What were your experiences with being induced?

I need advice on what to expect and how to prepare for induction. I’m getting induced next week due to medical reasons, and I would like to hear other women’s experiences with it and things they wished they would’ve prepared for better going into it. It’s my first baby, so I’m pretty nervous about it.


I was induced due to high BP and for me it was not a bad process at all. Just a lot of waiting around for the first 12 hours or so :upside_down_face:

I was induced and it wasnt bad at all. They gave me pitocin at 1130 that morning and I had my little girl at 930 that night

I was induced at 37 weeks. It was basically a lot of waiting. Went in Tuesday at 6am and didn’t have my daughter till Thursday at 12. My water broke Wednesday night at 11pm. After that happened the contractions were atrocious. I made it till 4 am without an epidural. Had an epidural,got some sleep. Epidural wore off by the time I had her. That part was a breeze though.

I was induced twice. Both labors 4 to 5 hours each. It was TERRIBLE.

^^^^ yup waiting. And to me it hurts alittle more. I was in labor for two days. But it’s really up to ur body and how it takes it.

I was admitted at 2pm, Oxytocin at 4pm, epidural at 5pm. Started laboring around 6ish and after a couple of pushes I delivered. No complications and went home 24 hrs later. She was born at 39 weeks and I was induced because of her size.

I had my first naturally and my second by being induced because she was overdue. Natural was much easier and less painful. I would recommend trying to have sex to induce it naturally if that is an option for you…


Terrible lol
The contractions were out of this world for me. No epidural and IV meds didn’t help much.

Let your body do it naturally if possible!

I have 4 kids. My last little one I was induced at 10p
Had her at 1ish the next day.

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I was induced at 40 and 39 weeks. It’s not bad just a lot of waiting. You can get your epidural whenever you want. I Would recommend getting it before they break your water if you have to have it broke. To me, breaking your water hurts so bad. It’s not that bad at all.

I was induced for both my pregnancies due to the water breaking first and both times it was 13hrs labor. The only thing is it gets so boring and they say sleep but you can’t sleep so bring books or magazines or something to occupy your time. And just know if you are getting an epidural you can’t have it until the labor really gets going so be prepared for pain. Good luck!

I got induced with my son. It wasn’t bad at all. The doctors here give you the epidural if you make any change and when they went to start induction I went from a 1 to a 2. So I threw my hands up and sang eeepppiidddurrraalll lol I didn’t feel a thing the whole time. It was awesome. If your doctors have that rule where you have to be so far dilated before you can get the epi then it can suck being induced depending on your pain tolerance.

I was induced twice and each time went perfect! Had my first son in 4 hours and I had my second son in 3.

First time I was in labor for 32 hours. Second time I was in labor for 5 1/2 hours.

My first was born natural with no pain meds. Second I was induced also with no pain meds. Pain level seemed to be about the same. I went in at 730am, pitocin started at 915am, water naturally broke at 1058am, and baby was born at 1252pm. I was 100% effaced and 3cm dilated when they started the pitocin.

Went in got my epidural, got my water popped and 4 hours later my 4th came right out. It was my first induction out of all my kids and it was easy as could be. Only complaint I had was by the time she was coming out my epi was wore off I felt everything but still it was just push and over.

Induced 2x and had no problems. Just prepare to be there a while lol it was actually comforting to me to know that I’m already in the right place if baby starts coming lol

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First labor induction was easy, just alot of waiting around. I had a Foley bulb placed, cytotec to soften the cervix and then finally pitocin. It was a 20 hour process start to finish. Second induction, I was already 4cm dilated so we just did pitocin. Started pitocin at 830am, broke my water at 1030am and had baby at 1143am. Super fast delivery.

I have had been induced twice and the first time I didn’t know that in some cases they break you water so maybe expect that the other was I was pretty dam hungry so maybe try to eat a bit before going to hospital to be induced other then that it was pretty easy .

I was induced with my son (my first baby). It wasn’t bad at all. I was super excited, I had to wait 12 hours for him to be born. I had to have a C-Section though cause he was a big boy.

