What is the best brand of diapers?

What are the best diapers y’all have used? I’ve tried so many and my daughter still has blowouts! What is your favorite kind of pampers and huggies? Did honest or hello bello work for y’all?


I love the Wal-Mart brand

Huggies and Rascal & Friends

We use Mama Bear diapers

Luvs! I have also tried the Hello Bello ones to the are nice as well.

Pampers or Huggies. You can get them in a bulk at Sams or Costco

Our fav is Little Journey from Aldi! Our 2nd fav is Parents choice.
Huggies are our Fav name brand but Little Journey & Parents choice work way better!
My son had a really bad rash from using Honest diapers & haven’t tried Hello Bello, they don’t have his size. We also love the Aden & Anais diapers!

Huggies little movers

pampers and the target brand

We found going up to the next size stopped his blow outs.we use pampers cruisers.

Pampers swaddlers or Pure are my go tos.

Walmart brand …only diaper my kid Didn’t have blowouts in. :joy:

We use parents choice from Wal-Mart or the diapers from aldis. They are our favorite

Go a size up! We use targets brand and pampers baby dry for night

I love pampers and Kirkland i used the honest diapers and they didnt really absorb, the pee just came out on the side

Huggies little movers

I used pampers and wasn’t keen. I started using little angels from Asda but this was 4 years ago. I’m going to try little angels again.

But yes i agree on going a size up!

When my kids were babies I used the Kirkland brand (costco) the most. If I wasn’t using that brand them it was huggies.

Goodnights for bed time though

Luvs. But if you have constant blow outs. Up size. My daughter used to leak through any diapers at night . I was advised to up size. I did and no more leaks at night

I loved the ones from The Honest Company.

We use rascal and friends and love it my son had an allergic reaction to something in huggies we switched him over to pampers brand we tried r+f and they where awesome no leaks , we had to move down a couple sizes for him which was great :blue_heart: my baby loves them and is happy with them , Happy baby Happy momma :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts:

Huggies, Luvs, and currently using Abby&Finn

Luvs & parents choice worked great for my son

sams! well any brand i’ve never had blowouts, other then the first maybe two months and it’s was maybe once or twice.

Huggies little movers

Pampers Swaddlers all the way! They are amazing! I just recently tried the pampers cruisers and those are great too!

Pampers swaddlers for my son. Huggies snugglers for my daughter.

My kiddos broke out with anything other than huggies :woman_shrugging:

When our first got to be around 6m-12m, we gave up on name brand and been buying store brand ever since, as well as going the next size up.

Love parents choice my daughter has had blowouts though. We are trying mama bear now and I really like them. No blowouts yet.

I use winco brand where I’m from lol they are the best

We liked hello bello and honest however they broke our little one out in an awful rash and they were so much more expensive. We like pampers baby dry or huggies little movers the most. Huggies are a bit bigger than most diapers though so you can keep them in a size longer

Huggies little snugglers and little movers

Honest company for us! We have used them since size one. They are thicker than regular diapers and work so well.

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Hello Bello have been great with my daughter :slight_smile: and they’re so soft !!

Parents choice has been working for my son pretty good.

Rule of thumb:
If it comes up the back, go up a diaper size.
If it comes out the legs, go down a diaper size.


Pamper swaddlers! haven’t had a blow out yet and he’s 10 weeks tomorrow

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Huggies Little Snugglers have always worked best for us. My daughter has super sensitive skin too and has never had a problem with these!

Pampers were always my favorite, but not always affordable. Luvs is my second choice. Never had any problems with them. They are made by Pampers, so it makes sense.

My 3 kids would use the Parents Choice from Wal-mart

Huggies little snugglers and huggies little movers

I use huggies snug and dry or little movers (I size up at night. The hello bello leaked at night for us. But during the day they were great

Hello Bello for the win!!

I use Costco diapers, they’re pretty much huggies. But when my baby had a lot of blowouts I go up a size.

You can have a blowout in all of them. I went from Pampers swaddlers to Pampers cruisers

Try upping the size of the diaper.

I use luvs ultra leak guard

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Luvs is amazing. Their my favorite.

