What should I do?p

Hi Mamas, I’ve been divorced for about a year now. I’m the primary caregiver to my 4 year old girl. I’ve always done everything for her and we’re super close. It was a bad situation when I was going through the divorce, mainly unsafe for myself not so much my daughter. Anyway, I now regret being too kind through our divorce with my ex. She’s getting ready to start school and unfortunately I agreed to him having final say on education not knowing it would turn into what it is now. He’s making an executive decision to send her to school somewhere that adds a long commute for me and the school and academics are definitely below average. I’ve tried everything to reason with him and make him see it’s not what best for our daughter, but he’s going to make the decision clearly and blatantly based on what’s best for him. I wasn’t sure if there was anything legally I could do? I withheld a lot of information about him and incidents that occurred when we were together just to quickly get divorced and out of the environment I was in. I obviously regret it now, but I didn’t know if anyone had had success in going back and getting things changed in their paperwork and or custody arrangements? Please be kind, as I can’t really go into too much detail of why I was trying to get out so quickly. It was hell on earth for me. Any and all advice is welcome. Thank you all!