What should I do about my toddler cursing?

Hello, my question is, my two and a half-year-old daughter curses. She says the f word and sword. She does use it in the right context. If she drops something, she says it then, or if I tell her no, she might say it or if she falls. I’m not going to lie if I drop something or stub my toe I say one of the curses. But I’m trying to stop now that she copies lol. Any tips to get her to stop? Or should I just let it go? She’s not cursing at anybody or calling names …I tell her, don’t say that but any advice?


Don’t make a big deal AND everyone that is around the baby needs to STOP cursing because she is hearing it somewhere.


Kids that age repeat everything. If you don’t want them to say it don’t let them hear it. My son started saying oh crap. It stopped being said at home and he stopped.


Yiu quit. She’ll quit. Don’t make a big deal about it.


Stop cursing🤦‍♀️ Kids mimic what they see and hear


I personally wouldn’t let it go. Kids are sponges. You should watch what you say around her and don’t laugh when she says it. If she doesn’t stop then you can always do what our parents do and every time she says it put some mustard in her mouth.

I tell my girls that they are mommy and daddy words. I’m my house there is nothing wrong with swearing, but that are not old enough to use them. Then I try to tell them something more age appropriate that they can say. They are 2 and 4


Try and switch it out for another word. For example: my toddler picked up “fuck it” and I told her bucket sounds alot better and she agreed :joy::woman_shrugging:

Ignore it when she says it and just remind those are adult words and to not repeat it. Yes their sponges lol but my 7yr old hears us and knows better not to say it. My 3yr old did do this and slowly faded away i catch him once in awhile saying shit but again i remind him thats a naughty word.

My son has just started doing this I’m trying to ignore it and not make a big deal

I’m old school.
Pop the mouth.
Soap in mouth…

But for the ones saying no to the above…

It is a big deal. Children should not say those words.

Find out where she is hearing it from.

Tell her they are bad words and children don’t say them.

Take away a toy every time she says them.

Ignore her.


Quit cussing in front of her. Its very inappropriate for a 2 year old to cuss. Parent


She is only repeating what she is hearing. If the bad words are stopped around her then she’ll stop saying them. And let her know it’s a bad word and not to say it.

I change the word my daughter said what the f### once so I go what the wacka wacka thats silly like fazzy from the muppets. After a couple of wocka wockas she forgot the original word. Now she’s 3 and likes saying butt butthead ect…

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Take away a toy every time she does it. Put her in time out every time she does it. Tell her it’s for adults to say and she is a kid.

When she says fuck you say truck. Until she does.

I told my daughter it was a bad word. And we no longer curse. Not only did we stop cursing around her we stopped it in general… Her grandma still curses but my daughter now knows it a bad word and she better not say it. If you curse your kid is going to think iys okay to curse… Plain and simple. Kids wanna be/do just like mommy and daddy do.

Quit swearing in front of her. Telling her not to won’t work if she’s seeing you do it. Young kids lead by example.

Ignore it. Try not to use curse words. I curse like a sailor and I have 3 grown children. Had to watch myself when they were little.


They really don’t know any better. But maybe just ignore it, she’ll probably learn more words that’ll replace it. & try not to cuss bc kids learn new words so fast

You just have to be really firm and consistent with saying no. I accidentally taught my nephew the S word and it took a lot for me to stop and when we were consistent and firm with him he stopped :relieved:

My 18mo daughter is same…

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We tell our son that sometimes those aren’t nice words to say and follow that up with words he could use instead. Our son likes to pick goffy words or phrases like “awww pickles” or “pixie sticks”. We also look him in the eye and get down to his level when we really want him to listen to what we are saying which may help :woman_shrugging: good luck

Well shes learning it somewhere. All kids repeat so…

Quit doing it. Tell her those are very bad words and to not do it again, and that you were wrong for saying them and you shouldn’t have said it.

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Teach her other words and try to use those words to replace them. My kids did this when they first got to the “parroting stage”, but grew out of it quickly, as they understood those are words only meant for adults to use.

Ex: Instead of f*ck- try fudge.

