What should I pay a babysitter?

What should I pay a babysitter to watch my twion toddlers from 8 am til 4 pm monday-friday?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What should I pay a babysitter?

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I would say at least $15 and hour so that whoever you hire is motivated to stay and treat your kids right. People work better when their paid decent.


For that many hours, that’s a nanny. Legally you’d need to pay at least minimum wage for your area but likely a lot more, again, based on your area and based on the nanny’s experience. Too many variables left out to give an exact amount.

ETA - and I am assuming that since you said babysitter that this person is coming to you and only watching your kids. If that’s not the case then that’s another thing to take into consideration as well.


I just charge 20 dollars a day.


At least five or 600 a week


Daycare is 50-80$ a day where I live per child, so I’d probably ask your babysitter what they’d like and work from there.


These prices break my heart. I hope you have family or can afford it. I know the stress of high cost childcare. Thank God my oldest can do it now.

But if your job is lower than 25-30$ an hour it’s not gonna make sense to keep it with todays childcare costs.

Unless you’re a single mom maybe your location has programs to help.

These childcare topics break my heart for all moms with young kids.


Where I live it would run about $40-60 a day, as long as you’re providing everything.


Some of you must come from money. I think it all depends on the situation, is it a friend or a random person, are they a single parent, can they afford expensive child care. Ect… My sitters charge 20-25 a day for one child, about 7 hour’s or so. I can’t afford that because I have no help or anything but We’re surviving. If I was able to stay home and babysit, I wouldn’t charge more than that unless they could afford it.


If you’re expecting them to work a full time job for you (which you are) you need to pay a livable wage for your area. Period.


My daughter is 16 & she babysits …. She charges $15/hr


That’s a full time job atleast pay minimum wage


I’m looking at the comments with hourly rates that’s what most people make an hour i use to babysit for $20-$25 a day they provide food my mom also babysits for that. It’s extra income not to replace your income.


When my son went to a babysitter 12 yrs ago it was 7:30 to 3:30 Monday - Friday
$75 a week is all the lady charged. I’d pack him his breakfast, lunch, and snacks. It’s crazy how expensive child care has gotten!! However I also understand what it takes to take care of someone else’s child or children.


There’s a lot of factors in play. Whether in your home or theirs, if in theirs whether you provide food or not, whether they attend a preschool and they provide transportation or not, whether you allow them to take the children out or not, etc.

Aside from all that I think the going rate is usually per hour per child, but being how it’ll be a full time job you’d likely do weekly payments.

I think the likely fair range per week would be somewhere between 250-400. For being in your home, your own food and things provided, etc.


Umm 45 hours a week! In your house all meals provided? Potty trained right? Any extras expected?
I’d say at least 7 an hour! Depends also on what state you’re from. 2 parent household?


What would the conditions be like the person having to make their food or is supply for them does she have to clean the house each and everyday or take them to do any activities that cost money ? If not that 30 a day is great however if she does everything Else 40 a day


This is a nanny job, not a babysitter. You are looking for an adult (with those hours) to work full time caring for your children, not a high school kid to watch your children while you run some errands or go on a date.

As a former nanny, whom you’re putting your trust in to keep your babies safe and taken care of, these prices are heartbreaking. I worked for a blue collar family and made $15 an hour 10 years ago. They wanted the peace of mind knowing their kiddos were at home and having 2:1 (two kids:me) care rather than be in a daycare. If you can’t afford to have private care, I would suggest looking into daycares or subsidies if needed.


Washington state for a 2 year old in full.time daycare is 1275 a month…


I babysit out of my home and charge $30 a day per child.


You have to take in consideration that the person watching your child will be working full time hours. They could very easily go to McDonald’s and make $15 an hour. I would say $15 an hour minimum.


That’s a nanny. At least 18$ an hour.


When I nannied, though it was several years ago, now, because I was full-service, (cooking, light housekeeping, transportation to and from activities, doctors appointments, tutoring and homework help, plus occasional extra children) I made $12/hr, for one child, from the time the child was 5 years old until they were around 9 years old, but could have gone up to $15 and been considered reasonable.