It’s okay to get an epidural. Motherhood is hard enough, you’re not going to get extra brownie points for skipping it. Pitocin is rough, but you’ll get through it. The pain is temporary

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The minute I was induced, my contractions went from an 8 to a 20, and I immediately requested they insert a giant needle into my spine :smirk:

I was induced with my second child. It was easy and fast! But, they did put gel on my cervix which did most of the work beforehand.

I was induced for preeclampsia at 37 weeks for my first pregnancy. Started with a cervical bolus and Cervadil. I was stuck in the bed because I was on a magnesium drip for my bp. Had pitocin added at 6 hour mark. Water was broken at 8 hour mark. Baby would not drop. By 18 hour mark, they encouraged me to get an epidural because labor was stalled. I did, no biggie. She was still at 1+ and I was still at 6cm. Around 20 hours she started to show signs of distress so I was rushed to surgery. It was not ideal, but my life depended on induction and then hers depended on csection.

I was really nervous with mine… My 1st I had a schudaled but she came few days early on her self. My 2nd made it to his date… Got to hosptial. At 6a checked in got up to room and started meds by 745a. Relaxed played on phone. I was 5cm by 11a got epidural by 1230 relaxed they put my but down for awhile to let baby drop on his own he did very well but 2p I was 10cm 229p had my little boy. I didn’t feel anything before or after epidural … My 3rd made it to his induction date just not his time lol I also have very hight pain tolerance

Induced twice 8 years apart. Both times got there at 7 delivered by 3:30.

So my first I went natural. My water broke, labor for 32 hours, rough delivery. It was not ok.
Second one I was induced at 40 weeks 3 days. Got there at 4 am. OB broke my water at 7. Pitocin was administered at 9. Baby was here after 3 pushes at 11:15. In my opinion the actual labor and delivery were WAY easier on my body EXCEPT for the contractions. The pitocin started and they came on like a freight train. Even saying that though I’ll take the induction over the natural delivery.

I was induced with both of my girls and it went perfectly with both!

I gave birth within 1 hour. No pain meds. Happened quick

I was induced, elected at 39 weeks with our third. I had two healthy normal pregnancies and labor/deliveries.

It was pretty quick…was there for less that 12 hours when baby came.

They did the foley bulb for a bit…I don’t really remember because I slept for quite a bit. Then eventually they started pitocin. The contractions didn’t seem any more or less intense than my other two labors. The only difference I guess is that they start out strong instead of progressing…I got an epidural at 6cm( I tend to go from 6-10cm QUICK after the epidural because my body just relaxes and does it’s thing)

My epidural wore off about 40 min later and baby was coming. He was out in probay15/20 min.

Same plan for baby boy 4 due next month

You’ll do great.

Everyone is different and every labor/delivery is different. Just try and go with it lol

Mine went really well! Trust your nurses and doctors, they will guide you. Bring a comfy blanket or pillow you are attached to, and one or two very supportive people :slight_smile: good luck!

Tell them you want an epidural first. They will try to talk you out of it. Don’t let them.

I was induced in April and it was extremely easy, the nurses were a huge part of that. I showed up around 8am and started pushing around 6pm. Bring a movie to watch or something to keep you busy. I wouldn’t worry if I were you. I also got an epidural which I highly suggest.

I’m a mum of 5 been induced twice only advice I can give is once you are allowed of the bed is walk, I walked all over the hospital to help baby move down, the Labour was no more painful than a natural one found it quicker to be honest never have I had an epidural, was induced with my last baby who is now 2 and once I was ready to give birth which the nusee didn’t believe me 5cm dilated went to Labour room got of the bed to get on other and gave birth stood up nurse having to catch baby lol 9lb 1oz baby within 3 mins on entering the room good luck and listen to your body as we are all different you will know what’s happening mum instinct kicks in xx

Get the epidural. You will be fine. I was so nervous…and it wasnt terrible.

