What should I pack in my husbands lunch?

My husband wants me to buy and prepare a lunch for him each day and put it in a lunch box for him. This might sound silly but…I have no idea what to buy and fix for him! What kinds of things would you guys suggest? He’s massive, he’s almost 7 feet and 280 lbs and a bag of chips and a sandwich jusy won’t work lol


I pack leftovers from supper for mine

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Whatever you cook for dinner. The leftovers.


Samantha Thompson any advice :joy::joy: (wtf!?)


Make lasagna one night and send the left overs with him for lunch. Or two sandwiches?

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Ask HIM. He’s the one that wants it done and has to eat it.


Prepackaged salads then a sandwich and chips.

Pretzels, yogurt, pb crackers, leftovers, fruit, cookies…same things I would pack for myself or my daughter lol just depends on what he likes, but most of that comes already prepackaged so less work :grin:

Tell him to make it himself


Two or three sandwiches and chips…or leftovers from the night before.

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Meal prep! Make pastas, lasagna, stuff like that. Or leftovers from the night before.

Why dont you meal prep? I meal prep my meals for the week chicken and rice is filling!

Ask him what he wants?

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Chili or other soups he likes

The bigger question is if he has a way to heat the food or not as that will dictate food choices.
Totally for left overs and adding to it to make it a diff meal than the night before!!


Leftovers. Sandwiches

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my husband works outside so a lot of the time he doesn’t like taking leftovers because they’ll go bad or be really cold and he can’t warm them up so he personally loves salad so I’ll pack him that a few days a week with some ice packs, usually an extra sandwich, bananas, chips. and usually sometime throughout the week I will homemake a soup for him to take in his thermos or sometimes I’ll just heat a canned soup and put it in there.

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I always do like left over dinner, some snacks he likes, something to drink

Or tell him hes a grown man and can do it himself? :woman_shrugging:


I pack my hubby leftovers or 2 sandwiches, chips, drink and a few snack items (yogurt, pudding, string cheese etc)

Leftovers r great!!! This time of year…soups n stews r very nice :blush:

Brittany Boyer-Ciesla does AMAZING meal preps, she can definitely help

Leftovers, tuna or lunch meat sandwiches and chips

My husband has no access to a microwave and doesnt want a small portable crockpot to keep leftovers warm so he takes sandwiches to work and i always add a salad to it (potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw etc.) A bag of chips and a croissant or another type of pastry.

My husband makes himself 2 sandwhiches, chips, a snack cake and something to drink. Ask him what he likes.

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Leftovers? Cook a big dinner with enough for lunch the next day. I do this for myself and My husband’s lunches.

Or a lasagna, casserole, chicken/steak with veggies and rice, crockpot meals, stew. I would go on Pinterest for ideas too - they always have great meal prep recipes or ideas.

Your husband or your young child?:roll_eyes:


I pack leftovers from dinner for my so

I give my husband tuna or egg salad, usually enough for two sandwiches (I put 4 slices of bread in and a container of either one, i don’t put the sandwiches together), a container of fruit, a drink, and maybe 2 or 3 snacks in case he gets stuck in traffic.

I’ve done 2 sub like sandwiches, one of those tuna pouches, a sleeve of crackers, chips, and a fruit. Or I’ll send left overs, chips, fruit, and a sandwich. There’s actually a YouTube channel that the woman packs her husband’s lunch and has great ideas there too. My hubby doesn’t use the microwave at work so I try to send things he doesn’t have to heat up

Mine either gets left overs.
Or 3 sandwiches, cookies or whatever I’ve baked. Plus fruit and usually crackers or something to snack.

He’s also a HUGE man. 6’6" and 270

Ask him what he wants🤷‍♀️

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I always make him a bowl the night before with the day’s left overs and a few snacks

Cook extra for dinner & pack him up the leftovers !

I pack mine 2 sandwiches, a sweet treat like a giant cookie or oreos, a bag of chips, a granola bar, a natire bar and a water.

