What should I do about my marriage?

Over the years my husband has humiliated me and made me feel so small with his flirting and messaging his mates wives calling them sexy…then my so called mates having a thing for my husband which he encourages and then them being funny with me… He made a sort of p*** video with prostitutes??? Or escorts??? keeping the video then lying about it…saying it wasn’t him but kept it hidden in a drawer…at the time we were going through some horrific problems to do with his family and had no money… He says he made that video for some dodgy man(he knew several dodgy people) to earn us some cash…as we were in a massive financial crisis while dealing with his sisters kids as well as my own 3 and had lost everything financially and also were in the middle of losing our home, Even though it was him his face his body his clothes and his voice… locking himself in our bathroom for hours and taking semi naked pics and videos of himself in the bathroom mirror and bedroom… He once joined my space looking for no strings sex and he thinks I’ve got a problem… Time to leave and call it a day I think… You know most married couples would say if I had a chance I’d marry them all over again… I can honestly say hand on hand I wouldn’t.
My kids are suffering because we are rowing every day but he doesn’t see what he’s done wrong. He says he loves me and wants to be with me but I can’t forgive him his flirty ways and things that have happened during our marriage… Its always to do with other women.
I cannot forgive him and it causes massive issues because I can’t forget what he did


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What should I do about my marriage?

You kinda answered your own question.


Just worry about u and ur kids, hes a big boy and he can take care of himself. Obviously he isnt as into this relationship as much as u are, so id say its time to cut ur losses, before u end up getting something u cant get rid of from him. Let him go, he doesnt sound like husband material to me.


Hun can you do me something
Read that…think while you are reading it that it was me that wrote that
What advice would you give me?
Remember your worth


Im sorry but did she read what she wrote about herself?? If she did she would tell herself to GET THE F OUT NOW. YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN THAT SCUM.


Best to walk away. Let him have the other women and focus on your kids.

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YOU deserve better , YOU deserve kinder , YOU deserve happier , YOU deserve love , YOU deserve hope , YOU deserve a life that makes YOU happy .

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You can’t forget bc he keeps doing it. Bye bye

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I believe this is satire. There are words and phrases in here that r connected to other statements that are paradys if I am wrong, I apologize…

If he put effort into finding a good paying job as he does porn you would have some money. Kick him to the curb you don’t want your children growing up with this creep as Daddy!!

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Run :running_woman: he is his own problem, not yours and it’s not you. Period.

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Leave and don’t look back

Not a mom, but a grown man. I’m going to let you know real men, don’t do the things you have described in your explanation. Real men, aren’t like that. They don’t dream of ever doing anything like that. Their family, wife, children are the most important out of anything in their life. Men who respect their wife, would never, EVER, do those things.

My wife and children are my whole world. We do everything together… because that’s what is important to us. Our family.

Real men don’t chastise their partner, Real men don’t make porn with wh**es, Real men don’t flirt with other women, or take nude pictures. Granted we might take 45 minute poops, but we aint in there trying to get a magazine spread for a side piece. Financial woes or not.

Real men focus on their wife, children, and family.

Sorry for the rant, mom’s. But reading things like this gets me upset. Know your worth, and you are worth and deserve much more then what you are describing.



Ain’t no think it’s been time to leave.

Why are you still there?? Live with it or leave

Run as fast as you can girl!!!