When is it time to potty train?

Hey mama's! My son will be 2 next month and I haven't started potty training yet. He has actually peed twice a tiny bit in the potty, not empty bladder pee though. My question is what age did yall start? Should I have been started? Also so I don't fall victim to comparison, any moms have completely healthy toddlers who don't have any health issues causing it to take longer still wasn't trained by 3? Also what tips do yall have that helped you the most? Thanks

My son had 0 health issues and wasn’t potty trained until he was 3 1/2. He just had no interest in going to the potty. We tried a few times and all were failures. Then one day he just started going in the potty and we’ve had no accidents since.

He will tell you when he’s ready. I potty trained before a year old, and my sister didn’t until she was 3. It’s literally so different for every child. Removing his diaper, being interested in the potty and communicating when he’s going to potty/has pottied are the main signs for knowing when they’re ready. We potty train by asking if they have to pee every 30mins, placing them on the toilet if they do, and getting SUPER excited when they do go.