What is your opinion on giving infants teething tablets?

My baby is five months old, and she’s just in so much pain from her teeth coming in! I want to find a better way to help her than giving her a bunch of Tylenol. Teething toys help sometimes, but she just cries while chewing on them. I’m wondering if anyone’s had any luck with the teething tablets? I’ve read some pretty awful things that can happen, but i also know you can’t believe everything you read online. Or even other tips and tricks to help her would be so appreciated! It breaks my heart to see her in pain.


I give my 5 month old, tablets. She gets in a better mood after a bit.

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I used them and they worked great for her my baby is 1

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This really helps my baby! Try this!


There’s a numbing product, Ora-jel, I think. That might help.

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Amber teething necklace.


Camilla teething,its natural and a total life saver


The highlands teething tablets gave my son seizures…the belladonna in them caused it. I believe the new formulated ones do not have that ingredient anymore due to the several recalls for issues in babies.


I second the amber teething necklace, I am on baby number 4 and used it for all of mine

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I found this article from the FDA. It was about one brand specifically. It has a little Q and A to help you decide! Good luck! Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets: Questions and Answers | FDA

Freeze a clean wash cloth and let her chew on that when she needs


These helped our little guy. & freezing a clean wash cloth.

I used to pour liquid benadryl for little ones into the cap and dip my finger in it then rub it on their gums…helps with the inflammation

I used either the teething gel OR I used the all natural teething tablets. Just use everything in moderation and it should be fine. I felt the same way not wanting to load my son up on Tylenol or Ibuprofen all the time during teething.

I used them for my kids, they were a God send!

Crushed cold anything, fruit and veggies “mush” nice in the gums.
In a cloth or mesh bag.
If all else fails… there’s always Whiskey!

Are you sure the baby isn’t colic? I guess my kids never cried from teething but they cried from being colicky… :woman_shrugging: maybe they were crying from teething at the same time…

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I rubbed vanilla extract on all 4 of my kids’ gums… not enough to make them swallow any but it helps tremendously…

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I used the Nuby/Dr. Talbot’s for my son. The helped a lot at night.

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I wouldn’t use the tablets,
Just use Gel and panadol, frozen testing toys…

Massage her gums and let her chew on soft, cold items. It gets better.

Get one of those silver thimble with ridges sterilize it and rub it on their gums it helps to break the skin so the tooth will come through

Frozen Clementine (the little oranges) slices worked well for my little one. There was also a specially shaped pacifier/ clove bases numbing gel combo as well. ( the pacifier was shaped to hug baby gums)

Authentic amber teething necklace!+

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I used them on all of mine sometimes they helped sometimes they didn’t depended on where ow how bad they where

I used stuff from walmart it was day and night teething jel. It was supposed to be like a cooling sensation to help. It seemed to help for the most part

I used the Hyland’s all nature teeth tablets

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I used Hylands. BEST thing i ever did

We did the teething tablets with our son and baby orajel. Our daughter just wore an amber necklace shes 2 now. Our 8 month old hasn’t cut teeth yet but she too wears an amber necklace. If its the babies 1st teeth I let my kids chew on a frozen eggo waffle or if they already have teeth a slightly thawed frozen wash cloth they can suck the water out they love it.

I used teething tablets it was the only thing that worked for my son (14 months old now) he had so much trouble getting them to come thru from fever to screaming to not eating. It was awful I felt so bad for him.

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I used the homeopathic in the day but Tylenol at night. Gels were useless.

We LOVE the Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief Tablets. My son actually used them when he was teething at 4 months old and did great with them! They dissolve almost instantly on their tongue. We used the Nighttime tablets 24/7 because they had chamomile in them; it definitely helped soothe his teething fussies! It seems to help especially if used along with Tylenol and a cooling gel, like Baby Orajel. You can also try freezing little breast milk or formula popsicles (find tiny molds and hold it for them). Best of luck!

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Frozen face cloth helped my little guy alot. It helped bring the teeth through faster too because it’s hard.

