What is nap time like for your 1 year old?

What’s your nap time routine for your one-year-olds? I’m still rocking my 14-month-old to sleep for his two naps, and it’s killing me, but he won’t go down any other way.


So stop taking naps.


Taking cara babies. Look it up and do it. It is BEYOND worth it. My 14 month old has been putting himself to sleep for naps and at night since he was 5 months old and has slept through the entire night since. Best thing I have done.

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My 1 year old wakes up around 7 every morning and goes down for a nap around 11. I put her in her crib and she knows what time it is. Routine and consistency is key. She only takes that one nap a day.

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Don’t stop taking naps, way too young. I would just shorten the amount of time you rock each week and lay down awake. He might cry a bit the first few days but he’ll likely fall asleep on his own.

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He will go to sleep another way if you ‘train’ him to do so. Our babies on dependent on us and a routine. This is clearly a very set routine that needs a little changing and that’s OKAY. It will take time. You’ve got this momma!

I stopped giving her naps

My daughter loves her naps and lets me know when it’s time. Sometimes it’s one a day, sometimes it’s two. You could try switching to one really long nap a day. Just make him start staying a awake a bit longer in the morning and go to sleep a little early everyday. My pediatrician says it’s normal for them to be taking naps at this age. Until they start showing signs of not sleeping well through the night or not going to bed as easily anymore, stick with the naps.

Minimize daytime naps if you want the kid to sleep early and through the night.

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My 6 month old doesn’t really nap neither do my 4 or 3 year old

All my kids stopped talking naps around 1yo. Otherwise they’d be up super late or up super early. They all get 10hrs of sleep during the night.


My 1yr old wakes up at 8am and goes down for nap time at 1 or 2pm and then bed by 10pm. I got him on a set schedule. routine and consistently have been the best thing for him

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No naps for my daughter after she was 13 months old she just fight them so just didn’t bother she goes to bed at 6pm and wakes up anything from 7am to 9am (wakes a few times in night) she’s two and half now

Both my kids slept 7 to 7 at that age, 15 months is about when they phased their nap out.
Nap time was 1130-1

My daughter normally naps around 6pm. I let her sleep however long, because we have such crazy schedules right now.

It was hard to get my son to nap. He always fought it so I let him tire himself out. If he fell asleep he got his nap if not he was tired and ready for bed early.

Everyone is different but I’m lucky that my LO likes to sleep… we go to bed around 9pm and get up at 6am…he eats lunch around noon and lays down after that- depending on whether he’s with myself, dad, or his sitter, his nap time ranges from 2-4hrs (1pm- 4-5pm)… like I said I’m lucky he loves his rest and we don’t have a issue with him going to bed n sleeping through the night. We are all just very consistent with it and each try to keep the same schedule as one another to where his routine doesn’t change…
I’d suggest to find a routine that works for your child schedule and for anyone whose with him n just try to be consistent on making it a habit BUT I do know some kids that just don’t nap or do a “recharge” nap

My son was only taking one nap at that age, and still takes one nap a day at a few months shy of being 2. My daughter quit napping entirely shortly after she turned a year. Every kid is different. But maybe try switching to one nap instead of two?

I have an in home daycare, children’s ages are 8mo-4yrs old. They come between 6-8am. Nap time for all is 10:30-11am depending on the overall mood of the children. They know that when it’s time to clean up, then they nap. When I have new kids, it takes them a week or 2 to get used to our routine.

Enjoy it🤷🏻‍♀️ i wish my 2yo would let me😭

She still nurses to sleep so we rock and nurse her and then transfer her to the crib. She’s 14 months

How you worded it makes it sound like you dont have to rock him to sleep for bedtime? Maybe hes not tired enough for two separate naps, my 18 month old takes one nap in the middle of the day, usually around two hours long, then is in his crib asleep at 7 30pm.

My 14mo goes to bed around 9p and wakes around 7a. He still naps 2 times a day and I nurse and rock him each time. It works for us.

Cut out one of the naps maybe ? And if he cries when u put him down just leave him he will soon get used to it I had to do it with my oldest I was horrible at first but she has slept right through without being rocked I think she was about 16 months old

That time cuddling your little fella won’t last. It may cut into your time today. But, you will miss it when it ends. Maybe that could be your time to rest yourself.

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My son is 18 months some.days there is no naps and when there is he climbs in my bed turns on his cartoons and goes out…

My son turned 15 months old today. He takes 1 2-3 hour nap around 1 pm every day. He will start looking sleepy and maybe get fussy so I’ll hold him for about 10 mins and he passes out. Then I move him to his mattress on the floor or to the couch

It’s not that he won’t, it’s that he’s never been taught another way to go to sleep. He needs to be taught that because all he knows is being rocked to sleep. It’s all what you’re comfortable with; he’ll cry. It’s hard learning something new, especially when you’re tired. Maybe start by getting up from rocking when he’s drowsy and laying him down. Leave. Let him fuss for however long you’re comfy at first - 1 min, 3 mins. Go in to reassure him, and leave again. Extend your time this time for how long you’re gone. Again, whatever you’re comfy with.
You’re his teacher with sleep so if you’re done with this way, you need to guide him to something new. Good luck! :purple_heart:


I put my son down and he watches cartoons until a certain time. If he’s not asleep by then we switch to soft music and he’s usually out within 30 minutes. You might try to consolidate his naps too. Instead of two do one mid day nap. My son sleeps better with people in the room so nap time was in the pack n play in the living room. I’d either watch my shows or read a book with soft music going. He’d pass right out. Now he goes down upstairs but he’s 2 now.

My daughter is almost 14 months she takes one nap a day and she use to nurse to sleep but I slowly started not nursing during the day and eventually stopped all together. You could do the same with rocking. Stop rocking for the first nap for a week then stop for the second. He might fuss a little when you take away the rocking but he will learn to sooth him self to sleep. You need to keep a strict routine my daughter gets up at around 7-8 am and naps at 12:30 -1 and goes to bed around 8:30. She literally just transitioned to one nap a day.