What is it like going from 3 kids to 4?

I didn’t notice a difference :wink: I have 4 boys 25, 23, soon to be 20, 14

You can make it work. Check Pinterest for

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Things will work out.whats another child.

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They blend in you are blessed to be able to have that many some are not that fortunate god will provide you just have to believe it is in his plan

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It’s hard at times I have 4 kids all 10 & under youngest being 5

I have 5 kids, 20, 18, 14, 12 and 9, I found that each time they just FIT, all my babies were “unplanned” but they are exactly where they belong. I’ve lived in a 3 bedroom condo less than 1000 square feet since baby 4 was born and we just make it work. It’s not always pretty but we get through it. You’ll make it work momma :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I have eight I don’t even remember what it’s like to have four lol


Maybe you can add a small room.

I have 4 and love it, all will work out, #4 was the best surprise for ever!! We had the 2 girls in one room and the 2 boys in the other with bunk beds. We had enough room for the beds and a crib till he could sleep in the bed.

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As long as you have a big living room and kitchen. You can easily get away with 3 bedrooms.

I have 4 kids 5 on the weekends. Initially I started with a 2 br 1 bath as I was single at the time so haven’t been able to upgrade however the master is set up with 2 sets of bunks beds and dressers and plastic storage drawers so it works its a tight squeeze and annoying at times but we make do…
So you can make it work if you want and depending on you. If you love your home now in my personal opinion you will be fine

You’re just expanding the chaos that’s all no big difference really.


I had my kids 2013,2014,2018,2020,2021 and honestly…after three kids I stopped noticing much of a difference. They all shifted to each other’s schedules naturally and love to help or play with the younger ones. 🤷

Boys room girls room nunk or trundle beds.

Going from 1 to 2, and then 2 to 3 is significant…after that, not so much! I have 6–we were surprised with twins after having four. You make room in the house, kids share bedrooms, it all works out. Upgrading your car to something bigger is something you can’t avoid, unfortunately. Good luck Mama…it’ll work out!

I have four children. 31, 28, 25 and 22. None of my children were planned. 3 girls and a boy. When we brought in 4 more children because they needed a foster home. We got creative. We adopted 2 of them. The kids are each other’s best friend and they all come together when their special code word is texted. It all works out and I especially love the holidays seeing all my grandbabies in the living room in their forts, sleeping bags or couches. It makes it all worth while.:heart:

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We have 2 boys (14 and 13) and 2 girls (9 and 6). For the most part, their bedrooms are just for relaxing and sleeping. They spend most of their time everywhere else unless they want a break from everyone else. The girls share a room and our boys each have their own. As far as how different it was, I honestly didn’t even notice much difference.

Hand me downs and Bunkbeds!!

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Going from 3 to 4 was easy at first; I have an 8, 5, 2, and 1 year olds and now that they are all mobile and have their own very strong personalities, it’s HARD being at the different age levels. My girls are 6 years apart and obviously are into different things which makes room sharing difficult, big sister wants her space and left alone, my boys are 4 years apart a little easier gap for room sharing, they kinda share interests which makes it a little easier, but Just have to roll with the punches and adjust and be the peace maker lol! You got this!

My baby is due in 1 week and 5 days. I have 2 girls and boy already so I’ll let you know cuz I’m terrified of going from 3 to 4 kids lol.

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Others were 4 of us kids. 2 boys 2 girls. 3 bedroom one bath house an we survived share share share is all I can say. An love every minute of it. Because it doesn’t last forever

It’s actually easier… The older ones will be old enough to help out once baby arrives, and trust me, they love to help!

You can always add an addition to your home.

I knew a military family that had 4 boys and 1 girl and they always had 3 bedroom homes. Made it just fine. Kids are very flexible and don’t worry about what you are worrying about. They just want to be part of a loving family. I knew another family with 3 boys and 2 girls. Again in a small 3 bedroom home w/one bath and everyone worked together.

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After this baby get on some birth control. You need to be prepared to accommodate the new baby

After 3 it’s not much of a difference lol It will always work out.

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It’s hell. I have 4. 14,6,5, and 1. It’s tough especially since their personalities are so different. My oldest 3 are boys and youngest is a girl.