I make my fiancé a sandwich and he takes some crackers, Vienna sausages stuff like that

I pack my hubby the same thing I pack my kids. Sandwiches, fruits, or left overs, fresh veggies, juice/milk/water


Left over dinner… mine also takes normal two sandwhichs and chips… and sometimes ravioli or spaggtie o’s…

A note that says, “I am not your mother. Pack your own lunch.”


Ask him what he wants lol
My hunni likes tuna fish, boiled eggs, sandwiches, yogurt etc…
Hes a truck driver so no microwave…:woman_shrugging:

so we eat healthy… i pack left overs sometimes. normally it’s cut up deli ham, deli chicken, pepperoni (idk he likes it). yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese bites or sticks. cut up peppers, cucumbers, carrots, or celery. some type of dip. banana, apples, or grapes. i’ve even cracked eggs in a  Tupperware and he’s microwaved them.

My husband is a junk food junkie. And a big eater so usually he gets 2 bottles of water, 1 bottle sweet tea. 2 sandwiches, celery with peanutbutter or cream cheese (I like to switch it up) a couple little debbie snacks and a banana or an apple, string cheese. My husband drives alot for work so leftover are not an option cause he cant heat them up.

I’m wondering what’s wrong with a wife making her husband lunch? I mean I make my fiancé lunch when he come home for lunch better yet I serve my kids , him then myself when we eat

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Protein bars… Cereal bars… cheese sticks…meat crackers.,. Beef jerky… Single peanut butter cups… Protein shakes

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Can of fancy feast and a piece of stale bread- he wont ask anymore lmao.
I make chicken in the slow cooker and shred it for sandwiches and wraps. My husband doesnt have a way to heat food so its sandwiches, sometime tins of tuna or pate with pita bread, Turkey bacon or donair meat, home made cookies, cakes, muffins, chips or other snack type foods.


I always pack leftovers unless there isn’t anything then a sandwich

I always pack my husband left overs. I make enough at dinner for him to have lunch the next day.

My aunt always gives my uncle dinner from the night before for lunch, if she doesnt cook than she buys him lunch that day.

I packed mine two sandwiches a vegetable or fruit snack and whatever else I have baked

I cook extra for supper. That way I have leftovers for lunches


Why are so many women against packing their husband a lunch?


I always made enough at dinner to send leftovers the next day. But now he is doing meal prep trying to lose weight so I did some shrimp and broccoli stir fry and some chicken and veggies on a sheet pan and it was enough for him to take all week.

Ask him what he wants, the people on fb isn’t eating it, your man is.


Thermos with soup or chili or something similar…couple good size sandwiches filled with meat and cheese…extras can be chips or cookies or snackcakes or combo thereof…drinks of course 1 or 2 cans/bottles of fav beverage. If he can microwave food, send leftovers instead of sandwiches.
Doesn’t matter what you send…make it favorite foods and filling

I pack my hubs cheesy bacon ranch turkey wraps, left overs (depending on what they are and if they heat up well), subs or salads I make, and usually add a pack of cheese or peanut butter crackers and a granola bar, sometimes I add grapes or a apple in his lunch box. He’s kinda picky about veggies and fruit and since He works long days so I actually make him a breakfast sandwich or burrito to take also. It works for us. As he can’t leave work for lunch.


I tend to do left over dinner items (thermos and cold packs are life savers!) Amd throw in some snack items like chios or popcorn…and veggies :smiling_imp:

Whatever i cook for dinner ill for lunch with a drink and fruit, maybe chips.

I usually get stuff to make italian hoagies or regular sandwiches, yogurt, cheese sticks, tuna pouches, boiled eggs, salad, protein bars or granola bars… etc.

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Lunch variety is good, I try never to use lasts nights dinner for the next day. In the Summer I make potato salad, macaroni salad, fresh fruit, meats and cheeses, cold fried chicken, even cold pizza. If he is able to heat up his food, then definitely have a food prep day for freezer meals and you solve a few dinner and lunch meals.

