What should I do about my boyfriend talking to other girls?

My bf and I have been together for going on 4 years lived together for 3. He keeps talking to girls on snapchat and paying for onlyfans. Every time I ask about his phone he gets mad and slams it at me. At this point idk what I should do. I need some advice


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. reWhat should I do about my boyfriend talking to other girls?

Kick his ass to the curb.

You should leave him, how is this even a serious question


Get a new boyfriend :woman_shrugging:t4:

All I see is you ask about his phone…doesn’t say you talk to him and let him know it’s unacceptable to you

Stop dating him and move on

Throw the whole man away


End things, he’s literally paying to see other women naked. Gross.

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I think you know what you need to do.

Definitely unacceptable. I would sit him down and talk to him about it and why he feels the need to cheat. I definitely would consider breaking things off because usually once they do it, they do it again.

I think you do know what you should do

Leave. That won’t ever change

Leave. That’s toxic.

Move on. You’re better than this.

Move on and find someone who is worthy of you.

Why would anyone put up with that? I’d be leaving

You already know the answer if you’re asking this! LEAVE!

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Look your flags are there

Talking to women On snap not ok. If it was just having a subscription to onlyfans I woukd say you are over reacting. Watching porn or looking at aexy vids and pics is not cheating . Chatting with women on snap though? He is up to no good

Leave him. He will NOT stop, you deserve better.

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Not much you can do, why would you wanna stick around with someone who’s just constantly going to hurt you. That’s not love. Don’t stick around believing he’ll change for you. Waste of time & energy. Good luck hun I hope this helps


Move on. There’s somebody out there that will give you the respect you want.


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Why do people worry about the other phone for what why do u need to see it I don’t care what moves got on his phone less stress

If you have to ask about his phone, how do you know he’s speaking to other girls, how do you know about OF? If you have the proof then have you TIRED talking to him about how you feel about it all or do you just keep asking about the phone? I would be jealous too if it were other girls I knew he was into, but if they’re his friends already then I would be fine. As for OF that’s a personal preference to every girl. I personally don’t mind it. Heck, I’d check it out with him lol. Try talking to him about how you feel. You can ask for advice all you want but it’s up to YOU and how you feel. From what I can tell, you already know what you want to do, but you’re afraid to do it or else it would have already been done. Gotta take care of yourself my love. You can always find a new man.

Why are you even asking. If he is talking to other girls that means he is still looking. Your not on the list. Leave him and find someone that’s into you not everyone else. No one should put up with this

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Easy answer is leave. Stop settling for a man child. If he actually loved you then he wouldn’t be talking to other girls or paying for onlyfans. Stop being naive seriously.


Get a new boyfriend.


You need to dump him and get something better. If you tell him and he doesn’t stop he legit doesn’t care about you and your feelings. It’s not going to change so unless you just accept it(don’t he’s a jerk) he’s going to do that. Don’t cry plead or beg. Be done. Clearly he’s keeping his options open.

Leave his ass. You don’t have kids and you’re not even married to this fool. Lol. Why are you still around. SELF WORTH IS IMPORTANT.

Leave or live with him cheating.

You deserve better! Leave!


Get a new boyfriend … you can’t change an unfaithful looser! There are no excuses he can come up with that can touch this behavior. If you are seeing other guys then whatever but if you are faithful and he’s acting this way you are just wasting your own time. There’s no other way to look at it.


You know exactly what to do, you are just afraid to do it. He is a loser Hun. Free yourself from this toxic person.


Talk to some guys on snap and pay for some only fans too.


Leave. He showed you. You don’t matter.

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Don’t let him be responsible for your boundaries. It was the best advice I ever heard. Instead of saying “You have to change or I will leave” say “I will not be in a relationship with this behavior”.


Ummm leave him. He clearly doesn’t give a shit about what it does to you.

He isn’t gonna change… just leave bc it’s always gonna be that. He doesn’t respect you…


You need to leave babe. 4 years of consistent cheating and bullshit means he is NOT going to change. Get out while you can before you have a child with him or get married which would connect you guys fir the rest of your lives. There ARE men out there that will love and respect every part of you!

Leave. He’s not worth your time, energy, or affection.

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Just go. It’ll be easier now. He won’t stop. You’ll just be fighting the battle of trust.

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Not a damn thing! Nothing you can!

Throw the whole man out! It’s time to leave. Respect yourself enough to not let him disrespect you.

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You deserve better, show him the door and tell him not to let it hit him in the arse on his way out. He is showing you total disrespect and that the relationship doesn’t mean anything to him. Let him have his only fans and snaps. Move on along and find someone who loves you and doesn’t disrespect your bounderies.

