When did you let your daughter shave her legs?

What age did you let your daughter shave their legs? My 9-year-old is a competitive gymnast and is very hairy and has asked if she could shave. I can’t remember when my mom let me do it; what is a normal age?


When it starts bothering her is when you should allow it!


When they notice and feel like they are ready to learn.


I think normal is when it bothers your daughter.


My daughter is extremely hairy also so allowed her to at 9…she was getting very uncomfortable…but i will warn u my daughter did it a couple times now she bored with it and i have to make her keep up with it lol good luck

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When she asks to shave is when would be a good time to teach her

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I started around 8/9 because I was insecure about it. If she feels bad about it I would educate her and let her make the decision.

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I was taught shaving actually made it worse I would wait until puberty, 12 years old.

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I would let her. I don’t see anything wrong with it

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Is there a reason/issue for her to not?

Otherwise, let her! Her friends and otherwise will chat about her. She will feel self-conscious.

There is no real downside?? But, it’s up to the 2 of you…

Now because she’s in charge of her own body, if she asks please let her, more confidence better competing


When they ask, it’s time. But you can also go the waxing route… itll last longer and she won’t have to worry about cutting herself.

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My daughter is 10 but is early development so I let her shave her legs and armpits before school started. She will be 11 in October.

I was “natural” until I was about 16 and I had to wing it myself (girls in the locker room kept talking about it.) Definitely start teaching her young


My daughter started at 10. Because she asked.

Get her an electric razor

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Probably when she notices. Mine is blonde so i really hope she doesnt ask soon (8) bc it usually comes back darker unless thats a myth just what i was always told

Well once my daughter asks me about it then I will regardless of age. I remember my mom didnt let me and i got picked on for it when i was young. So I’m not doing the same to her


I think an electric razor would prob be wise or nair. A bit young. For coordinating

My daughter just asked me the other night and she is 10 years old. She is pretty hairy on her legs so I just told her to think about it for the rest of the week and if she would still like to by the weekend the we will do it :heart:
I had mine done when I was 12.

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If she is complaining let her or she may get bullied. I got bullied for leg hair


My mom wouldn’t let me smd I was very self conscious because I have dark hair. I started doing it at 13 it took awhile before she knew. If she’s a gymnast and it will make her comfortable I say let her.


When they ask. I think i was about 10, but if they’re asking theyre ready.

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I wasn’t allowed until I got my period for the first time (age 11). Before then, my mom was buying me Veet cream that didn’t require a razor.

NAIR!! Safer, same results, sincerely daughter of 14 & 18 yr old, they started nairing at 11


When they want to. I’d never want to make my daughter feel uncomfortable or feel like she couldn’t come to me with her insecurities. She’s in swim, too, so she obviously has to show her legs quite often. Would you want to walk around with hairy legs at her age? I forgot to shave my armpits for a day and I got made fun of for weeks.

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I started shaving at 9

I got bullied for being hairy is the 3rd grade and I shaved my arms and my legs without my mom knowing. I cut my leg and I was bleeding a lot. If she asks even if she doesn’t have hair that you can see I would let her.

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i was 10 when i started

I would say when she starts getting bothered by it. Growing up I wasn’t allowed til 14 and was bullied horribly about it. I say if she has hair and it bothers her, teach her the proper way❤️


I started at 10 & have allowed all my girls to start at 10 as well.

10 with this no razor shaved.

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Do not shave. Wax.
And when they’re ready

I started waxing my daughters legs and armpits when she was 10 going on 11. She was extremely self conscious since she had very dark leg hair.

Sounds like she is ready

If she is hairy and wants to I would let her. It’s her body it’s not like she is asking for a tattoo.


Being in competition is different

My mother never wanted me to shave. She strongly opposed it. She never did. I would sneak a razor into my bedroom and shave dry. This was in the late 60’s. And it was one of the older safety razors that had the double sided blade. It would be better to teach her how to do it properly than to have her sneak it and risk the chance of injuring herself.

