What time do your school age kids go to bed on the weekends?

What time do your school age kids go to bed on the weekend? i put mine to bed at 7 pm (8 and 10) years) and my friend said I am crazy and should let them have some freedom


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What time do your school age kids go to bed on the weekends?

Wow 7 dang school nights 8pm for my 8 year old 10 for my 14 year old weekends they go to bed when they want to


:flushed: 7 ??? You are crazy. Poor kids.


My 10 month old goes to bed at 7. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I have a 9 and 12 year old son. Their bedtime is 9:30 on school nights. It has always been 9 until this year. They wake up at 6:20 for school. On the weekends they have to be in bed by 2am on Friday and 12am on Saturday night.


9 or 10 depending on how busy our day was and how tired everyone is. They are 8,6 and 4


6yr old at 7-7.30pm, two 7yr olds at 8pm and 10yr old between 10-10.30pm

My 11 year old goes to bed at 9:30. 7 is waaaay too early.


My kids don’t have a set bedtime on weekends, it’s their choice.


8 or 8:30 for 5 and 8 year old

Weekends around 10pm. Ages 6, 7 & 10 :grinning:

8 they need to be upstairs. 930 lights off. Weekends is when we make them. My kids are 5, 8, 11, and 12.

7 and 8 year old go to bed at 10 on weekends

Whenever they want. It’s their days off. They usually would only last like an hour past their regular bed time.


Wow 7 is way too early. Poor kids. 9 o’clock. Weekends just depends, but never 7.


My 8 year old is in bed at 9. Asleep by 930 usually, during the week. Weekends no bedtime. 7 is really early to be going to bed.

14, 13, 13, 12, & 8 year olds
On the weekend it’s normally upstairs by 10ish. My kids have laptops, TV’s, rokus, and an Xbox in their rooms. I don’t care if they don’t actually go to bed :joy: I make them go upstairs so I can go to bed. My rooms right off the living room so I would be up all night if I let them hang out down here.


My daughter who is 9 goes to bed on weekends when she wants to I try to get her to settle down around 8 or 9 unless we are out but she can stay up and watch tv or her tablet until she falls asleep

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My 4 year old goes to bed at 8om and my 14 year old 12am-1am

We are still playing outside at 7pm. Enjoy the time with your kids on the weekends ease up mama this is extra time u can’t get back


We don’t have a set time on the weekend. My 8 yr old is usually ready by 9, and when he goes to bed the 10
Yr old has to “settle down”, but doesn’t have a set time to go to sleep.

7pm is insane! Poor kids! My kids don’t even go to bed that early on school nights. Heck they get done with football practice at 7.


Different kids need different hours of sleep to function. It all depends on what time you guys have to get up.

8pm use to be the time my kids would go to bed now it’s 9pm and on weekends 10:30 or when ever they want sometimes they go to bed early too. I used to be put to bed at 7pm I hated it it was so boring I’d lay in bed probably two hours before I’d fall asleep it sucked

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Weekends are the time to spend with the kiddos!


My 3 year old is in pre-k and he goes to bed around 8-8:30 depending how late I’m working. And is up by 7:15 weekends it’s typically 8:30 or 9. I feel like 7pm is too early we’re getting off work around that time

On weekdays my son goes to bed between 9-9:30pm. Weekends he doesn’t have a specific time - just whenever he’s tired. Typically that’s about 10pm.

My sons only in preK but I try to keep bedtime same even on weekends. 8ish.

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7pm is way early for that age.


My 9 almost 10yr old goes to bed anywhere from 9pm to 12pm on the weekends. She almost never lasts past 11pm though lol. We let her stay up and play on her game with her cousins or we stay up and watch movies while her little brother sleeps.


11.30pm on weekends and 9pm on weekdays.
They are 10, 11 and 6

Normally by 10 bc we also have younger kids they’ll wake up if they stay up.
But like last weekend they camped in the yard with the neighbors kids and they were all so wide awake at 1 am.

Weekends settle down around 8.30 they get their tablets and go to bed and watch a movie etc. Lights out 9.30. weekdays are 7.30 asleep by 8 other wise I can’t get them up for school :rofl::rofl:
They are 8 and 9

8:30-9 every night unless we are doing something. He’s 3.

My 2 are 14 and 11, on the weekends the 14 year stays up to midnight and the 11 year old falls asleep on the lounge about 10.30

My daughter is in Kindergarten and my son is 3 years old and I put them to bed around 8pm

My 3 year old goes to bed at 7am on the weekends , :joy::joy: if she was 8 or 10 it would be 9pm on weekends.

My 8 year goes to bed on Friday & Saturday when he falls asleep. He says he wants to stay up all night, never happens, he is usually asleep by midnight. On school nights the latest is 930 he sometimes falls asleep by 830 if he is really tired. After his shower that’s when he simmers down and gets sleepy. Haha… Sorry for the long response.

7pm for 8-10 year olds on the weekend?!! And my kids think I’m mean? Pfffft


At that age on weekends 11PM sometimes 12AMish

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13 and 17 and theyre both in bed by 9 most nights lol I guess Im a monster


Oh my and I thought 9pm was too early when I was young. My daughter will be 13 next month (so I know it’s different) but she usually goes to bed around 10-11pm on school nights. If she has volleyball practice after school then she goes to bed earlier because she’s exhausted. I wake her at 7:15 on school mornings. Weekends she does what she wants but I am a night owl too😂

Mine are 4, 6 and 9 and go to bed at 8 but my 14 yr old has a 10pm cut off.

7 PM on a weekend??? Girl. No. Let them stay up a bit late. 9 PM here every night


Mine is 9 she goes to bed 930 weekdays and weekends 10 ish.

7 is waaaay too early for the weekends. As a mother with a 30 yr old & now small grandbabies, you’ll def regret not spending that time with them when they’re older. Take that time to make memories‼️ Bexausw one day, when they’re grown & gone & have families of their own… those memories will be very special❤️


Mine are 5&7 I read them a book at 730pm and then they are allowed to read books until 8pm and then it’s lights out. They wake up between 630/7 and it works for us :woman_shrugging:t2: I had a 9pm bedtime in grade 7 so I reckon they’re on track. On weekends we have movie nights and they go to sleep by 10pm or else I pay the next day with cranky kids.

I also make my kids keep normal schedule through holiday breaks and summer vacation.

Between 7:30-9 for that age is what’s recommended

Geez that’s wayyyyyy to early :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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Oh no, Freedom is bad. They’ll have enough freedom to stay up late when they are 15, 16, 17


5 and 8 go to bed between 7-8 depending on behavior. Some days we extend a little for a reward but never past 830** edit to add I thought this was week days. Weekends everyone needs break and can relax however they see fit to a reasonable hour.

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All depends- definitely get my daughter ( 10) hopefully in bed by 9. My older boys they know they need to be quiet in there room and I suggest bed time by 10 to them. They are 16& 14

But they quickly realized that it’s not that cool to stay up late because that 6am alarm clock isn’t fun. On short amount of sleep.

with sports nights school activities…it’s a scramble sometimes.


10-11 on Friday and Saturday. 8pm on Sunday. They are 8 and 10.

7 pm lol dang! It’s legit still bright out don’t do them kids like that!! I agree with your friend!


Totally depends on the child I have a 16 year old that needs extra down times so he goes to bed early if his own choosing my 6&7 yr olds 7-8 pm and I’m consistent with this through holidays too.


9 at the latest for all my kids it’s not about freedom it’s about them getting the amount of sleep they need. They also get free days on weekends where they just lay around and do absolutely nothing or anything they want to do to make them happy. … you’re not crazy for raising your kids how you want to raise your kids that you feel is best for them


Youre getting them into a good schedule its strict but its good
My kids have no sleeping pattern i have a toddler a 5 year old and a 12 year old theire sleeping patterns change since their schedules are different

@ 9pm, 1 Netflix then bed on week day, Friday and Saturday I don’t care, I wonder if they even sleep lol mine are 17, 12 and 11.

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You do whatever works for you. My boys 12&13 go to bed around 9-9:30 and some days it’s hell trying to get them up. I’m considering having them retire earlier during the week. On the weekends they stay up until 11pm.

I put my 6 year old to bed at 8:30 on week days and 9-9:30 on weekends
Any earlier than that, she wakes up at 5 am

Bed time during school 9-10pm we wake up at 630/7 am. We also do sports so don’t get home till 9 some nights. Weekends, whenever it’s the weekend! They always pass out before 12am tho lol


absolutely not crazy, regulated sleep is so important for all ages.

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My two youngest are 9 and 10. They start getting ready for bed around 7.30, in bed settled no later than 8.


Age 10 - goes to bed on weekends at 11… on weekdays between 9 and 10…

They have freedom at 5am when they wake up lol

My 5 and 7yr old go to bed at 9pm, last yr was 8pm. Weekend 10/11 if they are being good

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Why have kids if you don’t want to see them? They are home from school only a few hours before you force them to bed. Sounds like you don’t want to deal with your kids. Sounds like they come in from playing all day, eat dinner, take a bath and then you make them go to bed. Wow.


My 7 year old is asleep between 8:30-9 weekdays and weekends are up to her (usually around 10 is when she falls asleep)

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13 yr old 10p.m.
7 yrs old 9p.m

Weekends will mess your week nights up if you don’t keep some kind of schedule. Can’t be a night owl two night a week and get up Monday and fly with the early birds. Each child is different, remember you are their mom not their buddy.


7pm?? Do you ever actually spend time with them? Poor kids have no life but school and sleep.

My 3month old is in bed at 8pm every day and wakes up for the day at 7am.

My 13 year old his bedtime is when he wants every day but he’s not aloud to come home and sleep all day or not wake up in the mornings he has extra chores if he get an attitude so he’s normally in bed at 11pm no matter the day because he also has sports after school and weekends.