Well your kids are older do they can be helpful, and let’s face it’s 2 more do no real big difference, as for the rooms bunk beds, n single if it’s a boy or just bunk beds when the baby comes out of toddler bed. Don’t worry Mom you got this

How about an addition to the house

When u find if u aren’t get ur tubes tied.

I have 4, for me going from 2 kids to 3 was much harder than going from 3 kids to 4. When my 4th was born I had a 8 year old, 5 year old, 20 months old and newborn. It was hard at times but we always managed great. We built an extension on our house and bought a bigger car. They’re now 17, 14, 10 and just turned 9 they’re all doing really well and I’m still sane just lol

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I had 4 children. I had my daughter first then 3 boys. We lived in an 1100 sq foot four level back split. We made do. My children are now grown and married. One has a child with another one the way. One more isn’t much different from 3 to be honest. For those suggestions g you get your tubes tied or go on birth control, ignore them. It has zero to do with your question and it’s absolutely none of their business. You will be fine. The kids will be fine. Enjoy your little ones.


Honestly I wouldn’t be stressing so much without taking a test. I have no info though I’m going from two kids to three and getting my tubes tied.

After 3 kids not much difference. I raised four kids with one bathroom and three bedrooms. Its a juggle but scheduling is important especially for bathroom use

I had 4 kids, it’s no real difference than 3. We converted our dining room into a bedroom so all of ours had their own room/space. You’ll be fine no matter what you end up doing. As long as there’s lots of love the kids are happy and healthy.

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Wow…some of these comments are horrible😳
I have 4… ages newborn, 11months, 2, and 7. Its exhausting to say the least but they are so joyful. I love it :heart: as for the house situation… bunk them in rooms! And get tall dressers! :slight_smile:

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Bunk beds in the rooms for boys they sleep there only. 2 sets In girls room Do the same. Their were seven of us. Four boys and three girls. We had one bathroom. . It worked. We all are différent . My parents made it work
. My mom started out with a mercury 2 door then went to station wagon. We did everything. . We were happy.

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I have 6. After 3 it’s not really that big of a difference. Obviously babies take longer to get ready and schedules and all that, but you already did that with 2 before. It’s not that bad.

I have 4 ages 12, 7,5 and 2… it isnt much harder in general but yes gotta get ideas for a new little… we live in a 3 bedroom… my 12 yo Son has his own, my 5 & 7 share a bedroom… we have 2 twin size beds, would rather have bunks but neither of them like the top bunk🙄… and my 2 yo. Just recently graduated into a toddler bed, but we have her in our room. When she is a bit older i think we might just have to get bunks and move her into the room with the other 2, but i do drive a minivan, seats 7… and my husband drives a dodge ram seats 6… so they all fit nice in either vehicle. But yea once you have 3 the 4th doesnt really make a difference they always want to help out and my 2 yo ADORES my 12 year old the age gap is so nice because my son loves his baby sister and will let her sit and play in his room🥰

I have 5 and live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath split level. You’ll find ways to make it work. I highly suggest to get a bunk bed with the drawers to save space in a bedroom. When I was a kid I shared a room with my 2 sisters. Also once you have 3 kids adding a fourth is not so bad. I wish you and your family all the best!

If you went from 2 to 3, 3 to 4 is a piece of cake I hear

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You can’t figure this out?..

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three kids is the ultimate chaos: any more than that and it makes no difference


We raised 3 girls & 1 boy in a 3 bedroom/1 bath house. We survived. As long as it’s a loving home, everything will work out just fine.


Bunkbeds and storage containers. Use as much wall space as possible. I wouldn’t think having 4 is much different than 3. Baby can sleep with yall until about a year. Then whichever gender baby is goes in room accordingly. Or can share with youngest until old enough 2 need 2 go by gender. I have 3 girls. 6 year old and 16 month twins. All 3 in 1 room because it’s only a 2 bedroom house.

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Make it work dear as I was brought up in a 2 bedroom home with 2 sisters and 3 brothers. We didn’t have a lot of room but we didn’t know the difference we loved our parents. Also, there was a set of bunkbeds in my parents room and a set plus double bed in other room. We made it work that is all I can say and I don’t feel I was deprived of anything.