You get what you pay for if you’re only looking for cheap daycare! Scary! We shouldn’t expect the sitter or nanny to charge less because you can’t afford it. It’s like your job saying, “hey we can’t afford it. We’re gonna have to pay you less.” Instead changes need to happen in your state regarding minimum wage, subsidized childcare, etc. But to baulk at the idea of paying these childcare workers a decent wage because you can’t pay, is not their problem. They are performing a service, they’re watching your children, not a pet, a fish, your home! These littles require a lot of work, attention and love and those who spend a significant amount of time with your precious children deserve more than $25/day, $10-15/hr or any other ridiculous lowball amount. Smh! Check into local or state subsidies, vouchers, etc.


I pay $155 a week for my 2 year old who is not potty trained. She is there from 7:30 AM-5:30 PM… Monday thru Friday… so there are a lot of factors that play into this… are they potty trained? Are you providing food?


It really depends on where your located (rates in each area are going to be different based on average income and cost of things), and also what you are expecting them to do. Is it just looking after the children or will they be expected to clean the home as well? Is there going to be any cooking involved or will meals already be prepared and just need to be set out for them? Will you require them to drive anywhere with the children or attend any activities? When I was working as a nanny all of the above was required and I was paid $600 a week plus they covered the cost of gas because I was using my personal vehicle to transport their child.


Literally going gonna get all kinds of different prices it depends on ur area honestly some will say 20 a hour and some will say 20 a day so compare rates in ur area

Bro here in Australia it’s about $40 an hour :roll_eyes:


In my area it was 495/w for 1 12mo old (I have 2 now). This is why I stay home or work opposite shifts. Literally cannot afford to work. Good luck mama.

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Depends are they potty trained? Is the baby sitter providing food? Is she going to be teaching them. Or just “watching them” play and watch TV.? If all she is doing is watching them play and watch Tv then I wouldn’t pay extra. Where I live a potty trained child in a home daycare averages $200 a week. An extra $100 for kids. It potty trained. If it’s at a childcare facility that runs around $1,500-$2,500 a month huge difference than an in home. Usually those are less expensive because they don’t do anything with the kids but literally watch them

I pay 20$ an hour for my babysitter, and my hours range anywhere from 20-50 hours a week.


All depends on their experience also. I had my little one at a daycare 200/week… I also had a girl come to my home for $50/DAY but he is also 5 and does not require anything


Something set, weekly, and provide food. Compensate her on any extra spending, activities


I watched twins since they were 2 months until they turned 3, I charged 40 daily ( 20 dollars each ) 200 per week.
There’s a lot to consider but I think that you should try to find someone with a flat daily rate instead of paying them hourly


It’s roughly $15 an he for Nannie’s and daycares so I’d say that makes the most sense.

Well here day care is 65 dollar a day for 8 hours, provide own food to the business and must pick up and drop off to the business and it’s equals to roughly 8.15 a hour

I pay $10 an hour for just one kid.

That’s a 35 hour week so Atleast 700-850 a week. So just a weeks wages


Daycare here is $135 a week per child if potty trained. Or $145 a week not potty trained.


I used to pay my wonderful sitter 100$ per day (for two toddlers). This was an agreed upon wage going off of the 50$ per child/per day at the daycare centres around me! She’s since moved and we miss her dearly!

Where I live that is $200 a week for 1 kiddo tho

The average salary for a babysitter or nanny in Canada is around $17 an hour.

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Depends home daycare or a center.

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so many factors…location (big city to rural town), ur home or theirs, any house duties?, any day time trips, vacation time-yes, how experienced is the sitter, etc.

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My grandson takes his toddler to the daycare. He only has one toddler and pays 740 dollars a month. Hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. I believe it’s around 185 a week. And we live in Oklahoma.


