When did you let your daughter shave her legs?

Yes shave. I just told mine not above the knee if you don’t have to because once you start you will always. You could get the teen type electric razor it shouldn’t cut her to start off


Because of her sports I’d say it’s an appropriate time for her. Especially because you don’t want her to be self conscious.
You could start with showing her how to with an electric razor because they are safer for her age

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Whenever, but younger then 11-12 would be with an electric razor.

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I was 8 just let her do it

I am going through this also with my 9 year old who does dance. I let her use nair on her legs just this week. She was self conscious and didnt want to get made fun of anymore

Don’t have a daughter, but I started shaving mine at 9 because I wore softball shorts during baseball.

11 but shes gt alot of leg hair and was very self conscious about it bc her friends all had light hairs on their legs n she had thick hairs…

IMO, it shouldn’t be “letting” or “allowing” them to shave. Its the worst feeling when you want to shave, wear deodorant, use tampons, and your own mother won’t allow you control over your own body for whatever reasoning (“you’re too young to shave” “tampons are only for older women” “you only have buds you don’t need a trainer bra until they’re bigger” etc.) When they want to is when they should start. If she had BO, but was only 9 would you let her use deodorant or make her just smell bad?


My daughter started at 10. She was hairy and it made her self conscious.

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If she’s asking…please let her and teach her. I started shaving when I was in 2nd grade…hid the fact from my Mom that I had started shaving (she always kept a pack of disposable razors in the bathroom cabinet). I think that lasted about 6 months or so till I knicked myself really bad (I can still see the scar almost 30 years later). I quit shaving then till the summer before 6th grade and actually asked my Mom then if she could get me some razors of my own.


So I’m not at this bridge yet but tbh I would let my daughter the second she wanted to. I would show her how to safely do it, but also let her know she doesn’t HAVE to do it at all. My sister and I both ended up with tons of cuts from secretly stealing our mom’s razor and I’d like to bypass that as much as possible.


If she wants to, let her.


Maybe consider nairing. Until she is older just to ensure she doesn’t cause scars from pressing to hard. I say every kid is different you have to determine what is right for your child in the moment. If you feel she is mature and responsible enough then age should matter.

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When it needs to be done. You said she is quite hairy an she’s in competition she should shave.

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I was around then, my mom got me the Nair hair removal cream and the fake razor to help teach me the movements but not actually cut myself personally I’ll leave it up to my daughter because I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable if she wants to shave younger because she has hair she can see. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I was in the 5th grade so like 9 or 10 I guess? I had really dark hair on my legs and begged my mom lol

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My mom let me after the third grade.

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my girls was puberty

Jordan Ainsworth Czajkoski, maybe you should let her?

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When she starts her period.


My kid is 13, she still doesn’t want to learn imo ill teach her when she wants to learn. So if your daughter is ready to learn id let her.


I let my girl the summer before 6th grade. She’s got dark hair. She kept begging and I kept saying no bc I wasn’t ready. We went swimming and I was embarrassed for her. I immediately to her to the showers where we were camping and showed her how it’s done. Every child is different and there’s never the right age, but the right time.


I told my daughter she could went she started her period. She was 9 when she started and I let her shave that summer. She’s 10 now.

I say when they become think dark and Hairey, kids are cruel and if she’s taken gym kids will say something. I didn’t have hair on my legs until grade 9, other friends of mine shaved since grade 5-6.

I left it up to her. I think it’s a personal decision and not my place to dictate

Let her try it… I can’t see what it could hurt to try to let her be more comfortable :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was 10. My 13 y/o doesn’t want too. If she’s mature enough than let her.


Mine jus did it…I was more scared she would have cut herself…she said she didnt like hair on her legs…lol

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If it is affecting self confidence, there is no reason good enough to not allow it.

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I would let her if she ask especially if shes in gymnastics where her legs are seen! Obviously its bothering her or someone had said something to her about it. Just stay with her while shes shaving until she learns how to shave good.


Let her!! Hairy legs affect girl’s confidence.
I wish my mom would’ve let me when I asked her.


I don’t think there is a right or wrong time it’s different for everyone. My daughter turned 13 in July and she brought it up like a month ago. She asked and I let her. I thanked her for asking me first and we went over how to do it safely together. She obviously felt uncomfortable about her new leg hair so a shave is an easy fix.

My mom made me wait and I was about 11-12 when I started and definitely got picked on for it and if she is asking please let her.

