When should kids start shaving?

At what age did you let your daughters start shaving their legs?


I started shaving summer before 6th grade


my mom wanted me to start doing it at 11/12

Grade 6 , so 11/12 :grin:

A month before she turned 10… but she uses nair instead of shaving. Seems early but she’s already going through puberty and was getting teased for her hairy legs. I also let her use nair on her unibrow.

Donja Breznak same here!


My mom waited till I asked to start doing it


Following. My daughter will be 12 in September and this terrifies me. I’ve had her using Nair for almost a year now. Lol

I let mine when she turned 11

My daughter isn’t quite up there in age yet but when I was 11 my mom helped me start shaving mine because they were so bad that I would get picked on

My mom waited til I asked. I was about 11 or so. I have blonde hair so the hair on my legs weren’t super noticeable.

Puberty for me… like 11ish

Not my daughters as they are only 10 months and 4 yrs but I was forbidden to shave my legs till I moved home to mum at age 17.
My dad forbid me to shave my legs/bikini line and armpits because he thought it would lead to sex (pathetic I know) and attract boys - so I had to shave without him knowning

My mom wait til I asked. It was in fourth grade cause I started basketball and I was the only one who had some monster leg hair. Got picked on. Make sure you tell her to not shave anywhere else or its gonna come back darker!!! No one told me to not shave my arms and now they come back dark as all hell. And I shaved my eyebrow off lol

11 but she probably should have started at 10.

Alycia Sullivan I remember trying nair too :rofl::woman_facepalming:t3: I had some hairy chubacca legs

I think I did mine by 11 or 12… my older sister showed me how to do it without cutting myself. I would suggest doing the same with your daughter and talking her through it as well.

11/12ish, my mom just followed my lead, we did Nair first though.

I’d let mine whenever she starts getting hair

10 she was self conscious of her hairy legs and kids were making comments about it

My mom didn’t let me until I started my womanly cycle, my daughter is 10 and she shaves at times, not regular, but if she’s going to be wearing shorts often she’ll get a wild hair to shave, and I’ve taught her how and she has all the nessacities that go with it, I can understand kids are mean in middle school so if she wants to she can and if she doesn’t, as long as she’s clean Idc if she shaves or not.

My daughter is 9 and a half and i use nair on her because the poor girl got made fun of for being the hairiest in the class. But she can start shaving anytime she wants at this point as long as she takes the time to learn properly

I was 11 when my mom let me

I was on a swim team so my mom let me do it. But I was in 6th grade.
Other girls started before me, but my hair was so light and fine it never crossed my mind.

I don’t have daughters I have sons but, my mom let my sister and I start shaving at 10

11/12 is when my mom allowed me because i asked. 14/15 for trimming my bikini area.

I think my daughter may have been 10 or 11. Did it on her own because kids at school made fun of her. When I noticed I showed her how.

My girls arent old enough yet but I was 11 when I started. I have dark hair and it showed very much on my pasty white legs lol

I started at 11 with nair if I have a girl I’ll probably follow the same pattern

I was in eighth grade … smh

When she asked. Maybe 11-ish?

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I had hairy legs as a child. My parents refused to let me shave. I ended up trying to sneak it because I was getting teased at school. I was about 11. Should have started at 10.

A few months before she turned 10 is when I first started letting her do it.

Id say once she grows under arm hair.

I started in Middle school

Wow my daughter is 14 and a half and just started to shave her arm pits NO legs yet


I don’t think there is a right age. If they are hairy and noticeable and you think they might bet made fun of or have been then its a good time. Otherwise, when armpit hair comes into play, it’s time. You don’t want to give mean girls/boys something to pick on your child about.


I started in high school. 12years roughly

My mother let me at 12

Both my girls were 10 almost 11. They have dark hair (part mexican) and were self conscious. No matter how hot it got my youngest would wear pants to school so i gave in

My mom told me I had to wait til I was 16. I have dark hair. And I played sports. That didn’t happen, I ignored her and snuck it.

I started at 12.

My daughters will probably be the same age.

I’m gonna let my girls shave when they start getting alot of hair or dark hair. Not gonna let my kids get bullied because of dumb opinions

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My mum didn’t let me until I was 15… I was sooo self conscious. I’d say let her come to you when she’s ready, I don’t think there’s any ‘right’ age. All the best :smiling_face:

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11… the start of 6th grade.

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I was 12. My daughter is 2, I would most likely let her start at 12.

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I was 13. That’s when I started to want to. I had a friend that wasn’t allowed to until she was 15 and I know it bothered her a lot.

My daughter is 12 year six and blonde. She starts highschool next year and I’ve allowed her to shave her legs then. Thankfully she isn’t keen to yet as she knows once she starts … . That’s it for life :joy: lucky for me, she’s lazy in that regards.

But I think it’s a personal preference. If she had dark hair and was self conscious about it; I’d let her start when she wanted to.

Bought this for my daughter. She is 12 and has been shaving since 10. Best investment ever.


Last week, shes 11 going into middle school and had a swim party with her entire class.

When they ask to start.

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I think it just kinda depends on them like when r they feeling uncomfortable

mine is almost 15 and just started shaving under her arms.no legs just yet.it depends on when they r ready or how dark the hair is.my daughters is still lite and fine yet.no rush on it.just the under arms.

Im letting it be when they feel like they are ready for it and bring it up to me themselves. So if they dont point out im going to either.

I remember this when I was a kid my mom kept telling me no over and over. Her excuse was that I would have to keep up with it and I wouldn’t blah blah. But she gave in and I had blonde hair and was in 5th grade. I feel like it isn’t hurting them and if they feel self conscious about it or pressure from peers why not just let them… if anything, it’s hair it will grow back…

My girls are 9 and 5 and in gymnastics and cheerleading and due to being Portuguese and Cape Verdean they’re extra hairy lol so they will be beginning soon as it’s required for the gymnastics competitions.

8 years old cause she was in cheer and she asked, it’s her body, Who am I to tell her no when it was something that she was feeling self conscious about it. We went and picked out a razor and shaving cream together and when we got back home I showed her how to shave. The first few times I asked her to tell me when she wanted to shave so I could make sure she was getting the hang of it and didn’t cut up her legs an she’s been fine since. Just be sure to explain that she needs to take her time an which areas to be extra careful. You know if your child is mature enough to do things on her own or not.

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I didn’t ask my mom. Just did it in bath one day. Mom didn’t notice or didn’t care. Who sets a certain age where they let their kid start shaving?


Candice Collins ok So maybe next year lol

i don’t have a daughter, but my mother literally just waited until i had wanted to start shaving and told me to tell her before i shaved for the very first time, then made sure i knew what i was doing so i didn’t hurt myself on accident, she did that with both my older sisters as well


I just starting letting my daughter shave her legs she is 11 getting ready to go in the 7th grade

My daughter is 13 & has been asking, but I don’t think she’s ready to accept the responsibility if she doesn’t even like taking showers/baths…

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I was allowed around 9 or 10. I have extremely black hairs so it was really embarrassing in gym and my mom understood.


When THEY decided they were officially ready


I just taught my 10 yr SD.

I was in 4th grade, but my oldest daughter is soon to be 8 and started shaving her legs. She was very self conscious of how thick and dark the hair was, especially after kids at school brought it to her attention, and she’s seen mommy shaving her legs, so with supervision I allowed her to start shaving her legs. She only does it about 1-2 times a month, but it keeps it short enough that it’s not out of control like it was! She feels better and that’s all that matters to me. On the contrary, her sister is soon to be 7, and her leg hair is light and barely noticeable so she will be much older I’m sure before the topic is even brought up!

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Well when them legs be damn hairy go for it.

Chelsea - I feel good hearing you share your story. Thank you. That is how I have handled shaving. My daughters are 12 (shaving) and 10 (not shaving). :pray:t2:

I let my daughter shave her legs at 11. She had very hairy legs and was getting made fun of. She was never told when to shave, she used her own judgement and she did well!

