What is c section recovery like?

A firm pillow to hold when you sneeze, cough, and on the way back home if the road is bumpy! And definitely Granny panties.

Get a belly band. It’s a lifesaver :slightly_smiling_face:


If you hurt or get nauseous take the meds. That’s what my dr told me.

I bought like Spanx, but the loose body shapers to hold my stomach in. It definitely helped bc ofbthe pressure and swelling from the C section. VERY loose pants or even a cute dress or robe. Nothing to button up or have to put around your waste. It hurt my stomach and my back.

When I had my c-section 3 and a half months ago with my daughter I had stitches only hurt for a couple weeks, and I was wearing jeans and sweats plus doing house work except for lifting! I also had a vaginal birth with my son all natural.

Wear bigger underwear. It’ll reduce the chance of the elastic rubbing on your c-section scar. It is REALLY uncomfortable when something rubs it. The faster you can get out of bed and moving the easier it will be in recovery (or at least that’s what I found). Do not push yourself too much though. Baby steps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Recovery piece of cake. I didnt get staples or stitches. My doctor used liquid bondage (skin glue) on my incision. Take a lap pillow it helps you sit up from laying position. Roll pants down below incision site. Who cares if it looks weird your comfort is more important

Get up and walk right away. The sooner u move, the easier and faster u heal…Just don’t lift anything…keep your belly wrapped, it helps!!!


Get up and walk asap. The most important advice though? For the love of God, don’t leave that hospital without making sure you have a bowel movement! I didn’t know any better… and greatly suffered because of it. Seriously. Do whatever you can to make that happen :smirk:


Honestly everyones different in healing process I’ve had 3 without pain medication nurses were really pushing them on me too even prescribed them when I told them not too but I was in rooms with other c section moms an one couldn’t even get out of bed for 2days its all in how you handle pain I think you dont need much different stuff just some nice granny panties :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: goood luck hope all goes well​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Different for everyone.

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Big pants that go over the scar, ask for something to help you go to the toilet…in the U.K. we get given lactulose. Don’t let days go without pooing! When you go, take a pillow and support your tummy with it.

I’ve had 3 c secs, my biggest advice is don’t need tempted to do too much too soon. You may look healed on the outside, but inside is still healing and it can cause serious issues further down the road (I’ve been there).

Enjoy your new baby xx

Walk,walk as much as you can the gas , air inside is the worst pain EVERRRR . I’ve had 5 c-sections


Walk as soon as possible,take your own pillow and peppermint tea,lots of it from as soon as you can drink. The trapped air inside is no joke and this helped 100% with my second.

Panty liners to put alongside your scar so it doesn’t get sweaty , ie cause infection then , big underwear too , and you won’t be able to bend down so no tight trousers or tying shoes etc

I had a c section with my second and it wasn’t as bad you just have to have someone to help you the first couple of weeks with the heavy lifting. Definitely take your 6 weeks off

Lose clothes pack your favorite sweats and big tshirts. My first two days I was very sore it hurt to cough I loved having a hot heating pad as well. Good luck

Everyone is different but Honestly, I packed a lot and only used my toothbrush, shampoo, phone and charger, and the clothes I packed for the baby. I would wear what is provided by the hospital, it was easier and comfortable… Bring something stretchy and comfortable to wear home. Take the meds!! The next day is the worst!!!

You definitely want loose pants.like pajamas nothing tight.


More Extra duty pads , easy loose fitting clothing

Definitely a belly support band! Every cough, sneeze, and sitting up motion feels like you are being cut back open.


Honestly painful. Keep it clean. Itll be covered for the first few days. Loose clothes so its not tight on your stitches

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They will send you home with pain meds but keep some tylenol for when those run out

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Adult depends. Those things are comfortable to wear after a c-section. You will not want panties for at least 4 weeks. Robes and dresses are nice to wear. Nothing on the incision. Post partum band (sometimes hospital will have them, you just have to ask)

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Comfy comfy clothes. Nothing with a band that rubs right where your underwear sits. A pillow especially for the ride home. Helps with bumps in the car or coughing laughing. Some people handle it better then other. I suggest sleeping in a recliner to help you get up and down. And not a lot of stairs. I have had three they are no walk in the park. Make sure you take your meds even on the days you think oh I’m good.