I tried at 9 and put a nasty cut in my leg…It was more about curiosity than i wanted to shave…I never tried again til 13/14

I think if she’s asking you should let her because it’s more for socially fitting in and kids get so much crap from peers and are already going through so much at that age.
I played soccer growing up our shorts were so tiny I started shaving in 4th grade :woman_shrugging:t2: I don’t think my mom cared lol


My mom shaved mine for me at 9 because I was getting teased and they were super hairy. I have a 6 year old with super hairy legs and when she asks I’ll do the same for her… hopefully when she is a little older!

It’s hard to say what is a normal age. We all grow hair at a different rate. If it’s visible and will be visible in her gymnast suits it’s probably time.

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Let her shave why are you competing with when u started shaving were you a gymnast? If I had to wait on my mom she never shaved we did it anyway.

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I was 9 but now that i have a 9 year old im feeling pretty uncomfortable with it…

It’s different for everyone. I think it should be more about when they feel uncomfortable or self conscious about it than about what age they are.

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My mom let me choose when I was ready. I think I was about 10 when I first asked for my own razors

Let her shave my daughter was 9 when she started to shave I was 12 before my mom would let me shave and I was picked on for having hairy legs

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Our daughter turned 10 this summer, and I taught her how to shave. She has dark hair so it was starting to really show, and she has been asking since last year to learn how. She has started puberty, no period yet…but has started growing a chest and wearing a bra… I was going to wait til she was a little older but I think I was around 10 or 11 when I started shaving too.

Instead of letting her shave, use other hair removal methods. She could seriously cut herself shaving.

I left it up to my daughter. She started mentioning it around 10, in 5th grade. She finally decided she was ready this summer at 11 almost 12.

8-9 only because she’s so pale skinned with dark thick leg hair

There is not a right or wrong answer here however I did have some hesitation letting my daughter use a razor so I bought her a woman’s wet to dry shaver it was perfect


You were all 8/9 when you first shaved. Fucking hell… I was 15 :joy::joy::joy: too busy enjoying my childhood in the mud and outside to be worrying about hairy legs at such a young age!!

Just help her do it.

As long as she knows how to shave without cutting herself.

I was almost 12 my mom was trying to make me wait till I was 13 but one of her friends brought it up and talked my mom into letting me shave

My plan is to let my girls do it when they start looking hairy lol my 11 year old has started her period and is developing. However has no leg or underarm hair. So she wait, the longer she can avoid that the better lol :laughing:

Just do it so she’s not self conscious about it. One of my girls was really hairy and asked if she could, she was younger than 9. She’s has a few times but it doesn’t bother her anymore at 11. Go with the flow I say!

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If you believe she’s old enough to continue to keep it up without having to remind her all the time, let her do it. Teach her how to do it properly and hope that she’s responsible enough to continue it, while gently reminding her that if she starts shaving, it’s almost impossible to stop.

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I think when the girl starts to feel self conscious and her leg hair begins to affect her confidence, that’s the time.
If she’s a competitive gymnast, I’d say earlier (now, if she’s asking).
My mom waited wayyy too long to (let) me. And it caused much distress.


I was 12. My daughter is 10 and just started a week ago. Every child is different. If your daughter wants to and you’re comfortable with it then I don’t see the issue.

My 10 year just started 3 weeks ago. Has really dark hair and is hairy as well. My 12 year old started at 10 as well.

My mom taught me how to shave at 9 usimg an electric razor

My mom made me wait until I got my period. Not really sure why but she did. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I was 13. Haven’t gotten to the age yet with my daughter.

My daughter was 10 when she started shaving her legs, and started her under arms this year (11). Where we live, it’s swimsuit season from March to October so she was embarrassed about it.

If it’s something that will help her compete or help her not feel self conscious, I say let her do it.


My daughter is 8 and shaves her legs every so often.

No one let me I just did it at like 11 and my mom caught me and told me shaving my legs is like cussing and having sex once you do it you gotta do it all the time and I felt that shit…:joy::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::smirk::smirk::rofl::smirk::rofl:

I was 9 when I started shaving coz I also started puberty at that age. I didn’t get my period until I was 14 so there is no way I would have waited until then. It affected my self esteem and the way I felt about myself greatly, so I had to do something quite early.

My granddaughter is a gymnast and her mother let’s her with nair… Me my dad wouldn’t let me shave til I was 16 and it was so imbarassing …, I had hairy legs and wore knee high socks to cover it up

Please, if she’s asking you to shave, teach her how. My mom didn’t “let” me shave my legs until 7th grade. I was made fun of for being hairy, got called names. It ruined PE class for me.

Shaving legs should be a choice. Not every girl needs to shave. Hair is fine. But this took a huge toll on me…


My oldest started using Nair this past summer. She’s 10. She has yet to actually shave her legs but we use the Nair every 2 weeks or so.

My daughter and little sister were very hairy legged girls I got them both the copper legs electric shavers to start with when they were almost 10. When they reached 1w i thought them to use razors

If she has hair on her legs she needs to shave. The other girls will be teasing her if they aren’t already

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I’m going to let my girls when they start asking. I hated my mom made me wait so long. I have dark hair. How are you going to make me go to church with my grandma at 12 in a skirt with dark ass hair on my legs?

If she hairy like said…let her shave. Especially if she wants to

12, my mum was completely against it but i didnt feel comfortable otherwise and was very self conscious, plus its my body my choice,not hers.

My daughter started at 10. She had been asking and then started her period at 10 and so I decided to let her start shaving. I bought her a Flawless brand dry shaver though so that she couldn’t cut herself. I use one too and they really work, although they cost around $40.

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My oldest was 8 bc of cheer. She was extremely sparkly in the sun and she had asked. So we did veet for the first year.

If she asks- then let her! I was also a competitive gymnast and went through puberty early. I was so afraid to talk about it with my parents and ended up stealing my dad’s razor before practices. Get her something easy to use (maybe even a wet/dry electric razor) and show her the ropes! There’s nothing worse than feeling exposed and hairy in a leotard!

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I think it was 12. Sorry​:grin::kissing_heart:

I think whenever they ask is when you should teach them! It would probably mean a lot to her if you taught her how :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

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When she needs it, my daughter did competition dance since the age of 8 and had the same problem, i let her go ahead and start shaving as she felt more confident once she did, on the other hand she had to wear so much makeup for competitions that she didn’t start wearing makeup of any kind personally until almost 20 years old!

I wanted my daughter to wait until 6th grade and she went to friends house and shaved in fifth. I would say 11.

Lol if she wants to, teach her. My mom said no and I cut up my knees shaving with her razor :rofl: better to have the knowledge and be told you don’t need to shave rather than her not knowing how and doing it anywag

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I told my daughter she had to wait until she had her first monthly to shave. But that she could get a wax which lasts longer .

I think it depend. Some girls develop faster then others. Do what you think is best.

I was taught shaving and about “that time of the month” just before my 13th birthday, a month before I “started”. That was perfect timing for me. That being said everyone is different and with her already asking I’d test the waters with her…maybe Nair, like mentioned before, could be a nice middle ground. I also believe if she’s concerned about it she could be hearing about it from peers and maybe not in the nicest ways. Peer pressure and bullying at that age can be brutal. I’d make sure the lines of communication are always open so she knows she can talk to you if something’s going on.

I would have her use a cream, but we all developed at different ages. If you don’t allow it, she will start getting teased in school & her self-esteem could be effected. Girls can be really mean at that age & through the teenage years!

I say get her a simple, easy to use electric shaver. No blades, less chance to knick and get traumatized :laughing:
I started with waxing at 12, but damn that hurt LOL

This is what I used. No cutes or nics and I love it! Just a recommendation do what YOU feel is best💗

I let my daughter at 9 because hers was long and it started itching her

I just went and did it without my moms input lol same with doing my eyebrows, all of a sudden she noticed :relaxed:

I’d say whenever she asks for it consciously. Your kid wants it for a very valid reason, she is aware of the impact hair might have on her appearance as a gymnast. However, you do it for her, or supervise her really close and ask her to always let you know when she will shave just for precaution. Good luck!


Whenever she wants to. It’s her body.


9 years old is fine if she is hairy. Use the Nair products

My mom let me when started my period… kind of as a coming of age type deal. Hated it but it was okay lol started shaving when I was in 7th grade

I waited until she told me she was ready its her body help her feel comfortable mine started at 10

My sister let her daughter when she started her period. But I say when they start Jr High School.

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I started around 11 :woman_shrugging:t3:
Wanting smooth legs for gymnastics makes sense to me.

I would allow but also I think I would introduce her to the cream or the electric shaver, much easier for young ladies.

I had just turned 12 & was in 7th grade when my mom 1st let me. I didn’t have my period until a month b4 my 13th birthday. Every child is different. Better u teach her & talk with her than saying no & her learning by herself or from a friend

I’d let her shave away tbh, my partners eldest started shaving her arm pits at 9 because she gets very sweaty.

Nowadays a lot of girls that age shave think if every girl on the team does it I’d like my daughter to be not the odd one out :expressionless:

Thank you for all of your advise.
My daughter turned 12 Y in Feb.
She also has long light hair but she never ask if she can shave her legs. She is shaving her under arm hairs because it was dark. The beginning of this year. She is very shy to ask me so maby I must just tell her it is ok if she want’s to shave. She is longer than me already , can’t believe that children grow soooooo fast :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: