What would you do?

My husbands 24 year old daughter recently left her husband of 4 years because he wouldn’t let her go party when the kids 1yr and 2yr went to bed. We had no idea she had been cheating on him until she got an apartment.. we were delivering some things like furniture and housewares to help her get started . We live 3 hours away and upon our arrival we checked out the place and I walked in the bedroom and there was a boy laying in bed with our grandkids . I was like ooooooops.. she didn’t even care . I did some investigating and come to find out the boy just turned 15 and he is in fact living with her . She is 24 . What does a boy have to offer her ? Is she considered a sex offender ? I’m worried sick about this ! The rumors all over town are so embarrassing. I really want to turn her in !

How do you know he’s in fact living there? It honestly sounds like your mad she left her husband tbh. You seem to be jumping to conclusion without the facts. You say the rumors are getting to you. So that tells me everything I need to know. You are basing your influence on rumors . Have you bothered to have a contact with her. It seems like your trying tofind reasons to take her kids. Start by sitting down and talking to her. Then speak to her dad. Then do what you need to do. You’re ready to blow her entire life up over rumors. I honestly hope if nothing is going on she goes no contact with you