When did you start purchasing baby things?

My husband and I are having a debate. When is the right time to start buying baby stuff? He thinks we should wait until I am around six months but I think we should start buying stuff now, and I am 12 weeks. When did you start? I think it’s better to be prepared.


After I found out the gender of my baby I started buying baby things

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There’s no right or wrong answer… whenever you want. I waited until we knew the gender.

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I waited until I was out of the ‘danger zone’ of miscarrying I started around 12-14weeks.

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I started as soon as I found out I was pregnant (we didn’t find out gender) so I just bought lots of everything lol.
My daughter is 8yrs old now and I STILL over buy. I have totes in our spare room of clothes for every size/season lol.

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I’m 34 weeks. I should probably buy something soon.


After baby shower I started too so I new what was left that I needed and gift cards also helped to get item still needed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Honestly for my last kid I didn’t buy anything until I brought him home. Besides the carseat and a few necessities

I started after I found out the gender!

You could get gender neutral things like diapers, wipes, burp rags, a few onsie tshirts, socks, bottles if you plan to use formula, diaper bag ideas, figure out a nursery theme, discuss crib ideas, crib mattress, changing table and pad covers, lots of nightgowns for you once baby is born they’re a life saver.

Depends. I usually bought some clothes when I found out that were gender neutral and then when we found out the gender I bought more clothes. Big stuff I waited for the baby shower then got what I needed after

I think after u find out the gender is a good time to start buying things. But there’s nothing wrong with buying pampers and wipes, formula or a stroller before then and probably some other things I can’t think of lol

I started at 5 months, felt more prepared knowing the gender and knew for sure it was viable.

I was too excited to wait but kept it simple until I knew gender. I found that I didn’t use the neutral clothing as much personally.

I started buying when We found out the gender.

I didn’t buy anything and still haven’t since the babyshower. My baby is 7 months old. Some cultures think it’s bad luck to do super early however do whatever works for you

I started with nappys ect small things when i was around 18-20 weeks and then after we found out the gender we started buying everything else , its upto you really

30;weeks ish to start make a registry etc

Whatever time limit meets your financial needs. If you’re struggling, now. If you’re well off you might be able to wait a while.

18 weeks once I knew more
I sadly lost a baby at birth i knew he wasnt going to make it at 16 weeks

After 20 weeks safe zone. Not being rude but I’ve had two miscarriages and if you had to take everything back it would kill you mentally. We started at 30 weeks and just got enough to work. Baby stuff is big and things like a high chair and exersaucer and jolly jumper or even a crib isn’t needed until about four or five months. My favourite thing is the playpen with the bassinet and change table. It was like 140$ canandian at Walmart. Best purchase ever.


First child I was buying things after 12 weeks with my other 2 waited until after 20 weeks to buy anything aha.

I would wait a little while maybe have baby shower and then buy what you don’t have. Your husband is right

My first two I waited til 6 months , my last I think I had everything bought by the time I was 16-17 weeks besides little things like soothers and mitts. Clothes I left until I found out what I was having at 15 weeks . I was way too excited this time around I felt like I needed to be super prepared.

I waited until I knew the gender before I brought or prepared for anything

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I stocked up on diapers and wipes on my second term. Clothes and other stuff after knowing the gender.

Whenever you want but seriously wait for the big stuff for black Friday and cyber Monday deals. We did that for my second and it was a life saver.

16-20 weeks. I started buying diapers before but other than that everything waited

The sooner the better in my opinion. Then you aren’t stuck buying everything at the end of your pregnancy. It also allows you to space out expenses so it’s not so much all at once. I started buying things at 5 weeks and slowly bought everything. By the time I was 35 weeks, I had everything ready and was just waiting for baby. It also made it so I didn’t need anything off registries for my baby shower so guests brought diapers and wipes which meant I didn’t have to buy any until my son was about 3 months old.

Id wait alittle longer. Maybe around 20ish weeks just incase

Wait till you pass your first trimester, sadly anything can happen in the 1st trimester. Also my husband and I didn’t buy a thing until after the baby shower

Newborn nappies, unisex blankets, wipes, bottles start of 2nd trimester. Clothes & toys only after finding out baby’s gender. Didn’t buy all at once.