Kids can share rooms. The best things in life are surprises. Enjoy❤

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I have 3 siblings. The girls shared a room, and the boys shared a room (2 boys 2 girls). Eventually I got my own room (oldest). But it was fun having a lot of siblings. Chaotic. Loud. Annoying. And fun.

I have 5 kids. We had two and then got the news of surprise triplets. Stayed in our 3 bedroom house, traded in one of our cars (the one not paid off) and got a mini van. It was a HUGE HUGE lifestyle change and it can be done. Just have to be organized and determined to make it work. You’ll be ok mama!

3 to 4 was crazy for us and still is. My youngest is 3 months and the kids take full advantage of me nursing :woman_facepalming:. We have a 2 bedroom house we sort of converted into 3. It’s small but it’s paid off and what we have so we manage. We went from our 5 seater 2012 equinox that I’m still making payments on and not driving meanwhile we bought a 2006 minivan that an old couple kept in their garage for years so I’m happy to have no car payment on that and trying to sell my other one. Defiantly a big jump from 3-4 in my opinion!

I think the hardest is going from 2 to 3.

U have No idea how good U have it! Count Ur blessings and L​:heart:VE UR CHILDREN and Ur Children will help wit the Baby make doing chores fun and when the Baby is bout 1 to 2 and not sleeping in Ur room have the Kids sleep 2 and 2 to a bedroom the restroom might b a problem So get a portable potty??? B4 U know it they will b grown!!! Time fly’s when having Fun! :+1:

Extend the house you live in to add another bedroom and a bathroom

I had a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom when my 4th was born. He slept in my room as is recommended for the first 6 months, then eventually moved in to room with his sisters. He loved being with his sisters and was there till we moved house. Now he has his own room but he misses having his sister with him. I had planned on him and my youngest daughter sharing and using the 4th room as a playroom but she wanted her own room. Honestly the 4th one just slots right in effortlessly x

I had 5 kids 3 1/2 bedroom house 1 bathroom home plus ran a daycare in my home. We are modest people as well. My daughter was the oldest then I had two sons five years apart they shared a room 7yrs later I had another son who had the 1/2 bedroom as his nursery unexpectedly ended up pregnant again I set my daughters crib up in part of my room. Then eventually my older daughter moved out and we changed rooms around you make it work like my fathers and mothers families did back in the day when they had 12kids to a 3 bedroom home.


The fact that you like the simple life says a lot. You do not stress over being uncomfortable. The best advice I could give is to have a more minimalist home. The less things you have to more comfortable it will be. You might want to explore that type of decorating etc

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The baby could stay in crib in your room until 1- 2yrs old then upgrade to either a triple bunk bed for the boys room or a regular bunk bed in the girls rooms, just make sure the baby sleeps in its own bed so it’s not a huge change when moving bedrooms…

When I was younger, my family of 5 (now 6, but we have a 4 bedroom house now) lived in a two bedroom, one bath apartment. All 3 of us kids slept in the same room and it was fun, like having a sleepover. We were all under 13 at the time, so privacy wasn’t really a big issue. You can decide to just keep two kids in one room and have time to upgrade houses when they get older and want more privacy. My siblings and I had a bunk bed with a built-in shelf and closet which was very convenient.

I grew up with 5 brothers and we had 1 bathroom and only 2 bedrooms. Hope you have a girl, they can share but if not trundle beds or bunks for all the boys. We’re all very close even in our late years. Love is all they need


4 is not any different then 3. The baby could be in ur room til its old enough to share a room with either the boy or girl. Bunk beds are great have as well. Good luck to u and enjoy dont stress.


I suggest some type of bunk beds or trundle beds to save on space. I have a 3 bedroom, 2 boys and a girl. That’s what I plan on doing for my boys once the youngest is out of our room.

Adding and additional room and bathroom to the home is always an option. Also going from 3 to 4 not much different just another little blessing!!




Don’t stress over something your not even certain about. You make it work with what you have. :pray:

We have 2 boys and 2 girls. The boys share a room with bunk beds and the girls share a room with a loft bed. I have 2 sets close in age but each opposite gender sets but they don’t mind sharing rooms with their younger siblings

Yep 4 was a piece of cake …no different than 3 …just financially harder…my older two usually hung out in lr and slept on couch…my girl with me in my other boy the room that was extra

4 is honestly easier than 3 in my opinion!

