What is a good formula for babys who spit up a lot?

Ask your pediatrician to look for lip or tongue ties. Mine had a tongue tie that was the culprit for a lot of the gas and spit ups. I switched to tommee tippee bottles and that helped. He ended up having sensitivity to milk protein as well so we switched to nutramigen. Make sure to ask your Dr 1st. Also, I started mixing his bottles in batches for the day the night before. Shaking a bottle right before giving it to him added a lot of air. So before bed I would make 3 bottles for the next morning so they had some time to settle

If you google baby formula expert, there is a doctor named Bridget young that has TONS of information on formulas and help in deciding what could help your baby based on what’s going on. She has videos on you tube as well to help educate you on the formulas on the market. This helped us a ton when deciding on a formula for our baby. Good luck!

My daughter had bad acid reflux and what worked best for us was the Similac Spit Up formula. You can also get generic versions from Target or Walmart that work just as well. One thing we learned is that you do NOT want to give a Spit Up formula along with an acid reducing medication as it is counter productive. Before switching formula, my daughter had a liquid acid reducer and the formula actually worked much better.

My baby had that!! The only one that worked for us was Nutramigen… it’s not cheap but worth it


Have you ever thought he could be milk intolerant my great grandson was the same. He’s now on prescription milk and is fine x

Aptimil comfort milk for colic, worked for both of my children who were sick a lot after feeding

2 weeks is too early to use oatmeal but when baby gets older try this Same happen with my son I used similac sensitive and added 1/2 tsp of baby organic oatmeal and then as he got older added 1 tsp and he helped so much

Our baby had reflux and had to use a sensitive stomach formula. Try the small sample packs first then you can buy in bulk. We used the one from Sam’s club that had a purple label for sensitive stomachs. Also, if it is reflux try inclining the babys sleeping areas (cribs, playpens etc). We used books to incline it.

My son did that and we started adding cereal to his bottles. He was doing it at 3-4 weeks old. The formula was just too thin and his doctor said that he would have told us to do the same thing.

As long as its not pyloric stenosis, my granddaughter started on Enfamil AR and is doing so much better. It’s a little thicker and helps to keep it down.

I have feeding issue baby ( swallowing issues, hole in esophagus) and we started on basic formula and he was spitting up like crazy because the hole pocket. But on top of that he has awful reflux and milk allergy which makes it a lovely chunky spit up!
he is on soy formula feeds sitting up and food correct speech.
They to teach you to
Change feeding position ( slightly leaned back more upright ) and burp every 2-3 oz or give a 2 minute correction breather so she/ he slows down.
To much air makes for spitting up too. Or lots of crying before feedings. Crying leads to sucking in air which could lead to spit up burps. Yummy. :blush:

We used enfamil AR. It was a game changer.
We also swirled the bottles instead of shaking them to mix, and burped every ounce at the beginning and gradually increased to 2oz and then half way thru the bottle as he got older. And we kept him upright for atleast 15 mins after eating.

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If you really feel something may not be right, keep pushing the dr. Some babies can’t tolerate milk proteins & are even allergic. Trust your gut, mama

My daughter (5 months) had the same issue. We switched her to enfamil A.R. (which is formulated for this specific issue) and it’s reduced her spit up drastically.

Reflux maybe. That’s what helped my youngest was the medicine. We did the soy formula and that helped quite a bit too.

Sometimes spitting up can also be a sign of acid reflux. Both my youngest 2 had and had to be put on a medication to help.

The hospital put my son on Similac, but after 5 months is trying different versions of it, I switched to Enfamil. Never had a problem since.

My stepmom had to use a soy based formula and my brothers are not lactose intolerant. It just seemed to be the only thing that worked when they were babies. It was just a phase. I used Similac sensitive with both mine.

Try a few different kinds until you find one she likes. Some babies are kind of picky.

You really need to talk to your baby’s pedatrician about stuff like this. 2 weeks is brand new, it could be anything from normal, to technique, to an issue.
Nutramagen is twice as expensive as other formulas, it’s for babies who are allergic to the protein in formula.
But you really should not be getting advice here. It doesn’t matter what other doctors said about other peoples kids, or what someone else’s grandma said that worked.
These are all things doctors are paid really good money, and a very much qualified, to tailor fit suggestions and prescriptions for your baby.

Sometimes spitting up is caused by trapped gas or just too much for their little bellies. Try burping every couple minutes until the bottle is empty and keep her on a gentle incline for 20 mins after eating. Worked like a charm for my 2nd.

Had to use liquid alimentum for my son. Powder has corn in it so same name/brand gave me a totally different baby. Tried every different bottle that was on the market 5 years ago. Only thing that worked was LIQUID alimentum. Sometimes it’s air, sometimes it’s a sensitive tummy.

We use Enfamil ProSobee and is AMAZING. My little (9 weeks old) was having alot of problems (gassy, spitting up, constipation) and it has been life changing. Totally different child since we switched. (4 formulas later)

Try burping baby half way through feeding. You can also try using baby water. You can buy it by the gallon. Your baby could be drinking to quickly. Try those before switching formula.

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My son was projectile vomiting and not gaining weight. He’s now on baby prilosec and we’re seeing a specialist in September.

You are feeding her to fast,give her 21/2 ounces at a time and burp her in between,my first son was really sick at one MONTH he had pyloricsucumphus it’s a blockage of the intestine,AND after surgery I had to feed him 2 ouces burp him and he would be fine!DO NOT RUSH FEEDINGS.CHANGING FORMULA IS NOT A GOOD IDEA BECAUSE YOU CAN CAUSE DAMAGE YOU DO NOT KNOW IF BABY IS ALLERGIC OR WILL HAVE SENSITIVE STOMACH AND YOU CAN MAKE IT WORST. IT IS ONLY SPIT UP NOT THROWING UP ALL YOU GAVE HER

My doctor put my baby on Zantac an it made her throw up everytime she ate its a side affect of it so I took her off Zantac an her doctor put her on Enfamil AR. I haven’t had a trouble out of it she’s now 10 months old a weights 20 pounds.

My son did that, we changed his formula to Prosobe or soy milk and he did much better.

Iv had 4 out of 5 babies with reflux, they would spew up ‘curdled milk’
AR formula is amazing… I found karicare AR is thicker and worked better for my babies.

Sometimes it could be a lactose allergy, try soy or hypoallergenic formula. I breast feed and I know that if I have too much dairy my son spits up everywhere.

I didn’t use formula but I heard from others that it may take trying a few different brands to find the one that agrees best with your baby.

I had to use Similac sensitive stomach because my baby at acid reflux

Try formulas as others have suggested and also consider changing bottles. Mine did well on Platex where u squeezed out all air from the plastic formula holder. Another of my children preferred a different brand and a diff nipple.

My son would puke everytime after feeding too. I took him to the chiropractor and it stopped instantly

Similac total comfort it’s the light purple can my son has GERD bad and stomach issues he would do the same after each feeding after trying 15 different formulas this is the only one that worked

We can give suggestions but every baby is different and spits up issues are all different as well. My son projectile vomited à clear 6ft after every ounce. I tried every formula. The expensive ones, the prescription ones and in the end, in a last ditch effort to help him, I tried the cheap Parents Choice Iron Free formula, by the grace of God it worked! I had tried every other formula and different bottles. In the end, iron free and Dr. Browns bottles is what worked for him. It took me six weeks of trial and error, and nurses visits and being accused of starving him because he couldn’t gain weight. I hope you find what works for your baby! Best of luck! You’re not alone!!!

Its because of the iron my grew out of it when he didn’t get formula anymore

So my son was like that, it was reflux. I would feed him and elevate him in one of those reclining bouncers. I also switched to Enfamil AR.

How much is baby being fed at a time and how often? What is baby being fed? How is weight gain? Sometimes spit up looks like alot more then it really is. Is it spit up or projectile? Happen soon after a fed or a hour later?

My son had extremly bad reflux…try one of the ones specifically for colic and gas or reflux…maybe even a lactose free one

I have a 4 week old son who is already on gentle ease. The purple can. He is spitting up A lot. Pediatrician told me to add one teaspoon of rice cereal to every scoop of formula. Next I will try enfamil AR if this doesn’t work.

My daughter did that for the first two months but we didn’t change anything and she was fine. Maybe just a phase. :crossed_fingers:

My daughter did that we got switched to the purple can enfamil (gentle ease) much better after that

Maybe they r lactose intolerant my son had to use soy formula when he used formula

HappyBaby Organic- I did breastfeeding like but they also have gas relieving and gentle. I get it at target but you can also get it at buybuybaby

My son had reflux his pediatrician recommend nexium which was to keep all liquids down and changed his formula to AR digest its thick milk.

Maybe get a 2nd opinion to be sure… and see what they say. I’ve always used gentlease with my babies bc I went from breastfeeding to formula with all of them and reg formula was just to much for their tummy’s and gentlease worked every time :two_hearts:

My babies are now grown men, but had the same problem with projectile spit up at times. We had a product here called infant Gaviscon which you mixed into the formula. It thickened the milk somewhat and prevented the spit up. The other issue is babies sometimes swallowing winds when drinking the milk and then changing the teat helps. The milk sits on top of the air and a lot comes out with the wind.

Enfamil Gentlease was the only thing that didn’t make my very refluxy baby throw up after every feeding.