Dietary fibre drink.
Your first time going number 2 is excruciating.
Make sure you have a bit of softness back there with some Metamucil


Supportive underwear

My hospital gave me.a belly support band. But loose loose pants. Anything touching your belly feels like someone is stabbing you with a knife.
Its so sensitive. I’m 4 months out n its still sensitive. That’s the best advice. Not even your underwear being tight. It’s deffinatly painful

Walk, walk & walk. If you have pain it’s more then likely gas pain. Take maternity outfits to wear.


I had all 2 sections and another with this one. Honestly the only thing I didn’t like was the having to basically being slouched over till o felt comfortable standing up cause I was scared to rip the stables. But

number 1. DONT LEAVE THE HOSPITAL TILL THEY GIVE YOU A BELLY WRAP! They will give you one if you ask and it’s more comfortable feeling because it will keep everything in place an you don’t feel the stables and it helps tighten up your belly.

  1. VERY LOOSE tall pantys that go over your belly because you don’t want your pantys to run your stables.

  2. A dress or robe to go home in. Or very loose fitted clothes.

  3. House shoes cause they want you up and walking right after birth.

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Hi hun. Pack some loose fitting pj’s. Extra pads. You also have to pass gas and poop before you are able to leave the hospital . The recovery will be different. Make sure the c-section area stays dry to avoid any infection. Don’t lift anything heavy. When I coughed I would put a pillow to hold my stomach. Its painful. I couldn’t sleep laying down. I had to sleep on a chair next to the baby.

Mom of 3 C-section

Lots of loose fitting clothing, but most importantly is a compression band of some sort. The hospital can supply you one, but you can find a much more supportive one yourself. I didn’t have one for my first csection, but did have one for my second and the difference was night and day. I’ve recommended or gifted one to every mom I know getting a csection since.

I did sweats and pajamas bc if u shirk ruin them they’re the least expensive while still the most comfortable. Just don’t do anything they tell u not to do! I drove myself home from the hospital 3 days after both csections… but my pain tolerance is incredibly high

Pack comfy clothes, nothing snug. Sweats will be your friend for awhile. Depending on how you heal will dictate your time of recovery, however the more you get up and move around such as walking but resting when necessary, no excessive bending or lifting recovery should be around 4-6 wks give or take. I had 2 c-sections with my children, 3 yrs apart with my youngest being born at 34 wks gestation, I was out of the hospital 72 hrs after and at the hospital he was n 70 miles away and by his bedside in NICU 24 hrs a for 5 days a week for the next 44 days. My recovery was slower that time around bc I never allowed myself to recoup fully myself afterwards, but it went fine. Drink lots of fluids, eat well, sleep as good as possible, and walk as much as you can and the healing will come along nicely… good luck and congrats!

Depends!!! Loose pants and bath robes. Stomach binder to help heal your muscles and eases the pain. Heating pade and ice packs.

Oh its hell!..
be prepared for the hang over tummy extra bum lol need a nighty not pants

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Not saying you are, but if you’re on the heavier side get some white wash cloths and put in between where your belly folds. This will keep your skin from rubbing where the stitches/ staples are and will also keep it dry. Should change every day possibly every other day.

Oh the first pee after the catheter is removed may take a while before you go. I sat on the toilet 5-10 minutes before I could go. If you can’t, catheter.

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Don’t do it. Biggest mistake ever. My legs looked like a baby elephant, no support from drs. Freezing body temp. No one cares

I had a ecs Me personally recovery it was lsess painful than my natural birth (I had 3rd degree tearing could be why)
Extra pads to put over cut I liked high wasted tighter undies or a belly wrap just to feel more secure with a pair of loose pants, hair drier after showers etc to make sure it’s dried, stool softner for a few days,panadol

I never had a c-section, but read an article once, about things women don’t think of to bring the hospital. All the c-section mommas said they wished they’d brought chapstick, of all random things. So, maybe bring chapstick?

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Extra pillows, comfy pjs or nightgown (loved my nightgown up there!), scrunchies rather than hairties, non slip house shoes/slippers, if you’re heavy to begin with like i am then definitely bring full brief undies cause mesh undies dont fit big girls all that well, baby clothes in smaller and bigger sizes than planned, shampoo bodywash etc cause hospital stuff is awful

As soon as you feel comfortable to do so after the surgery get up and move around. Like 20 minutes after they put me in my regular room I was up. Moving helps but don’t do anything strenuous

Walking helps, but don’t over do it. Also keep the area dry. Hug a pillow when you sneeze or cough. Try to shower pretty quickly or get a shower chair i would literally only stand for a few minutes and id end up crying uncontrollably and need help to finish and get dressed. Sleeping is going to be very uncomfortable at first so try to find a position that works for you. Honestly it hurts, but each day it gets easier and each week even easier. You got this! I found i didn’t use anything i packed except my loose comfy clothes oh and for recovery make sure to drink water because youre gunna need the swelling to go down my legs and feet were so swollen it felt like i was walking on clouds.

