When did you start purchasing baby things?

I always waited till 16-20 weeks

Waited till 4-5 months with all 3… Too much can happen in first few months… Then you have the pain of figuring out what to do with everything if god forbid something happens.

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Just buy baby things. Especially items that are on sale. He’s not your daddy :sweat_smile:.

I’m 15 weeks and started buying as of yesterday!

Because of my miscarriages I didnt buy anything until after 27 weeks with my last two kids. I was paranoid

I won’t buy anything until I know the gender at 20 weeks. I don’t like to buy too early Incase something were to happen.

Wait at least until 20 weeks then the chance of miscarriage drops and then I would mostly just try to stock up on like diapers and wipes especially if you’re having a baby shower and then after the shower get what you’re lacking. As far as clothes go though I’d wait until after your shower if you have one if not then start maybe around 6 months

We waited until we were 20 weeks but I also had multiple miscarriages so we wanted to wait to be safe!

I waited tell i knew if it was boy or girl.

:joy: I’m 7 weeks away from having our 8th baby. Starting all over again with a big gap between our last born who’s a girl and this one being a boy! We haven’t even brought a singlet :joy: Do you Boo xxx :joy:

I started slow with diapers and wipes (like a box a paycheck) Once we hit 20 weeks I had a decent diaper stash started and moved on to some clothes or the necessities.

Congratulations ! Super exciting time for sure. However you dont really need a whole lotta stuff with a new norm especially if you’re having baby shower. Maybe look at the big stuff now like crib snd change table but leave the smaller things for a later time or ask for your shower. Almost everyone I know has overbought and they don’t end up using half of the stuff. Newborns are pretty simple. Other stuff you can get along the way as baby grows.

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we started around 15 weeks when we found out we were having a girl and im so glad we did it that way since things have been so crazy in the world. we have an awesome stockpile of stuff and it didn’t drain us to do so. i say find out the sex and get to work just 20 to 40 dollars each pay day! :slight_smile:

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I’ve had a few late term miscarriages (16 weeks and 20 weeks), so I always wait until around 6 months

Instead of buying stuff right now…
Put away the money for another month or two…that way you may know sex of baby…be at a safer stage…
Also if you put away a few dollars unless you are well off then you can get things you actually need…
Do not over buy newborn clothes they grow out of so fast…

Honestly i didn’t have much until about 7 months along! But you could wait until closer to your 2nd trimester and start stashing away things like diapers and wipes… you’ll be amazed how many you’ll need. With that said, don’t go nuts with NB sized diapers! Only needed those for about a week. When you get stuff in advance tape the receipt to the box.

I waited til I found out the gender ,then I started buying.

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I’d you have a nursery theme set up that’s gender neutral go ahead and get that set, but wait till after your baby showers, so that way you’ll know what exactly to get when based off of what you didn’t get


6 months is about when we started to get serious. I had a loss before this one and im glad we waited to buy cause that would have been very hard to purchase things and be reminded of it, you know? I’d wait until the 20 weeks mark ish to start really getting into it


I waited until after my baby shower so I don’t have to make returns on things I already purchased. If you’re that concerned, you can also save money each paycheck that way you’re not having that financial burden closer. But honestly, I think 12 weeks is way too soon anyway. But do you Boo, do You! :wink:

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I didn’t have a whole lot for my first baby until after my baby shower at 7-8 months. After that I based what I bought off of what I’d already received. No harm in thinking about a theme, or planning out what you would like and how you would like it arranged, though! I took a lot of time to think of a theme so I knew what to ask for at my shower, and I wish I’d at least planned nursery, etc a bit sooner!


I always waited til 6 months, just in case. I was worried to buy a bunch of stuff so early in case something went wrong.


Waited until I knew the gender

I would put money away … then Between 20/30 weeks I put items on lay-by - bulky items (cot, cupboard, pram, bath, car seat, nappy bag, bottles/steriliser is bottle feeding etc)
30 weeks - clothes, nappies, wipes, bath items etc. (I also brought a few items weekly usually with shopping)
also are u having a baby shower, u don’t want to buy to many nappies (I would limit to about 200 nappies, to large boxes) and wouldn’t go overboard with the same size clothing as bubs grows so fast ( I will end up with clothes they haven’t even worn otherwise). But u Can never have enough wipes.

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I shopped the sales. When I felt the urge i would go to the mall or store and spend my time wandering looking for sales.

Honestly in my experience its best to wait until at least 24-25 weeks, after that a baby is viable if they were to be born early. It would be so much harder on you if you lost your baby and then had to put all that stuff away/return it. I have seen many people go through late term miscarriages for a number of different reasons. My sister lost her first little boy at 23 w. 3 d. She had gotten so much stuff for her son, so was just so excited and couldn’t help it, she told me after she lost him that she regretted having all that stuff because it made the heartache so much worse. Your only 12 weeks pregnant you have plenty of time to get everything your baby needs. Just enjoy this stage because its only gonna get harder.
Most of my family feels like you almost jinx it if you buy to much stuff to early but that’s just our opinion.

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Buy bits and pieces here and there monthly unless you can afford to buy everything at once when your husband is ready for the big shopping spree.

Start once you know the gender (if that’s the route your taking) then put it together now. Your going to want to set things up for baby- your hands are full once baby arrives save yourself the hassle

After my 12 week scan

I get scared myself an don’t buy till aleast 26 weeks I’ve bort so early in many of my pregnancy am it didn’t go to plan but it’s up to you really

Any time there’s a sale! They’re not gonna be in newborn or 3-6 very long, or until after your baby shower.

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I do have snap baby home made nappies if you would like some. Am in HB.

Buy stuff now if you want🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m an over prepared person I started instantly. Theres gender neutral things you can get. Big things to get out of the way. Start making a list of everything you need/want to get. Instead of cramming it all into 3 months so you can be prepared and not feel rushed.

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Ive bought a carseat a set of onesizes and a crib and I’m due any day now :woman_shrugging:t4: it’s also my fifth and i know from experience i don’t need majority of the stuff everyone claims you need. I just buy as the need arises these days. :joy:


We started buying things right after 12 weeks just so we knew we were in the safe zone. With our second, it was a rough pregnancy and we were told I was actively miscarrying multiple times so we didnt buy much except the bare minimum and didn’t have our baby shower until the month before he was born. He’s our little miracle baby :heartpulse:


I know this is going to sound negative but wait until you’ve done all of your genetic testing and had your anatomy ultrasound. You don’t want to buy a whole nursery and not have a child for it.


I never had a shower, was a single mom. When I found out I was pregnant, I started buying a pack of diapers different sizes and bottles, basic stuff every paycheck. I saved up and bought more expensive things as I went. But, diapers and formula add up. Many people have the luxury of waiting. For me, i had to start the minute i found out.


We started around 6 weeks, after seeing her in the ultra sound and seeing proof of her little heart beating :heartbeat:

I know some say it’s bad luck but, as someone very superstitious, I didn’t see how it was. There was nothing I wanted to do than to plan for her arrival. Buying things later in the pregnancy will not prevent tragic events.

I say go for it!


I took the free cell DNA test at 12 weeks. Once we knew the gender, we had EVERYTHING and it was unboxed, organized and set up in the nursery by 20 weeks gestation. You will end up getting so sore, swollen and tired that even a small trip to the store will be a chore and exhausting. You also have to pee more often. Seriously, just get it done ASAP.


Don’t go crazy buying a ton of stuff because people tend to be very generous whenever they find out you’re having a baby. You could go ahead and make a registry of all the items you want/need!

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my daughter starts 21 weeks tomorrow. Yesterday they bought a crib. She has made some small purchases besides this clothes wise. I honestly waited till i was closer. She is a high risk pregnancy and just wants stuff done… She is due in January, but the doctor says most likely she will have the baby in December…

I would wait til after your shower. You get so many things! And if you do target you get discounts on the rest of your registry when its closer to when baby is due! Save money where you can. I saved like $600 dollars by waiting for my registry :slightly_smiling_face:


I bought his first outfits around that time, right after my first ultrasound. I didn’t start buying bigger stuff until a little later but that’s just because I was waiting to see what my SIL had left over from her baby that she was giving me :joy: i stopped shopping a month or so ago bc I had spent so much, I wanted to wait and see what people got me at my baby shower. Now I get to shop again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Congratulations! Make sure you register everywhere and get all the freebie boxes for making registries and apply for free breast pumps and postpartum supplies through insurance!


I don’t think it’s truly about a right time, I think is purely based on what works for you and your family. I always waited till the 20 week ultrasound to know gender then I went nuts after that.


We bought everything at 20 weeks when we found out what we were having…im glad we did as i enjoyed going out and picking stuff around the shops and im way too big and uncomfortable to do that now. Any last bits we needed to get we bought online and in no hurry as we got everything as and when we saw it meaning if there was a bargain we just went for it. I got most things half price including my pram and cot saving loads. I am 32 weeks and totally relaxed knowing that if she came tomorrow we would be ready!

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In the early weeks, I got in the habit of picking up a pack of diapers or wipes each time I went to Target or the grocery store. I bought the other stuff later in my pregnancies.


I bought a few small things around 12 weeks when I found out what baby gender was, but we didn’t start getting organized with getting car seat, crib, and registry until after 20 week ultrasound

My Fiance and I are a bit superstitious so we didnt buy anything until the month i was due. :sweat_smile: for either baby. :joy: it dosent lessen the excitement. :slightly_smiling_face: not at all a popular option. Its just how we did things. :slightly_smiling_face:


(Sensitive)personally I dont buy anything until baby’s here. My first baby in 2010 was born at full term still born. It was the hardest thing to explain while returning stuff to the store.


My daughter started buying diapers at about 8-10 weeks just to prepare. My family started buying things about 14-16 weeks and may have just went crazy buying things. However she’s now 34 weeks and she is fully prepared with stuff for the baby. I would say buy small things, but nothing big yet.

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If it’s your first hold off as much as possible. People LOVE to buy baby things. We didn’t have to buy anything for our first.

With our second we’re buying diapers & wipes each paycheck and then after we find out the sex I’m sure I’ll buy clothes :hugs: and anything we think we need this time around

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All other aspects aside, it is easier on your finances to start buying now and spread out your purchases instead of buying everything in one lump some. If you plan on having a baby shower, focus on getting the bigger items like a crib or stroller. Most people don’t buy real expensive gifts for baby showers unless they are very close. Save the majority of clothes and diapers for the baby shower. I can’t tell you how many times I would get the same exact outfit from 2 different people at my baby shower. Lol Also, it is super helpful to make a registry, not just for others to buy off of it, but also for you to keep track of what you still need and it’s easy to see what has already been bought so their won’t be doubles.

I think waiting till your in the second trimester is best … but buying things slowly really worked for us this time around because we were not able to have a full on baby shower ; ) baby stuff is expensive :heart_eyes:

Start buying whenever you want. I wouldn’t wait 6months in because it might be a last minute rush to have everything needed. I started around 12 weeks and I gradually bought the things needed on my list, also means not a large amount of money gone in one go

Now! Look for specials. At least buy a little out fit here and there. Diapers are always a must. I bought clothes in his size and larger sizes as he out grows you’ll be prepared. Remember later if you have gently used stuff you can always sell them. Except your fave outfits, those are keepsakes! :wink::blush::baby::heart:

Buy the things that will need even if some shows up as gifts. When my daughter told me she was pregnant I bought a case of diapers each month and a couple cases of wipes. I just started with like size 2 and up. Make yourself a baby savings and put money in it each month

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Just a tip, something my cousin did was told people not to buy a bunch of toys and stuff for her shower and as gifts. She requested they get her things like bottles, formula, diapers, wipes. All the really essential stuff. Then towards the end she started getting things like teethers, toys, bouncer, etc. She didn’t run out of diapers for quite some time. Like they had a room in the house that was packed full of them.

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It is seriously never too early to look for baby stuff. I didn’t know I was pregnant with my daughter to I was 5 months and let me just say when pregnant the last thing you want to do is stress about getting everything set up in time for baby. Buy a bit at at time so you aren’t scrambling last minute. Also if you don’t know what you are having, buy everything in neutral colors to start, you can buy gender colors once you know for sure, but at least you’ll have some stuff already.


I didn’t purchase anything until my 25 week ultrasound when we found out the gender. If you are finding out wait until than. If not than it is hard to buy unless you go neutral for the first few months and buy as you go


I had been trying for 13 years so when I was finally I had a hard time but I waited until 3 months then started stocking. I stuck with yellow and green colors because I didn’t want to know what my baby was going to be. Congratulations!!!

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I started buying stuff before I even conceived :joy: I don’t think there is a right or wrong time. Just make sure you’re all ready for when the baby arrives! I would recommend if you want to get designs that are fitted more towards gender, then to wait until after finding out the gender.

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I wanted to buy things after I found out we were having a girl so around 3 months :two_hearts: but my husband was so sure they had it wrong and it was a boy :joy: so here we were 8 months pregnant buying everything for a girl and it felt so rushed! Lol I didn’t really get to enjoy buying things. So I think as soon as you find out the gender go crazy getting what you need! :two_hearts: ps. He’s crazy about our little girl now and no longer wants boys :joy::joy:

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I think it depends if u are planning on having a baby shower or not. Maybe just buy the bigger things crib. Carseat things like that. If you are having a shower I wouldn’t get too carried away cause you always get so much

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I bought whatever spoke to me at that time and wasn’t expensive. Try to stick to gender neutral stuff unless you don’t mind maybe having bought something he or she wouldn’t get to wear lol

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I’m totally superstitious. I didn’t buy anything until my baby was born :dizzy_face:. That was 18 yrs ago…if I had it all to do again I’d be inclined to agree with your hubby :blush:

I didn’t buy anything until after my baby shower. I got SO MUCH stuff! Especially for a first baby! And you’ll get gift cards and cash! So no need spending your own money when other people will want to buy for you! But I bought little outfits here and there. Like when we found our the gender I went and got an outfit or if I saw stuff on clearance… I can’t pass up a sale :joy:

Things that don’t expire should be bought in time it really doesn’t matter. However things that do expire like formula or wipes that might dry out you wanna buy toward the end of the pregnancy. The more you space it out the less you feel it in your budget.

Girl you buy stuff when you wanna buy stuff :woman_shrugging:t2: both my kids I bought simple things for pretty early. I would only advise not to go crazy because other people will want to buy stuff too and you don’t wanna end up with more than you can use. But, buy something to get yourself excited if you want, it’s fine :heart:

We bought stuff gradually over time so we weren’t having to spend a ton of money at once! 2 and a half weeks left and I feel like we have everything we need💙 good luck!

Buy diapers and wipes now and stock up until you deliver. I’d wait for anything else until after your baby shower though to see what you get from others. Obviously, if you see something super cute at the store that you love, buy it if you want to, but I wouldn’t go crazy just yet

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There is no right or wrong time as anything could happen in the blink of an eye. I was 6 months with both of mine before shopping for everything

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I started to buy the big stuff around 12-15 weeks. Like the crib the swing the playpen bcuz they’re all gender neutral and they cost so much so I had more time to buy em. I’m 24 weeks now and I just started buying clothes and shoes. I have a registry full of things for my family and friends to buy. But the only reason why I’m buying now is bcuz I’m a high risk and I know I can have the baby any day now so I wanna be prepared.

Six months is the right time to buy very critical items, a place to sleep, and lots of towels to clean things up. Everything else I feel like is much easier to get as you go and you find out how your baby works and what they do and do not like, that way you don’t spend money on things that you end up not really using.

I started buy anything I thought I would need if I found it on sale as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Then baby shower at 6months and everything else after that. Between 6months and due date we bought either diapers or wipes every time we went to the store.

I waited until I got out of my first trimester. I didn’t buy any gender like things until we found out what we were having but you can always pick a crib out, gender neutral baby gear like bottles, pacys, diapers, wipes, shampoo etc

We got a blanket very early on but that was it. I didn’t start purchasing anything until we found out the gender

When we found out the gender I did buy some head bows and one outfit. Usually baby showers or even along the way family just likes to buy things.

I wouldn’t go crazy. I did buy two outfits, and a pair of shoes for announcement photos prior to 12 weeks. We bought our crib and dressers at 4 months only because we knew they wouldn’t be gifted to us due to cost and I wanted to set up the nursery and be ready as much as possible. Everything else we are waiting to purchase until after our showers

Buy the big things if you think you won’t get it at baby shower, otherwise I would wait til after baby shower! Maybe some clothes or personal things now for sure though - nesting is a real thing. :heart_eyes: congrats!

I started buying things a little at a time once I found out I was pregnant and got most of the big stuff the month of my due date. Around here there’s still limits on baby supplies, if that’s the case in your area i’d suggest grabbing a box of wipes or diapers (in all sizes if you plan to use them) every few weeks just to have a stock pile on hand.

Do what you feel is right … You pregnant Mumma … lovely to start as your new bub is special as young as it is… lots to do before birth and u will get tired and there’s always the $$$ thing . So listen to you what you feel and it’s the right thing to do … Okay Enjoy …

I mean u can never have enough baby wipes tbh an clothes buy that shit up find a good deal on some clothes that are 12months or 6months get them yeah it’ll be a little bit until the baby can wear them but go ahead and start it adds up fast

I would say I started around then…but I did a lot of used, vintaged, already loved items and spread the cost out buying a little every month.

I bought my crib 2 years before we had kids but we knew we wanted to have a baby eventually and I couldn’t pass up a new $400 Babies R Us crib for $40. But once I found out I was pregnant, I’d pick up a case of wipes and a case of diapers every pay check.

We started buying atleast some diapers and wipes at 12 weeks! We didn’t get to find out gender until 22 weeks! So we did buy some gender neutral items when we found a good deal on them!

I’m 4 months along. And as soon as we found out I was pregnant we started buying diapers and wipes that was around 6 weeks. Around 12 weeks we started buying other things like bibs, burp cloths, and gender neutral clothes. We find out what we’re having in a few weeks and I just keep buying things if its something on my list and I find it on sale :blush:

We made a registry right after we found out the gender and then started buying small things at that time.

Both my kids I waited untill 20 weeks because I had a lot of problems and a lot of issues and they told me to wait untill we knew I wasn’t going to lose them and I was close to losing them multiple times with both so it’s best to hold off and wait a little longer, a friend of mine was 8 weeks and done baby shopping and that at 9 weeks and she lost hers at 11 weeks then gave it all away to others that were also expecting babies

I started buying diapers around 12 weeks. When my son was born I didn’t need to buy anymore diapers until after he turned 1! :joy::woman_shrugging:

Honestly. Just buy things that you personally will use for the baby. I bought my daughter this cute little onesie that could’ve been used for a boy or a girl, and I knew wouldn’t be there later

I started stocking up on diapers and wipes starting at my first appointment. And bought a box of both diapers and wipes every other week at different sizes and brands. (Keep receipts for everything!) I didn’t buy any clothes or blankets and stuff until after I found out the gender. I bought the big stuff kind of sporadically.

I waited until I knew the gender before purchasing items. I also waited because I wanted to make sure my health and baby health was good before I got too excited

We didnt buy anything until baby arrived with the first one. With the second, we bought some clothing and bassinet. With the third one, we barely bought anything, majority of the stuff was given to us by others. Dont buy anything just yet. Wait for a baby shower to see what you need.

With my first I started buying once I found out (4weeks pregnant) and it helped sooooo much I didn’t have to buy diapers for the whole first year and I didn’t have a baby shower
I didn’t get anything new I bought stuff on marketplace that was in good condition and I didn’t spent much now that I’m pregnant I only had to stock up on diapers I saved everything from my first baby :two_hearts:

We had so much stuff early on before the nursery was ready, we had no where to put it. I suggest getting the nursery ready then slowly start adding things. Also, wait til the shower to get clothes to see what you have and what you dont.

I bought some neutral things like blankets and onsies early on in my pregnancy but I really started buying alot after 12 weeks and even more when we found we were having a little girl. I started buying diapers every paycheck once we found out we were pregnant and when she got here we had stockpiled alot. I didn’t have to buy diapers for 8 months.

It’s financially easier to buy things a little at a time over the months. I started at the 12 week mark. I had almost everything purchased by 30 weeks, so I didn’t have to worry about anything as it got closer to time.

I started buying baby wipes right away. :woman_shrugging:t2: clothes on and off when we found out the gender. We waited until it was close before we bought the big stuff.

We waited until we found out the sex with ours.l mostly. Some stuff you could totally get before, but that’s when I started to get serious with it

I started buying stuff when I found out what I was having. Started buy things when it was on Clarence. Saves me a lot of money then rushing and spending more at the last minute