When Should Daughters Stop Sharing a Bed With Their Dad?

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"At what age would you consider it inappropriate for a daughter to sleep in bed with her father? No one else in the bed."

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"I don’t think there is an age as every child is different I’d just say when either one feels uncomfortable it’s time to stop. My son is 5 and a couple month ago I just felt a little uncomfortable getting changed with him coming in to the room so I decided it was time he didn’t. Whereas I don’t feel uncomfortable with my 3 year old but I do my 2 year old it just depends on the child"

"Who cares?! Why is this a question so often?? Being a man doesn’t mean he is a pedophile. If the kid wants to then I don’t see an issue."

"I don’t see it ever being inappropriate for a Father to share a bed with his daughter. It’s his daughter… He has man parts & she has women parts, which means absolutely NOTHING unless he is a sexual predator… in which case he shouldn’t be around her at all, let alone sleeping in the same bed. If it was Mother & daughter no one would sexualize it… so why sexualize a father/daughter bond?"

"If you have to question when a child should stop sleeping in a bed with their parent, I would assume you have some reason behind this and should not have had children with your partner. There is no age where it is inappropriate for a child to be in bed with their parent"

"until the daughter, or the father is no longer comfortable sharing a bed. my son shares a bed with me and can continue to do so until he decides he doesn’t want to."

"Same as it would be when they stop sleeping with mom."

"At no age is it inappropriate, should stop when the child wants to sleep elsewhere."

"I hope my daughter always finds comfort from snuggles with her dad. Stupid question."

"Girl I’m 20 years old and if I’m depressed and just wanna cry, having a shitty day and I know my dads home and asleep, I’ll lay on the other side of the bed and take a nap. He’s my father, it’s sad you sexualize that crap."

"I would still lay in bed with my dad at the age of 20 and I didn’t even live in the home anymore"

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