What should I do for my son?

Doctors say my son is behind because he doesn’t have much vocabulary. But he does sign or just get what he wants himself. He is behind because he doesn’t play with toys his age but he is into toys for a 4 or 5 year old. Not toys for a 2 year old. He can’t say names of the kids he plays with but knows their names. And in his defense on that one I can barely say their names the right way. Then I was told “well he doesn’t know how to do this and that is because you didn’t teach him. And most parents wouldn’t have taught to teach they child at this age.” Their words btw. I hate overthinking things. And I hate not knowing if I truly need to get him into a program to get caught up.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What should I do for my son?

Speech therapy never hurts! My daughter said one word at 17mo started speech and completed it and said a ton by the end! Sometimes when others teach our kiddos it helps. I’m a behavioral tech and parents are always so shocked their kids are speaking so quickly because before they wouldn’t say much at all!


You can never have enough resources. Speech therapy is helpful even without a “speech delay”.


Speech therapy, sign language pecs pictures then aac device ipad when they can learn it. I pointed to my mouth when talking to my son. Also My son was diagnosed with nonverbal autism he lost his speech. But has recently gained his speech back after years. Sensory toys like spin and light up toys are good my son doesn’t really play with toys either.


Keep this one is mind and let this kid be a kid!


Speech therapy does wonders. My daughter and son both have speech and have improved alot and it gives them something to look forward to.

Have they tested his hearing?


My son didn’t talk till he was 2.5 years, I wasn’t worried he was taking it all in and he knew exactly what I was saying to him and one day he just decided to talk. If your worried though it never hurts to get some help

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Speech therapy, he definitely smart and understand his surroundings it’s good get a head start on vocalizing. My son’s had same issue this age . A speech pathologist works wonders. Usually it’s free through your towns school district even if they are not in school yet called head start program where I am. I used say they all speak when they are ready all kids are different which is true but definitely it is a great idea to do it for extra help
Hearing tests too !!!

Speech therapy is amazing. I’ve seen children excel so quickly with it. And in most states I believe it’s free under the age of 3.

Oh my gosh, he’s two let him be no he’s not behind he’s just a child that likes doing it on his own time , no child is the same , just because he doesn’t talk very much doesn’t mean he’s not learning , if he’s play with older age toys maybe he’s bored and needs to be advanced his skills , let him play and learn with older age educational toys , no matter what just be there for him , doctors will always say things , I would find another doctor that handles child that is advanced.


Speech therapy did amazing things for my autism kiddo. One day it clicked and he started speaking like he’s been doing it his whole life.

Otherwise read more out loud and encourage repetition of the words read

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Have you put him around kids his own age and not 3 to 5 year olds? Also how much interaction are you doing with him. In terms of Sitting down and showing him how to use toys his age?

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My grandson is 3 at 2 he started talking and do all kinds of things my other grandson is just turned 3 this month and he doesn’t talk at all much but is start to every kid is different wait if he doesn’t start talking and stuff at 3and a half then I would worry

Get his hearing checked, then start speech therapy. Absolutely nothing wrong with speech therapy even if it’s “unnecessary” - speech therapy is so helpful and fun if you follow a child led play approach. I started my kids in therapy at 18 months and I’m glad I did because they are both very delayed in speech at 3/4 years old but the progress they’ve made in therapy has been big!

