What is c section recovery like?

I have a scheduled c section, and with my firstborn, I had a vaginal birth, so I was just wondering what to expect differently with this postpartum?? What should I pack into my hospital bag that would be more beneficial for a c section recovery??


I had a c-section with my twins! I would recommend for you to walk it will be painful but it will help
You recover faster


Expect to be hospitalized for a few days. I wasn’t allowed to shower or move out of bed for the first 2 days

Walking when your able to. That is what helped me recover quickly. I walked as soon as they told me I could. My last 2 were nicu babies so I did have to walk to nicu to see them or feed them. But walking walking walking was super beneficial. I never packed anything because it was emergency and didn’t plan. But they have everything you need. Just make sure you wear stretchy waist pants and no tight shirts. Good luck!

Pack extra stretchy underwear and extra stretchy pants and make sure its the really soft stretchy no that tight ones! Good luck momma!

Try to walk as much as you can but it hurts so bad. I didnt walk enough and I think it made my process longer. Also I recommend adult diapers. They provided me with mesh underwear and pads but they didn’t stay in place well for me. Its was super hard to pick up baby for the first week also by myself. I lived in my robe because tight clothing was a no go especially pants

Try to walk. Hold a pillow to your tummy when you get up to walk. Its gonna suck but once you get up and start moving it’ll help. Loose clothing is a must. And get a belly binder. It’ll help a LOT

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Get yourself some high waist underwear that have compression to them and wear the waist trainer. Keep up with the pain meds and walk as soon as you can.


I agree! Walk walk walk! But of course rest! Weird right lol. I guess everyone is different and depends on your pain tolerance. I don’t think the healing was bad at all. But I have friends who say it was torture… but overall do NOT hesitate in asking for help❤ and no heavy lifting

Anything that doesnt rest on your waist and make sure you wear that Stomach band, it will help everything heal proper and youll be less likely to have long term pain. I had a baby 9 months ago, I still have significant pain as I didnt take it easy enough.

A small pillow to place on your stomach when you cough or move it helps! Also get up and move as soon as possible and that first time you stand upright it’s going to make you sick with pain but push thru

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I had a belly band after mine and it helped so much with getting around

I have had two now. Moving right after is painful. My first one I carried a pillow that I hugged around my stomach. My 2nd one I had a tummy wrap. That was a life saver. After the first day walking helped alot. If you have to sneeze or cough let it out. Don’t try to hold it in.

Walk, walk, walk! Recovery is much easier if you walk, it will hurt but it will help you heal better and faster. Pack comfy high wastes panties, comfy pants or leggings, and ask for the ice pack pads for your your undies… you may not have given birth naturally but you will stil have pain and it will help you feel better. I also packed some of my own pads. I’m four months postpartum from my second c-section and I made sure I was up moving everyday but also relaxed.

Walk as soon as you can. Use a pillow when trying to sit up. And lots of heavy duty maxi pads. Take some pj bottoms that are comfortable around the waist.

Had 6 last one virtually pain free


Pain! When you sneeze or cough…very loose clothing

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All my babies were csections and I’ve just had my youngest 3 weeks ago. Walk for sure and especially if you cough laugh or anything where your stomach is gonna move out something on your stomach because it’s gonna hurt.

Hey mama. 1 v birth and 2 back to back c sections in 1.5yrs. Definitely walk little by little, it helps! Rest when in pain and take it easy. The best thing I did was once I had feeling in my legs enough I sat in a rocking chair at hospital and used my legs lightly to rock. It totally helped me feel so much better and move better

Walk a lot and you’ll be fine!

Depending how invasive it is. My first one (horizontal) was 7 days in the hospital my second one (vertical) admitted 4 days and by the 3rd day they couldn’t keep me still.

I’ve had 2 planned cs. Walking was easier if I held a pillow against my lower abdomen when I started walking after

Also expect pain when coughing and sneezing, even laughing! Do walk, but don’t overdue it. When you wake up expect some pain the first few days. I hope and pray that your Dr. Sew’s you up good too!!


Walk!!! Keep a pillow in case you need to cough!! No tight clothing. House slippers. I used the mesh underwear the hospital gave me.

Csections are harsh, take your time with everything, don’t push yourself. It is one of the hardest things I went through after for recovery. It takes along time to heal. Don’t lift anything heavy, and be gentle with yourself. Don’t be afraid to tell them to back off if they are making you do things that hurt to a huge extent, I did not walk right away, I couldn’t move at all , I was hooked up to an IV, so no you don’t have to walk right away for recovery, it actually felt like I was ripping my scar, so if you feel too much in pain, you don’t need to do that right away, rest first. Usually you’re in the hospital a little longer for recovery and to make sure baby is good but walk when you feel comfortable and ready.

Use a blow dryer on cool mode to dry your incision after your shower. Moisture can lead to infection. Also, for your hospital bag, moisturizer!!! The anesthesia in the spinal can make your face and nose very itchy, you don’t realize you are scratching and can actually rub your nose raw. They pump you full of fluids so you may get extra swollen after for a few weeks, keep your feet up or get a postnatal massage to help drain the fluids. Set timers on your phone for pain meds and take them even if you don’t think you need them, you need to stay ahead of the pain. And last piece of advice, take a stool softener. Don’t think you are above it or won’t need it, just do it, your abs will thank you for it


Breast feeding helps your c section/preggo belly go down quicker. Bad shakes like if you were freezing with being cold are common after sections. Goes away.

I packed Loose clothes. Like night gowns and sweats, heating pad, snacks, you have to walk as much as You can

I’ve had 2, it’s really not that bad.

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Get yourself a faja, high waisted underwear or abdominal binder. Or hold a pillow to your belly. Definitely take your time and walk walk walk

I had three c-sections and walking does help a lot. I’m going to tell you though once the nurse brought me the belly binder I felt like a million bucks and never took that thing off only to shower. I tell everyone when they have a c-section to make sure they ask for one if they don’t give you one and usually they end up thanking me

It took three days to walk for me. I became so swollen. After getting out of the hospital wasn’t too bad. The belly band helped. I think it was more the emotional trauma. I was scared it would open back up. I didn’t jump or run or moved for a few years. Now mind you I was 20 years old and had no clue.
I have another c section planned for 6/22!

Walk!!! Move around… as bad as it hurts it helps. Also loose dresses were my friend

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Make sure not to do to much that way you don’t rip your stitches…walk rest walk…when you need to cough or sneeze make sure to have a pillow there to squeeze on it will come in handy…wear plenty of lose clothing

It can be very painful if your not careful. Don’t let anything rest on your lower stomach and get a pillow to Kerri at the waistline when sitting or sleeping it’ll maker it easier and less painful to get up. When you sneeze try and have a pillow there as well. Walk as much a you can it helps.

When the incision heals and the skin starts to itch like crazy…lotion, tons of lotion. The itching from healing was maddening and no one told me the trick till after lol

I was 35 when I had my son and he was a 10 pound baby delivered by C section. It was uncomfortable to say the least and recovery was okay

The only real pain I had with mine was the infection I got in the sutures. That was the worst.

Use a pillow pressed on your stomach to roll over in bed and to get out of bed.

Take the net panties they have at the hospital…you won’t wreck yours from your incision, also they really are more comfortable with the incision.

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I have had 5 ! The key is to keep moving!

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Recovery is best at home but bring lip chap

Walk as soon as you feel like you can best thing for you. Walk as much as you can. More you walk the faster to feel better less pain you will be in.

Painful it takes a week or more to feel better. Use a pillow in front of the stomach I had three. Of you had staples they hurt. Later on depending on how they cut you the stomach muscle may split.

I GO THE 26TH FOR MY 3RD and honestly my first csection i was terrfied and in so much pain cause i didnt ask this question! Definitely embrace the recovery try to start moving around asap stay hydrated and suprisingly try to poo cause hospitals aren’t suppose to let you leave without a bowel movement belly bands are YOUR BEST FRIEND! moomoo dresses are a blessing and gripped socks are wonders! If you have someone to keep pressure or massage your legs you want it! Be careful with sitting up to not rip stitches or staples! Showers are easy just have someone in there with you! Definitely take proper care of your stitched area cause infections in the stitches are beyond painful and with ppd it is the worst cause you’re away from the new baby! And anything moisturizing is great cause recovery is like a crackhead with a constant itch your nose and lips can get so raw!!!

I had a c~section 10 years ago and I’ve walked til I recovered. It’s good for the abdomen area and healing process.

I moved around a little each day. It does help. Also, wear loose clothing. Nothing tight around your belly area and only wear those disposable underwear from the hospital. Ask for extra…trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Pillow for when you cough #1!! Or even better one of their hospital blankets folded up as it’s firmer


I just had my first C-section after 2 vaginal births and honestly the recover wasn’t bad at all. I was up and walking the same night. Just don’t over do it! My incision closed 8days after. Just keep it dry dry dry and definitely wear loose clothes


This is gonna be crazy to say. I had my son at 738am via c-section. I was released from the hospital the following day at 8am. It was uncomfortable but I really wasn’t in pain. Honestly for me having my appendix removed hurt worse than my c-section. I didn’t get a chance to lay around and take time to heal. I was a single momma with no family or friends to help me. I thought I would be in severe pain but I wasn’t. Pooping the first time after the surgery was very uncomfortable and that was the main thing for me. I was up and down alot and walked alot because it was just me and my son. I actually think the walking helped me heal faster.

I know people say put a pillow on your lower abdomen when you sneeze or cough, etc. Its true, when that happens you feel like your incision is going to bust wide open and its extremely painful. But personally a pillow did not help me. I preferred something more firm. So my nurse folded a blanket and stuck it in a pillow case nice and tightly. It created soft but firm support exactly where I needed it. When I needed to cough (which was often because I had to have an emergency surgery after delivery-which meant I was intubated) I pushed it into my abdomen and I felt almost no pain. It was such a relief.

I’ve had 3. On my first one I was ripped open which resulted in 29 staples. My other 2 were normal and I was up and walking the same day.

Lots of fluffy pillows

I’ve had 4 c-sections. Not so bad, however loose clothing will be your best friend until you heal. Don’t lift anything that weighs more than the baby. Also walking and moving around help ALOT!

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3 c-section mama here. My best advise is move as much as you can, loose clothes and keep the incision dry to prevent infection.


I had one with both my kids. It wasn’t bad. My pelvic inlet is too small for a vaginal birth.

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I had 3. It hurts to sneeze. It hurt to bend lol. They make walk around after 6 hours to normalize blood flow and stuff. At about day 5 ur slowly moving. When u sleep put a bunch of pillows!

Walk as much as possible! It will be painful but recovery will go a lot quicker if you do…getting up from either sitting or laying hurts like hell so try to grab a pillow or something to hold again ur stomach when doing it…don’t wear underwear that rubs on the csection scar…u can actually order special undies for post csection and they’re great!

Just keep wearing your maternity pants. Get up and sit down slowly. Cough, sneeze carefully. Monitor your blood pressure. Walk if the doctor says you can. Get pads. You’ll still bleed just as much.

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Ahem. Seriously though. Pillow. Best friend. That being said. Make sure you don’t over do it. Listen to your doctor when they tell you restrictions. Don’t pick up anything other than baby. Do NOT pick up baby in car seat. And rest and relax. Also listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right tell the doctors and nurses. If you’re in pain take the damn medication. If you’re breastfeeding don’t worry about it getting to baby. There have been alot of studies about how much transfers between breast milk and it’s so little.

I had to have a gall bladder removal two months after my daughter was born via emergency c section. I fed her as soon as I was conscious. And she was and is perfectly fine (about to be 6 years old!) And I was on pain meds after thay surgery toi.


When you go to scoot up in bed remember to use your arms and legs to pull yourself up. For me my first two were vaginal my third was c section. I had long long births so for me c section was a piece of cake.

Easy. I came home a single mom day 1 from c sec. Getting out of bed and stairs and sneezing hurt. 3 days in hospital 3 days at home. You’ll be good by day 7

Bring a pillow to hold over your stomach when you laugh, cry or sneeze it helps with the pain.


My baby is a month… emergency C-section… I pray you have a safe recovery!

I had my big pregnancy pillow… It was the best It kept me comfort in my different position. I use it to help hold my baby without putting pressure on my stomach.