We tell our girls they are grownup words, but if they choose to use them at home, as long as they aren’t directed at a person, then it is ok. Just can’t use it outside if the home. Honestly, to us, they are just words and context of use is more important than the actual word. My girls don’t swear though, except when they have mimicked. I feel like the bigger the deal you make, the more they want to do it.


I just told my kids that they’re not bad words but adult words and when they become adults they can say them all they want. They slip up sometimes but I just say “that’s an adult word” and they say sorry.


Our son doesnt say em much anymore, we just say those are naughty words and dont play into it. Bit he will occasionally say em in context which is pretty hilarious​:joy::man_shrugging:

I tell my kids to watch their mouths & if they discipline my gbabies, I was gonna beat them, cuz kids heard it from parents.

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I mean, I curse in front of my kids sometimes. They have never repeated them except maybe once or twice and I told them they were grown up words and if they ever said that I’m school they would get in big trouble. Haven’t had a problem since. My kids are 7 and 3. But I’m not going to punish my kids or take away their toys if they do say it because they very obviously would have learned it from ME. Maybe somebody should take away my stuff when I curse :joy: maybe then I’LL learn a lesson lol


I also have a 2.5 year old. We just ignore it and he usually doesn’t even know he is saying it

we started ut oh spagetti os
Also telling her thats a bad word dont say that
now she corrects me when i say them

At that age children are like sponge. They are soaking up everything they see hear or you do so we as parents ought to set better examples for we are their role models.


Just ignore it shes little she doesnt understand it’s a bad word eventually she will stop. We cuss in front of our kids my oldest used to copy we just ignored him and it stopped now hes 6 and he wont even cuss if I tell him to and tell him it’s ok he wont do it. And really they are just words it’s not hurting anyone.

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My son knows they’re bad words, but he also knows when it’s okay to say one. It’s become a joke if anything and he knows the F word is an absolute no. However, as long as he doesn’t go overboard he’s a kid and his aunts and grandparents and his parents think it’s funny sometimes.

I taught my 2.5 year old that we say holy moly instead, now she tells me off and corrects me if I swear :zipper_mouth_face::woman_facepalming:

Tell my kids they are ugly words. Lying too. Lying is ugly. Kids don’t like ugly things. Try not to react too harsh.

Try replacing the word, so when you drop something say oh fluff, then eventually she will start repeating that instead, so when she drops something and says the f word, say to her oh fluff you dropped it.

We don’t filter in front of our kids, my kuds are older but we gave always told them they are adult words. We explain society doesn’t allow small kids to speak that way. We tell them its hypocritical (we explain what that word means) but we say that is life. Just like drinking, its an adult activity. Im not going to stop drinking in front of my kids just bc they aren’t allowed to drink we explain its for adults. My kids don’t curse. They do substitute words like fudge but I do tell them thats not quite ok either and I correct them. But telling an adult to not do something bc their kids aren’t allowed is silly. Kids can’t drive a car, smoke, drink, use dangerous machinery, swim in deep ends, drive boats etc… We teach them that they are allowed to do certain things and adults are allowed to do certain things. When they get older they can do those things too if they choose.


Just ignore it and work on not saying it yourself. Acknowledging it will most likely make her more inclined to say it because she gets a reaction from you.

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I say fudge nutters or dang it!

There are things adults do that kids shouldn’t. I just started early telling them which things were for adults and which aren’t. Be consistent and give toddler friendly options for them to say.


I ask my daughter “please dont say that” and shell apologize, then when she catches me I apologize as well.

How are you telling them to stop saying the word? Are you saying don’t say that, or don’t say it?
You are telling them not to say that or it. How I was able to stop my son as a toddler is to look at him and said, “You are not allowed to say (exact word).” or “You are not supposed to say (exact word).” It gave them the exact word they are not supposed to say. I gave this advice to my niece to use with her sons. They stopped saying the word.

Model better vocabulary in her presence. She is mimicking you. You are her teacher of appropriate words. If you use others she will forget these and come up with better words herself.

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Model good behavior for her. She only knows how to behave by what you show her &, allow her to see in others. Don’t punish a toddler for repeating what they see or hear. At 2, you have total control over what behaviors she’s exposed to. A cursing 2yo says more about you as a parent than her.

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My baby is 2 almost 3 in September and I have a bad habit of saying shit. So now when she drops something or something falls she says awww shit I’m like nooo what did I do🤦‍♀️ Im trying so hard not to say shit so maybe she will forget the word.

Just continue telling her it’s bad words and she shouldn’t say them. I cuss a lot And all of my kids have said cuss words around that age and once I tell them no it’s a bad word and correct them every time it slips they eventually stop. My older kids will not say bad words even if I ask what someone said they’ll say they can’t say it. So as long as you teach her she’s not supposed to say that and you continue telling her each time she’ll stop and understand it’s a bad word she shouldn’t say.

The way I see it is I can’t sensor the world. They are going to hear it period. I talk the way I want to I just try to say them less. Right now my son says “oh damn” :woman_shrugging:t2: he’ll get over it and when he gets old enough to understand I will explain to him he can’t say those words right now lol

When we had this issue with our boys (because we curse a lot) we explained to them that we are adults…and adults curse. Kids don’t…I dont understand the “stop cussing in front of your kids” since when do parents stop doing adult things because their kids might see or hear…you teach your children to do as you say not as you do. They are children…they should know and understand that they dont get to do everything an adult does…stopping adult behaviors because your kid might reenact them is crazy…so you dont drink a glass of wine or kiss your partner or listen to adult music all because you had kids? Idk about yall but I’m not giving my kids control over my house & the things I do in it. I’m grown. I instead teach my kids what a child’s place is & if they chose not to listen to that, then consequences follow… and it works in our home that way. I have very respectful boys, who open doors for people, give their seats to women, other kids, or the elderly. And they have straight As. Giving your kids control over what you do is exactly why kids dont listen to their parents when they get older…I do what I want as an adult… :woman_shrugging: it’s my JOB as their mom to make sure they behave as kids…that doesn’t mean I have to act like one to do that…plus there is cursing on most shows and songs on reg radio so those of you saying she should be a better “role model” kill me…no matter how good of a role model you are…your kids can learn cuss words elsewhere & you still have to parent them so they know it’s wrong…


Shes just trying to be like you… learning from you. If my daughter days it I just go on to say like spoon fork knife bowl…

Ignore it make it a big deal she will continue and try to watch what you say more my 3 year old slipped up the other day I just act like he didn’t say it and moved on and watched my mouth a bit better

Quit using bad words in front of her. If she hears it she will repeat it. My son does. I called the dog an asshole one time and he did it too. They learn from their surroundings. Be a good example and they will follow.

:joy::joy: my son swears and I think it’s hilarious call me a bad mom idc but each mother is different do want you think is right for your child. You don’t like swearing then teach them a different way.


My daughter and nephew say certain things but if we dont make a huge deal about it they forget pretty quick.

My husband swears a lot and he don’t sensor himself at all. It’s more he doesn’t even realize he’s swearing until we remind him. When my daughter was small, we told her they Daddy words and only Daddy can say them. (I don’t swear around the kids at all, I can sensor because I don’t swear alot lol). It worked. She is 8 now and never swore because she knew they were just Daddys words. And my two youngest so far haven’t swore but if they do, we will tell them the same thing.

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if she won’t stop, wash her mouth with soap. that’s what my mom did to me


You can’t keep cursing around her and expect her to stop.


My son knows ever cuss word and knows how to use them. And i allow him to use them but he has to follow rules.
-not at school
-not with friends/grandparents
-not at people (like “fuck you”)

Wow yalls comments 1st off soap is a no go do not do that!!!
2nd shes 2 right she is going to copy everything she hears,so I suggest dont say it around her shes only 2 so
3rd redirect her into saying a new word to supplement it for ex. She says fuck say no that’s rats!! Itll take time but it works from experience
4th do not put soap in her mouth I cant believe ppl rlly do that

I curse in front of my kids but they know better. I will pop that butt. Kids need to understand that some things parents do. Doesn’t mean they can do them too. You drive a car. Your kids see you do that. Does it mean we should let them drive?

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I taught mine a different word like fudge or something

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My oldest sang “motherfucker” when he was a toddler. Yup, sang! “Motherrrfuckerrrrr” in the same tune everytime. He mostly did it when he was with his grandparents (on his dads side) while in church while everyone else was singing…:expressionless::expressionless:

If you make a big deal out of it she will continue to do it because she’s getting attention for it. Ignore it and it should go away as long as you aren’t still using those words.

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I tell my kids they’re grown up words and give them other words to use instead of the curse words.

I told my oldest that cuss words were ugly words and mommy can use them because she’s “ugly” and she shouldn’t say them because she’s beautiful :woman_shrugging:it worked for her but my son says a few and we tried the ugly word thing with no effect. Now I just immediately say don’t say that and when he does I use a normal close sounding word that people would expect to sound like cussing. So s*it is sit. The f word is truck and occasionally he says ahole but it sounds like he’s saying awesome.

My son has had his mouth rinsed out with soap @ 2 I believe and he’s been bopped on the mouth (I wasn’t the one who did it). It didn’t do anything. :woman_shrugging: he still swears but it’s helped being consistent with letting him know that he is isn’t allowed to say that and that it’s a bad word. I’ve found teaching him replacement words like darn, crap, heck, and gosh/goodness have helped a lot. You can’t really replace the f word but keep on telling her it’s a bad word and she can’t be saying it. Swearing doesn’t bug me and I definitely don’t think it’s cute but they learn from us :sweat_smile: I just want to get mine out of the habit cause I don’t want issues when he starts school.

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I think just correcting and letting it go at that age is the most efficient, that’s what we do at our house. We also don’t really disallow cussing though outside of a couple words even we won’t say. We feel it’s better to learn to know when it’s not appropriate and as they get older they do it less because it’s not some big forbidden thing. We correct tell our two year old with please don’t say that because he can’t really understand when it’s okay and isn’t but our 11 year old is allowed to say whatever as long as it’s at home and not at us.

My daughter tried repeating words I say and I would correct it to something else like our word is “oh fudge” so every time I would hear her say a bad word I would correct it and let her know the other word isn’t nice and she’s 6 now and no problems. She knows some words are only for grown ups

So no help other than to stop useing it and telling them no also I myself now have to stop saying GD if something doesn’t work right cause my child mimicking the rithem (she’s 10 months old 🤦)

My 3 year old saids curse words to. Because he hears it. I explained to him that it’s a word he isn’t old enough to say. I don’t make a big deal about it. And he hasn’t said it again

Tell her it’s a bad word and kids can’t say those words. That’s what I told my son and he quit saying the f word.

All of our kids did it. The bigger the deal you make out of it the more she’s going to do it.
I’d let it go if the child isn’t cursing at anyone.

I let my kids know that those are adult words and they cant say them. Occasionally my oldest (8) will slip a “shit” out occasionally bit other than they they are pretty good

We were all in the backyard the other day, I dropped my phone trying to take pictures of my 13 month old playing and I slipped and said shit (we’ve all been working on the cursing and have been doing well knowing this is coming around the corner) and he screamed as loud as he could SHIT. All my neighbors were out and all, lots of snickering coming from both sides of the fence. I gave him a stern no and said “ I understand mommy said it and it was bad for mommy to say it and it was an accident. But it’s an adult word. It’s not for bubby.”I know he’s only 13 months old but if I start it now it won’t be such an adjustment when he’s older.
He’s said it a few times since to see if I’ll react or give him attention because a lot of people made such a big deal when he said it. I learned if I told him no and he won’t listen I ignore him other than telling him that is a no he shouldn’t say that. I don’t know if this will help any but I hope you get it figured out mama! Toddlers are hard!:joy:

How can you expect your child to filter what they say when you can’t!! At 2 N a half they are literally exploring words and sounds that they hear on a daily basis. You can’t punish a child for mimicking your behaviour. I’m not saying this to be rude or nasty I don’t mean any harshness at. I’m just speaking from experience. I used to blurt out a swear when I got hurt and my girls began to copy it. I didn’t bother with no explanation I just changed to way I spoke. So if I got hurt Instead of swearing I’d use an innocent word so if the girls were ever in the same situation they’d use that word instead of swearing. I do believe if you make a big fuss over it children will pick up on that. Just ignore it and change your own reactions and watch how they then copy that x

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Just keep correcting her, they learn it’s not right. My son is in the same boat. When he gets mad at something or someone it’s immediately “you’re a dumbass” (we watch a lot of That 70s Show)

Stop cursing around your kid its that simple


Kids are sponges. They will repeat what you say. Start replacing curses with something else like gosh or golly and they will start using those words instead. I like to keep it clean for my kids as I don’t want to ruin their innocence or have them use that language in school. It is harder however to stop others from using bad language in their presence. That’s another battle.

I can’t say much. I’m the reason my 6 yr old thinks it’s ok to swear :woman_facepalming: and then when I correct him he goes “ummmm mommy. Maybe you should not be saying it either then” :rofl::rofl::woman_shrugging:

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Kids learn by example so if you stop it so will she

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Lemon juice worked for my son years ago.

Honestly my daughter did the same thing too. Literally nothing worked except for telling her that mommy is a grown up and I can use grown up words & when she’s a grown up she can use them too but for now she’s only 2. Only had that conversation with her once and she has not said it since


I tell my son those are mommy words. He has maybe said them a handful of times since talking, in the same context as, “oh s*hit,” and so on. Works for him. And I’m horrible at not cursing, especially when I get hurt like stubbing my toe. My sisters are the opposite and never cuss. And there sons still have cussed. I think they just dont understand why a word could be so bad at that age. It’s a word of expression most times and like any word is going to slip into their vocabulary once they know how to say it.

This is what I did with my little brother (he’s 14 now and I’m 34) when I’d cus I’d tell him to slap my hand and when he’d cuss I’d do the same to him… it legit worked! Not only did it remind me to watch what I said around him it would remind him that it wasn’t okay to say those words.

I’d replace the word with something else that’s funny. We turned F*** to fish sticks…

Mine did the same thing. We just let them say it at home instead of criminalizing a word.


I know it’s embarrassing but when she swears you cannot acknowledge it she knows you acknowledge it now and she does it to get to you my son Timmy did the same thing I was so frustrated and embarrassed and it is embarrassing but my doctor told me to ignore it and I did and it stopped but as long as I kept trying to justify it and keep him from saying stuff and embarrassing me it was just getting worse and worse but once I listen to the doctor and acted like I didn’t even hear it it actually did stop good luck

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I stopped swearing around her but she got to spank me on the knee if I swore it reminded me

Those advocating for a pop in the mouth or washing her mouth out with soap are actual trash. She’s a baby for crying out loud. Lead by example and don’t punish defenceless children for picking up your habits. :rage:


I put soap in my son’s mouth numerous times he’s 17 now and ok it didn’t effect him any, if that don’t work pop her in the mouth every time in public at home, where ever she says it. She’ll eventually get the point and will stop. Plus us mommas gotta watch what we say too. Soap won’t hurt her.


We learned very quickly to sub out our curse words and jjust like with ghd orginal word, our daughter followed suit.

Shit is sheesh
Fuck is fudge
Damn is darn

A log of thd tkme we were swearing because we were upset. Switching it out for something a bit silly honestly helps ease the tension and lighten the mood too.

I used to have a potty mouth & my now 2 year old does most days :roll_eyes: unfortunately even filtering your own words now does NOT help. Every single time she says it I tell her no that it’s a bad word and she doesn’t want to hear it. I started watching my own mouth when she was 1-1.5 bc she was talking & starting to pick things up but even now almost a year later she’s saying things that I do not say in front of her. Just be consistent with tell her it’s bad & I know this might be the most logical but if she’s saying the f word when dropping something, drop stuff in front of her for a few times and use an alternate word like “oh sugar” or something

My step kids did this when they moved in. I promptly told them it was unacceptable.i do not speak this way and will not allow it. Only trash talks this way. There are better words to use, ones you might need an education to know about… Yup I’m old fashioned. Don’t care who doesn’t like it. Have some class.

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That’s like spilling a can of paint and asking if there is a way to unspill it :rofl:

Yup washing out with soap is ridiculous! I’m sorry but anyone who thinks it’s ok to do this to a child or small child at that is a disgusting human being.


gave my son is own word Gosh worked wonders

Had to have learned it from someone…

My daughter started repeating mother trucker … shes almost two. I had to stop saying it lol sounds to close.

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