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Pampers sucked for me. And Huggies were fine but their too expensive. We use Luvs

We use cloth diapers and have only had 2-3 blow outs in 16 months. They were hard core nasty poops to. Usually the elastics in them keep it from coming out.
If your baby is constantly having blow outs and changing sizes or diaper brands dont help, i would invest in a couple of diaper covers and use them on top of the disposables to help contain the mess.

The overnights hold more in any brand. Maybe try those & going up a size?

I used simply kids on my 4 kids :slight_smile:

Huggies and Hello bello are the best! my one half year old daughter slept 11 hours in the hello bello and huggies they haven’t leaked once yet.

Pampers baby dry has never failed me and i have 3 children. Used them with all of my kids

We use up and up brand from target and we love it. Wasn’t a big fun of pampers. And huggies was to expensive.

I like luvs!!! Every blowout my baby has had have been in pampers! Luvs and Huggies little movers

Honestly, target brand has been the best for us!!!

Sams club brand all the way!

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Papers swaddlers and papers pure only diapers we use

HUGGIES LITTLE MOVERS! Used Pampers at first but they do NOT hold much & the little movers fit SO much better.

Hello Bello has been the best. Pampers and Parents choice leak to no end and I like huggies but Hello Bello is so much softer

Sam’s Club member’s mark are great the only kind I like for my baby used them with my almost 4 year old.

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I use Pampers swaddlers during the day and then rascal and friends at night time

It depends on the kid. My son uses swaddlers. His sisters used Pampers baby dry and cruisers.

Target brand , I used to use huggies & pampers brand & it just wasn’t working & expensive for two lil ones in diapers!!

Pampers for new born faze then up&up (target brand) for the rest!

I prefer LUVS over in other brand…

Hello Bello and Pampers 360

Pampers for the first month or two. Then target or Walmart brand… never had an issue

Target cloud island diapers!!

Pampers swaddlers used to be my go to, then I tried wal mart brand and wish I would have saved my money all this time!!! For night time, we use huggies overnights.

Honestly the target brand has been our favorite
Even their wipes

I have always used Target brand and parents choice

Huggies little movers (the purple) box has a very secure waist band

Huggies little movers

Luvs is the only brand that worked for both of my children, and hopefully the newest addition coming on Thursday. No blow outs, leaks or rashes!!!

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I always used luvs and they worked very well

Dollar general brand is the best never had a blow out ever

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I used parents choice for all three of my kiddos.

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Luvs and Costco Krikland brand worked the best

I used either Huggies or luvs

Honestly the dollar general brand, meijer off grand, and wal mart parent choice have been my favorite at least with my son, with my daughter is was LUVS

Luvs, I’m a mother of 5 and they have never let me down, maybe go up a size,make sure they have ample space for their “business” to go into and just check frequently and keep the top snug and the parts around the leg not as close to the groin area, an also try no to have them sitting or bouncing or pushing on the bottom for prolonged periods of time, the more space the diaper gives them and the more frequently you check will prevent more blowouts but no matter how diligent you are blowouts are sometimes just a fact for babies lol

Pampers 360!!! Or pampers pure!

I’ve always used Pampers premium…currently using Pampers swaddlers…

I HATE Huggies. Every single one of my children has had constant blowouts with Huggies. My favorites are the Target brand up & up and Luvs.

So far Costco brand (Kirkland’s) is holding up the best!! I really want to try the pampers 360 though

Pampers baby dry works for my son! It still happens sometimes but not as much!

Luvs is the only diaper that works for us.

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Huggies little movers. Try sizing up if they are close to the weight on current size. Every time we started getting blowouts sizing up took care of it.

Kirkland (Costco brand) and the Target brand are the only ones that work for my son. He had a horrible chemical burn from Huggies and leaked through Pampers.

Huggies or hello bello+

Huggies Little Movers! They hold pee better than any I’ve tried. Been using them since she was born

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LUVS worked best with all 3 of my littles

I prefer Costco over any other brand!!

I actually loved honest but I won’t spend that kind of money on diapers

Huggies!!! Luvs suck idk what anyone says!!! Always leak