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Frozen breast milk or formula whichever she eats freeze in an icecube tray and put them in those fruit mesh feeder things better than the teethers. Helped my youngest.

Amber teething necklace. If you don’t feel comfortable putting a necklace on your baby, it comes in a bracelet too. I used teething tablets with my kids and they were great. But I think the teething necklace works much better.

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Amber teething necklace. Or anklet/bracelet if more comfortable with that instead!
But I swear by them. With both my kids was the only thing that worked

It will not hurt the at all

We put a spoon in the fridge for awhile then let our LO chew on it. :+1:t2:

I’d cut a frozen eggo waffle in 1/2 and teething tablets. Amber necklace had no affect whatsoever

This stuff is amazing! I used it for both of my girls when they were teething and it helped tremendously! I highly recommend it!

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Research first. Some teething tablets have caused babies to have seizures. So definitely research the brands before buying.

They sell a mesh bikny to put ice cubes or frozen fruit in, was the best thing for my daughter!

Or frozen wash cloth… but the meah binky was her fav, as you get water from the ice cubes and or juice from the frozen fruit!

When my kid was teething years ago, our go to was teething biscuits and frozen clean washcloths. Oragel also - or rubbing alcohol on their gums. I don’t recommend using the last one though lol

I used them and they worked great

I used freeze pops it acted as a chew ring cuz my son would chew threw the ring and used baby oral gel

Dear jeezus. Not rubbing alcohol
“All rubbing alcohols are unsafe for human consumption: isopropyl rubbing alcohols do not contain the ethyl alcohol of alcoholic beverages; ethyl rubbing alcohols are based on denatured alcohol, which is a combination of ethyl alcohol and one or more bitter poisons that make the substance toxic.”

My kids Pediatrician said cheese puffs were the best thing for teething… They are messy but they melt in her mouth so there is little chance of her choking…you can use the ones they make for babies but the cheetos brand works just as well and I think they are cheaper

You mean Humphrey’s? I used them with both of my babies. But that was 14 and 18 years ago. I only gave them at night as that6 when my babies seemed to be most bothered. I didn’t have to give them often and they never had any issues with them.

My doctor said not to use the teething tablets because they’re recalled all the time

Take a wet washcloth and put it in the freezer. When its nice and cold have them chew on it to soothe their gums. Just make sure it’s clean :blush:


Have you tried the baby orajel?

Cold rag works so does a leather belt to chew on just make sure its clean

This has worked wonders for both my babies

Both of my kids used the teething tablets with no problems. I didn’t give them a bunch of them, just one or two when they were in pain. They didn’t like teething toys, etc.


I would pour a shot of brandy, dip my finger in it and run it on their swollen guns and then if down the shot. My kids are in their 40’s now. Never hurt them, sure helped me…they loved frozen wash clothes that dipped in Apple juice too. During the day. Used brandy run down only at night.


I used to freeze a wet washcloth. I had one child who had a ear infection with every single tooth she had come in. Frozen peas, infant Tylenol and infant ibuprofen. In the olden days they used to rub whiskey on baby’s gums. I can tell you this was done in the 50’s,60’s and 70’s by many a desperate mo .


Depends on age but motrin or ibuprofen works soooooooooo much better than tyelnol. But can’t start using it until 6 months unless directed by your dr.

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Speaking as a retired ped nurse … if ok with your pediatrician give them Tylenol or Motrin. Why make them feel totally miserable. You don’t have to give it constantly . I gave my kids it as often as I felt they needed it.

Wet washcloth for baby to bite on…helped both my boys.
With a very clean finger we used to massage their gums too…sometimes till they squeaked.
Just the look of relief when we’d do that told us it was working.
We never gave tablets or gel/ liquids.

I used to peel the thick part of a carrot, it was cold, hard had some taste, and they can hold the smaller end, but make sure she has no teeth so that she doesn’t get a little piece off and choke.


I used frozen wash cloths, rubbed rum or some kind of alcohol on their gums (watered down of course and only rubbed on gums) and teething tablets. All of it worked on all 4 of my kids.

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So my kids are now adults but I froze bagels I cut them in half making 2 ax’s out of the O. Froze them and gave them 1 piece at a time. Just watch them. Never had any issues with either of mine. Also use BIG carrots.


My daughter is doing really good with the teether snacks. They are hard but soft at the same time. They are messy but makes for a happy baby.

I did teething tablets too
No issues


Infant orajel works well along with cold or frozen chewy

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The teething tablets were heaven sent with both my kids

I currently use teething tablets on my almost 23 month old, and they help her. Been giving them to her since she was about 6 months or, she doesn’t like anything cold, but she always chews on warm wash rags in the tub.

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Cold whole pickles were amazing with mine. I also did the tablets but for my child they didn’t help.

Dip binkies in water and put in freezer. Wet half a dish rag/wash cloth in water freeze it. The end not dipped in water let’s baby hold it comfortably while biting on frozen end. They make binkies too that have a bunch of holes on the nipple and you can put frozen objects in the actual binkie and baby can suck and have a treat as well

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Use to freeze the fruit with tapioca. Anything frozen. . . I feel for you and baby. My two had a terrible time. Tylenol and some times a little bourbon rubbed on gums. Not much just on your finger. Rubbing helps some time. My two got terrible diarrhea when they were teething. Spent lots of time in a rocker recliner. We rocked the reclined and both slept. Looking back its a very short time. Now it will seem forever. This to shall pass.


My daughter used teeth tablet with her first daughter the teeth toy are hard take a clean wash cloth wet it lay it flat on a plate put in freezer with it get really cold give it to the baby the cold will help with pain and it soft to bite on

With my kids I would put an ice cube in a washcloth and hold it together with a hair tie. The ice numbs the teeth while the washcloth feels good I’m the gums


Frozen toothbrush, frozen large carrot sticks. Those mesh feeders with frozen fruits. Motrin will be better for the swelling. I’ve heard amazing things about the teething necklaces too.


They have a vibrating teether you can get. It’s strawberry or bunch of grapes shaped. That helped my daughter a lot. She didn’t like the cold ones.

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My grandson has had an amber teething necklace on his ankle since he was 3 months old helps a lot and on bad days we use the all natural mammas bliss teething gel.


All natural teething tablets ( can get at most grocery stores). Used these with grandkids.

My kids liked whole pickles. I just bite the end off enough to make it where they could suck the juice out

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them through the dishwasher from time to time. Everyone was healthy and the rawhide really worked to help those teeth through.

When mine were small 35 years ago I rubbed Tylenol on their gums and that helped

Teething tablets, yes!! Also get your baby a Baltic Amber necklace or anklet, they work wonders!!

Wellements teething oil with clove is amazing stuff. I have 6 kids and didn’t find out until the 3rd and it was a game changer for us. They hardly ever complained or got whiny and if they did just a drop and they were fine.

I used teething tablets with both of my kids. They were wonderful, but that was back before anyone knew of any problems.:woman_shrugging:t3:

I used a fruit teether with frozen fruits or frozen formula

I used them and i put a spoon in tje freezer and left it get cold i wojld take it out and rub my kids gums with it

Celery has a natural numbing agent in it. The cold will also feel good.

They are not teething necklaces. They wear them

Teething tablets have Belladonna in them not a lot but it is a hallucinogenic

Mesh feeder with ice or frozen fruit in it.


I’m old school I used to run whiskey on their gums helped alot


I used teething tablets, frozen wet wash clothes.

I must be an odd ball lol but my kids cut their teeth on beef jerky and beef sticks

They can help just use them sparingly. I froze baby washcloths and they loved to suck on them.

I have heard of cutting a banana into slices and freezing them. Place them in a clean cloth rag.

Teething cream. Also try making some formula or brest milk popsicles the cold from it soothes the pain

Amber teething necklaces are magical , highly recommend

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In Germany we give the children a violet root on a cord, they suck it, it is numb and the smears are gone without chemicals

Always game my babies frozen wash cloth

Like popcycle and let baby chew on that

Baby orgel keep in fridge works wonders