When did you start your period after baby?

I had my baby 8 weeks ago, and I’m exclusively breastfeeding. Tonight I went to the bathroom and only had some light pink blood when I wiped. Could I be starting my period? When did you other moms start your period again? Was it painful or was it light spotting?


It’s different with everyone. With my first it was just after a couple of months. With my youngest it was 8 months.

Following because I had my baby 3 months ago and breastfeeding and on BC not no period.

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I exclusively breastfeed and haven’t had a period yet. I’m 6 months postpartum. I have light pink spotting once every 2 months (like only spotting once or twice on tp).
I have one friend who breastfed for 3 years and didn’t have a period until she weaned. I also have another friend who exclusively breastfed for a year, but got her period back at 3 months pp.

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I exclusively breastfed my 2 yr old and 1 yr old. With my 2 yr old I had a period right after my pp bleeding stopped (I wasnt on birth control). With my 1 yr old I had no period until she was almost 9 mths old (I was on micronor as well)

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took me a year to get it back. I breastfed for 4 months but I also have PCOS

2 months for all 3 of mine. All were exclusively breastfed.

I didn’t get mine for very least a year with all three of mine almost 3 with my last it will be interesting to see how it will play out with my fourth

With my first my period didn’t start till month 3 after she was born and after baby 2 it was 9 weeks I believe

9 months but I exclusively pumped

Exclusively breastfed all my babies. After first born period started 9 months second born period after 1 month and third born period around 5 or 6 months

I ebf with my oldest. Didnt have any period, and found out I was pregnant again when she was 6 months old. After that I take vitamin c to help jumpstart my periods after each kid.

I am 4 months pp exclusively bf and had my first period at 9 weeks pp

It took about a year for me to get mine back, I was breastfeeding

Breastfed with an extra bottle of formula ( didn’t produce enough). 23 months

14 months post partum

Took about a year to get back to “normal”… I breastfed and would occasionally spit or lightly bleed but nothing like a regular period.

6 months and I was not breastfeeding or pumping

One year before I got my first period after giving birth. No post partum either.

I believe it was 7-8 months, and it was horribly painful. But that isn’t new to me :woman_shrugging:

It’s different for everyone

I started at 6w, stopped breastfeeding at 5w.

Breastfeed exclusively and got my period 2 weeks after had my :baby:💁🤦:unamused:

My daughter has been exclusively breast fed since birth and my period came back 6 week’s pp.

I’m almost ten months pp, breastfeeding and nothing yet.

doubtful, probably just spotting it can be like two yrs before you have a “regular” period

10 months postpartum

I had my son via c-section and tried breast feeding but couldn’t keep my supply up. I got my first period 8 weeks after. No pain or cramps but I woke up in the morning and my sheets looked like a crime scene lol bright red blood.

4 months pp and I don’t cramp so I never know when I’m going to get it cause mine are irregular and never around the same time

I’m 15.5 months pp breastfeeding and haven’t gotten mine yet

I ebf and I started back at 2 months pp! It’s very light and only like three days long. I have an iud so I’m not sure if that’s why?

I bled for longer than 8 weeks pp. had an actual period 8 months pp

I got mine at exactly 6 weeks postpartum. My son never quite latched, but I was pumping 24/7. Didn’t seem to matter… it started with cramping and light streaking, but then came on pretty heavy by the second period. My son is now 13 months & each month I get it like clockwork (I used to be irregular), and they’re horribly heavy & painful. My milk also dried up completely about a week before it came. :sob:

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I exclusively breastfed and I didn’t get my period for 14 months after I had her!

Every time was different for me my first two a month after, my son 10 months and my daughter 15 months and was breastfeeding with all

I had one around 6 weeks then none for roughly a year

Had one at 6 weeks both kids. Regular after that till I got my iud. I was only able to breastfeed for about a month both kids

I am 7 months PP and breastfeeding and have not had my period back yet at all

With My second child mines didn’t show up for a year was a hormone imbalance in my body first child had it back around 12 weeks our bodies r a mystery no 2 women are the same x

When I was breastfeeding (the first 3 months), I never had a cycle. Then after I stopped it took a few more weeks and then I had a normal, 6-7 day period.

They say u have an irregular period during breastfeeding

Exactly 6 weeks. I had my period at my 6 week post delivery follow up appointment.

First baby almost 1 year post partum, 2nd baby 2 months and both were exclusively breastfed, cosleeping babies.

5.5 months postpartum, EBF and no period yet.

Everytime was different my 1st I got it back a month after, my second was about 4 months after EBF, and my youngest was 18 months without a period and EBF

With my first I didn’t get a cycle for 2 yrs, she was exclusively bf… my second I am going on a year with no cycle … it’s an added perk of pregnancy and breastfeeding for me

I had a day of spotting 8 weeks out and again at 12 weeks out. But I didn’t get an actually period till 6 months. We are exclusively breastfeeding

I got an implant for birth control after and I breast fed for 6 months, didn’t have a period for like a year. All the hormones and everything really messed my cycle up i guess.

I got mine super lightly 8 weeks after having my daughter then super heavy a couple weeks later

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I breast fed for 15 months and I got it about 3 weeks after done feeding/weening… but I know moms who got it either way! I was so lucky!

All 3 of my kiddos were exclusively breastfed didn’t get mine until almost 1 year after birth. Everyone is different :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding and started solids at 6 months and still breastfeed. It’s going on 8 months with no period.

It took about 2 months of bleeding off and on before my uterus was back to normal. Maybe that is what’s going on. My first two I started getting my period again about 2 months after my uterus was back to normal size. But my last one it took over a year.

I breastfed so I didn’t get mine till a year after I had the baby. First period was rough tho. Heavy bleeding and lots of cramps :woozy_face:

My sons almost 2 and I’m still breastfeeding and nothing… I’m scared for when I get it after I stop

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I breastfed and got mine at 8 weeks. My sis didn’t have hers again until she stopped breastfeeding entirely (1yr). #jealous So it just depends!

Breastfeeding can be 6 weeks up to a year after but you can still get pregnant even if you don’t have one.


13 months and I thought I was dying when it came back. Soooo painful.

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I had my daughter in September and was exclusively breastfeeding…I started my period in November :dizzy_face: Same thing happened when I had my son. :sob:

It is different for everyone. My first I had my first period at 8 weeks, my second when he was 7 months old. I exclusively breastfed both. Every pregnancy is different, every postpartum body is different.


I had a day of spotting at 8 weeks and again at 12 weeks but never had a period. Officially weaned in late February but still lactating very much. My son just turned 2 by the way. Its possible

3 and a half months after my son was born I finally had a period. He is exclusively breast fed as well.

I had spotting for a day about 8 weeks in then full blown a few days later and it was terrible. So heavy but not super painful and have had one regularly since and we’re EBF

I got mine about 4 weeks after giving birth breastfed for 15 months period was kinda heavy. And lasted almost two weeks. Everyone is different though

My son is 3 months and I just got mine. I’m EBF too. It was heavier than my norm and I had some cramping which I don’t usually get.

Could take a while to get a normal period especially while breastfeeding that interferes with your cycle alot. I got my 1st real period 3 months postpartum

I EBF with my first and got my period at 8 weeks. I’m currently 2 months PP and EBF, this time I got my period at 3 weeks PP and I’ve been spotting every other week. My doctor said it’s a common occurrence :woman_shrugging:t2:

Im Still ebf i just got mine a month ago well twice in a month im on the implant birthcontroll in my arm its really messing my cycle up. but i got mine 18mnts after i gave birth

I have a 16 month old and have fully breastfed, baby food and solids now. I’ve had 2 periods since his birth, one two months after and one last week

With my first I got it back at 6 mos. My second was born in February of this year and I got it 10 weeks after he was born. I’m exclusively breastfeeding

With breastfeeding constantly I never had mine for over 9 months

I felt like i bled forever after having her but it was just under 40 days. I also had an emergency csection. I eventually told my obgyn about it and he put me on birth control.

1st kid, right away after PP period was over, 2nd kid, I never got it back bc I got pregnant 5 mo the Postpartum, 3rd kid was about 3-4 months bc I had an IUD put in. All exclusively breastfed.
Just remember even if your not having a period bc of breastfeeding, you can still get pregnant!!! I did, it sucked lol :laughing:

I got my period around 10 months postpartum after breast feeding for 9

Full period at 7-ish weeks. It was pretty painful. I was exclusively breastfeeding.

I just got mine a week ago. My daughter is 21 months.

You stopped bleeding before 8 weeks?!?!? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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7 months after my first two and 5 months after my third baby . Exclusively breastfeed all mine

6 months after my first. 8 or 9 months after my 2nd. I exclusively nursed for about a month with both, then mis of pump and nurse until they were 8 months and switched to pumping, and pumped until 14mo.

I started mine 7 weeks post partum I was also exclusively breast feeding

I breastfed for 9mth and longer with both of my kids and got my period at 3mth post partum…everyone is different.

I started mine around then while breastfeeding too I was also one of the unlucky ones who still got their period while bf :weary:

Breast feeding does not stop or change your period from my experience. Also breast feeding isn’t a form of birth control either, heard that once just wanted to be clear…

One month after. And it was extremely heavy :confused:

I got my first period when my son was almost 3 months old. I did not breastfeed

The first one is the worst. I think mine was about 4 months after giving birth

I breast fed for a year and didn’t have a period for 8 months. My first one was really heavy.

I nursed to 11 months and didn’t get a period till about 5 months after stopping nursing.

I exclusively breastfed my first and had one bleed around 4months postpartum - but my proper cycle returned at 9months after. Tried to conceive Bubba #2 from about 11months and it took about 8months :revolving_hearts:

Ive had 5 so far and always go it back right away after the post partum bleeding. And i breast fed lol

7 wks and was exclusively breastfeeding a food monster around the clock.

I had mine the following month even though i was breastfeeding. Everyones different

Got my period for the first time last month which was a week before she turned 1. Now I’m on my 2nd like clockwork.

8 weeks with my 1st, got an IUD after my second and haven’t had a period since

Exclusively bf both kids and got my period 3/4 weeks after the post birth bleeding stopped :unamused:

9 months or so later, when I stopped breastfeeding

Exclusively pumped (every two hours). My cycle returned 7 weeks pp…but it was every 2-2.5 months while pumping.

I started at 5 to 6 weeks post baby after each of mine. I didnt breast feed. You can start it literally anytime after there is no time limit persay

6 weeks with my last, 4 weeks with my middle child, 10 months with my first

28?days later! And I exclusively breast fed.