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Check his hearing. My ex husbands little boy was “behind” but once they got his hearing checked and got a hearing aid its helped a lot. (My daughter gives me updates on her brothers health so there may have been more to it)

My son was born and I filled every free moment with something fun an educational. Like bath time ABC then counting an spelling an math. Word association. My son was 2 and spelling bathroom and cookies soda and using words like seriously and ridiculous. He was adding 2 and e digit math problems in hiss head by 3. I spelled every word I said. No I wasn’t a crazy teach it kid everything parent but he was always so interested in everything I figured use it to my advantage. And yea my son didn’t an still doesn’t care for peers or toys his age. He reads nom stop and I recently couldn’t understw d why he was bored in 2nd grade and his homework was coming home really comolex. here he is reasons at 5th grade level. And his math and writing skills are there too. He wanted to soak everything up an I let him. Still so we play mental strategy games non stop even in his sleep. My son is autistic (aspergers HF) anxiety and sensory issues. I have a friend where her daughter didn’t talk til she was 7 but she soaked In everything good and bad she just wasn’t ready to let it out. Drs ruled her as slow eventually and one day she started talk I g like crazy about things her parents didn’t even realize she picked up. Kids will get there.

Little baby bum, Cocomelon and Dave & Ava are the 3 shows I used to help with my son’s speech. He went from barely any words to non stop spitting them out

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Early intervention program. Speech therapy and occupational therapy. I went through all of that with my son. Now he will be 4 in march and he is talking with actual words. He can say the the whole alphabet and count to 100. It just took him a little while to get up to speed but he is learning every day more and more.

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My twin boys difnt start talking till they were 3.5 years old. Now 4 and its Amazing how fast they go since starting talking.

My son is 16 months and doesn’t talk at all… We just started speech therapy for him. He understands and points at things he wants he just cant say anything words yet

Every kid is different, my baby can read is a really good speach therapy DVD set or there are some cheaper videos like it on prime video as well that my little has picked up on pretty quickly and I am in same boat as you he is 2 will be 3 in may and like to imitate noises more then just word so I say the words funny to make him want to try to say it

Could be autistic. My brother didn’t talk until he was 5 years old. He would just scream when he wanted to communicate. Sat him down in front of Signing Time With Alex and Lea and he started signing right away. That’s when we realized he was actually very intelligent. Anyways, he could be autistic and non verbal. Doesn’t mean he’s behind because of anything you did.

My son was like this he understood everything I said frkm a young age very advanced in every way except for speech so I wasent to fussed and knew he would talk wen he was ready he did end up having speech therapy in school coz bi matter how much I taught him speech and words he just wasent picking up on it frkm me but he’s learnt lots from other kids in his school and 12 week speech therapy course he’s came on leaps and bounds sometimes hey just need a little nudge in the right direction he was, 2 and half wen he started talkin so I could understand and putting 2 words togeather th9s is after he started getting help

Your doctor is ignorant. My daughter didn’t explode with speech til recent, she’s almost 3.

They have been through something we’ve never had before. A shut down pandemic.

They talk when they’re ready.


Normally at 2 if they are behind in speech you start speech therapy. There’s no harm in getting him started into programs

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First of ever single child is different my sister did not speak until she was 5!!! Doctors swore she was mentally disabled she’s not the girls got two bachelors and a masters degree :ok_hand:t2::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: tell that doctor to kick rocks if you feel he needs more enroll him in head start when he’s old enough but he’s fine seriously don’t stress it’s going to be ok


I would love to know how a speech therapist actually gets a child to start talking. What are they doing differently to what parents do?

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Call the school they will set up an evaluation. Let the Speech Therapists decide. But do not wait. Time is if the essence. Been there.

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It’s actually really important for a lot of reasons that littles play with toys meant for their age range. I learned a lot about it from my sons occupational therapist but it really can affect their development.

I know it’s scary and everyone here is telling you kids talk at any age, but my biggest regret is listening to the people telling me “he’s fine, so and so didn’t speak until he was 3.” It wouldn’t hurt to have him evaluated by early intervention and if they say he’s fine, great. If not, the earlier you start services the better.


Is he advanced or on with gross motor and physical motor skills? Most kids are really good at gross motor but need extra help in social, and those who are good in social need extra help in gross motor skills. Doctors don’t tell you this. Each child is different with development. I hate the age mile stones. No child in the world is right on the market for where the book says they should be. They advance in some, lack in another and meet some. I’d change a Dr who assumes what I do at home and blame the parents. That is super rude. Some are first time parents when I was a first time mom I was young and I went with what my child did and acted. I didn’t follow the book. We don’t know we are new as well. And there is no instructions book for a child.

Find a new doctor. Seek a second opinion. My son didn’t speak properly or even sentences until he was 3. He is now 4 and has an incredible vocabulary and speaks non stop… every child is different, they develop at different rates.


Your child should started saying words around 1 and 1/2 to 2, even if they are words you don’t understand quiet yet. My daughter is 2 years old and she has talked for awhile. They like them to be able to say so many words at each age & to also be able to put words together to make sentences. You might try a parents as teacher program to have a person from your local school to come and play with your child to see if they think hes/she is developing properly.

Find another dr
Who knows what they are talking about
We as mothers know some kids advance quicker then others in some aspects

Just work on the things he is having trouble with
And encourage him to do things that stimulate him

Every child is different and will go at their own pace. Working with them at home helps. I did alot of reading :books:to my children, did daycare for 15 years and worked with special needs children. Many schools have many programs and will test the child if necessary but sometimes you have to push for these programs. Letting the child sit in front of the TV is no good. There is too much crap and violence on the TV :tv: today. Good luck in whatever route you choose and hopefully your child will be fine.

My brother didn’t speak until he was almost 3 if I remember correctly, and when he did it was a full sentence cause he knew HOW to talk, he just didn’t. If you’re worried, you can get him in speech therapy, but if it’s not hurting him, maybe try talking when you sign with him. He could just prefer not to talk

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My little dude is almost 2, we are constantly showing him words and what they mean, colors /names of things etc… he doesn’t say anything. In his defense he was born into a lockdown and lives in a pandemic. He is super smart, knows immediately what we mean when we ask him something, is fully aware of the names of things just doesn’t say said word. He either is behind because he lacks a normal childhood or he os displaying several signs of autism. We won’t know for a bit yet


Get another opinion and talk to a speech therapist. It was the best thing my parents ever did for me

I’m sorry but reading this the more communication a child gets given the more they pick up very quickly from a early age sometimes they just sit and take it all in and then boom you won’t be able to keep him quite lol j wouldn’t worry so much just make it a working process

You could always start it and the therapist will let you know if your sin will benifit from it. If not stop going

I have 4 kids ages 12 to 20 and between the schools and doctors, I feel that they were always trying to label them with a disorder. I listened to their concerns but as parents we know our kids best and if you don’t see a problem then there probably isn’t one.

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My child is this way and he was diagnosed with autism. I’d have him evaluated only because the therapy that goes with a diagnoses is life changing for the child and parent.


Early intervention is key & denial will only hurt the situation. Get the evaluations & services offered.


How old is your son?

No one child is the same. My oldest 3 didn’t start fully chatting away til 3 years old and my last is only 1. He says a lot that I understand but not many others would.

I always read to my son and played with alphabet blocks and sang and played word games while driving in the car and he can’t say words right. He’s 4 and in speech now.

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He is your child. Do you feel there is something wrong ? Mothers instincts are rarely wrong .
Your son is 2yo. Drs desperately want them to hit milestones at the same age and label them if they don’t when really we all know that children are not all the same and don’t all reach those milestones right on time
Theres no point buying toys your son is not going to play with. If hes interested in older toys just make sure they are teaching him the usual stuff…hand eye co‐ordination , shape sorting etc…if hes signing hes communicating . Just make sure you say the words hes signing
Hearing may be an issue but they normally test that at birth and clinics but do no harm to have it tested again just to be sure . Interactive toys , dvds that encourage singing etc are good too.
At 2yo I honestly wouldn’t be concerned .

My son didn’t talk either till after 2…He is 34 now and fine

All my kids were in speech… my third boy is 6 and is currently in speech at school… we still sometimes can’t understand him. But they are all still very smart. Other people opinion can sadly put doubt in our heads… just keep being the best mama and look into speech services. It doesn’t hurt to do it early!