It wasn’t bad that they give good meds :sunglasses:

what the hell happened to this page???

Everyone told me how horrible it was gonna be, don’t let people scare you!!! Everyone is different. I had zero problems & was at the farm the day after I left the hospital & the grocery store with my little one. I wore tight pants & put a pad over my staples, the tight pants kept the pad in place & no rubbing. Worked perfect for me!!! I did not even take the meds. Prayers🙏

Dont forget snacks either! U may miss the food and be starving afterwards! I got lucky and had JUST missed lunch so they brought us 2 trays, 1 of both of us

My first c-section, I also had my appendix removed at the same time so I was very sore and slow moving for a while. My second one seemed like a piece of cake. I was up walking and not hurting at all.

I’ve had 2 and honestly it’s so painful. But they do give good pain relief.

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Buy a nursing pillow like a boppy. It is a life saving no matter if you breast or bottle feed. Keeps baby away from your incision and it doubles as something to press to your abdomen should you need to cough or sneeze.

Hurts. Have a pillow near by for the first week cause when u cough sneeze or crap it feels like ur belly is being ripped open. But walking when able to is the best. Take ur laxatives cause those meds will pug u. It hurts… But must be worth it i had 3 lol


You will have ALL of the same postpartum issues as well as major abdominal surgery on top of them.

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Loose fitting clothes!

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At least it’s a scheduled c section and not an emergency one. I’ve had 2 c sections, my first es an emergency so everything was rushed. I didn’t have the chance to get everything properly sanitized so I ended up having to stay in the hospital for an entire week because of my incision getting infected. That was so painful and it took me almost an entire 3 months to fully recover and for the miniature incision they made to drain the infection to fully close. My second one, however, went so smoothly, and I was home after 2 days and recovery was so much quicker. The hospital i delivered in provided a belly support which helped out tremendously and it wasn’t as hard for me to move around as it was the first time. No one prepared me for how recovery was going to be like cause honestly every person and every pregnancy is different but you’ll be able to figure out what you’ll require and if you truly need an expert advice, talk to your doctor cause they’re the ones that’s with you throughout this entire journey.

Walk walk walk as much as they will let you. The sooner you fart the sooner you can go home. Also gas pains can feel like some is trying to saw you in half with a chainsaw if you build up too much.


What’s with y’all and “ fan questions “ :roll_eyes:

So ive had 4 vaginal births…and last year I had a emergency c section following my 5thvvaginal birth of my surro twins. . my belly support binder was LIFE…the hospital provided that… I also bought some high waisted section recovery underwear on Amazon. I would also suggest buying a box or two of those long non stick wound care pads as a barrier between your skin and panties… Other then that my swelling was pretty gnarly and no one mentioned that part… I had to stay in the hospital for 5 days so I had very very good meds on board so my pain was managed very well…and even after I came home it was at a minimum …take it easy…plan on moving slow for a while… At 10 days post delivery we took our kids out if town and spent like 6 hours out shopping

Kirsty McIntosh can u help this person out xxx


I wore a wrap/girdle(bellefit has good ones with easy clips/hooks) after my csection it helped a lot when I needed to move around. Also a razor and some warm socks since you’ll be in the hospital a little longer.

Belly support band. Loose fitting clothes, specially gowns, so you don’t have to bend to get dressed. Comfortable non slip shoes so you can walk around the hallways (you need to walk after surgery, it’s for recovery). If you don’t like the hospital pads, get some that you’re comfortable with, and of course they must be long and wide, to deal with the bleeding. Make sure you get stool softener and stuff to help get rid of the gas. And make sure that you can get your meds when discharged, sometimes they discharge people after hours and the pharmacy is closed, make sure to research and find a 24hr pharmacy, the pain meds are a must.


Longer than natural.