I heard 4 was better than 3, but I only have one, plus two bonus kids!

and def either twin beds with a cute little lamp in the middle or bunk beds with the pull out 3 bed. you can do this. mine all end up in my room by the end of the night anyways lol i wake up to pallets on the floor and a kid at the foot of my bed. the more the merrier to me​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

it’s just an extra happy meal lol not a lot changes. you’ll adapt just like how u went from 2-3 kids.


Children are a blessing! If you have a 4th, you have about 3-4 years to figure out your next move. Try praying for guidance as God provides. Do not stress …. enjoy your children

What’s one more.no reason to cry over spilled milk

Why not get boys bunk bed, if get another girl, then why not get girl bunk bed

You will figure it out

Maybe add another room on as a bedroom

I grew up in a 3 bedroom, 1 bath house. 2 parents, 9 kids. It’s do-able!


Why aren’t you on the pill or get fixed

Best advice, don’t ask for advice on wastebook

Honey, if you can do 3 you can do 4. :heart:

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Going from 0-1 kid is the hardest transition so if you managed that and then 1-2 and 2-3, you’ll be fine. Kids can share rooms. Get some bunk beds to save space!


I had 3 girls and a boy …in a 3 bed one bath house…I put room divider in the larger bedroom for the girls… my boy & toys in the other simple life❤️

After baby comes, she will never be able to imagine life without them.


I personally think baby number 2 is the biggest shock, 3-4 is easier. Get bunk beds with storage and decorate the rooms nice and it will be fine :blush:

I only have 3 kids however i live in a 2 bedroom house. They shared a room until my elsest was 14. He then took over the play room in the basement. Its doable. We live on under 1400sg ft townhouse. Me and 3 boys.

I have 5 kids. Honestly, after you add in a new addition you cant remember how you ever had less. We are in a 4 bedroom house with a family of 7. My girls(2) each have their own room because they are oldest and youngest. The 3 boys are all in one room. Wasnt always the arrangement but the boys always slept in one room anyway regardless of putting them to bed in their own room. I recently bought them a triple bunk and it is a space saver!!! I wouldn’t stress it. :blush::wink:

1 kid is 1 kid, 2 kids is 2 kids but 3 kids is 4 kids :laughing: I have 4 kids myself lmao


Youll be fine my patents had 5 of us girls in one big room bunk beds and all we lived just fine. It was 2/2 double wide

I have four boys (now men). No different. Loved every minute of it.

I’m about to give birth to my fourth boy my 15 year old asked for a caravan (we live in a 3 bedroom house) the 2 youngest share atm until bub is 6 months old then they will decide who is going to share with the baby they are all super supportive of the new baby coming along

Don’t stress is the first thing hun God always provides a way … you can possibly get public assistance through your pregnancy and wic after the birth …

I have four kids 17, 14, 13, 9 and its fine when they are little but has they become teenagers…its typical teen stuff, everybody in everybody business or trying to tell the other what to do…they are not in the samethings as they get older. But it is also fun at the same time

I have 5 kids in a three bedroom house 3 girls 2 boys it’s not the biggest house and we just manage its how you set things out i wouldnt worry you’ll work around space

Hard :woozy_face::woozy_face:we also have 4… 8,4,3,and 1, in a 2 bedroom 1 bath trailer… 3 of the 4 was in diapers at one point which is exspensive as all hell, on top of all other expenses but it’s doable, very stressful but manageable. GOOD LUCK MOMMA

Don’t stress everything will fall it’s self into place especially once you see the little bundle

I had 8 kids and 3 were in diapers at one time I had no problem at all

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I would stop worrying prematurely until you know for sure. :woman_shrugging:


You will be fine, enjoy those babies. I had 5 boys in 6 and half years, had one bathroom for a long time, it works out fine.

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You’re in this scenerio imagine having one child and then 14 years later bam! Your’e pregnant :grimacing::rofl:

Trundle beds, shared chores etc. God bless

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You can put two kids in each room