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They admitted me at 530 on a tuesday… My xervix hadnt thinned all the way so they had to give me the cervidil which is like a thinf piece of gauses with medicine in it… They put it up you on the cervix ans its a 12hr routine… So i fot it at 8pm… By 6am tmy cervix had open and my son kovinf his way down cracked my ass(anal fissular) so they jad to rush the epidural in me… Gabe me the poticim2 and within an hour had tl take me off cause it was effecting his heartbeat… That about7-8am some time… By 10am i went from 3-6cms ans mt water broke… But they had to give me benadryl cause the epidural made me very itchy(common side effect for.some)… But my sons heart bear still… So they kept havinf to rotate me every 30mins-1hr because they kept losing me… My dr said if i waant at 10cm by atleast 6pm they were gonna do a c-section… Well by 6pm ans i was at 8… By 630 i was at 10cm… But his head waant in the position to push… They told me thar ny 12midnight wednesday/thursday morning they were fpnna do c-section(m2t contractions had alao slowed down.)… So from 8pm-10pm they kwpt havinf me do 3 sets of pushes every 15-30mins to help my body push him down… By 10pm he waa closer but not by muxh so ghey started tje pitocin again and when my contractions picked up theu made push at each one… (Granted due to the epidural,benedryl and the slweping pill i was a zombie this entire day so i waant able to hardly push… Ao when the uped the pitocin they turned down my epidural so i could feel mg legs ans feet to help push… So about 12:52am may 23rd he was finallt out

I was induced twice. My first was at 41 weeks, labored for 34 hours, pushed for 4 and ended up having a c-section (9lb12oz) My second I was induced at 39 weeks, I labored for 9 hours, pushed less than 5 minutes and she was here (8lbs2oz). Definitely eat before you go in. I ate a light breakfast both times and regretted it because once they start the pitocin you can’t eat. Also, move around as much as you can, it helps move things along.

Get the epidural before being induced!!!

The contractions will amp up once they induce you so the epidural will save you from feeling all that. Make sure the epidural they give you also has a button for more so it doesn’t wear off. Ask for a peanut ball so you can rest with your hips held apart and you’ll dilate faster

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I was induced at 40wks. 36hours of labor. 3 hours of pushing. Epidural wore off as well and they forgot to give me another bag. Make sure they keep flipping you, mine ‘forgot’ and the pain was horrible! The balloon hurts so so bad. Be prepared, nothing helps, sitting walking etc. Lastly look at the small percentages. My placenta didn’t detach and them ripping it out with their hands since I was hemorrhaging was by far the worst pain you could ever imagine. 2% of inducements have that happen.

I was induced with my now 4 month old girl. She just was not wanting to come out. The labor was a lot stronger than when my water broke with my son. It wasn’t too bad. They had to turn the pitocin off multiple times due to complications and unfortunately (like most induction cases) I ended up with a c-section. But I went through it all with no epidural. Since I had an emergency c-section I was put under and no epidural was done. So it is possible if you want to go that route. Not everyone who gets induced has a c-section (most do). So if it comes down to having a c-section dont be upset it’s very common. Inductions arent as scary as they may seem. Good luck momma!

I was induced because my water was leaking for over 24 hours. I tried to tell them for three days and the nurses kept saying I was probably just peeing myself.

I wish I would have brought my own blanket and pillow because I was in the hospital for five days and I had t keep sending my fiancé home to get things and we live far from the hospital we had our son at.

Bring a few different sizes of clothes for the baby since you don’t know what will fit. I brought only nb sizes and he was more of a 3m since he was so long.

Shampoo and conditioner and a normal sized towel for the shower.

Clean comfortable slippers and socks.

I had trouble getting my shirts on because I had a ton of IVs attached so no long sleeves unless you want to wait and ask a nurse to unhook you from your IV to get changed. It’s not really a problem unless you are there as long as I was.

I planned on breastfeeding exclusively but the antibiotics they had me on plus a few other medical reasons made me unable to produce breast milk. If I were you I’d bring a bottle and you’re choice of formula. Just Incase.

I had an amazing induction. I was scared of the unknown and it was my first. They started pitocin at 2:30 and I slept for a bit, broke my water at 8 and I delivered at 11:01. So everything took less than 8 1/2 hours. Be open to things not going as planned or it taking time. Everyone has different experiences.

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I was induced twice and this is what I learned.

Advocate for your self. You need to stand up for yourself. Don’t be afraid!!