I waited until I was about 20+ weeks

24 weeks the baby is viable birth, I would start then

I would buy diapers and baby wipes first. All different sizes for diapers. But the newborn i would not buy alot of that size they do not stay that size very long every time i got paid i bought one thing at a time. It came in handy. Later on

We started buying before we even got pregnant lol I wanted to make sure we had everything we would need before we could need it.

Earlier lol. Not 6 months. That only really gives you 2 months to prep… i wanted more than that for my own sanity. I bought and looked my whole pregnancy slowly. And I wanted to be done by 8 months so not doing anything last minute. Wanted room done also and organized by 8 months. Had baby shower around 7 or 7.5 months so could finish up shopping and put everything away.

I would wait until 2nd trimester. That’s still gives you plenty of time to space out purchases.


As soon as you’re able to in my opinion. I started buying things at 8 weeks. Everyone in my family and friends all told me to wait and stop buying things until after the baby shower. Then Covid hit and no baby shower so boy am I glad I had already bought necessities or i would have been so much more stressed. Always be prepared!


I’d say if he doesn’t want to buy stuff yet to just buy a prepaid card and put money on it every payday. That way when your further along and he wants to buy the money is all there.


I would wait until a little later. I wanted to buy a ton of baby stuff when I found out at 8 weeks but I was glad I didn’t because we ended up losing the baby. It would have been even more painful to have to return all of it…


Wait…the Christmas sales are around the corner :wink:

I was told by my mom to wait after the baby shower and get things that weren’t given to me there.

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I start buying some stuff at 3 months…then at 6 months …then the last bits at 8 and 9th month…but i didnt buy too much as they grow very quickly for the first few months…now a days too fast

When I found out the gender.

I don’t think we started buying until after our shower with our first but I started looking at stuff around 10-12 weeks. That’s also when I started the shower registry. After our shower we got everything else we needed. I also did a diaper raffle at my shower & we did books instead of cards. I asked for size newborn & 1 diapers. It helped a lot when it came to picking a diaper because what I originally planned to use my daughter was allergic too. A family member suggested the books instead of cards to help build baby’s library & everyone loved it.

With our second we waited until we knew gender but we also didn’t have a shower with our second.

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I started as soon as I found out, but didn’t buy gender specific items until I had my 4D scan. I’ve done this with all four pregnancies!
It made it easier as we bought things each month, and was done by the time I was 6 months. Then gives you time to wash clothes and pack a bag, and relax before the new arrival comes :heart:

I always got a pack of diapers every week

Same week I found out I was pregnant

I usually wait until my 20 weeks scan to make sure baby is fine.

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Wait til after your baby shower and just save money for baby fund

My husband and I started buying stuff right away. One package of diapers a week and looking at clearance clothes whenever there was any. The f this is your first baby, maybe do one big purchase a month (crib, bassinet, stroller, etc.), so you don’t have to spend a bunch of money all at once.

We bought the major things that we wanted to for sure pick ourself early on around 12 weeks. We bought the crib, mattress, snuggle me sleeper, and dresser. We waited until after baby showers to buy anything else we needed.

I bought a box or two of diapers(different sizes) and/or wipes every paycheck as soon as I found out I was pregnant. We didn’t have to get diapers for over a year after our daughter was born.

My husband and I have 4 kids. We had this tradition that after our ultrasound, to find out the gender of the baby, we would go shopping. We always picked a few of the baby’s first items out together. We did it with all four kids. It became very special, for just he and I.

Save up money along the way, shop, but don’t buy. Look around. New and better products come out all the time and you might regret a purchase made too soon. My friend and I delivered just 10 months apart, but she was so jealous of some of the things I had compared to hers…a portable bed/playpen for instance. Hers was in pieces and had to be assembled and mine snapped open.

Maybe wait another month but it’s best to start early so the cost doesn’t hit as hard and you can spread it out and get exactly what you need . Leave some of the bigger stuff for after baby shower to see what all you get then.

So with my previous kids once I hit about 10 weeks I started buying a pack or box of diapers every week. By the time they were born we were completely stocked on diapers. But I usually didn’t start buying clothes, swings and other baby stuff till I find out the gender so around 20 weeks.

We never buy until after 24 weeks

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I was around 5 months before we started buying stuff.

I’ve been buying this since i Found out, Specially if the item is on saale!

We started to buy things at 12 weeks. I lost that baby. We then waited till I was four or 5 months with my twins.


start buying now and get a few things along-won’t have to buy so much at one time

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I did once I hit 2nd trimester. I bought a big and a couple little items out of each of my checks. That way it wasn’t one big purchase.

With all 5 id buy maybe few outfits before 4 months than stalled until 7 months. We are pretty minimal on what we use but prefer deals than come as your pregnant and i do snag those.

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2nd trimester or if finding out gender is when we did!!!

We waited until we found out the sex of our kids

With my 3rd, hubby painted the nursery when I was 8weeks! With 4th, we started collecting things from 10weeks

I started buyin at 5 mnthd when i found out i was havin a boy

Literally as soon as I found out. Its ok to be excited!!

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I didn’t start buying until I knew gender

I started as soon as I found out I was pregnant both times lol

Wait till after 5 months. If you really want to start preparing anyway, put money aside every week for baby stuff.


We started buying as soon as we found out we were pregnant. We found out REALLY early(like 3.5 weeks). It gave us PLENTY of time to prepare everything. Especially stocking up on diapers and wipes. We “knew” the gender from the get go(a weird feeling we both had), but stayed with gender neutral things until it was confirmed.

I’m on baby number 4 and I always wait until I’m out of my first trimester but I then only buy 1 or 2 small things until after my baby shower that I have around 25 weeks after I find out tge gender of the baby. Then after the shower I buy a few things every payday until the baby is due.

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I waited longer and longer each time. With my first I couldn’t wait, with my second I decided to wait until later around 20 weeks. With my third I still haven’t started (probably won’t until about 36 weeks and just get things as needed lol)

I usually buy few bits that are cute then wait till i find out gender :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m 17 weeks and haven’t started yet but I will soon

From 4 months on I did

As soon as we knew gender.
We bought things along the way so it wasnt alot of money at one time.

We are starting at 20 weeks after the anatomy scan. Although people have gotten us stuff already and we’ve accepted.

I’m in my 3rd pregnancy and put items on layby when baby bunting had a sale when I was about 20 weeks so I could have time to pay it off and not worry about things selling out

I always waited until I knew what I was having around 20 weeks but now days you can find out so early!

If it’s a good deal go ahead and buy it, other wise wait til after your shower.

I started buying different size diapers and wipes as soon as we found out, it was great because we didn’t have to buy them till our child was like 9 or 10 months old

Now you can take your time deciding.

I started off buying Diapers and wipes, honestly that’s the first thing I would start with and I didn’t have to buy diapers until the end when she was getting potty trained, it helped with the baby shower but me and my mom started as soon as we found out with diapers and wipes.

I’m waiting until I find out the gender so I can buy according to gender. As I already had a boy and have stuff if the baby is a boy if it’s a girl I want to go all out

I would wait until you find out the gender if you’re either still waiting unless you’re wanting a gender reveal

I would definitely wait… especially since you dont know if you’ll miscarry still, you dont know what you’ll get from others and you dont want to over buy because you’d be surprised how much stuff you got and you dont use or wont use for a long time

I would wait until you know what you’re having.

We started buying things after 12 weeks. But we have been going SLOW, we have only gotten a few things (crib/car seat) we have acquired some clothes from friends and family purchasing for us but we are waiting til after our shower to know what we still need so that can be our main focus

After having 3 miscarriages I decided to wait until after the baby shower to buy and I’m so glad I did bc I’ve only had to buy a few things myself after having so many gifts given to us and Baby. I’m currently 37w3d and blessed beyond measure!
I just chose to wait bc I felt it would be heartbreaking to have to return items after buying them for a baby I never got to have.
Also, there were many people that did not attend our shower and mailed us gifts from our registry.

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My husband and I waited to get a majority of the things we needed after our baby shower. I would go and buy an outfit or toy here and there but we ended up receiving a lot of the things we needed at the shower.

Get what u can just keep recepits

We both agreed to wait till we knew the gender. But started buying diapers and wipes earlier.

Wait! Plus your family and friends will want to buy you stuff too :slightly_smiling_face: you can always buy diapers and wipes to stock up!

But gift cards so when you do find out the gender you can go on a shopping spree!

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There’s no right time, I’d start stocking diapers in various sizes

I waited until I found out what I was having both times. And then waited until the last minute :woman_facepalming:t3: