What to do about my man?

Ive been with my man for 5 years we have a 1 year old baby girl . He was in rehab because he was doing pills he promised he would change and be better person , ever since he been out , we barely have sex , we don’t cuddle at night , he hasn’t said he loves me ,he don’t look at me the same anymore , I tried to be sexy the other night , he said not right now I am watching tv it’s to early to go to bed , umm wtff ? Before he usto get all excited for sex, he goes out all the time , when he needed he’s friends they were never there for him , but he always hangs out all the time with them , I’ve been there since day 1 supporting him, and he treats me like s*** , he don’t help me clean , always playing video games , he helps me financially, but idk what to do , should I leave him ? I do love him so much

Talk to him, at least you can fight for him before just leaving. Ask him why he’s acting this way, what’s going on. Create a safe space. It’s hard, make him feel comfortable, but also know he could say something that hurts you. Have him share his side, you share your side, and try to figure out where to go from there.

This is literally the same post over and over again.
You ladies have children for men who will never commit to you. He obviously has issues and is in no place to be what you want him to be. If you take an honest look at the whole relationship you will prob see that he has never been what you needed. 5 years in he should marry you or he is wasting your happiness. Loving someone is no reason to stay.
You deserve better and so does your child.