I taught my daughter how to properly shave when she was 9.
I taught her how to properly apply mascara at 10. I taught her how to apply a condom and about all the different types and sizes etc at 11. Why?
Because I’m not raising a nun, I’m raising a woman who is going to need this information one day and I would rather her learn properly before she needs it.


I let my daughter start at 11 because of basketball.

I was 11 when i started shaving my legs

Julia Rayne Stowe I am Absolutely the same way

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I wanna say I was In the 4th grade. My sister is 4 yrs older than me, and she taught me one day. After I realized I looked like a gorilla covered in hair. :woman_facepalming: I dont have to worry about it for a long while since my daughter is only 3 months old. But I feel as tho, when she tells me shes ready or self conscious about it, well talk about it pick things out and I’ll show/explain everything to her.

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I was jr.high when I first started I just did it I was 7th grade. My 8 yr old asks me.but I won’t let her till she older.thats what I believe.

Seems as though they start in the 5th grade. My daughter started at 10 1/2.

9 for my oldest daughter. My youngest is 10 and doesn’t need to yet.

I was hairy. I started at 9 :joy:

13 she never wore shorts

Ehhh that’s a little old to not let her. It can be embarrassing maybe this will help her take a bath/ shower. I am not trying to be mean in anyway. I was there 10 years ago. I remember a girl in my softball team she had very LONG arm pit hair her parents wouldn’t let her shave. She use to get picked on for not shaving them.

Marvin-kristina Deacon
Bravo hun!
If all mothers did this with their babies the world would be a better place. :heart:

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The day before she started middle school

Middle school so like 11-12, depending on the hairyness of her legs… no sooner than 10 though!

My girls both have very thick leg hair one dark and one light they both have been shaving since 8 because of bullying … i was in 6th grade but todays kids have no respect for others who are different

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My daughter is going into 5th grade & just turned 10. She is very mature for her age & is already goung thru puberty

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When they start growing the hair. If you don’t they’ll get self conscious .

I was 11 or 12 when I started shaving mine

Mine is 7 and has begged me for 2 years. Shes quite harry so I finally just caved and let her do it. I monitor closely and did it myself the first few times. Shes finally pretty much decided that it ain’t even worth it. Hasn’t even tried herslf for about 3 weeks. I think the excitement ended when she realized it wasnt all that fun.

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10… Kids at school were calling her a demon and taunting her… she’s been going through puberty and having cycles since 8…

Soooo… it was less traumatizing to teach her.

I can’t change her development… but i can help in this area :frowning:

Kids are mean

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My daughter started shaving everything at 11 all on her own :woman_facepalming: only found out because she had razor burn

I started in middle school so like 11 or 12? Somewhere in there.

My dad wouldn’t let me shave until I was 16


Sara, don’t be scared! Em is responsible and I think she will do fine…Alyson started shaving this past spring and she does great…she turns 11 in July

I was 11. I was out of town at my grandma’s and my older cousin was, so I wanted to (mine were hairy too obvi) but I just went ahead and did them. My mom never cared if I shaved she left it up to me.

I think I was 10 or 11. So 5th or 6th grade

When they asked to. My mom wouldn’t let me and it was absolutely humiliating. It seems to be around 10 that they start caring.


Steph James may try a hair removal cream

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She has REALLY sensitive skin, like me. .

I don’t want to risk chemical burns like I get from it.

So shaving it is

I was in 4th grade 11 years old when I started growing a bunch of hair. But they didn’t believe me so they didn’t buy me a razor or show me how to do it correctly or safely. So I went months with hairy legs and vagina. So when/if she does tell you… take it seriously. I didn’t have anyone to teach me.

Before they went to high school… I know someone who has a 16 yr old daughter and they wont allow it and she is in huge trouble if she sneakily does it and imo they are just being cruel!!! Then again mother is a sloth that dont shave shower and stinks so guess she wants her kid the same… poor kid I feel so sorry for her