What works for diaper rashes?

Have any mommy’s tried anything other than Desitin to get rid of a diaper rash that has actually worked?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What works for diaper rashes?

Aquaphore. Hands down. Best thing ever. Heals everything.

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Resinol, has worked with all 3 of my kids

Cornstarch desitin is really no good

Boudreaux butt paste!!

Paladin if you can find it.

Air dry helps prevent it from happening

Recommend :100:. It takes the rash away in less then day

A&d DIAPPER rash treatment !!! If you put it on with baby powder at night, done in the morning

Corn starch I cleaned out a spice container and put it there

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Order pure zinc oxide paste from Walmart pharmacy. A little goes a long way!!

A&D for baby rash works great destin didn’t work for my kids made it worse actually


I just got this for my grandson cus he had a bad rash that mommy couldn’t beat, after 1 day it’s gone


Aquaphoris amazing. buttpaste works but not as well.

I used paladin for all 3 of mine, worked great.

Bag balm. My grandparents parents myself and kids have all used it and it works great.

Bag balm is the best!

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I agree with bag balm

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Breastmilk bath and boudreaux’s works great

I always used Monistat!! Back when my girls were babies and have used on grandbabies, Dr told me to use it .

If you’ve tried everything you may want to talk to a Dr about getting Riley butt cream

Boudreaux butt paste… hands down!

A&D ointment and with really bad ones, oatmeal bath

Butt paste the red one or triple paste which used to be prescription. If it doesn’t clear up after a week call dr might be yeast n need a medicine

Brown flour…it works

A&D ointment or aquaphor with mylanta liquid works

Calmoseptine in the adult briefs and pads. Best stuff ever!

Bag balm . Just a small amount will go a long way . & clear it up quick .

Boudreaux butt paste worked for my son, triple paste for my daughter and aquafor ointment for my youngest son. Everyone’s skin is different

Scudocrem works wonders for more than just diaper rash

baking soda bath, air time, desitin max.

baby butt paste 1000%

I use a cream called DNA it works amazing

A&D prevention cream just use it everyone you change a diaper and it prevents them from gets a diaper rash

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Butt-aid. Doesn’t burn them and relieves it very quickly.

Cornstarch dries it up good. But best keeping the area dry.

Diaper rash cream literally just traps in moisture and does nothing usually. Boogie bottom spray is phenomenal and used by the nicu.  A few of the Desitin still have talc as well

Cornstarch baby powder

I used boogie bottoms and it worked great

I use to take a warm wash cloth and hold it on the area. Then dry with small hand held fan. Then once dry applied any diaper cream - usually balmex.

A&D ointment not cream is what I use and it works wonders on my son. He’s 10 months old. Oatmeal baths and breastmilk baths.

My lb was in NICU and they used matainium in a yellow tube I got some off amazon n awear by it

Butt paste red tube. Amazing compared to Destin

Burnt flour

Literally put flour in a pan and brown it!!
I’ve used it on all the kids my Gramma swore by it and so do I!!!

That rash will be gone in a day!!!

Wash baby bottom with clean soapy water pat dry and put cornstarch and or air dry with cornstarch

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I’ve always used this! Its always worked great for my son and cleared up rashes is 2 or 3 applications. Obviously the more severe the rash the longer it will take to clear up. The red one is maximum strength. You can get either one at Walmart. I tried Destin once and didn’t like it. It just didn’t work like this stuff does! I’m gonna be using this for baby #2 as well.

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Corn starch worked for my lo

Definitely aquaphor… way better than any other cream I’ve tried. Clears things up overnight. I’ll never buy anything else

Crisco and baking soda

Corn starch or brown flour in an iron skillet.

If you have alrdy tried multiple and it’s not going away might want to get babes into the doctor. It could very easily be a yeast infection or allergic reaction to the diapers.

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Corn flour works amazing and nappy off time

Aquaphor and then corn starch after u put it on.

Triple paste and Water wipes instead of traditional wipes

Calmoseptine Ointment Tube, 4 Ounce https://a.co/d/ec9wQ8Q

Egg white,put it in baby’s bum,blow it dry and gives a barrier,we all swear by it x

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A&D is so much better but Vaseline always helps too

A+ D ointment or aquaphor

Triple paste. White little tube with blue writing.

Desitin mixed with cornstarch!

Desitin has been the only thing that’s worked for us

Bag Balm! I’ve used it on all 3 of my children and the results are amazing.


Prescription Nystatin.

A,&D ointment also was told by a dr to use athletes foot cream from Walmart does work.

If baby has a rash that isn’t going away, it could be a yeast infection. You can use Vagisil or athlete’s foot ointment on it.

Triple paste

Also, change diaper frequently.

Once diaper is changed, dry the skin until there’s no moisture.

Also let skin breath, so air dry too.

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Butt paste!! It works great smells good and a nice thick paste that stays on. If that doesn’t work try going bare butt for a few to let things dry out.

Aquafor works great!

A lot of the rash is due to leaving it on too long. We get busy and don’t realize how long it’s been on. Urine has ammonia in it. My daughter had a high content and I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out what to do. I started changing her every 30 minutes after a drink. It worked. I went thru a lot if diapers but I started training early. She hated wet clothes. I took her in even as a baby so she could learn what and how to go. By 10 months she was asking to go potty. No creams ever worked for her and her bottom would be raw. Try changing more often and see if it helps. Set a timer if it helps.

We air the booty out and sometimes size up in diapers if it isn’t healing after a week or two. I’ll use cream (hello Bello/aquaphor baby) but don’t notice it making much of a difference. Works really well for us with the one exception of a yeast diaper rash that needed medicated ointment. Also, she hasn’t had a diaper rash since like 4 months old when we sized up last.

I’ve used the Hello Bello brand and it was great. Also the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste was the best one I’ve tried. The only one that worked for my youngest son.

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Vaseline worked on all 4 of my children it forms a barrier on skin stop urine from making bottoms sore .

Aquaphor or butt paste

Cortisone cream or aloe lotion is what worked best for my kids.

Butt paste at walmart

Add baking soda to bath water

Monkey butt!! Can’t miss it in the stores

If the rash isn’t responding to diaper rash cream, chances are it’s a yeast infection and not a diaper rash (or a combination of the 2). Antifungal cream mixed with Pink Xav diaper rash cream will clear it up over night.

Corn starch in diaper

Magic stick on Amazon

Boudreaux butt paste has worked overnight for all 3 of my kiddos.

A&D ointment works wonderfully

Vaseline! Works great and protects skin

Calmoseptine at the pharmacy counters

Butt Paste is the best!

I got this from my old school pediatrician and it worked every time.
1 tube desitin
1 tube 7 day yeast infection cream
Mix the tubes together and add Cornstarch until very thick.
Worked for my kids and grandkids.

Oatmeal bath should help with redness and irritation!

I used to wash their bottoms really well with the yellow dial bar soap. Be sure they are completely dry and powder them with corn starch. I’d continue doing this through out the day and night and within 24 hrs the rash was gone.

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Corn starch. My grandma taught me that.

Dr. Bordeaux is the only thing that worked for my youngest unless it was a yeast rash.

I used zinc cream, like what peoole used to use on nise to avoid sunburn, white one, virtually cleared up overnight, took a bit longer if teething helped to create rash, a friend used Moo Goo

Aquaphor is amazing or nystatin prescribed by the doctor my daughter got rashes from everything she has such a sensitive butt

Dr. Bordeaux’s butt paste. Way better than Destin imo.

Beudreau’s butte paste


Canestin (clotramazole). For yeast infections. Works like a charm.
Also a hydrocortisone.

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