My first induction was terrible. Gave me too much pitocin. Didn’t allow me to dilate properly so I went from a 4 to a 10. She got stuck, the emergency team rushed in and pounced on my stomach to push her out. The cord was wrapped around her neck multiple times so that’s why she got stuck. The dr gasped and my mom and SO ran out of the room. That’s when I passed out in shock. I woke up 30 minutes later and held my baby an hour later. Had to be given pills to stop the bleeding. My mom and SO thought she was still born because she was purple, and not breathing. I’m so thankful she was okay!!

My third baby was induced too. They gave me cervidil to soften my cervix but I tried telling them that I’m in labour already. No one believed me so I got it. I told them I’m getting contractions almost immediately when they inserted it. Again didn’t believe me so I was sent home and told to come back when they’re consistent. We walked home (live 5-10 mins away) and as soon as I got home, I had to turn back. I went into the jacuzzi for 10 minutes and gave birth 20 minutes later.

Mine both went well. I’m getting induced again tonight. The worse part is the pitocin induced contractions. It goes 0 to 100 real quick. But both my babies were born healthy. :heart:

I was induced at 39 weeks 3 days. I got there at 8pm and they put cervidil in to start the process. Not going to lie, that sucked, felt like sand paper where you wouldn’t want sand paper going. That next morning they started the pitocin and I got my epidural and they broke my water. Once the epidural kicked in it was pretty awesome, I didn’t care what they did to me. I wasn’t progressing though so after 24 hrs i had a c section. my advice is to eat something nutritious and filling and HYDRATE… you won’t be allowed food or water, just ice chips. And you’ll be tired AF because you won’t be able to rest well with all the wires and machines and nerves. Good luck!

I wasnt very nervous, I was induced with both of mine because of preeclampsia, both labors lasted between 7 and 8 hours (one was about 7 hrs and 20 mins, the other was about 7 hrs and 40 mins) they start the drip slow and kinda ramp it up if you don’t kinda take off on your own. The more they ramp it up the more intense the labor is. I cant think of anything I wish I’d brought or had been more prepared for besides the feeling of them breaking my water (with both) the gush feels so disgusting.

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I was induced for both of my babies. I had pre-eclampsia at 36 weeks with my first and high blood pressure and highway closures to contend with for my son, so we decided to voluntarily induce labor at 39 weeks with him since I was already 3 cm dilated and 100% effaced. It goes pretty quickly.

I’ve been induced twice. The first time caused hard labor where my contractions were overlapping. It was absolutely awful. They tried giving me ambien and it literally did nothing. I was induced around 9:30pm and gave birth at 4:22am. The second induction was much less horrific, but I was in labor for 13 hours. I will say to try and power through without an epidural. I have excruciating back pain now because the anesthesiologist stuck me several times because she couldn’t get both sides to go numb. And I still felt everything while pushing. Every person is different though! Good luck and have a safe delivery!

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Be prepared for a long induction process. Your body may be ready, or it may not. If it’s not, the induction process may be difficult and long. (My first was at 36 weeks due to pre-e and the induction took almost 3 full days. The second was 5 days past due date and took about 14 hours).

Know that a c-section is far more likely after being induced, so have that knowledge and a plan for that in the back of your mind. You don’t want to get shocked if it gets to that point.

Since it’s your first kiddo, make sure you plan ahead of all the things you’ll need in your bag, regardless of induction (cell phone charger, chapstick, etc). You just definitely don’t want to risk being without things for days if it comes to a longer term.

Induced with my first because he was 1 week overdue. I was 1cm when I went in at 6am. 7am started medication and delivered just before midnight. Wasn’t bad. Take all the drugs. lol. Epidural was great. I had back labor and couldn’t lay on my side because the monitor wouldn’t pick up his heart beat when I did. I may have been able to do it without the epidural if I was able to roll on my side. It wore off before I started pushing. They broke my water and I didn’t feel a thing. (That was before any pain medication.) I know it’s painful for some. Walk around while being induced as much as they’ll allow. Use the tub, if available and you’re allowed. I would have brought some reading material, had I known it would be so boring. lol. Now with phones and things, you could probably watch a couple movies. :wink: Good luck!!

I was induced both my kids. Besides contractions going from 0-100 no complaints I received drug iv. Kids were both born within 2 hrs -My sister also induced received drug p.o. Labor took much longer and was much more uncomfortable

I was inuced (my son needed to be evicted 10 month baby) :rofl: really is was a relatively easy labor just took forever. I went in the night before and they started it (7pm) full labor for me didnt start till the next day (10:30am) my son was born 10:20pm that night. Took forever it seemed.

You definitely want to get it done before the holidays starts. I had the worst hospital stay ever. My son was born over the Thanksgiving break.

Good luck and congratulations :grin::grin::+1:

I was induced both pregnancies. Just expect to go into your appointment and do a lot of waiting around. I think one thing I didn’t fully think about was how long of a process it would be. I expected to go in and get things rolling. But it’s a waiting game for dilation and effacement, especially starting from 0. Also sleep when you can while you’re not contracting yet, because that baby will wait for no one when it’s time and you may be awake for days at a time.

First induction started 34 hours before my daughter came. I had gone so long having contractions it stressed my daughter out and she ended up aspirating her meconium. We didn’t expect that at all.

Second one went well, but it also took a good 20 hours before I had my son.

They say pitocin makes contractions worse, but I have nothing to compare it to because I’ve never had a birth without being induced.

Pitocin is terrible makes contractions way worse. Good luck to you

I was induced at 37 weeks for gestational hypertension. They started the Pitocin and used a Foley catheter to get my cervix dilating, which was really uncomfortable but very temporary. Breaking my water was painless. My nurse used an exercise ball between my legs to speed up dilation, and boy did that work. The only thing I regretted was that they pressured me to get my epidural early. I never really got to experience labor, but then again I may be lucky for that. I did feel everything “down there” once it was time to push though. :flushed: The whole process took 16 hours.

The worst part was being not being able to eat the night before. :roll_eyes: I may or may not have snuck some snacks while we were waiting :wink:

I was induced, 39 weeks and 3 days. Went in at 630, they broke my water at 8 and had to lower pitocin cuz contractions were getting too close together (I think they said more than 5 in 10 min) I went from 2-8 cm in 2 hours. Daughter was born at 1:37 pm. All after a failed epidural too. Good luck lady :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was induced with my first at 37 weeks for medical reasons also. It’s not that bad. I was induced at 9:30am on the 6th. I contracted all day, but never dilated past 1. They stopped the pitocin at 11pm. Let me sleep then started again at 5:30am. At about 10am they broke my water and my baby girl was born at 3:10pm. It was no trouble and I didn’t tear or anything. My baby was 4lbs.

I was induced with my third due to the speed of labor, mainly with my second. Labor was 2hrs total, she delivered 10min after we arrived at hospital.
But I continued to postpone the date due to the fear of the unknown. My first 2 labors were so easy, I didnt want to voluntarily sign up for a worse experience.
Third was just as fast. Started Pitocin at 730a and I was already 2cm. Still wasn’t feeling much at 11am and still a 2cm- So zero progress. They. Broke my water at 11am, and my baby girl was born at 1135am.

Don’t hip yourself up, you may be getting induced but that doesn’t automatically mean your labor with be more intense than it would have been. Stay calm, advocate for yourself and Congrats!

Both my kids were induced. I had a great experience with both. My first took a bit longer, but my cervix was still closed and my body wasn’t even close to being ready to have him, so It took longer, but with my daughter I was already dialated so my body was ready, just needed to get the contractions started. But I honestly had no complications at all with both inductions. With my daughter I started the pitocin at 8:30-9am, had my water broken at about one. She was out at 4pm. Only reason it took so long was the pitocin wasn’t upped every 30mins like it was supposed to. But it honestly was very easy. I didn’t start getting strong contractions until after my water broke.

I wasn’t feeling right. And was having odd pains. I went to the hospital. They said things was fine. And sent me home. I just walk in the door and the hospital called me back. Me and my baby wasn’t contracting at the same time. So they induced me. A hour or so later. My water broke. And he was breach. Had an emergency c-section. With them inducing me…the cramps was a little hard than my first born. But they was bad. You’ll be fine. Kinda feels like hard period cramps to me.

