What Would You Do If Your Spouse Spent The Night With Another Girl?



“What would you do if you found out your boyfriend/husband was hanging out w another chick staying the night at her place, messaging back and forth, and she is buying him expensive things. What if he says they are just friends and nothing happened. What would you do? Oh, and the female also messages you are talking shit as well…”

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“Well I certainly would not have him as a boyfriend anymore. I went through this and his daughter ended up catching him cheating on me and called me as it was happening so from past experience just walk away.”

“Leave. I did this for 6 years with all kinds of different chicks. She’s never just a friend. He won’t stop. Leave.”

“Nope! Have female friends all ya want but spending the night without your own girlfriend or wife and constantly talking etc is more then just a friend….”

“See if he is willing to go to counseling. If you want to try and save the relationship. If you don’t want to try to save the relationship- tell him to move out.”

“Let him know that you will be spending the night at a guys friends house. Pack your things and do you.”

“Get a lawyer and kick him to the curb. If you’re in a monogamous relationship, cheating is a deal breaker; the trust is gone.”

“I would tell him if he goes to stay the night with her not to come back. You don’t even have to ask you know what’s going on.”

“I would pack his stuff and change the locks on my house. He clearly has no respect for you or your relationship so you need to make sure that you have respect for yourself in this situation. You deserve so much better than what he is doing for you mama. You are beautiful, it is his loss.”

“Leave. This is not okay AT ALL. He should never be sleeping at some other girls house especially with you not knowing about it.”

“He’d be gone. Id pack his stuff, put it on the lawn and tell him go live with her.”

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