Get a new doctor so what help my oldest when we did outside time or going too a store we pointed at everything bird car truck whatever we saw we named it also pointed out the colors shapes

Don’t take it personally. You’re a great parent and doing a great job. All children develop at different ages.

If you’re unsure your baby actually needs additional help, get a second opinion. Then you can weigh your options.

IF he does need additional help, please don’t delay. Swallow your pride and get him the help right away. Early intervention is key to overcoming speech delays.


My child is 3 and she is still battling with speech, I’ve already taken her to speech therapy and it didn’t work, he said she will start talking properly give her time, my sisters daughter who is 3 months young then my daughter she can have a full on conversation with her with my daughter she can only say short sentences, she understands me when I talk and give commands the doctors Said she will get their we just have to be patient

Do you think he is behind? Do other people think he is behind? You are his mother. If it were my child, I think I would have him tested. Find out for sure if something is wrong. He may have a vision or hearing problem. You need to know so you can stop worrying about it. If it is fixable get it fixed!

For a peace of mind, have him evaluated. As a mother of a special needs child, I wish I would have listened to my gut when she was younger. And read to him. Read as much as possible. That’s the best thing you can do for him.

My son was a late talker, he would say a few words but no really cohesive words or combo phrases until almost 2.5 and didn’t fully start using sentences until he was 3.5. His doctor said he wasnt that concerned because he understood us when we spoke to him so that indicated he knew words he just didn’t know how or want to say them. I would talk to your doctor about what they suggest to help but for us it was a lot of just talking to him, narrating our day, and when we saw he was interested in something we would teach him the word for it. He’s 4 almost 5 now and we joke that he talks in paragraphs lol

Look. The fact that your child knows these things (names ECT) but isn’t talking…isn’t saying them or attempting to say them…It doesn’t mean they’re stupid that’s not what the doctor is saying.
It means he has a speech delay.
It’s great your child has other ways to communicate and that he’s independent but that doesn’t mean it replace verbal communication if verbal communication is something he’s capable of.
The longer you put off addressing the issue the farther and farther he falls behind:
*A two year old should have 50 words and at least use two word sentences.
*At 3 a child should have 200 words and he using 3-4 word sentences.
*At 4 a child should know 1,000 words and easily put together 5 word sentences.

It’s easy to say a kid is just a late bloomer, but you don’t know whether they are or not until certain amounts of time have passed.
By the time you realize your child isn’t a late bloomer they’re very much farther behind than they would have been if you’d intervened in the first place.
Speech therapy can always be stopped when a child no longer needs it without any repercussions. That’s why most doctors will push speech therapy early.

I’ve had two kids in speech. Two kids with “speech delay” both started at 2.
My oldest is 8. You would never know. He speaks and communicates very well. He has autism and ADHD. When he started ADHD meds his speech improved dramatically and he graduated out.
My youngest son’s speech delay is caused mostly by chronic ear infections at 1-2. He’s doing much much better now but it’s still a work in progress. He also has ADHD, so it’s likely we’ll see a lot of progress later on.

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My son was a late bloomer with speech. I would make him try to communicate with me better before giving in him what he wants. He is now 13 and never shuts up. Don’t panic. Work with him in different ways. All children don’t fit in a box.

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My youngest brother didn’t talk until he was 4…because he had a brother and sister to do it for him (we would have been 4, 5 and 6 at that time) he had speech therapy, and was fine

Speech. My daughter is 2 and has a speech delay but she is smart. She just doesn’t talk very much or very clearly. Starred speech a month or 2 after her 18 month appoint. She’s now 2 years and 4 months old.

My older 2 were in speech

You can always have a child study team help you. Follow your instincts if you think something isn’t right, then something isnt!