I was induced with both. The first was at 34 weeks due to preeclampsia. Pit was very easy on me until they broke my water. That’s when things got intense. The second I was induced at 39 voluntarily and again things got intense once they broke my water. Otherwise it was just pressure

SLEEP as much as you possibly can, also if your hospital has a jacuzzi tub get in as much as possible! That helped me loads with the contractions. Have you S/O bring snacks or food bcus hospital food is usually yuck lol good luck with everything!

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I was induced and it was the worst experience of my life. My labor was 12 hours in when my son started to go into distress and had to have an emergency C section. They screwed up my epidural, tried sticking me 17 times and in the end I could feel them cutting me open. I panicked of course and had to be put under. All around horrible labor story…

The first time I was induced I was thankfully already 5cm dilated so it was a very quick process. The second time I was given medicine first to soften my cervix because I was not ready at all…and it sent me in to full blown labor at like 3am. No one listened to me because supposedly that medicine wasnt supposed to send you in to labor and it was rare, well it happened…and by the time the Dr got there I had already readied myself and started to listen to my body and push. By the time the dr got her robes on, my daughter was here. It was a horrible experience because no matter how adamant I was about it no one would listen. I reported everyone on that night staff and I truly hope none of them work there anymore.

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I was induced at 38 weeks due to blood pressure problems .induced me at 5am with picotin and broke my water at 7. I was already dilated at a 3 when I came in .I was in labor for over 24 hours, I never reached a full 10 and they just had me start pushing and he came like 2 hours later .wasn’t the best experience for me .I had an epidural placed but they messed it up so they did it again but it wore off right before I gave birth .

There really isn’t anything you can do to be ready besides be mentally prepared for things to not go a certain way but other than that there really isn’t much you can do ahead of time. Every woman is different and every delivery is different so just know it’s going to hurt and at the end of it all you’ll have a beautiful new baby in your arms.

I was induced on my due date with my second. It was an easy delivery made easier by the fact that my body was preparing for labor already and I was already at 4cm. But I’ve heard it’s a lot harder if you’re not already dilated at least a few cms.

Pitocin made my contractions horrific … get that epidural lol

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i was induced twice one was longer than the other my 2nd i was induced at 7pm had 5minutes to midnight after induced i walked laps walked backed room water broke evryone left me at that moment 4 hrs 55minutes labor. my 3rd also induced she was longest birth for me induced at noon dint decide to come out till 1:05am. also had the tub to help labor. but i also had a hernia with her i was miserable with that.i found that out after i had her. i have 3 girls thats why say 3

I had my first 4 months ago. I had an amazing induction experience, hoping the same for you! Admittedly at first I was so disappointed I was getting induced, but so happy with my experience. My best advice ask for the epidural before you think you need it. The pitocin hits quick and you never know if someone else is in need of an epidural when you want one. The epidural didnt hurt at all and relieved all pain within 1.5 contractions. First I started with 2 rounds of the cervical ripener then did pitocin. After 2hrs on pitocin I got the epidural, 1hr after my water broke and another hour or 2 later we began pushing and she was out 30min later!

Instead of the cervical ripener a foley bulb was offered to me, but it freaked me out so I refused. It has a greater chance of having complications although speeding up the process.

Being induced brings contractions on faster not gradually as if you were too go on your own. Just prepare mentally and keep remembering you will have your sweet baby in your arms. Good luck

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I was induced due to gestational hypertension. I was 40+1 and my high bp warranted concern. Anyways, I had options. I hate pain. Really, I do. They gave me options. Misoprostol (cytotec) or Foley balloon. I read the options online. I chose cytotec because it’s the less painful of options. Before induction, he was pretty high up, and only a fingertip dilated. With the Miso (shortened form for full name) I dilated to 1 cm. I wasnt progressing, so they initially were going to give me another miso before settling on pitocin. The contractions were horrible. I was still not dilating well. :confused: I had pain medication and helped me drastically. At 3:37 am I was still 1 cm. They gave me the pain medication and I was able to dilate to 8-9 cm by the time he came at 5:00 am. I reccomend getting some form of.pain control, because those contractions were the worst…and i had two other babies before him.

Induced at 6pm. Pitocin at 9pm. Water broke at 3am. My son was born at 1:49pm. I did try an epidural but it failed, I have had one previously, I recommend not getting one of you can stand it. My first was over two hours of pushing. My second was just under 20 minutes.

