old. Ever since she was born, she has thrown up after every single feeding. What is a good formula for babies who spit up all the time? My doctor said there is nothing wrong with her but I feel like her formula isn’t agreeing with her.


Have her tested for GERD. Different formula options for babies who have it. Some medications help also. Ask your pediatrician

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are you burping the baby throughout the feeding or just giving them the whole bottle and then burping?! Sometimes it’s just as simple as needing to be burped every ounce or even half ounce.


Depends on the reasoning for spit up. Some babies just spit up and it’s fine! I’d consult with your physician. From experience if it’s not hurting them there may not need to be a switch. Switches are hard on their bellies too. Good luck :blush:

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The Enfamil Gentle Ease formula worked great for my son who spit up a lot too. After we switched to that formula he had little to no issues with spitting up.

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It’s hard to answer, it depends on why baby is spitting up. Neutramagen and Alimentum are both good for reflux and dairy intolerance but the first thing I would do is consult your pediatrician.

My babies doctors usually tried soy then If that didn’t work alimentum

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Gerber sooth worked for us and didn’t need a script for it

Enfamil AR only thing that worked for my daughter

It can also be the bottle, try pigeon wide bottle my sister’s daughter had the same problem and she changed the bottle

Small feedings more frequently, keep upright for at least 30 min after. Gentle ease is good. Also try a warm wrap on belly to help soothe. You can find happy tumi on amazon

Nutramigen or Alimentum!


I used Costco brand and honestly she still spit up (cause that’s just what babies do lol) but not as much as she used to when she was using enfamil

Similac has a formula specifically for babies that spit up a lot

Could it be Acid Reflux…My nephew had to get baby gaviscon perscribed off gp for it

I used Pure Bliss by Similac and it worked great for my daughter.

My daughter had to use Similac soy base.

Nutramigen worked for my preemie. We tried 3 different formulas before finding one that didnt make her vomit. I was pumping at first but after giving birth I had nexplanon put in(for the 2nd time) and the doctor didnt tell me it would effect my milk supply… anyway I highly recommend nutramigen to anyone who has a baby with tummy issues :slight_smile: I would talk to your doctor before switching though and during transition make sure you ween your baby off their current formula

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Similac Pro-total Comfort, my son is currently on this and we tried 8 different types including Soy. His bloating, spit up, fussiness and stinky poo went away after a few bottles. We also switched to Tommee Tippee bottles.

Some babies spit up alot…I had one who had to sit upright in an infant seat after eating!

Definitely try other brands! Also make sure she’s not drinking too much too quickly. Different bottles feed faster or slower

My son went to Similac sensitive. He does alot better.

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I had the same issue with our daughter and our pediatrician recommended Enfamil AR, it is a pre-thickened formula. We saw a huge decrease in spit up about 1/2 through our first can.

my daughter was sent home on neosure when she was released from the NICU and she also had acid reflux and they swore up and down it was not her formula then finally after a few months of her constantly getting sick (spitting up and projectile vomiting) they switched her to Soy Similac and she stopped getting sick. she’s now 2 but regular milk does not harm her so she doesn’t have to be on soy or lactaid.

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Similac Alimentum, liquid. My grandson threw up a lot all the time and the doctor changed his formula a couple of times. Once she switched it to this one, he does not spit up often

Alimentum was our saving grace after we tried 7 other formulas

You need to talk to her pediatrician.

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Similac alimentum is what the doctor switched mine too after neosure caused projectile vomiting. We tried neocate prescription too but my babe refused bottles with that in it.

Every baby is different. What worked for my daughter didn’t work for my son. Talk to your pediatrician and see about getting samples. Your baby might have acid reflux, too.

For my daughter I had to use Gerber Goodstart Gentle pro. My son did great on Parents Choice with added rice starch.

Gentlease helped my son when he was a baby. He spit up everything until we tried this. It really helped his poor little tummy

They are getting used to food in their tummy, try holding them up for 30 minutes after feeding !(: my daughter is 11 months old and is on enfamil gentleease

Purple can of similac

My little guy had reflux as an infant and Enfamil ar worked wonders

Give her lite formula

We use Enfamil gentlease. At 2 weeks old make sure baby is not over eating bc if they are it will come back up. They should eating around 2-3 ounces at 2 weeks. It is normal for littles to spit up some but it should not be the projectile type.

You could be over feeding or she may just need burped often! My daughter had to be burped every ounce or two or she would throw up as well.

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My son was like this. He would spit up constantly even a hour after feeding. Sometimes his whole bottle. It got to the point where i was changing his outfit every hour. We told his pediatrician about it at every appointment. He would tell us that he wasn’t worried about it because he was still gaining weight like he was supposed to. Finally at his one year appointment we took an allergy test and it turns out he is allergic to dairy, which formula is a dairy product! So you might ask about an allergy test!

Our pediatrician had us add a little cereal to her formula because every formula made her spit up. It worked like a charm and improved her sleep schedule also.

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Could be a lactose allergy. Mine both did the same thing until I got non lactose formula

My daughter had GERD. She threw up close to 30 times every day. She ended up needing elecare. Its SUPER expensive, but its covered by WIC. She still threw up, but she threw up a lot less on it.

Also, have her eat at an incline. And keep her inclined for about an hour after each feeding. Stop half an ounce in, burp her, and repeat until shes done.


Gentlease Enfamil !!! My son use to spit up at 3 weeks & I change his formula , best thing ever he’s 1 now and he’s been great !! No more fussy baby!!

If its like a projectile could be reflux if not try gentle ease

I got European formula it was so much easier on her tummy.

Nestle good start is amazing and if she spitting up a lot I would burp her every 1/4 oz and it should help, diaphragm is still developing :slightly_smiling_face: my eldest spit up tons and had colics for about 7-8 mths maybe even longer

I’d be switching doctors for your baby , my daughter was like this and she needed to be put on a formula that was for a milk allergy, your baby shouldn’t be spitting up after every feeding definitely need the formula switched it could be gerd, or milk allergy


My best friends baby was having this issue. Started keeping her as upright as possible while feeding and for a little while afterwards and that alone made a huge difference


You want to be really careful abruptly switching formulas & then when you do it takes a few days for them to adjust, they might cry more or have a tummy ache or not be able to poop while they adjust. So if you try one don’t just switch again without giving it time that can end up causing severe stomach issues


All babies spit up…is it alot projectile? All 3 my babies had Gerd and milk allergies all different my 1st did purple can gentle ease 2nd breast milk n elecare 3rd was worse has elecare

I would say try lactose free formula,

Soy worked for us but depending on the age and i know it’s thought against but we put a teaspoon or 2 of infant oat cereal in the bottle to keep it down made it heavier and filling my son had a cross between milk allergy and acid reflux and because it is in some of my family the doctors never questioned me

My son vomited a lot. Like most of what he ate. We had him put on reflux meds and switched to nutramigen (expensive but so worth it) and it helped so much

Similac sensitive. Used it for all 5 of my pukers

For my son he is now a month old but ever since he has been born we went through three formulas case he was spitting up alot and wouldn’t keeping any of it down and was losing weight. We tried Gerber good start, Soothe, Enfamil and he was still spitting up alot and well they tested his stool to just to come find out that he haves a milk intolerance and now he is on Extensive Ha and has been gaining weight and doing good on keeping it down

No formula change for us, I just needed to take my daughter to the chiropractor! It was an immediate difference. She also struggled to eat comfortably and was a nightmare to feed before going.

My son had the same problem I finally tried gentlease by emfamil and after him being on that for about a month it got a lot better he rarely throws up after feedings

Gerber good start soothe

My daughter was on Similac Alimentum and then switched to Nutramigen

My oldest had the same issue

My son is going through this and they put him on Gerber Sooth and he has severe acid reflux and a thin stomach lining. He has to sit in a upright position while he eats and after he eats we also have to keep in kind upright when he sleeps. Doing all this works amazing for him!!!

Try giving baby probiotic drops.

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What have you used. Try gentlease if that doesnt work go to soy formula

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My son did that. His doctor put him on Similac for spit up and it worked very well.

Enfamil Gentlease. But check it with your doctor first to see if it’s fine to change.

with my second, I tried everything from similac, enfamil, good start to the more sensitives & nothing worked until finally her pediatrician gave us nutramigen and it worked wonders!!! (It’s smelly but it seriously helped so much)

I switched to the liquid Enfamil and Dr brown bottles
she was like a whole new baby after that

Maybe the nipple’s flow is to fast?

Similac sensitive worked for us

My little’s did this until I started using a soy based formula. Are you aware of any allergies you or the dad had as infants? After the switch no more throwing up. They have milk allergies still as adults.

I tried every single brand and formulas out there and what helped the most was soy milk. The doctor said the same thing that nothing was wrong with him and I didn’t need to change the formula but I had 4 kids and he was my 5 and I had never had that issue. I changed it anyways. He did say that sometimes babies swallow amniotic fluid and they have this issue to spit up but My son was like that for a couple months until it just went away.

My son did the same. We went through 4 different formulas before finding one that was better (he still spit up, but not near as much).
It was similac pro sensitive.

My son has severe reflux GERD he had to be put on medication for it we also have to thicken every single feed and we went through 6 formulas before we found one that worked its called elecare and was recommended by his GI doctor. You can order it from any pharmacy and it doesn’t require an rx. Also Walmart sells it. It’s about 45 bucks a can but insurance may be able to help!


My first baby was super pukey! She was never distressed so I never really seen it as a problem. She just had a very sensitive gag reflex. :nauseated_face: she was on aptimil hungry baby food. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I think its brilliant milk. She is 6 now and has only had 3 antibiotics in her life time. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My daughter was like that and found that regular formula was too harsh on her stomach and switched to soy formula on recommendation of her pediatrician and it worked well I would check with the pediatrician first.

My sons problem was that it was powder and so much air was being mixed in. Once we switched to the premixed formula he was 1000x better. Much more expensive but we were frequently covered in projectile vomit…so worth it.

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Spit up is pretty normal but if she’s throwing up quite a chunk of food after every feeding it may be reflux. My baby had that from the very beginning, gripe water and gas drops help but sometimes they may need to give reflux medicine. It’ll help keep her food down. If you really feel it’s not normal mention it to your doctor again, momma’s always feel when something just doesn’t sit right


My daughter had the same problem and I was breastfeeding. Doctor and health visitor didn’t do anything until she started losing weight and agreed she had bad reflux. She would literally project after every feeding. I used gripe water and combined formula and breastfeeding until she settled and grew out of it. Definitely go and see another doctor and make sure you are heard. You know your baby best. Good luck and take care x

Is it just a little spit up like drool or does she actually spit up to where she needs changed? We had to try 3 different formulas b4 we found one that worked. Ask her Dr about Similac Altium., That worked for our last 2grandbabies… Hope she’s better soon.

Also make a appointment with your pediatrician. Spit up all the time is not normal. My daughter had bad acid reflux which is why she was sitting up all the time. Constantly changing your formula isn’t good for baby. Talk to your pediatrician.

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Honestly I breastfed my daughter for a year and she spit up so much. Nothing wrong with her she was just like that, even though it was milk that was literally synced to her needs. It got a lot better at about 6 or 7 months. Best of luck mama!


It could be a bit of reflux as well, my little boy was very spewy, even now he can sometimes spew a bit and he’ll be 2 in November. Try and keep the baby elevated as much while having a feed and make sure the flow of the bottle isn’t too quick and wind fairly regular during the bottle

My daughter and son were both very sicky babies. They were both on aptimal and they also had infant gaviscon in all their feeds. If she’s crying in pain, arching her back etc you need to go back to the doctors and ask them refer you to be looked at for acid reflux. My daughter had that and was put on infant gaviscon aswell as medication - don’t let them fob you off either! If shes projectile vomiting make sure you mention that also. Make sure you have plenty of muslins, spare clothes and wipes! It will get better! You’ve got this x

I think it also depends on how much spit up there is. My daughter had a milk allergy so she was on similac soy , but she developed gerd. She was projectile vomiting if you will her bottle. Dr said she was sucking down so much of her bottle to relieve the burn. We started her on cereal early and that definitely helped her

I wouldn’t worry about it too much unless your doctor advises if she isn’t putting on weight. My middle child threw up for about a month, breastmilk. Doctor told us it’s common for baby’s esophageal sphincter to be undeveloped for the first month or two. Sure enough by 4 weeks old she was keeping it down.

They might have reflux. My son does and I use similar total pro comfort and mix a little organic gerber single grain rice cereal in it to make it a little heavier. He still spits up sometimes but not as often and not as much


My son did that a lot when he was a baby. We talked with his pediatrician and he was fine, but my pediatrician recommended that we burp him after every oz of formula he ate. Also, keep him propped for at least 15 mins or so after he ate, don’t lay him flat. We did that and it worked well with him. But we had him on Enfamil Gentlease for fussiness and gas. :blush:

It could be reflux or a sensitive stomach. My daughter had to use the sensitive stomach formula cuz they said she wasn’t supposed to be spitting up as much. Cuz i thought it was normal too. You can buy some from the store and try it out.

Breast fed babies do the same. Over feeding, feeding too fast, not burping enough, sensitivity to the milk. I put the baby out of 4 in an inclined seat they had in the 70s and that is where she slept until she grew out of spitting up.


Ask a out piloric stenosis, my boy had this first doctor thought it was reflux but was then taken to hospital and had key hole surgery, tongue tide babies are sick but could just be the formula if your not happy see another doc can never be to careful

My 2 almost 3 month old was like that she has reflux the doctor prescribed prevacid for reflux it helped a bit and he prescribed similac alimentum as milk and now she is on oatmeal baby cereale morning lunch and night and she barely spits up she just had really bad reflux but all is good now

We tried every type of formula and multiple reflux meds because my little spit up all the time… the best formula we found was parents choice gentle(Walmart brand) the spit up stopped after two days… they say it’s because there aren’t as many ad-ins… you could tell a difference when you mixed the formula the name brand ones had a ton of bubbles the parents choice had barely any

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We used similac sensitive and he also liked the gentle kind too. He also grew out of the reflux after about 4mths.
Mylicon gas drops also helped immensely

My oldest two never spit up. My youngest two both spit up for a year. I smelled like puke all the time.It was the flap over their esophagus doesn’t close enough. It opens back up and lets formula out. Actually it lets baby food out also. Like I said one full year for both of them. It’s very common. Your doctor should’ve told you that. If they don’t outgrow by the time they’re a year then there’s a chance they have to go in and do surgery. Very very rare.

I found Aptamil first stage was the best.
It’s not as thick so it tends to be less rich. Have you tried winding half way through the bottle to help? It may be she is having too much all in 1 go xx

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My second born had that and we tried about eight formulas, come to find out he had pyloric stenosis and had to have surgery at four weeks old on his pyloric muscle to allow the food to go down. Hopefully that is not your case, but an ultrasound would be able to tell you. If your child has a lactose allergy try the soy, but that tends to constipate children. Otherwise for a lactose sensitivity, I recommend Similac pro sensitive. If it is not a medical issue, and allergy or a sensitivity, it could be reflux and I would try Enfamil A.R. that is a thickened formula to help stay down. Otherwise if your pediatrician recommends, use Enfamil gentle ease and 1 teaspoon of baby oatmeal per ounce of formula. ( but your little one is still too young for the oatmeal in my opinion)

Nutramagen or Alimentum - expensive but if you can prove your child has an allergy to dairy some insurances cover it. My doctors said the same but I had two kids with dairy issues and doctors were wrong. Trust your gut!


My granddaughter vomited almost every feeding and the pediatrician said to use enfamil AR and it worked wonders for her.

Same thing happened with my daughter, I use gerber soother good start. Thats with the dr brown bottles with the natural flow really helped! Also, you can try after feeding holding up right for 15 minutes after feeding. Good luck!!

I switched to a soy base formula as my daughter had reflux and a milk intolerance.

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I would try feeding less and using different bottles before switching formulas. You’ll end up down a rabbit hole that is more than likely unnecessary. It’s so hard as a mom when our babies are so tiny. I totally understand your worries but before changing, I really suggest switching bottles, first (Playtex Drop Ins my first recommendation) and offering less in the bottle. At 2 weeks, probably only 2 ounces per bottle. Also, make sure to get those burps out!

While I’m not officially an expert, I’ve cared for my fair share of babies…both my own and professionally as a nanny and former infant teacher with 23 years of experience.

Good luck, mama :heart: