What is the safest way to send photos of your kids?

This is my first pregnancy. I’m 35 weeks, almost 36. My husband and I both agreed that we don’t want any photos of her to be posted on social media due to all human trafficking and creeps online. Not all of our family is able to see her in person, however. Does anyone know if Messenger or texts are safe to send pictures? Are there any other options?


Take pics on your phone or professionally and send them to people. You print out pics from phone/camera at Walmart.

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Marco polo is a great app its secure. And you can send videos of the baby to family members if they have the app aswell.

You could print them and mail them through the postal service . Anything sent digitally will be on the internet forever so if you don’t want pictures of the baby on line don’t send the pictures on line .

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You can make your own personal group just for family

For my 12 year old, I did Kodak photos and I shared the album to family and friends. I had to send them the link for them to go to it. Another one I used it required a password for family to click on link.

I wouldn’t just print them an mail them


I say print them and send them in the mail. To many hackers can get into any social media account no matter what it is

You can take pictures on your phone then go to a CVS or Rite Aide and print them

I’m making an album for my MIL from my sonograms to when my ángel pops out :joy: you can print them in your own home and send them out them out to each family member. But Sarah is right nothing is safe. Not even saving them
In your own laptop. Seeing as a hacker can get into your computer and steals everything you got there.

Tinybeans is good and very safe you can control who YOU have and WHO sees it. Also you have the option to stop people you have given access to to "only view " and its grandparents friendly I’ve been using it for 4 years now my sister in law also have been using it for 6years and no issues :blush:

Well, just let everybody know that they can’t share any pictures of your child through any means. Alternatively, you can send secret messages though facebook and put a timer on the pictures so that they are only viewable for a short time OR you can send them to specific people via snapchat (it’ll tell you if anybody takes a screenshot) and also put a timer.

Anything you post on the net can always be found. Don’t be daft. As the saying goes… if you don’t want it shared online, don’t put it online :ok_hand::ok_hand: Print and post love x

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In today’s age, nothing is safe honestly. You can’t even trust your negatives aren’t being taken and used some where for God only knows what… see if they can install Skype or Zoom and do video chats… or wait for covid to be settled and then they can either travel to you or you to them.

Ps post also gets lost all the time, never know where it can end up… if you are that nervous of online posting, mailing isn’t much better.

I would think text messages would be better

Text message is safer… Messenger is online…

Make a group chat text with the people that you want to see the picture

We locked down our Facebook profiles and only have close friends and family members. We don’t use our kids in our profile pics.

There is such a thing called physical copies and letters. I think that would be pretty much safest.

Look up photocircle…you can upload pictures and videos but you have to invite who you want on it. We have a handful of family on it so they can see our daughter!

I sent pictures to certain people and they would forward them, however my daughter is almost 3 months and has never been out on fb for that exact reason!

Both things can be hacked, if someone is seriously determined to get pictures of your child. However, text is much harder to hack and much safer to send photos. You may run into the same issue I have had where family members end up posting or sharing the photos you send them. In which case, your worry about your child’s pictures being online may end up happening anyways. My suggestion is be very firm from the very beginning about your expectations with pictures of your child. If someone shares them without your permission, then cut them off from seeing further pictures for a while.


Look at “peekaboo moments” app… you send a link to whoever you want to be able to see photos of your kids without posting to social media. The app will automatically timeline your photos for you as well.

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Whats App is encrypted.

We use google photos and only invited family to be able to view his album.


Try sending physical pictures they may want to put them on their refrig or start a scrapbook

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Make a private fb group


We use Google photos. You add people by their emails and only they can see the album.

Tinybeans!!! It’s an app and you can have your family download it or it can be sent via email. All you do is enter in the emails of the people you want receiving the photos/videos/updates and then you upload what you want and tiny beans will do the rest! They send out the email and all of that!

We use family album and like it a lot. You can choose who is invited and can make groups and sort by kids if you have more than one

Why is someone laughing at this? Sex trafficking is real, so very real right now. Children of all ages and both genders are targets and in danger; no matter the age. This is a viable question and a serious worry, and not a laughing matter. #SaveOurChildren


Maybe it was an accident and they don’t know how to take it back, I highly doubt anyone in this group thinks that sex trafficking especially of children is funny… at least I hope not

We use Family album and its awesome

You know trolls are here when someone reacts with a laugh.


My friend introduced me to tiny beans which creates albums that can be shared just with specific family members

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Make your profile private and clear out the people you do t actually know personally.


Mail pictures to everyone if you don’t want them online. Congratulations :tada:

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I would print photos and mail them in a card


Snapchat is always an option

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Honestly theirs no real safe way unless you get a printer, print your own picture out and go house to house giving them to the family. Any way you do it online can be unsafe due to hackers, and if you send pictures through the mail it could get sent to the wrong house and now they have your address with your picture of your child. I also say print them out at home because people go through your pictures when you get them printed at the store. Someone has to put them in a paper folder thing to give to you.


We use family album and absolutely love it. You invite who you want to see the album and you have the option of allowing them to post photos to the album or not.

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My husband and I feel the same. We share photos with our families through secret Facebook groups. There is also an app called Family Album, where people have to be directly invited to view your photos.

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Pretty much anything you use they can save the picture, screenshot or screen record

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Text message would be safer

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I send photos by post or WhatsApp

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I have a lot of my albums set to allow only family or those closest to me to view. That way the people I’m friends with that I don’t know super well can’t see them. You could always send them via snail mail.

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Seriously? Just lock down your profile on social media it’s that simple


Also here’s the thing nothing is safe in this world of technology. People can save the pictures/videos without you realizing it they can upload the photos/videos without you knowing also. Doesn’t matter how you send them regardless they can still be saved n shared without knowledge and just cause its family or friends doesn’t mean sh*t in the end

Anything that’s not over the internet I think would be best.

The app family album is the safest way. I use it to share pictures with my family and you can choose what family member sees what pictures and they can also comment on the picture. And no one who you don’t personally invite can actually view any of the albums or pictures

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Family album it’s an app and you can invite family members to the album

I understand the concerns the parents may have but there is no sure fire way of keeping the child off social media. Even if you send actually photos all it takes is someone snapping a pic of the photo and posting it. All you can do is tell family and friends you do not want the babies pic posted anywhere and how they respect it. But at the same time you can’t be afraid of something happening there are dangers everywhere. Just be careful and cautious but don’t keep your child or yourselves in bubble wrap


Pretty sure you’re safe with just sending them thru text. But I mean if thats still unsafe, could always just print some out and mail them certified? So many ways of sharing privately these days


My sister in law just had a baby on November 11th & we have not met him yet my inlaws have seen him twice! I know she is a private person but she does send us texts & email pictures! I would never post them because they are not my pics to post.

Put the child in a windowless home and never let her out.
Sorry this is ridiculous! We live in a world of technology and trying to stop pictures of your kids going online is near impossible. Print them and make sure there are no digital copies so no one else can upload them!


We use tinybeans… we decide who is allowed to see photos

There is an app called Tiny Tinybeans. You do have go pay for it but it’s not badly priced. Only people who you invite are able to see pictures and videos that you post. My cousin has it for their daughter.

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I have set up an account for my son. I sent an email to grandparents with log in information and other things. Anytime I take a pictures or want to document something I post in that email and grandparents get notified. It’s wonderful to share with them safely. When he gets older I will give him his email information and he can have the pictures and documents to do as he pleases.

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Bubble wrap your child and board up the windows cause omg there are creeps everywhere your husband could be one! Get over yourself and post those pics everywhere and anywhere.

Yea, it’s called the United States Postal Service. Print them out and mail them off. No need to put a return address.


You could just FaceTime and they could see her

I can’t see any harm in sharing photos for gods sake wake up this is the era of technology and what can someone do with a photo.


