What size diapers should I stock up on?

I am 28-weeks-pregnant and have always measured ahead, I want to start stocking up on diapers but don’t know if I should buy newborn or not since I am measuring so big. What did you do?


I’ve used size 5 the longest (he’s 2.5) but you move through the sizes quickly. Definitely get 1-2box of newborn. My son was 9lbs and they fit him just fine and they poop A LOT. So you’ll go through them

3 i feel like theyre in those the longest


Bought 1’s and waited til baby was born to see if we needed newborn. They provide a lot if newborn diapers at the hospital and you can take all the diapers that are in the room home with you

Get at least one box newborn, 2 boxes size 1 to start.

My mom got me three boxes of size newborn and 3 packs of size one. My baby is 3 weeks and we are on last pack of newborns. They are just now getting to be a little snug. My baby was 8lbs 5oz when born. Don’t forget wipes too. :wink:

Stock up on larger sizes…2 and up…newborn diapers and size 1, buy as you need because all babies grow different

I bought one small case of newborn diapers, we used them all by the time they were gone he was in size 1. They really dont stay in newborn diapers long. Buy size 1s 2s and 3s, and some new borns just incase

Size one and up definitely!

Id get 1s. My son weighed almost 9lbs and was in 1s for 3 months.

Newborn only fits for about a week. I would get 2 and 3 mainly. My son was in size 1 for about 2 months.

Neither of my babies ever wore newborn diapers. I just bought a couple different brands size 1s and went from there. Don’t stock up because you don’t know which kind will work for your baby.

I had my baby exactly 2 weeks ago. I’ve gone through 2 boxes of newborn diapers already and all the samples we had.

I would also say have more of size 2 rather than newborns or size 1 as within 1 week or 2 they quickly move onto size 2

My kids stayed in size 3-4 for the longest. What I would do tho instead of stocking up, put that money on gift cards to be used for diapers. You never know if your baby will be allergic to the brand you prefer.

My last baby didn’t even fit newborn. Size 1 and 2. If they’re small you can always get more newborn. They always gave me some at the hospital, let us take home what was in our room, last time I didnt buy any newborn diapers at all, she was 8 lbs, by the time we used what the hospital gave us she was in size 1.

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My son was in size 3s for a year. I’d just get a pack of nb. My baby was 7lbs at birth and she only lasted in nb for a week or 2.

1s and 2s my babies were both almost 9lbs so they didn’t even wear “newborn” size they were too small.

Always stock up in BULK on sizes 2,3,6

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My son was 6 lbs 8.5 oz and still outgrew NB diapers fast. Buy one package of NB, and focus on getting the bigger sizes. Size 1 starts at 8 lbs, so you’ll get there fast regardless of birthweight.

Start with a few packs of new born & a box of 1’s… also, Instead of buying diapers, I bought some gift cards… then you can buy what you need, when you need them! Plus you can shop current sales :heart: good luck momma!


We used newborn for a week and went to size 1 diapers. I would stock up on size ones and twos

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Most hospitals will give you samples if you ask for them

All of them. Most places will let you swap them out (different size and/or brand) no problem.

I’d get a couple boxes of newborn. I always measured ahead and they thought he was going to be a huge baby, but was 7lbs. They never really know!

They give you newborn diapers in the hospital. Buy size 1 and 2

I always felt that they were in size 4 longest. I bought 1 pack of NB (they grow out of that in a week) then a box of size 1 & 2.

3,5,6 are the sizes my kids have been in the longest

1ns are always recommended for newborns

Suggestion: get a box of each size just to have on hand then sign up for Amazon monthly subscription. And adjust as needed. Every baby is different with birth weight and growth spurts. :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, I only used 1 big box of NB diapers before my baby moved on to size 1. She’s been in size 4 the longest.

What I did was a box of newborn 2 size 1s and 2 size 2s

When I was pregnant my doctor told me I could have a 9 to 11 lb baby by the time she would be born well when I finally had her she was 6 lbs 8 oz so I would wait until the baby comes the hospital will give you dipers that will last about a few weeks

Gift cards so you don’t have to do exchanges just buy as you need


get 1s. my 10lb baby was in nb for like 2 weeks.

My son was I’m size 3 the longest

Size 2’s and 3’s babies grow soooo fast :cry:

Go with gift cards! We got around $200 worth of gift cards and they were ONLY for diapers. It was much better than being stuck with boxes our kids couldn’t fit or having to sell them for cheaper than we paid for. A lot of stores won’t take back diapers so I wouldn’t suggest stocking up on the diapers but rather have a fund set back for them!


I wouldn’t get too many (maybe 2 boxes of 1s and 2s or 3s). Each baby grows differently. They might grow quickly out of the sizes. I wouldn’t suggest newborn (or just a box) nor getting big sizes. My daughter only fit in up to size 4, and we starting potty training after that. We mostly used 2s.

  1. My baby has been in 3 for months
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Size 3 has been what my son is in the longest. He was only in newborn for couple weeks and size 1 for about a month. He spent about 1.5-2 months in size 2 and has been in size three now.

Size ones. Financially a better choice than Newborn, which they won’t wear for long. A couple of my babies didn’t even wear them. Up until size 3 Costco has the best prices with their Kirkland brand.

I always encourage people to use cloth diapers. They’re one size fits all. I personally used the Bum Genius brand. I spent a total of $200 for 3 years of coverage

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I would get some 1’s…don’t open them all in case your baby has a reaction to them…my oldest could wear pampers but my one month old had a reaction to the brand and can’t wear them

Get one pack of new born at least (probably a small one) then get ones (still just one) twos and threes (those ones you could probably get two boxes of each. ) Save your receipts in case you need to return or switch brands. Buy more of the bigger sizes because those babies grow waaayyyy to fast :heart:

You should probably still buy some newborn. I measured ahead and my baby was so so so tiny. Only 5 lbs. He was in preemie clothes and the newborn diapers were way to big for him. Better to be prepared just in case

You can get smaller packages of nb diapers and probably pickup a box of size 1 and go from there mama :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I didn’t buy newborns, just size ones. #1 you don’t know how big your baby will be (newborn up to 8lbs I believe) and they give you diapers at the hospital ( I’ve gotten tons! ) my son lasted longest in size 3

None. I had 4 boys and different brands worked better for different boys. I would have hated to have a whole case of something that didn’t work or caused a rash

My son didn’t even fit newborn diapers until he was 2 months old, he was 5lbs 4oz and only fit preemie until then. He was in newborn diapers until around 5 months. He never grew out of size 3 diapers. He was in them until 18 months old when he started potty training and using pull ups. I’d say we used the most size 2.

We have a bunch of newborn and size 1. Some babies grow out of newborn quick but my baby was only 6 lbs or so at birth so she’s already gone through one box of newborns and is onto the second box. I’m glad we bought multiple boxes of NB. Not every baby is the same though!

Newborn for sure!!! They fit baby up to 8 lbs I believe… and get a few size 1… Then after you have baby you’ll have a better idea on sizes and how many of what. Just so u don’t waste your money buying too many and possibly not using them… :slight_smile:

Don’t stock up on one kind, your baby may end up having a reaction

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A few size one and more size 2. All babies grow differently. All 4 of mine never went past size 2. So from age 1 til 2 when they were fully potty trained we were in size 2. If you measuring big you might be able to use size one for a couple months then go to size 2. You honestly can’t know til your baby comes. You could also buy gift cards and just use for diapers and buy them for the month once you see how your baby is growing

I honestly didn’t stock up and I’m glad I didn’t. I used target brand up and up for a long time and they were great while she was little. Good price and soft. Once she got bigger she started peeing out of them. Went through a couple different ones that gave her a rash before ending up with Pampers Cruisers. She’s now in the Pampers easy ups. You never know how fast they’ll grow or which ones they’ll have a reaction to until you try them. Can’t return opened boxes and I just didn’t want to mess with exchanging them. :blush:

The hospital will give you plenty of newborn ones depending on your baby’s size you might have to buy one or two more small packs I wouldn’t buy the big box of NB size but for sure a box or two of size one and stock up on size 2 and 3

I’m 27 weeks measuring big as well so I only got 1 42 count of nb and then size 1s and up as I don’t think my baby will he in nb diapers for more than a week max.

3s and 4s. Typically get a lot of 1s and 2s from a baby shower and they grow out of those sizes pretty quick. 3s and 4s they are usually in for a while.

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Back in the 50’s and 60’s we didn’t have a choice. It was cloth diapers and diaper pins.

Don’t buy many newborn of at all. They grow out of them so quickly. I would start with size 1. And don’t open the boxes until you need them cause if the baby outgrows them you can exchange them at the store for a bigger size.

We were in size two for a long time.

I’m 28 weeks and measuring 3 weeks ahead my last baby was born 3 weeks early at 8lbs7oz 22 inches long and she was in newborn for maybe 2-3 weeks and went to 1s same with my first which was 7lbs 15oz 18inchs long… all babies are different tho… I’ve always just got a box of newborn and no more than that. Mine have always stayed in 3s the longest. And if u buy them all from the same place u can always go swap out the sizes of needed

My son was almost 10lbs and he still was in newborn for a week or two. I would have a package on hand just in case

We got alot at babyshower for daddy
But i bought alot while i was pregnant, 2 packets every month, especially when there was a special. Baby used nr 4 for long.
Also buy wetwipes, you will use alot and doesn’t waste.

Now that I have had several children I’m not buying new born pampers I’ll get some extra from the hospital when baby is born but personally I’m not buying any I’ll buy size one and up only

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Don’t stock, they grow at different rates. My kid went thru newborn, 1, 2, 3’s in the first 6 months and he’s been wearing 4’s every since and he’s now 14 months.

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Walmart will exchange any of them at anytime without a receipt. So if you happen to buy too many of a certain size you can always exchange it for the size you need.


Usually one box of newborns and then size 1 BC grow out of newborn in two weeks or so

Don’t stock, get gift cards or save $ for it. Baby may not react well and it’ll be more work to return/exchange.


If you buy more than you need, you can always exchange. I had a 6 lb baby and I don’t feel like he used that many newborn diapers. I ended up going to size 1 very quickly.

None. Buy gift cards instead.


Being diabetic and being told “diabetics always have big babies” I didn’t get any newborn diapers and only a few 1’s. Both my kids were born early. 32 weeks and 29 weeks weighing 4 lbs and 3lbs. Lol. It’s hard to stock but switch out at Walmart!

My kids were always in size 4 by no later than 6 months and were in them for awhile… youngest will be 2 un October and shes still in size 4 since she was 5 months :rofl:

3’s & 4’s. Both of mine flew through 1’s, & 2’s. Didn’t fit newborns

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Prepare with just one package of NB and one of size 1. Even the smallest babies grow out of both pretty quickly.

Stockpiles are more helpful in the later months when they’re staying in 1 size for longer periods.


Measurements arnt always accurate. Especially if going by ultrasound or fundal height at 28 weeks. Each is so different but youll still need newborn. Jumping to lets say 2 can cause leaks. Theyll grow differently and you may need 1s longer

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Size 1 and 3 and 4 you will need more of… new newborns and size 2 maybe a box of, they are the quickest ones out of for some reason

My kids stayed in newborn forever, but they were tiny. I also don’t suggest buying bulk until you know which ones work best for your LO. For both of mine, we did pamper swaddlers newborn. But as they moved sizes target brand worked best for my son. Hated huggies for him. For my daughter, huggies worked best. Once you know, then I’d suggest stalking up.

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Get couple packs of newborn & couple packs of first size, & keep money aside for nappies they grow so quick

Depends on the brand! Our baby girl was born at 8lbs 6ozs and wore Huggies newborn until 6 weeks!

All depends on how big ur baby is

Get a few different brands of diapers in sizes NB and 1. You’ll find a certain brand may fit your baby better or you just like a certain brand best. There’s also the possibility your baby may be allergic more or less to a certain brand and that’s not going to be very cost effective if you have a whole bunch of that brand diaper stocked up


I found I went thru 3 boxes of newborn. A box of each 1’s & 2’s.
3 boxes of 3’s and my daughter had been in 4’s for atleast 3 boxes.

But the gift card idea is smart.

I have been lucky and haven’t had any problems with the huggies.

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My kids were 8 and 9 pounders. They wore newborn diapers and clothes until they were 6-8 weeks old.

Size three. You’ll need them forever lol.
But I would buy a small pack of each type and see which work best first

I’d say maybe like 1 or 2 packages of newborn diaper and maybe 4 boxes of ones.

My boy only fit into newborn for a week. He was out of ones ridiculously quick. He was in stage 3 the longest, from what I remember

I’d stock up on sizes 1 to 3 months my kid grew out of newborn diapers so quickly!

And do NOT open any large boxes of diapers to stock your changing table. Get spall packs of a few brands so you can make sure the kiddo won’t react to them. My oldest was allergic to pampers and my youngest was allergic to huggies. Luvs were my favorite, though. Less leaks.


Dont buy many newborn stock up on size one and 2

I’ve bought all different sizes just to be prepared. I wouldn’t splurge a lot on NB diapers as they grow out of those quickly. I have about 4 boxes of those. What we don’t use will go to the next one preggo in our family.

Size 2 or 3. The gift card idea is good too!

My son was 8lbs4oz at birth he fit in newborn but also fit in size one (just had to fold the top down for his belly button)

Pampers and huggies leaked. Right now we are loving luvs triple leakguard and he is 9 days old.

Honestly, I wouldn’t. Don’t get stuck using a diaper that doesn’t work for your baby. I tried all brands and the only thing my son could use was Huggies since everything else leaked. Stock up on sizes after baby is here and know what can use. Plus you never know if they will be allergic to a brand.

You can stock up on 1s and 2s and if you need to you can take the packs back for a different size :+1: doesnt matter what you measure or how big/small baby is. Just get whatever size for now and exchange as you go.

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2 &3 … with my first … my second… we were in nb for first 9 months than 2… … my doc told me approximately weight of baby before birth so I knew what to get needed … my kids were potty trained before getting out of a size 3 diapers…

Ones amd threes are what all 6 of mine used the mose of

Amazon let’s you have a diaper fund where people can contribute money specifically for diapers so you can get whatever size you need when you need it. You also get a diaper discount if $500 worth of stuff is bought off your registry.

When I was pregnant with my oldest child I was measuring big when she was born she was only 5lbs 7ons

My baby is 3 months and still size 1 shes 14lbs she was 6 at Birth

Becareful what you buy however bottles and such like that can not be returned due to covid. We tried and we’re denied. But diapers should be ok. But premie just to be safe. I measure big but even newborn diapers were a little big