This page has turned into a pregnancy/mommy group

I’ve had 2 myself, unfortunately the first one was much more painful. My advice is to stay ahead of the pain, don’t wait until it hurts to request more or it will take twice as long to kick in. I wear contacts, but was told for my first I had to wear my glasses. Higher loose fitting pants, lounge pants, sweatpants, anything like that. A robe to cover yourself with because you will have to get up and walk the halls. Higher supportive underwear, nothing sitting against your incision. Snacks, drinks high in fiber and or stool softeners, which they will offer to you.

Belly band! I had 5 c-section and wished I could of had something to support my tummy until I healed!

Don’t do too much after. Do not try and carry anything heavier than your baby. You may think you can but in the long run you can cause internal scar tissue at the incision site. Once the incision is HEALED massage the area from time to time. This was recommended to my friend who was having abdominal issues and had to have scar tissue removed. But years later!

I had my babe 2 weeks ago. Repeat section. I’m already up and doing everything I did before. Honestly the best advice I can give, don’t baby yourself. But don’t over push yourself.
I had a failed spinal so was extremely drugged up in my room. When I finally got to walk it hurt but felt amazing at the same time. Then I was on my own until I left besides the normal check ups from nurses.
3 days later I was driving. Walking through the stores with the help on leaning on a cart. Came home and had 2 rough days and since then I have been moving and moving. I haven’t been on any of my meds since about 2-3 days after coming home.
Just push but not over push yourself.

I see so many people who have said they were laid up for 3 weeks after and refused to get up and move and had a horrible recovery.
I was told so many stories about being prepared to feel like hell and it will be awful.
It was nothing like they said. My first c section I was sitting myself up on my own and sitting criss cross within 12 hours after. The nurses were in shock.

I walked out of the hospital after 20hrs sheet a c-section and blood transfusion.

A good tummy brace very crucial heavy duty underwear

Definitely loose fitting clothing and several granny panties of your own which will support the pads you’ll be using. Make sure they’re comfy panties. Extra pillow or boppy will come in handy if you plan on [email protected]$t feeding. Comfy socks. Your own hairbrush.


Bring a back scratcher…the meds make you itch and you wont be able to reach your legs to scratch…

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I had one and I’d do it again… I had 4 kids and 1 c-section… I never had a problem n a week later I was fine

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Stomach support belt will help you soooo much. Ive had 3 cesareans. Easy recovery if you rest and dont forget to walk! Just no bending over lol. And have a pillow ready to hold on your incision if you cough sneeze or laugh.


A pillow to put over your scar when you go over bumps and stuff in the car way home. Loose fitting pants because your stomach will be sore. And make sure you stand up as tall as you can the more you slouch the worse your discomfort is

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I had 4 c-sections. Feels like you did entirely too many sit ups. You realize every movement is attached to your stomach. But I would keep a pillow to press against you stomach to , laugh, cough, hold the baby etc. A good belly band. I more I was held together the less the pain. No stairs but walk often. The reward is a beautiful healthy baby, good luck and congratulations


Honestly I’m with everyone on the stool softener or something like that your 1st poo will feel like your gonna give birth :unamused:. But other then that idk…I didn’t do the loose clothing…I left in Jeans…And I refused the pain meds so No Insight there. Good Luck you got this!


High waisted leggings. Loose clothes :blush:. Possibly a belly band.

Also get up as soon as you can and move. It’s a weird feeling not being able to use your stomach to sit up and get around. I’ve had 2 c-sections. My second was planned and went way better for recovery. Really it doesn’t have to be bending or anything just getting up and walking a little. :woman_shrugging:t4:
And don’t give into the thought of wanting to punch the nurse when they push on your stomach after :joy:

When they say put the pillow on your stomach just in case you cough…listen to them. It’s a lifesaving tool


Rest, rest and rest some more. My son was an emergency c section 9 1/2 weeks early. I got released but they kept him longer. Between taking care of my older kids (6 yr and 8 yr old) and going to the hospital everyday almost all days I wasn’t hearing. Rest and rest a lot. My dr said if I didn’t rest her would put me in the hospital again in strict bed rest until I healed :woman_facepalming:t4: oh and instead of trying to sit straight up in bed, roll to your side and use your arms to help push you up.

Both of mine were scheduled c-sections. You’ll probably stay a little longer at the hospital and recovery will be longer with more restrictions.