My son is almost 2 and hes not speaking. He says 3 words. Hes starting speech therapy next month

When my oldest son was 2 1/2 he spoke maybe 5 words. I lived in Ny (not sure how it is where you live but you can call to find out) I contacted the high school special ed dept of the school district I lived in. They set me up with an appt to get him tested (ear test etc) and than after the tests had a meeting to go over all the results. He was delayed badly in speech so they set it up for him to go to NIS which they paid for plus the transportation.

No he not behind he just two he will talk when he ready not when a doctor or somebody else says he behind…… my son started talking when he was three almost four I would never let anybody tell me anything about my kids

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Each child develops differently, my child didn’t speak for a while. He’s a boarder-line genius. I didn’t know he was autistic until late… look pretend play with him. Just name everything your playing with, kids will remember, in their time. Don’t compare your child to another child. They catch up, I have seen this a lot.


THIS IS MY SON TO A T. He recently had tubes placed to drain his ears and started speaking immediately after. He does see a speech therapist with early intervention that helps tremendously.

Your son needs an eval and most like services like speech-language, special education, etc. If he’s under 3, you can contact your county Early Intervention center.

Take him to an ent and have a hearing test done.
My son was the same, turns out his ears were filled with fluid and had 60% hearing loss in them because of it. He had surgery to put tubes in his ears and within one week of surgery his speech improved significantly

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My son was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech. Get him into a speech evaluation. It’s helped us so much

First time mom? Don’t let the teachers or doctors make you feel bad, every child grows differently, maybe reach out to speech therapy but breathe mama everything will be ok

Every child blossoms at their own time! But maybe getting evaluated by a developmental specialist would be good a start and they can rule things out for your peace at mind.


Its kinda hard to give advice because we don’t know his age. I’d get him an evaluation ( he may be on the spectrum), also speech therapy. My daughter talks a lot but it isn’t very clear so we go to speech therapy next month. Also i don’t think anyone is saying your child is dumb- i don’t believe any child is dumb autistic children are actually very smart. Also some kids dont like to talk. I didnt talk a lot until i was 3 and im not on the spectrum.

There’s a lot missing here. Is it only talking that your child is behind on? Secondly don’t let professionals treat you like you’re inadequate. I’m sure you’re doing a great job.


My first have very limited vocabulary at that time after testing they said he is fine and will start talking when he is ready he would get what he needed himself . By the time he was 3 went to school and never shut up since. Speech therapy for two years to get a f and th sounds down packed

Speech therapy couldn’t hurt but sign language is speaking, so if he knows to sign then he is communicating.

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Are there older siblings talking for the child? Responding to hand gestures and mouth sounds


If your doctor is concerned, have them put in a referral for an evaluation. I don’t know where you live, but where I’m from we have a program that is for early intervention for children who qualify to receive services (like speech, social emotional, etc). I would look into that


One thing speech taught me with my oldest was when they point for what they want to encourage them to say it with words not just give in. Like ok you can have it but use your big boy words… I want a drink, a apple, etc. Once that was down I started with do you want the orange juice, the green apple, the purple color, etc. He went from being behind to being top of class for a while. It’s not overnight but just keep working with him and realize you know your baby best. As a mom I didn’t want others telling me or making me feel like something was wrong with my child. Each and every child learns at different rates. My grandson is autistic but will only talk to certain people or if you take interest in his likes etc he will open up some, my niece and granddaughter are literally 2 weeks apart, my granddaughter is little slower than my niece but my niece has only ever been by older kids or adults and my granddaughter in daycare with kids her age.

Why is he doing sign ? You should be asking him to ask for what he wants - to say the words . This happens too when another sibling always does the talking for them . I would definitely get him into a doctor and he may need to see a speech pathologist but you will be responsible for doing the work with him at home .


Also have hearing checked as a precautionary, is there recurrent ear infections? Mine had to have tubes then speech to work out the correct sounds. Once ears were done talked up a storm!


Early intervention is great for things like this

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putting on shows such αs miss Rachel or other talking/ learning shows will also help with vocabulary

With my first child, she was talking full sentences by the age of 2. (She was advanced for her age)
So when I had my second 7 years later, she was very delayed in speech. It wasn’t till close to age 3 that she started saying multiple words. My third is 20 months old. He also has a speech delay.
My doctor recommended for us to read to him every night and talk out whatever you’re doing to/for him.
“Mommy’s going to change your bottom” “let mommy wipe your bottom and get you clean” “now you have a clean bottom and can go play”
Just narrate everything you’re doing.
I’ve seen a slight improvement in his speech over the past two months doing these things.
Also, are there any other things that are concerning to your doctor? My 3 year old is being referred to a behavioral specialist to rule out autism, as she has other things going on. But speech delays can be a warning sign of autism.

Maybe at least a speech therapist

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Everyone saying teach him and therapy no
Try getting him evaluated for autism before anything else the Dr’s are telling you this then they’re seeing something you’re not my son I know he was lagging and we got him an evaluation set up for autism. I’m so serious I seen this with my own son.
Hes now in pre k talking more
Conversations are hard but he’s now talking more words also slow words down for him. Like yell him " say apple" keep saying until he dose 3 times and other words
Turned out my son is autism but he’s recently got diagnosed with something else that will always effect him.

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All speech pathologist I have dealt with include sign in talking.
I also have a very intelligent toddler who doesn’t enjoy toddler things but things of her older siblings. My only tip would be when he signs for something say the word out loud. So if he signs that he wants milk. Say “you want some milk?” Then before you have it to him, just say things like “here is your milk.”
Not all 2 year olds talk. If you want, you can call your school district and see about them evaluating him, and also talking to doc about putting a referral in for a speech eval. It might make you feel better.


Please get him help. I voiced my concerns for years for my son and when he started school they saw his delay and at 6 he finally has help but struggles so much, my poor baby, it would have been a lot more helpful at age 2! My friends kid is very noticeably different than other kids and we seen it but she was oblivious and she got her son tested, and he has autism just as me and other friends suspected. We tend to be in denial as mothers. Better to be safe than sorry. Good luck!

Kids his age should definitely be saying more. My daughter is autistic and she didn’t get really speaking until probably around 3. She’s 5 and still has problems with vocabulary. I would definitely get more testing done and see what they have to say.

Early intervention. Have him evaluated. Speech therapy can do wonders

If he’s not talking I’d get his ears checked.

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My son is 2 and has a delay for speech same things as you have described my suggestion is to go ahead and get him into a program it can only help. Bridge the gap now before that gap is too big and he has trouble when it’s time to start school

Get him into a program. If they’re concerned, get him evaluated and into a program. Speech, ot, pt whatever he needs. If you delay, it will make his life way harder than it has to be.

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2 is too early to start overparenting, provide stimulation options and let him be 2


The boost couldn’t hurt prayers an hugs

My son barely spoke until he was 4. Nothing wrong with him according to his doc, he just had nothing to say. She told me it was more important that he understood what was said. Which was plain he did. You could ask him to do something and he would. Since I was still worried she simply said: He has no complaints, leave it alone.

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He probably needs more stimulation. Whatever you’re doing with your kid at the time, like… for example, getting him a drink, say what you’re doing, “I’m grabbing a cup, I’m filling it with water or milk” or, “I’m starting the bath, filling it up with water, putting bubbles in, washing your hair” etc. With everything, honestly. That will help a lot.

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Get a new doctor/second opinion!

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My middle has been in speech therapy since she was 3 and she’s been doing great. I had a speech impairment and so did my husband. She’s been doing great, she has an IEP in school, so she she’s the speech therapist once or twice a week and they practice her pronunciations. Early intervention is the best thing to do. I have seen amazing strides over the past 4 years.

Get him into a program early. My daughter is four and I wish I did it sooner! She started speech this year.