Leave him. Plz. It will never stop and only escalate

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What they all said :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

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Life,relationships, love shouldn’t be this difficult its 2022 stop being that bums doormat you know what you need to do!

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You know the answer. If he wants to look let his ass do it ALONE. Byeeee :wave:t3:

I would leave himself his only fan. Move on.

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I’d flat out say why you got a problem with me looking at your phone? You got something to hide?

l e a v e
his dumb ass

There’s 2 options

  1. You leave
  2. You ignore it

You can’t do anything about that. All you can control yourself! So you timw to find somewhere will respect you and your relationship.

Leave his damn ass!!

Leave. He will not change, and chances are…it’ll only get worse. If he loved and valued you, it would’ve stopped already.

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I know everyone said leave but I agree, he’s not going to change and ultimately it will ruin your self esteem and have you constantly thinking. Do your soul a favor and let him go pay for girls online instead of on you. Not worth you being a mess about

Keep going and don’t look back :pray:t4:

Leave. Kick him to the curb and focus on yourself until a real man comes.

Leave his butt girl! I was there before I know exactly what you’re going through…spent 4 yrs of a guy doing this and thinking I’d never find another guy…he broke up with me and I didn’t realize how awful he truly was until I was free of him…found myself, lost a ton of weight and became a far better person! 3 yrs later I met my husband who I’ve been with for 8 and a half years and who I trust 100% when I thoughtall men were like my ex. Trust me when I say he won’t change, it will keep happening. Now my husband keeps his phone open around me all the time but I have no need to “snoop” because I truly trust him to not be that guy!

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Break up with him. Is it really worth it?

Simple, breakup with him. It’s not rocket science.

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time for new one …i know its hard but only someone doing wrong gets upset about his mate asking bout the phone…i know the whole phone thing has its good points but as far as relationships are concerned i believe the phones and all this apps and what nots have caused the ending of many relationships…truly is sad…


Throw his ass away! He is trash :wastebasket:!! Time for a new man to love YOU!!!

Talk in what capacity? As for the only fans paying T&A when it’s free everywhere is just stupid!

He sounds like a jerk IMO

It sounds like you do know what you should do but you just don’t want to admit it to yourself.


Uhhhhh leave him smh common sense baby

Ok, so is it ok for you to chat with guys?!
& The fans only thing, seriously eeewww. He should’ve stopped that the day you two got together!

You know what to do… Ppl treat you the way you allow them to

There comes a point where they show you who they are, and you then choose whether to keep them around and allow them to treat you that way or you get rid of them and find better.
Either accept it because he will not change or get rid of him and find better.
It’s that simple.

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They all do it so you decide…You’re always gonna wonder why you aren’t good enough for him and have your feelings ignored anyways.

There’s nothing you can do about him at this point… the fact that he slams it at you says a lot plus he’s paying for only fans when it’s free online? Idk about you but it kinda seems he’s ready to cheat on you if the chance comes his way. Especially if he doesn’t respect you as is. The best advice would be to leave him so you can love yourself and remember that there is more to life than a long term relationship. Goodluck!


Break up with him. Easy.

Not sure why you are even asking…:triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:


At this point you know exactly what to do lol

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That it. That’s the advice.

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You decide if that’s a Nono for you and leave if you don’t want to put up with it or stay and deal with it

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Girl, save yourself time and heartache. Leave.


Leave. Come on now, is this really a question?


Why are you still with him ?

I’m pretty sure you know what has to happen. Don’t live your life with someone who you have no trust in. You’ll make yourself completely miserable.

He isn’t interested in you anymore. He is interested in those snapchat girls. Time to let him go

Um what do you want to do is the question?

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Just break up with him?

Communication is key, instead of asking random people on Facebook

All I can say is leave but who knows what to say anymore because I was in Facebook jail for something I said and it wasn’t even bad

Why can’t he talk with other girls they can be a friend. I’m sure you talk to guy friends.

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Then them have him. If he was truly yours he wouldn’t be doing that

Whatever the situation or circumstances you need to leave.

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Leave - you know your worth, he can’t even do something simple for you why on earth will you ever care for him or how you’ll make him feel? Take care of yourself, PLENTY of men will chase you. Don’t settle for one who will see your worth when it’s too late

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Don’t waste anymore of your time on him.


Time to get a new man. No respect for you.

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Here’s your sign. Nobody should have to tell you how many :triangular_flag_on_post: are in that post.

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You don’t know what to do? You leave. When somebody shows you who they are, believe them. He’s not going to change.