My advice…get up and WALK WALK WALK. I refused becauae well it hurt with my 1st one… recovery waz awful n took soooo long. With my 2nd one i was up walking to bathroom (slowly and painfully) the same day. By day 3 and 4 i was moving just fine on my own. Recovery was a breeze!!! Did the same w baby #3 and same thing…great and fast recovery. Walk as much as u can…and coughing…itll help get things back in their correct position… lol the nurses will make u cough a lot while ur in there. Good luck and congrats!!!

I had an unplanned c section and it was the greatest thing that ever happened. My biggest advice push the pain aside and get up and walk as soon as you can. Your body will want to immediately start healing from the surgery and keeping yourself moving will help it heal properly and reduce the soreness. I stopped taking pain medication 24 hours after and switched to Tylenol the pain wasn’t terrible. I would invest in a bedside rail they are very helpful when you come home and have very few stomach muscles to sit up, you can find them at Walgreens for like $50. I bought depends because the mesh diapers they give you are terrible and the diapers help with holding your tummy in. Do research read up as much as you can it really helped me feel prepared and I loved it! Good luck and congratulations!

I had a emergency c-section so I was totally unprepared but a pillow for when you caugh or laugh, after mine I wore pregnancy underwear and kept a wash rag over my incision so it keeps it dry and less likely go get infected also stool softeners and lots of walking! That’s all I got I didnt take the pain meds or anything so I cant give any insight on that

Your whole body right after the procedure will be on fire and when I say fire it feels like ur insides are burning inside out it will be hard to use the restroom after they take catheter out also I pushed myself to walk only a lil time after the surgery but my son was in NICU so I had to just to be able to see him it will hurt on the ride home and it’s better to go backwards up the stairs and down the stairs ik that sounds really weird but it honestly was less painful doing it that way I recovered less then 6 weeks but normal is 6weeks to a year and that pain you will always randomly get so don’t be alarmed about that

Patience! On the recovery everyone takes their own time to get it together. Loose clothes, slippers, big enough and comfortable underwear because of the scar it’s gonna bother, extra pillows work and make sure to sit on the harder chair for better posture. Idk how u are with pain but take what u can because it’s a feel. And make sure you speak about your emotions and be open. I had postpartum depression and anxiety so be open. Good luck

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Hug your pillow no matter what … especially when coughing … or anything and take your time to heal !!


Hi waisted brief panties. I also had to sit with a pillow on top of my tummy and a heating pad was a life saver. For me, it was really painful when my uterus was contracting back into shape (so to speak), so a heating pad was my best friend for the cramping.
Take the advice of your doctor seriously, even if you feel fine. Those lifting restrictions are not mere suggestions. You will hurt yourself.

Hold your incision and press whenever you laugh or cough with the pillow it was a life saver for me


My first one was a nightmare, second was easier (didn’t have staples) lol. Hold a pillow if you have to cough, sneezing or if you need to blow your nose.

I’ve recently had my 5th c section it does hurt but don’t over do it, take your time to heal and rest as much ax you can, loose clothing will definitely help, and big enough underwear to go over your scar, keep on top off painkillers even if you feel like you don’t need them, I found using more cushions in bed also helped me get out of bed properly without pulling at my scarring. Xxx

Recovery is different for everyone - its how your body deals with healing. However, underwear that goes over the scar and your belly were so much more comfortable for me… and showers helped ease the pain for me.

Arnica tablets are a great help

I had extremely less bleeding than with the vaginal birth and that was a big plus for me!!! Definitely hold that pillow for dear life when you cough, sneeze, laugh, anything!! Do not let it leave your side!!

Get up and walk as soon as you can!


Don’t sleep with a pillow under your head for a few days, sleep the way you will be sleeping in theater. (this is to avoid headaches)

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To be honest. I had one of each (vaginal and c section) it was a harder recovery for me for the vaginal birth


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I had 3 c-sections. I definitely agree with the pillow to cough or anything. But not just any pillow. Try to find a weighted blanket or pillow. They gave me a weighted teddy bear and it was a life saver!!! It eases the pain for coughing sneezing laughing etc. Also the more you walk the less time you’ll be in pain. Good luck and congrats.

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Hurts like hell… well it did for me… couldn’t cough sneeze or laugh without tears. Couldn’t get out if bed without help. But in saying that after about 4 days it really started to get easier… I was back in my karate class 6 weeks after :slight_smile: but all worth it and would do it all over again for my boy :heart: