What should I do?

Help! My baby daddy that has never met my 6 yr old boy, now wants a relationship with him. I somewhat have that issue resolved, in due time. I’d never keep either of my kids from their dad. Anyway, he text me today wanting my sons social security # & a picture of his birth certificate. I called DSS since they handle our child support case, I called them to see what I needed to do. DSS told me I didn’t have to give them a copy of anything & that insurance was taken care of already & would be effective 03/01. Yet, he’s still pushing for me to give him his information, why?

You are being given some very misleading information that can and will result in you losing custody of your child if you follow. Please post your question on this group for actually helpful and valid advice! Good luck. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChildCustody.SupportGroup/?ref=share