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Was induced with #1. Won’t ever do it again.

I had a bad experience. I was induced at 39 weeks with my son. Started pitocin at 9, broke my water at 9:30, couldn’t get any epidural because my spine is crooked and that shit hurts. 19 hours of labor, my son got stuck in my pelvis for a little while, but worth it. You’ll literally forget the pain as soon as they’re out. Swear. Currently pregnant with baby 2 while I have an 8m old and wouldn’t change a thing.

My contractions were 1min 30 second apart the entire laboring.

I was Induced with all three of my.baby boys. Seems labour And diolation doesnt like to come naturally for me .if you are getting induced they reccomend you get the epidural as cramping and contractions tend to.be more intense with induction meds. If
You want an epidural they can either start it right around the time you get your iv started for being induced or you can wait a bit just dont wait to long or it might end up being too late. With my youngest they took a while yo get my epidural in by the time it was in the thing didnt even ger turned on yet and I was ready to push. When you get there they will likely check to see If you are already starting to dilate. If nothings really started down there then they may apply a induction gel to your cervix that helps it soften and contract. You usualy have to wait about 6 hours one time with my youngest they sent me home to wait.other times they will tell you to walk around the hospital. with that in and they will check dilation again. After that they may start you on fluid. With iv to keep you hydrated and start on the iv induction meds. They will check dilation and once you are dilated enough they will break your water and that’s when things usualy move a bit quicker. For me the breaking of the water was the most uncomfortable part of being induced but doesnt hurt just feel pressure. Any other questions ur welcome to pm me as well.

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I was induced at week 42 and 5 days
Baby wouldn’t come, dilated to 7cm nothing further. Felt faint pains but machine showed strong pains. When taken to labour room the pains wore off. Labour lasted from Sunday morning10:00 to Monday eve 23:00.
All through the process I walked up and down. Please eat at home before you go coz afterwards you’ll need ALL the energy you can get and sleep whenever you can. Strongs

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I was induced with both my boys because they were huge lol n medical things but anyway fo r me the dialation and labor picked up when they broke my water both times. 1st time I was 39 weeks 4 days 3 hours of active labor got my epidural and within 20 minutes I was completly dilated n waiting for the Drs to be ready pushed 3 times had my 9lb 12oz boy n my 2nd time was at 38 weeks 4 days 3 and it was about 3 hours and once they broke my water then i got the epidural within 10 to 15 minutes I was completely dilated and crowning already pushed one time he was 9lbs 6oz it was a breeze for me. Induction hurts cause contracts are forced they are stronger n faster then going in on my own but it depends on the person

Girl i got induced on all 3 of my pregnancy! It goes from 0-100 within 8 HRS. So instead of 2 days i got 8hrs of full force.

My first child i went into labor but wouldnt dilate. So they induced me after 24 hrs of contractions.

My second 2 was 8 hrs no problems. It was quick and easy!

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Being induced is the absolute worst thing you can do for you or your baby. Especially if it’s earlier than the babies time to shine. My first I was induced and because of that i have to have csections with very pregnancy. I know you have to for medical issues so to prepare i would go on long walks, have lots of sex. Pretty much do anything to get that baby further down and get you dialated. Because if you’re 0 dialated, 0 effaced, and we’ll before your due date it will be a nightmare. (Maybe not for everyone, but for a lot)

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I was induced because my doctor was going to be out of town on my due date. My experience with being induced wasn’t bad at all. I had a very fast labor considering he’s my first. It was pushing him out that sucked. My epidural wore off and I was in so much pain to sit up again to redo the epidural, but I would recommend it because pushing out a baby hurts and the pain after giving birth did not stop once I had him lol. If anything, I would just make sure your doctor doesn’t have a lot of patients that day. My doctor didn’t expect me to give birth that day so he overscheduled himself and the nurse told me that I needed to stop pushing (like I had a choice in the matter) until my doctor got there. He didn’t get all of the placenta out, and had to get a D&C surgery a few days later due to having clots of blood coming out.