My 5yr is 9pm on weekdays but he goes down on his own by 8pm and he’s up at 5am everyday no matter what by his own choice. Weekend it’s whenever but again he don’t last only till about 8pm he’s also sports after school and weekends.

My 3yr old hahaha he don’t know what sleep is. Everyday is about midnight and he’s up at 7am no matter what also.


They haven’t had a bed time since my oldest son was 3. He’s now 18. No matter when we put him to bed he was up faithfully at 3:30am took him to the doc and the doc said when he’s tired he’ll go to sleep. Started allowing him to go to sleep when he was tired once he fell asleep he slept through. Even though they don’t have one they know no matter what they are getting up the next morning on time for school.

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My 6 year old goes to bed around 9/9:30 and wakes up at 7

My JK is in bed at 7:30 (she’s 3) because she needs a solid 11 hours sleep.
My 6 year old is 8-8:30pm

Whoa, 7 is a little uh, early. :sparkles:Especially :sparkles: for the 10 year old. I mean dang, are they in prison? Lol. My 7 year old is usually in bed at 9.


That’s too early, mines is 10 or 11 on the weekends

830 weekdays. Whenever on weekends. Unless theyre being all bananas. Then i tell them to lay down but that they can watch youtube or tv for as long as theyd like.

Sleep very important at all ages!

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9,11,15 year old all go to bed by 10:30-11 pm on weekends. My 9 year old will usually go to her a bit earlier as he likes his sleep. During the week it’s such strict schedules , school/ sports/ Apts etc that on the weekends .I want them to get as much play dates/family time and soak in every last second of the weekend ,before the chaos of the weekday starts up again. Different things work for different families if 7pm works for you and your child don’t let people on the internet tell you that you don’t want to spend time with your child. They don’t know what works best for your child, maybe they really need their sleep or else they are cranky the next day and that is not enjoyable either! We are all just trying to do our best and survive this crazy ride called parenthood and it sure didn’t come with a manual!!

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Oh lord my 11year old know 9:30 on school nights and 10:30 on weekends lol my 4 year old doesnt even go to bed at 7 lol

I have a 10/8/7/1 year old on school nights my 7 year old is bed at 8pm weekend 930 for all

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Kids NEED sleep to grow mentally and physically. EVERYDAY.


It’s ur choice ! I’ve seen a comment saying do u spend any time with them ! How cheeky ! School finishes at 3 she then obviously picks them up spends time with them homework dinner and the rest ! My 4year old is 7pm my 8 year old does dancing so she’s abit later with her classes but bed time is bed time they need sleep my kids are up from around 6am like me your there mum there is no rule book on when We put our kids to bed every house hold and parent is different.

My granddaughter go’s to bed at 6:30 ever night.


I used to let mine stay up longer on the weekends

My 7 and 13 year old go to bed around 11 on weekends. It will be regular time, 9:30, if we have an early morning activity.

Mine are in bed 8:30 school nights and up at 7, weekends they outlast me and I go I bed at 10 but I’m up at 7am still and they sleep until 9-10am.

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My 11 and 6 year old go to bed at 8pm on school nights… on the weekends, they usually stay up until 9-9:30ish.

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1,7,9yo 730pm 11yo 830pm and they still wake up
Grumpy! School, summer, breaks, whatever… they go to bed at the same time. Unless we are out with family Or at an event late.

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My 12 yr old is 930 only cause he chooses that he loves sleep but the other kids 8 6 and 4 go around 11 pm

My kids go to bed anywhere between 7 and 8pm on school days and anywhere between 7 and 930 non school days depends how I feel and also depends on my son who doesn’t do so well when I take him out his routine cause his autistic. You do what you think is best for your family. They are 10,9 and 7

My kids start school in like 2 weeks age 3&4. Currant bedtime is 9pm and they wake around 8-9am. So I will be putting them to bed around 730-8pm once school starts.

Weekends is between 9-10

You have them on a sleep schedule and that’s good.
My grands go to be around 7:30 to 8:30 every night of the week!!

My 6 year old is in bed for 7:30 asleep by 8 my 14 year old is 10

I say for that age by 8:00-8:30 and weekends 9:00. Kids need sleep… my kids go to bed way to late sometimes and you can tell.

Some of you will hate me on this I have four 15, 13, 12 & 6. My three eldest on weekends and holidays at mine they have to be in bed by ten but they don’t have to go to sleep, I’ve said if we have plans and you kids stay up all night that’s on you, I don’t want to hear if your tired or any complaints (trying to get it through their heads) they chose to stay up . My youngest on weekends and holidays it’s between 8.30/9.30. school nights youngest in bed by 7.30/8 and older kids about 9/9.30


I have an 8 yo and 15 yo and they go to bed at 9pm during the school week and on the weekends maybe 10. That’s just them in their beds. They can read or whatever in their beds until sleep.