My baby doesn’t have issues but I have heard from another mom about nutramigen. He baby full blown spit up all over every bottle

Depends on why baby is spitting up. Sometimes they overeat, sometimes they’re moved too much immediately after, sometimes its an allergy or intolerance, sometimes it’s reflux. My son spit up and threw up often. We changed his formula 5 times and finally Nutramigen and Zantac worked for him. I would get a 2nd opinion because after EVERY feeding, I would assume something isn’t settling right for your baby

Reflux is normal. Both of my babies had it. Dr. Brown’s bottles helped significantly with trapped air bubbles. Also turns out my daughter had a milk allergy and broke out in a rash all over her face. She also started bleeding from her rectum due to irritation. After that I took her to the gastroenterologist and she tried a few formulas, but the only one she could handle was elecare. But, my son did not have an allergy just the reflux. He also did not burp very easily. Needless to say the dr browns bottles cut down on it. Also he was given zantac and that helped to.

My first born was the same way and her pediatrician put her on Nutramagen. Never had a problem after that.

My nephew had this issue and he got switched to Enfamil AR that seemed to help a ton. My son however had acid reflux which caused him to spit up and gas so he got switched to gerber soothe and I added a little cereal to make the formula thicker.

My son was on Alimentum with simethicone drops that I added to them. I found out 2 years later that he was lactose intolerant.

A little spit up is one thing but if baby is throwing up the formula it could be a milk allergy…and needs to be put on soy milk

Mine both did that till they were a year old. We did soy formula and milk. It helped but it still happened sometimes

My granddaughter would throw up. She was lactose intolerant.

Positional feedings, frequent breaks and burping… Just to start. Then start the process of trial and error with formula. Or get a dairy free breastmilk donor. Good Luck

Enfamil AR saved us when my daughter had reflux. Day and night game changer for us.

Try a soy based formula sometimes milk based is harder on their little bellies

Try a goats milk one, its easier for them to digest.

Are you burping her really good after every ounce? If the dr isn’t worried I wouldn’t be either. You can ask about different formulas to try still. There’s all kinds these days. Reg soy reg w cereal added ect.

We were using the gentlease but then we switched to similac pro and the constant spit up immediately stopped.

One of my 4 children was allergic to every formula…Dr put him on goat milk…literally saved his life

My kids are older now but i switched 2 of them to soy and they stopped spitting it up and being crabby.

My baby has reflux and he does well with pro sensitive of any brand.

I had to switch to soy for my son and little by little I added regular formula as he got older till be was back on full reg. Formula.

Babies have an over flo you may be feeding her to much at a time try giveing less and feed more often…

Try Enfamil ar. She could have acid reflex cause my daughter did the same thing.

I had to give my girl soy. She threw up everything else

Lactaid formula, my son was allergic to lactose.

is she eating too much? Try an ounce at a time and making sure she burps in between…

Similac sensitive has worked for my granddaughter but my youngest daughter ended up on Alimentum and then Nutramigen and still had severe reflux.

Enfamil ar 100% my son had the same thing and could see a big difference when we switched.

My son had reflux. The ped. Had me put oatmeal cereal in his milk. (I breastfed) to make it thicker. It stayed down.

Nutramigen hypoallergenic is my recommendation

When nothing worked, even nutrimegine, doc allowed fresh goats milk. We also did Chiropractic care.

My daughter and granddaughter had to have nutramigen.

Have her checked for pyloric stenosis. And try a lactose free formula

Sma its a thick formula and keeps them full longer

Try the playtex drop in system :heart: helped my baby.

Id avoid formulas that contain corn syrup solids as the first main ingredient.

I SWEAR BY ENFAMIL AR mutt daughter needed something thicker or it would come up or if it didn’t it would come up after laying her down

Try pro sensitive by similar or the Walmart brand

Are you using the powdered formula or the premixed? My girls couldn’t take the powdered formula.

My first two used a soy based formula (Prosobee)
The next two used Alimentum and both helped a lot.
As someone else said make sure you are burping her every two ounces bc if you don’t it doesn’t matter what formula you have, she will spit it up if not burped

Just stage 1 x it will settle x

Gentlease, the purple can.


Enfamil gentlease worked pretty well for my little girl. She had reflux pretty bad

Simalac Sensitive add a little rice baby cereal to it she may have acid reflex this will help her

Gerber Good Start Gentle was the best for our babies!! Great formula and worked wonders :slightly_smiling_face:

Similac… lactose free worked for us, after the same thing and trying all different things.

We gave our baby enfamil AR and it’s been great

We used enfamil gentle ease. Game changer for our baby!

I used Enfamil AR (added rice) formula. It helped a lot


Sometimes u over feed them and they do that

Mom knows best try the soy

My son spit up all the time and did really well on the A R formula

Take her to the chiropractor!!