I watched my friends son for free over the summer. I’m a stay at home mom I have 2 toddler’s of my own, so it was 3 in total on top of that I am going back to college and finishing. It was only long enough to help her get back to where she needed to be. Anyways back in 2015 I had watched a toddler for a dollar an hour. The toddlers mom was a single mom and working one job. I wouldn’t want to under pay some to watch 2 toddlers since they are a lot of work and would maybe needed to go places with the sitter. I had to take my friends son everywhere to my doctors appointments I had that where unexpected I had a ton of health issues that arised I was not expecting at all finally we found the solution.

Minimum wage in your area. Remember you are also using their time.


It depends on your area and cost of living. It also depends on what you expect the caregiver to carry out in terms of duties. For those hours you are looking for a nanny, not a babysitter. Also bare in mind if you expect the caregiving to come to your home and watch your children, then you are classed as an employer. This means you are responsible for W2 taxes and must pay at least minimum wage. Sure you can probably get some teenager to watch your kid under the table for peanuts, but again, you get what you pay for.


I charge $25 per child a day $30 a day for infants

State pay is 21.09 a day per child for 5 or more hours and $10 something a day per child for anything under 5hours or at least through the state program i am supossed babysit through

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Daycare charges 180 to 360 a week and feed the kiddos …

Depends on multiple things:
What country you’re in will determine minimum wage

The age of the person babysitting

Their experience

Going rate in my state is about $15 an hour

Twin toddlers $500 per week atleast :laughing:

I would say around $250-$300 a week

Half of these comment are actually disgusting and ridiculous.

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Depends on your area, in my area I babysit $20 per child for up to 10 hours, then $6 per child for each hour after… that is them only providing their drinks, I have my own children and it’s hard trying to feed children different foods separately because they all want each others


About 7 an hour if the kids are potty trained and feed themselves. If they are cpr certified, have to change diapers and feed them id do 10 an hour


Definitely a weeks wages I’d say around $900 that’s a full time job and a hard one you’re responsible for the lives of two young children.


Yall want daycare to be so cheap, but they are literally watching your children and it is a full-time job. if you can’t work and afford to pay for daycare maybe you should’ve considered having kids


my oldest bonus daughter starts at $15/hour, $5 per extra kid (so $20). she’s 16 & is pretty much always booked to babysit. she made VERY good money this summer.

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I will babysit for you lol message me I’m in Tennessee

Research avg rates in your area. Join Local mom groups. They’ll have a range bc everywhere is different.
How much do you make? Will you expect any housework done? If it’s straight baby sitting and cleaning up their mess, around me, $8-$15 an HR. But income here really isn’t high.

Honestly it depends where you live

8-4 is not a babysitter it’s a caregiver. You can research costs in your area by googling it. I found this a few minutes ago


Are twion toddlers harder or easier to take care of?

I watch one child every M-F for 5 hours and sat n sun for 8 hours and I only make $40 a week. So try to do better than that, whatever you do.


At least 80 a day. Depending on the specifics, but 80 a day for 2 sounds about right for a full-time multiple child job. Also, if that’s not an option, try working opposite shifts as the significant other if you have one, that alone will save you a fortune.


I don’t understand how people are saying $20-$30 per day. 8am - 4pm M-F is a full-time job, but twin toddlers???
Also much more information is needed like where, food and drinks provided, expectations of the daily routine, etc


I have 4 year old twins and I usually pay 10-15/hour…depending on how long I’m gone, who I have keep them and time frame. I’ll pay more if it’s day time and the kids are on one versus the evening when they’re winding down and sleeping.

I pay $70 a day, 4 days a week , 2 kids.

$20 an hour so $800 a week

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There isn’t enough money in the world. Lol.
Only joking. Ask her going rate.

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I pay $20/hr for my 3 kids, ages 5,3, and 1. On that note we live in the Chicagoland suburbs. 10 years ago, when I was a nanny I was paid $12/ hr for 3 kids. In our area $20-$25/hr is the average

I pay $160/wk during the summer at my local daycare for one child.

Dependent on location. Just like any other job. If you share your area I’m sure others will let you know the going rate

120/wk per child in my home daycare

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I pay an in home licensed daycare $125 a week per child 730 to 5, breakfast lunch and snacks provided. She also prepares them to start school, lesson plans every day and different themes weekly!! She has 30 plus years experience too

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minimum wage is $15.87 in Denver CO and goes up to $17.29 January 1st… rent for a 1 bedroom is $1,684 - $2,643/mo and that doesn’t include phone, internet. Cable. Water, trash etc… maybe look where you live and go off the numbers

I can’t believe grown ass women are arguing and judging each other over babysitting prices when there’s like a dozen variables that factor in on how much someone gets paid. Some of you geniuses apparently have no clue that the cost of living and minimum wage varies from state to state :roll_eyes: but good job putting down the working parents making $10 to $16 an hour and telling them to find a better job when they can’t afford a $20 an hour babysitter. It’s very hard to give an honest and logical answer here without more info. The only answer that actually makes sense is to work out your monthly expenses and see what you can spare for babysitting. And then go from there. If it’s not realistic there maybe be other options than to pay it all out of pocket. There might be some assistance programs you could look into.

I got $60 a day (Monday to Friday)for 2 kids under 5 and did light house work when I had time to do so.

At $15 an hour that would be $600 weekly.

I use to pay $160 a week for my 3 year old from 8am-4:30pm… just went up to $190.

$20. Dollars an hour … easily


:sweat_smile: I get paid $20 a day to watch a 2 year old. Same hours.


From my experience, the average “at home” babysitter charges 20-30 a day. But I’ve only had one child at a time in child care.
Those of you saying $15/hr I get everyone wants a livable wage but holy shit. Half these jobs don’t even pay that much. Let alone more :flushed::flushed:

My son is in a home daycare and she charges $25 a day for a 9 hour period. For every half hour you go over, it’s an additional $5.

I understand childcare is expensive: having kids IS EXPENSIVE. what you are looking for is a full-time nanny. (which would also require legal on the books pay, pto, OT after 40 hours ect) you cannot expect to pay daycare prices. “i cant give up my whole paycheck to someone to watch my kids, how could i afford to live?” EXACTLY. :joy: if you wouldn’t except that rate, why are you expecting anybody else to? having a nanny is a luxury not a necessity. if you want to pay daycare prices, take your children took daycare.  if you want professional childcare that is reliable and knowledgeable you must pay the price for that. And I don’t know why people are complaining when it’s their literal children on the line here. No, your kids are not easy. no one owes you favors for children you had. some of you would be sick if you knew how much I make as a nanny. and judging by your comments of “thats way to much!” maybe you should quit your underpaying job and become one yourself :wink: 


My babysitter charges me 25$ per day, per child and I have 2 kids.

Over here it would be $15-$20/hour for a babysitter usually if they’re doing everything like a nanny (if you’re you to pay properly).

Over here daycare is about $9/day though. So most people opt for that.

When I babysat in home for 5-6 hours normally a day, I was just given $40 a day I’m sure I could’ve asked for more, but where I was home with my kids and it wasn’t much extra work, I didn’t mind

At least $100 a day. Thats only $6.25 per child an hour.

I pay my aunt $10 a day but she loves spending time with my son… I also help her out whenever I can with extra cash we don’t fight over money ever it works for us

A full time wage in that wage bracket for the industry

My only advice is don’t pick someone young to care for twins. Twins as you know can be a lot of work and it’s harder. A teen will probably not handle it well

My wife charges $25 a day per child and $20 a week for food. So the parents don’t have to bring food

I would ask the babysitter or nanny their rate. This amount of hours is no longer a babysitter, but more of a nanny.
Look into cost of living in your area, gas prices, your expectations, their experience.
No less than $250/week. But you will need to ask the nanny their rate.


That’s a tough one. I wouldn’t offer less than $15 especially for toddler twins. It’s hard trying to work and pay for child care especially when daycares are so expensive!

No one can afford min wage and work. All of you are insane