Get sum depends underwear!!! You’ll thank me later. Lol. You doesn’t have to deal with putting a pads in a underwear that roll up making it uncomfortable. House dresses will be your best friend

If you take a shower do not rub… ONLY pat dry your cut or blow dry…

Last take your pain pills!! Oh yeah Please PLEASE don’t leave that hospital if they tell you that you have a lil fluid on your lungs… Tell them to drain it out before leaving!

Don’t make the same mistake I did died in the front yard because I drown on my own fluid. My lungs was filled with fluid.

God Bless & Safe delivery

Loose clothes that won’t touch the stitches. High waisted undies (granny panties). walk around as much as possible.

Definitely lots of walking slowly after. Had two c sections first one I was up and walking 5 hours after, and was sore and hunched over but the more I walked the better I felt. Second one I was discharged from.hoslital 28 hours after I was cut open walking like a champ. D0o not over do it! Dont even vacuum or push the broom! Drinks lots of water bc swelling happens and can get slightly painful. Sleep on your back in a recliner or something rolling out of bed can be difficult. And definitely lots of pads you do bleed quite a bit.

My first C was after 30 hours of labor. I chose a scheduled C for my second. A pillow held tight against your stomach on the car ride home, cough or sneeze helps a lot. The only bad thing is if you are a heavy person, they cut you vertical & it cuts the muscle in half so you no longer have control of it. It also looks like a butt on your stomach. Try to get the horizontal cut. The best part with scheduled is you get the epidural at the beginning of surgery. Over in 35 minutes. I would pick that again over hours of agony. Both were over 8 lbs.

I had a c section with my triplets anything warm against ur stomach is gonna be your best friend pillow, warm blanket out the dryer etc

High waist knickers are a must. And loose fit bottoms although after the first couple of days a found leggings more comfortable.
One tip, they say keep the area clean but don’t be too over the top with soaps, just let the water run over it in the shower. I felt ok after a few days just a little pain if I coughed so had to brace myself and press the area.
But everyone’s experience is different so please don’t be horrified by some people’s experiences on here. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised at my recovery time x

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Take a hand towel or similar to place between your seat belt and your incision.

Do you have good elasticity in your skin?

If so…refined coconut oil mixed with vitamin e oil (can get at walgreens) to help with dryness …scarring… I use it for “lotion”

I used a dense heavy pillow to “cough” it is VERY painful…you think the staples will pop out… but helps with the skin.

Pay attention as you sit… and stand if you are NOT having a lot of elasticity in your skin

My recovery was 6 weeks … my tummy looks like it is cut in two… I never got my abdominal back

Fyi…I am one that does NOT have elasticity

Oh and talk to the surgeon about getting stitches instead if staples make you nervous. They are a possibility.

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Definitely a pillow and hold it close when you cough my incision opened the first time I had a c section but walk ad soon as they te u to walk do it it will be helpful for your recovery . I’ve had 3 amd did awesome all 3 time was up and around an
hour after


On the car ride home, be sure to sit on a boppy pillow! You will have the worst gas ever afterwards. I brought gas x with me.

See if your hospital uses On Q pump! It was a major help with 2nd & 3rd csec

Definitely use the “waist trainer” they give you it helps a lot especially when going home it helps keep all your organs in place while on the road HUGE life saver. Also drink Lots of water and walk around it helps with recovery and helps you go poop. Which is a requirement before being able to go home. I have a high pain tolerance and didn’t need the drugs after the c section I found a heating pad helped plenty with the pain I did feel.

My 1st c section wasn’t that bad my 2nd was HORRIBLE! Your gonna want the looses clothes possible like a dress or something even sweats were hurting me. Stool softener to make sure you don’t get backed up granny panties that are big (like LOOOSE) & high. Ask or bring a wrap or brace whatever you wanna call it it helped so much.

Get up and walk ASAP it’s going to hurt a lot… but you have to… I have had 4


I’ve read a lot of comments about the pain & the movement. I haven’t seen anything about the ITCHING. Get an itching cream because once the epidural fades your body itches to the point you want to claw through your skin. I wish someone would’ve told me that. I too had my first vaginally and my second via c section. Recovery is longer but take the pain meds as needed, take it easy & make sure to ask them for the shaper for your belly. It helps with the pressure vs using uncomfortable maternity pants. Congrats & plenty prayer

Why don’t you just ask your doctor? This nails to die for thing has gotten so stupid people asking random questions that they should be talking to professionals about


It’s surgery. Depending on the cut, recovery is still recovery from surgery.

