What should I do?

I'm dating a guy I've known for over 4 years now, dating for a year and a half. I love him, he's my best friend. My 6 year old also loves him and he does treat us good. The only thing, is he doesn't do anything around the house as far as fixing anything, or keep the yard mowed, take trash out, nothing. He's on shift work and all he does is sleep and work. Which is fine if he fixed stuff here and there that needed it. But even with sex, he's too tired most of the time. We might do it once a week, but a lot of times go a couple weeks or so without it. He's a nice guy and treats us good, he's just real lazy on things and doesn't want to fix anything and avoids confrontation also, all together. Anytime I try to talk about something important or needs to be done, he shuts off and changes the subject. Or like when I mentioned he needed to brush his teeth because its nasty he doesn't sometimes for a few days in a row or so, he shut down and then said I was, "putting him down" and was real hurt by it. I'm wanting to get a new place and not sure if its the right step together or not, considering he probably still wouldn't fix something if it broke or not and all.