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I was about 9-10, it’s different for every girl. Ultimately do what you’re comfortable with but if shaving her legs is also going to be more comfortable for her, I’d teach her. Take her with you to the store, let her pick out whatever scent of shaving cream she likes and a razor. And shave your legs with her as you’re teaching her, it’ll create a bonding experience and make both y’all feel more comfortable with jt


Wax her dont shave it will only get thicker

I started at age 8, I let my daughter start at age 8 too

When she wants to I would.

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My daughter started shaving at 10 without telling me. She was very self-conscious about her legs as a flyer.

I think it depends on the child and their activity level. If they are super hairy and must wear shorts or a leotard, I would let her. My girl is 10. I actually noticed today that her legs are hairy enough if she wore shorts around her peers, she may be bullied. So next sping, I will let her… I have heard that there is a razor that is safe for first time shavers. It’s electric. Sold at Walmart for about $40.

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With the sport she’s in I would let her now. My oldest was 11

I let my girls use an electric razor as soon as they started being self conscious. There is way too much in the world to day to worry about than if your legs are hairy lol. My oldest started puberty at age 7! By age 8 she had passed me in bra size. She had very dark hair so when she want to shave, I let her.

I think it depends on the kid.

I was probably 10 n should have started at 9. I think if she needs to n wants to u should let her

I started waxing at 10

I think when they start to notice and be self conscious about it is when she should.


Get her the nair if you don’t want her to actually shave yet

I say When the hairs start to bother her she’s ready nothing worse than loosing confidence at a young age x


I was in 6th grade… my older daughter who is 14 started last summer using NAIR from her knees to her ankles because she is afraid of cutting herself with a razor so she has me apply the nair for her

My 2 oldest girls now 12 and 11 started shaving a year ago. I would start her with an electric shaver ($9 at walmart) and in a year or so teach her how to use a regular razor.

Whenever they are ready I assume? I dont see what the big deal about shaving would be it’s normal. Also shaving doesnt make hair grow back thicker it’s a myth!

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I see a few people saying wax instead and I started shaving at 9 and tried wax first and it was awful. Honestly whatever she’s comfortable with. I also tried the nair when I was younger but shaving was better and it never came back thicker

When she wants to. Teach her now that she is in control of her own body.


Teach her how to correctly.

I think if it makes her uncomfortable and embarrassed, let her.

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I started shaving at 11 I think? Maybe 10? I don’t remember: my mom didn’t care though the moment I asked she let me. :+1:

Her body her choice.

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I was sneaking and shaving when I was like 6 or 7. Lol

I was in 5th grade so 10-11 yrs. My oldest 10 almost 11 has asked a couple times if she can start and keep pushing it off bc she has THE BLONDEST leg hairs imaginable, but she’s on the swim team so I might let her this year.

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What age is 5th grade? That’s when I started because a girl teased me in gym class.

I don’t remember how old I was, either, but my daughter recently asked and she’s almost 10. I told her she could when she got armpit hair.

Let her shave NOW my mom refused to be a parent and teach me how to shave my legs, I was in middle school getting picked on and everything and I finally told my mom I wanted to shave. She sent me to my aunt’s over spring break and hoped over the road with my dad, and before she left asked my aunt I’d she would teach me how to shave, I already knew how to or course. But still

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I personally did in 3rd grade due to dark hairy legs

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I was 9-10 because it made me self conscious. No one taught me, I just took a razor and did it, so it’s great that she’s asking :slightly_smiling_face: I would teach her

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My daughter asked me when she was 10. I would have done it the year before because she does have a lot of hair. I just thought it was best to wait until she asked.

11 I think… sounds like she is ready though.

Whenever she wants. It’s her body. That’s a very important message to teach young children.


Glad to see this! My daughter is 11 and I just let her start because she was self conscious…but I have wondered what the right age is.

I was on a competative gym team when i started shaving. Another girls mom wouldnt let her shave and she ended up being bullied.

Mine was 10 because she started getting teased at school

I was 12 when my mom let me. My sd was also 12 when we let her but she didn’t ask until she was 12.