I was induced with all 3 of mine and had a very different experience with each

I was induced with 3 of my 4. If you are going to get an epidural, do it early on as the pain hits hard and fast. There is no gradual increase. I heard it’s more painful than natural, but I personally didn’t find that to be true.

Been induced 4 out of 6 pregnancies. All similar yet different. I got cervidil for 3 of the inductions to ripen my cervix. Worked for all but one in which a balloon was used to dialate me to a 3 to pop my water. I got a pitocin drip too and as soon I was dialated enough my water would be popped and then it was just a waiting game. 1st baby (induction) took 9 hours, 3rd baby took 4 hours, 4th baby took 36 hour (cervix wouldn’t dialate, balloon was used) , my 5th baby (4th induction) took 12 hours, I went in with my cervix dialated to a 1, so they didn’t use cervidil to ripen my cervix.

I chose to be induced at 39 weeks with my 3rd for personal reasons…I went in I was actually having contractions on my own and then the slowed down…they gave me pitocin the doctor came in and checked my cervix said I was dilated more than the week before and gave the ok for an epidural…when I asked for it the contractions were still comfortable…I was in absolutely no pain during labor I got to sleep and was in no pain during delivery…a push and a cough and she was born…if I could go back and be induced with my first 2 I definitely would…with my 3rd she was born within 10 hours of arriving at the hospital

I was induced twice with my first and third. They were completely different experiences.
My first they started pitocin early in the morning and I waiting until about 8 pm before they decided to break my water. After which I began to actually feel contractions. They checked me at 9 i was 4 cm they checked me 40 minutes later and I was 10 cm asking for an epidural hahah which they gave me without saying “hey your 10 cm you can push now.” The I pushed for an hour.
My third I was going for my second home birth but I got high blood pressure pretty rapidly so they just induced me. This time they just broke my water, no meds and she was born 20 minutes later almost on the floor ha.

Stay calm. Get an epidural. SERIOUSLY. Have a good support system around you. And try to understand that just because your being induced doesnt mean baby is gonna come sooner. I was induced with both my girls and they were both over 20 hours of active labor.

Ask for epidural early. I was dilated to 4. Had bad back labor after was induced. I was at a 9 after 45 minutes and couldn’t get epidural. I had her in 3 hours with no pain meds.

My first born was induction at 40 wks and lasted 56 hours before ending in emergency c sec from fetal distress and decels. My other 2 were c secs per my Dr who believed once a c sec always a c sec.

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4 kids. 4 inductions. We are all alive.

It’s more painful than going normal, but in saying that it’s the contractions that are stronger. Use the epidural

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I was induced at 37 weeks. Contractions started 12 hours later, and labour 8 hours after. Baby was born about 26 hours after induction

My labor lasted 62 hours…

Just stay as calm as you can be…i’d been induced with my first baby because of my fluid leaking…its labor is much more painful than a normal one but it lasted for only a couple of hours…all i did was pray and think of the relief i’d be feeling after i deliver my child…it really helped me a lot. Just pray momma and stay calm…God will help you through it😊

Hated hated HATED every damn one

I was induced 3 times and baby still didn’t come. I had 2 days of cervidil and had the worst back labor. The third time was the drip, babies heartbeat was fluctuating so much that they decided to take him via csection.

I was scheduled to be induced but I went into labour naturally on my own at 7 days overdue, unlucky for me my labour stopped and after nothing for a long time they had to induce me to get the contractions going. The drip they used made my daughter’s heart rate drop consistently to the point they had to start and stop it quite a few times. In the end she got too distressed and I had to have a c section 24 hours later.

My first was long my waters broke on the 14th, I was induced with the gel on the 15th (you get it a few times) and he was born on the 16th when I went into the birth suit they gave me the hormone drop to ramp things up, I had the epidural but it didn’t work and screwed my back seriously nearly 6 yrs later and I still can’t bend with out pain and I can hardly move in the mornings I’m nearly 28, my third child and second induction (head in bucket whole pregnancy) was 33 minutes and I was already 3 cm when they broke my waters and started the drip at 3:00 and she was born 3:33

I personally loved being induced! I was induced with my first & had my second all natural (not by choice). I checked in at 8 am and she was born at 5:55 pm. When the pain started I had medicine put in my IV and once that wasn’t enough I got the epidural.