I do leftovers 90% of the time, a couple times a month I don’t pack him lunch so he buys whatever he wants. I also pack snacks, meat and cheese packs (salami, cheese, pretzels), an orange or banana, and something sweet. I back cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc. once a week to pack in his lunch.

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I usually just pack a sandwich or a toasted bagel with cheese and pepperoni on it with chips and cookies lol I give him what I give the kids but times it by 2

2 sandwiches, fruits, nuts, veggies, chips.

Left overs

I think it’s great of you to do this, small things mater in a long relationship.


Turkey, tuna or chicken salad sandwich, a fruit, bag of chips & a snack. Nuts, baby carrots, even a salad. I do bacon & egg burritos or chorizo burritos. Egg salad sandwich.

U can heat food up in the morning n put it in a Thermos if u get a decent 1 it will stay hot til lunch!

I give him bread, crackers, some biscuits, and fruits. Water to drink and in cold weather mine likes a thermos of tea or coffee too

I usually try and make enough for dinner for his lunch the next day to be left overs. Like today I’m making chicken and dumplings for dinner, that will be his like lunch tomorrow along with like a bag of chips or a granola bar incase he needs a snack.
If I happen to not have left overs, I make him a couple sandwiches or he likes ramen with scallions and an egg on top


Meal prep!
You can do chicken teriyaki rice bowl with bell peppers and zucchini

My husband is the same size. He likes subs. Chicken sandwiches. Stuff in a thermos. Soup, chilli, spaghetti

I always packed 2 sandwiches, an Apple, banana and cashews and pretzels and carrot sticks and celery sticks but not the same thing each and every day. Some days could come from left overs the night before.

YouTube! Lots of videos of what to pack in your lunch…

They make lunch boxes that heat the food back up…theyre kinda pricey but totally worth it…and they get up to about 300*…my bf and i get the small tin bread loaf pans so they fit inside and it doesnt burn to the sides of the porcelain heating plates…he takes everything and anything we have for dinners etc. Chicken and gravy with mashed potatoes, spaghetti, etc.we have pretty good thermoses that keep food warm for at least a few hrs too so he brings soup sometimes too…my son brings warm soup for lunch almost every day in a smaller one and he says its still warm at lunchtime…also my bf works for a tree company so hes like ALWAYS outside and his still stays remotely warm until his break in the morning i believe…he also just got some of these great glass containers that close nicely amd pretty much seal so now he brings cereal in one and milk in another

samdwhiches… bread-cheese-meat-lettuce-tomato-bread-meat-cheese-bread.

In my husband’s lunch every day is:
Grape juice
Hard boiled egg
Watermelon or a type of fruit
Ding dong cupcake etc.
Thermos of iced tea
Then in the morning he makes a sandwich, takes leftovers or a frozen meal.

Anything high in protein every 2 hours (preferably protein bars every 2 hours so he doesn’t feel like he’s starving at lunch).

You could meal prep a bunch of chicken, pork, and bubba burgers… Also get precooked pulled pork and chicken at Sam’s club… Then precook all your sides. Fill up portioned trays and freeze them. He can grab one every morning.

I make dinner, but i make extra for his lunches. One tupper is always different but the second one always has 4 hard boiled eggs and fruit. Pack a protein bar in there. Pasta with veggies and meat is always good.

My husband lunch is usually leftovers from dinner and he also takes 2 yogurts and 2 bottles of gatorade. If we don’t have leftovers from dinner one night he will take a box of pizza pockets

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We’ve been stuck on two sndwiches, two sodas, two Gatorades, some chips, two types of fruit fruit, and something sweet.

Now and then he’ll just throw in left overs from the day before and eat that.

We tried meal prepping. Didn’t work. I tried putting bananas in his little cooler. Yea. That didn’t work out. Made it stink and took awhile to get the smell out.

Just wanted to add. This post made miss packing his lunches. When he first started his construction job. Day one, I was up packing a lunch and getting a small breakfast. The day our baby boy was born, he had to leave to the new location. Which is 3.5 hours away from us.