My sister;had. C section;with both her son’s. Allow yourself;time to recover slowly;don’t stand up;to quickly from a bed;or couches. Showering if;possible is also more comfortable. You have;to keep the. C section;area dry afterwards.

Really loose pants or a gown to go home in and a pillow to hold against your stomach on the ride home


I had 2 c sections. There’s pain from the incision. Longer recovery time. Can’t pickup a lot of weight for 2-3weeks. Take things you feel good having in the hospital.

It’s a major abdominal surgery! I’ve had three. I’m not gunna sit here and tell you it’s a walk in the park because it’s not by any means. It’s painful and you will have to take things super slow. 8 weeks recovery and plus! You won’t be able to bend over,drive for two weeks… will you have someone to help you? I had two to help because I was so swollen and sore. You’ll need to rest as much as possible, but also walk to keep things moving along but don’t over do it. I pack Slippers, plenty of night gowns so nothing is against your stomach because you will be swollen. Csection Panties for when your swelling has gone down which could take a few weeks. I actually lived in nightgowns for weeks because it was the only thing comfortable.


Didn’t have a c section but had a hysterectomy they gave me a c section cut I used a belly band it was alot of help it held your stomach in place it is highly recommended to get one

Back scratcher! Lol but I itched from the anesthesia. Tummy wrap. Take stool softeners about a week before and postpartum. Nursing pillow. I had 2. You’ll thank me😉


I just had my second c-section and yes make the pillow your best friend when coughing, sneezing or laughing. After the shower Pat dry really well. When getting up off the couch or bed try and use your legs rather than abdomen and when trying to sit up same thing and try to use your arms. In the hospital when scooting up use your legs and use the bars to pull yourself up. And clothes wise I use anything with an elastic/thick band the pressure kinda felt good for me and slip on shoes because you can’t bend over for anything!!

peppermint tea bags xx

You’ll definitely need a pillow to keep around the first few days for when you cough or sneeze, I promise you’ll need it!


Pros- no vaginal bleeding & trauma. Cons- it’s abdominal surgery so you will be recovering from that.
The 1 thing NO ONE told me to get/buy that I now tell everyone to get, a compression/post surgical garment. It will help with the incision and making things go back into place.
Like you, I had a vaginal with my 1st and emergency csection with my 2nd. I preferred the csection & would plan for another if I had a 3rd.

Ok. A planned one is not as rough. I know peeps that took longer to recover from a rough vaginal delivery.
Use anti inflammatory drugs with paracetamol. The combination is good.
I can promise you it’s better than an obstructed labour and emergency c section.

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Pack the same stuff as a reg birth. You’ll just be in pain longer. All for a gentle c section to be able to see over the drape. Ask that they leave the umbilical cord long so dad can cut it. All that you can do skin to skin contact as soon as you can. Everything else is the same, just the pain doesn’t go away right after as a reg birth.

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Sweat pants large baggy comfy because the incision n staples are uncomfortable few weeks clothes like that, don’t lift any heavy stuff or move furniture around even if ya feel better for 6 weeks ! Inside needs healed just try n rest when ya can n drink fluids it helps .

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Loose fitting pants and underwear that goes above your belly button. You won’t want anything touching the incision. Gentle body wash because you will need to wash the incision at the hospital and anything scented burns. Also, ask the nurses for the support band that stretches to wrap your tummy. It helps the first couple days while you are up and walking.

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A good firm pillow for when you cough, sneeze or laugh. Also a nice high waist girdle for comfort. Bring period pads if you don’t like the giant hospital kind. Wish you good luck and fast healing :purple_heart:


Don’t be surprised if you can’t poop for a week or more. That scared me the most out of the whole C-section experience. Not even laxatives helped me only time


All I can say is c section mamas are amazons!! Major props to yall


I had my first and last kid at 38 years c section. No problem at all! Get up and move around as soon as possible!!