We made a family only group to send pics to each other


We have a family group and.nobody.can see or read what in it but our family

Before you judge, it’s a crazy world. A few years ago, after a stalker got pics of me and my child (along with where I work and my child’s school) off social media, I locked my social media account down where only a small group of friends and family can see them. I also removed my workplace and phone number off there. I didn"t realize just anyone could see all my info as a “public” profile. The danger is real, even online. I was terrified for a while that my child would be abducted and I had to have the school on alert. Being stalked online is very common; I have several coworkers that have been stalked. I just wish I had been better at securing my social media. My stalker harassed me for a month before he left me alone. So please cut this mom some slack. She’s just thinking about her child.


Just put your acct as friends only. Then only the ppl you are friends w can see your kid. I will say though that with all the technology available in the world today…if someone really wanted a pic of your kid bad enough, the have it whether you send through text, email, social media and even snail mail can get lost and who knows who would find it or see it.


Even if you do post them on social media you can limit the audience to who specifically you want to see them. They don’t have to be on public setting or even all friends setting


I mean, I think a text will do?


:rofl::rofl::rofl:are you ok??? there’s no way you can stop photos of your kids being out there these day’s

I’m sorry people are having such negative things to say. It’s YOUR child. You can be as protective as you feel is necessary. I wish I were familiar with the safe and secure options but I can do is tell you not everyone will shame you for doing your best to protect your baby.


Text and messages should be safe

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Make sure all your accts are private and you should be fine

My daughter has a private tiktok. Only people she invited can see anything and nothing can be shared. She also does a lot of messenger calling with video.

There’s this old technique where you print them out & send in padded envelope or framed in a box. :joy:

Dropbox. My daughter and son-in-law feel the same way. They post in Dropbox and we receive email notifications that account has been updated. We can then print pictures as desired.

We have a shared album since we all have iPhones.

Download a family photo album app? It’s password secure and stuff then you just upload photos to the app and they can all see it


My sister created a group on Shutterfly and uploaded pictures, then invited us to view them with the password. We’ve also used email.

Theres an app called family album that you can directly share to family members & friends any pics or videos that way ones who dont have social media can still see. Plus at the end of the year it asks if youd like the pictures made into albums and they have a site for it its all secure

My daughter and son in law do not want pics of my granddaughter on social media.

Of course. Have some printed and mail them. Old fashioned I know but it works

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On google photos you can set up a stream and control who sees it. No additional app needed

You can create a family group that only those you invite can see.

Make sure the family members you send them too understand your wishes and are on board. That way they dont take your picture and turn around and post bvb it on their social media.

You just pm or dm or what ever thats what I do

My brain hurts from this question


Pls don’t risk the child like that when she grows they will see her

It doesnt matter what you do. There will always be a risk of human trafficking. You can go shopping and someone will take your child. Anyway, if you give a picture to someone they can still show others or post it online. Which negates what you’re trying to do. I left my abusive ex and when I had the baby I didnt post pics online. I sent it to family who then sent it to him without my permission. Just stick to messenger or something.

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Put them on a flash drive that you can swap with other family members

Old school. Print and mail

Take pics and send them in the mail. Congrats☺️

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In messenger if you make a group chat, you can make it private like snap. It will tell you if anyone screenshots the conversation and it will disappear after its read.

We use an app called TinyBeans and the family members have to be invited thru email or text code to be able to access them. It has worked well for us!


You an look at postcards and free prints where you can send pictures directly to family and friends. X

Yeah lady, someone is gonna kidnap your kid just for posting a picture online. I’m 100% that you are more prone to abduction and sex trafficking outside of the internet. Did she really need to ask the internet that question?


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I love the familyalbum app.

Many hospitals have a photo service for first pics and you get a code to go on line and view them. The code can be shared with family members. Check to see what your hospital does.

U could show ur kid live chat n thts it

WhatsApp. It’s encrypted

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