I started shaving at 12 but I hardly had hair. I’d say let her if she wants to, just teach her to be careful. She’s a gymnast, they’re supposed to be shaved and put together, I think she’ll be fine if she shaved.

My daughters were somewhere between the 9-10 ages. But honestly it’s a personal thing. I was 9 with dark hair and wanted to shave. My girls to this day don’t stress it with their blond hair. But I would let her she is competitive and wants to be part of the group and that is part.

I started my daughter with nair so she could practice. But my deal was when her period started she could shave. She started at 10 years 3 months.

Yes. That fact that she wants to shave is a 100% yes!

When the hair is long enough to cause them a complex. My daughter was 9 and started refusing to wear anything but pants even when it was hot as hell outside bc she didn’t want people seeing how hairy her legs were. So I showed her how to shave at that point

When I asked I was allowed. I was embarrassed in shorts. It brought my confidence way up. My mom did it the first few times for me. I think I was 9 as well!

My daughter is 9 and will be 10 in dec and it’s an absolute no no no. Once she can keep up on it her self than yes. But I’m not shaving my daughters legs, when I hate to shave mine lmmfao

:heart: we waited as long as we could… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Being Italian and have started her cycle at 9 not much longer we had to, it started to get a little embarrassing. However, I did it for her, for a long time. She’s now older!
Best of luck to you😉

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I think it depends on the situation my daughter is 10 but she has very little hair on her legs and no interest in shaving but I was around 9 when I 1st started because I had very dark noticeable hair and was very embarrassed and uncomfortable with it. If it is upsetting your daughter I would let her.

If she’s doing sports and she’s hairy you can shave for her. I’m going to start doing my daughters when she goes back to school. She’s 10 but she’s already hit puberty and I don’t want the kids to tease her but I don’t want to set her free with a razor yet either

I let my 10 year old shave her legs as it was embarrassing for her. Thought I’d better help her gain her confidence back. But I explained that hairy or not her legs were pretty, if she wants I’ll help her shave it & let her do it every time she needs to, otherwise she can even let it grow it back & shave when ever she wants. That helped with our bond too. She was closer & more open to me after that. She’s 12 now & let it grow most of the time.

Summer before 6th grade for my 4 girls.

13 for me… and I’ll be promoting waxing

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My daughter had just turned 9 when I let her.

My mom finally let me at 11 because I played softball and was so embarrassed of my hairy legs lol

12, but since shes asking i would allow her and show her before she does it anyways and gets hurt

My daughter’s competition gymnastics team requires all gymnast shave. I began around 10. My stepdaughter was a bit older. Mine were 10 and 6 due to sports.

You could start with an electric razor for her at that age! I probably would if it’s bothering her. Start with that and see if you can hold off on a real razor just a tiny bit longer

Let her shave. My mom was way too strict and didn’t let me until I was twelve and I was made fun of and felt embarrassed. It’s just hair. People make to big a deal out of things. Let her shave and feel confident.


I sugar waxed my first daughter at 5. Once a year til she was 8 she was very furry right from birth. Like a man. Now it’s lighter and less. Hugs. Some of us are furry. :woman_shrugging:.

Are her teammates shaving? Is she getting teased about it? I think I was 10-11 when I started and my mom helped me. I don’t have a daughter, but would take those things into consideration.

i was 14, just got my period and was allowed to finally do my legs. i was advised to epilate not shave. amazing idea as shaving doesn’t last as long and grows back stubbly. epilating lasts a few weeks and when it grows back it’s light and fluffy so no bullying about the stubble

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I did it without my mom knowing lol I was about 8 or 9 the first time I shaved my own legs… then my eyebrows lmao be present while she’s shaving :sweat_smile:

When she started her period so 10

My mom didn’t let me shave until 8th grade, 13yo. Please don’t make her wait that long. I was picked on like crazy. I was sneaking and doing it before then by stealing my dad’s razors. But he didn’t shave often so I had to suffer in between time.