It’s always the little things :heart: Maybe now and then put a post it note in there. I use to put a motivational messages in there, or just an I love you. Especially on Mondays! :slight_smile:

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We usually do leftovers he has a microwave and toaster oven at work. Whatever I cook at dinner I prepare enough for him to have lunch the next day. He also likes pepper jack cheese, and turkey lunch meat tortilla wraps, sandwiches with lettuce and tomato on the side so he can add it and it not be soggy, those cup noodles I try and keep in his lunch box incase he needs a quicker lunch, tuna salad and crackers, cucumbers and ranch (snack or to go with what I sent for lunch). I use to take him lunch on paydays but now I only do it occasionally. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who does leftovers!

Damn send that dude with a whole thanksgiving dinner :joy:

If you make dinner you pack left overs. If not you can pack frozen dinners, easy to open soups like progresso or cup a soups n a couple boiled eggs he can toss in it ,sandwiches,n snacks etc. I cook everyday for my family except on weekends so I just have tupperware and always pack left overs ,if not i make extra breakfast n pack that ,like eggs n sausages , bagels n creamcheese etc.

I pack my husband’s lunch every day, 2 burritos( beans with meat n chile) sliced cucmbers,avocado, lettuce, apple banana a small gaterode n he gets home very satisfied, be creative n change everyday!!!

My husband gets dinner leftovers the next day. I don’t buy anything special for his lunch. But that also implies he has access to a microwave to reheat things.

Why can’t he make his own damn lunch

First question: does he work in an environment that he can heat up his food?
If he can make leftovers from dinner and put in Tupperware for him.
If he can’t heat up his meals sandwiches are the only way to go honestly.

Fruit, he says when he’s working it hits the spot. Fruit snacks, string cheese, crackers, chips, granola bars.

I pack either 2 sandwiches or a large meaty wrap along with cookies, fruit, and he likes pudding so I put one of those in too. If there is access to a microwave then left overs will work but mine works on utilities so it has to be ready to eat. Find out what he would like for snacks and pack 2 or 3 at least along with his sandwiches

Railroad wife chimming in here lol my husband is about the same size and needs to be packed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast and lunch for the way back. Sometimes I need to throw it together in the middle of the night. We’ve bought sistima containers. I send a combination of leftovers, salads, cereal, and sandwich packs he can build. When they don’t have a way to heat food, it gets tough tho. Keep the sandwiches different. Different types of bread meat and cheese. Leave the lettuce and tomato aside for him to add or they get soggy.

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I always sent leftovers/sandwich and snacks with mine. He was a big guy too

Make extra dinner,send him with leftovers

Leftovers, chicken wraps, hotdogs/brats, burgers, chicken salad, chicken sandwiches etc. Then usually add things like chips, grapes, sliced apples, summer sausage/cheese/crackers, and something sweet like a little Debbie. He works long hours and only has one meal so I have to pack a lot too. It gets hard after awhile. You start to feel like it’s always the same thing over and over.

I usually pack leftovers from dinner. If its not something he wats or there isnt enough he will pack a frozen lunch meal or hot pockets, soup, something along that line. With a drink some yogurt, nuts, fruit, some snacks

a small cow, a pig and a chicken…:rofl::rofl:


I find at home we dont eat much fruit so pack lots of fruit and when at work fruit looks and tastes so much better, along with volpi chese crackers boiled eggs tuna salad ham salad egg salad vegetables soup meal prep these and hell have good and tasty lunches

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Pinterest is a good start!

Hey a thermos is an idea soup, stew chilli plus Sangys fruit and snax…


Make a pot of chili, package it individually, place in freezer. Same with left overs . . Bake some cookies. Salad. Thermos of soup. Pudding/jello. Sliced veggies. Granola/cereal bar. Burritos.

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Sub bread from Wal-Mart in the bakery area. It has 8 in there. You can mske chicken ranch and bacon to go it. Buffalo chicken sandwiches. Roast beef and Swiss. You can even do a thermos of chicken and dumplings, soups etc.


Leftovers from the dinner before.
I pack a couple of burritos cookies muffins trail mix

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Ask him since he is the one to be eating it…