When should kids use a stove?

Ok I’m great- grandma to a almost 9 year old girl and I have a question for you mom’s, do you think it’s ok for a kid that age to be using the stove to cook unsupervised for themselves or am I old fashioned to think she’s to young to be doing that.


It depends on the child. If her parents think she is responsible enough then she should be fine.

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I would say depends on the 9 year old and their maturity and what they’re cooking of course… if it’s simple things and shes shown she can I’d say it’s acceptable


I was cooking my self macaroni on the stove but that’s about it. Everything else my mom bought for the microwave so I could make my own meals at night/ after school like ramen noodles pizza rolls hot pockets etc.

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On her own Defo not. The child must always be supervised near the oven

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He ancestors did that,

I used the stove when I was 7. Maybe it just depends on the maturity of the child. My 11 year old son, no way unless he’s supervised lol

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Nope, supervise her for a year or so.

it really depends on maturity not age


Yes its passes time i did it at age 8 helped my mom make cake at age if 6 or 7 nerver to young to start

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Not on her own. Supervised, depending on the child!!!

I was using the stove at 9-10.


If she is taught well then she will do well.


I vote too young. I started a fire around that age trying to make hash browns. I had the heat on too high, trying to get rhe oil hot. Ran and woke up mom, and she was able to fix it with no damage to anything. Bur if I had been totally alone, I wouldn’t have known what to do bc I panicked.
Other than that I always did a great job and had been cooking for awhile. But, it only takes once. At least needs an adult in the home. But my daughter’s almost 9 and there is no way I’d let her cook alone.

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Young people love practising with some cooking and will be very careful. She seems to be ok with it. She is probably supervised from a distance and has her independence to do it. Well done to her for being interested.

For me personally, it’s too young. Kids mature at all different levels, but I know a few kids, even older than that, that have no business using a stove. For my daughter, cooking won’t be an unsupervised activity at age 9.

Lol I was babysitting 3 younger kids ages 6, 3 and 4 when I was 9. Latchkey kids of the 90s had to be independent with single parents. There was no choice for me. So I was extremely mature at 9 so I would say yes but it depends on the kid. Sometimes I regret not having much of a childhood or chance to be a kid but it is honestly not bad to learn if you are ready.

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I have ten and nine year old girls who are just starting to use the stove. They are supervised for now until I am sure they can make their food properly. Once they have learned the right temps and proper measurements for water for boiling to make something. The oven is off limits until we master the stove part first. It depends on the maturity of the kiddos. Mine are well beyond their age. Also remember if we don’t teach our kids how to fend for themselves they will always expect someone else to do it for them.

Not to young.
My sons all started using the oven and stove supervised at 8 and now at 16 one can cook full meals and the 11yr old in not far behind him

Depending on the kiddo and what and how they’ve been taught. If you sit back and observe/ watch her a few times, you’ll know if she could do it unsupervised. I mean It isn’t such a bad thing for kids to be responsible. We work toward that from day one with our kids, right?


Depends on the child, what they have been taught. safety first!

My almost four year old helps with age appropriate things.
She likes to help place things to one side of chopping board or in a bowl so I got room to keep going with chopping up food.
She will help stir some things (with this she holds my arm near my elbow - and she feels happy to do this while I do the actual stiring - the chair she stands on isn’t in front of stove).
She helps tastes things if I’m checking eg. Pasta, pasta sauce, sausages if are done etc.

If she’s been taught how to properly use it then I say she’s good. Just make sure she knows the dangers involved. I was making food on the stove at that age.

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I dont think it’s too young.

Children have to be more independent these days, parents don’t seem to parent anymore! They’re mostly best buds…

Maturity is more important than age, I know 7 year olds who cook better than their parents :joy:


Depends on maturity & if they’ve been taught proper safety & such. I learned to cook at 7, by 9 I definitely used the stove on my own. Not every childs maturity level is the same. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I was cooking food at 9. Simple things. I even babysitted my younger sister at 9 and cooked for her

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Whats wrong with that. Independence. Closely monitored of course.

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My oldest (now 14) began cooking around that age. I would sit at the kitchen table and let her cook. I stayed in the room to answer questions and make sure what she was doing.

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When I was 9 I was able to cook some things on the stove. Not an issue

I always supervise my granddaughter when she helps me cook or bake and she is 11

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My daughter is 9 and has been cooking supervised since age 6. Just this year at 9 i can let her cook small meals unsupervised…the ones I know she can manage…

I would say its ok… teach her all safety precautions and dont be afraid to repeat them…like u said. Shes 9…but. do be extremely proud of the young bright motivated child u have.


I cooked my first food at that age for my dad’s birthday, and that’s about 20 yrs ago

Let her go, nourish her abilities, educate safety.

I was and I’m 36 now. I think supervised it’s a great idea

I’m with you I wouldn’t let a nine-year-old cook by themselves too much can go wrong too quick… from one grandmother to another

Supervised absolutely, these kids today are babied and weak. Teach them.

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Yes it is okay people hover these kids too much she will build Independence confidence just make sure she understands also restrictions on what she can make my grandson is 8 he makes eggs he is not allowed to make the bacon due to the fact that the grease but he is allowed to make eggs he’s allowed to make homemade cocoa things like that but the first time I see he’s not following directions as being careful is a special stool that sits there and one that he can get off quickly if needed who knows she may be the next Emeril


I was 6-7 and learned how to use a toaster oven. I thought it was a real oven at the time and was super proud. But my mom and older brother were there with me at the time I used it.

Depends on the child, some kids at 9 are mature enough to cook some stuff for themselves, some aren’t, depends how much experience they’ve had doing it supervised and if they’ve shown they’re ready to.


Depends on maturity. My daughter, easily. My 9 year old son,well he just blew up the microwave.


It depends on the child & what she’s cooking. If it’s just eggs or Mac n cheese then it’s probably fine.

My 9&11 yr olds do for like noodles or velveta Mac n cheese and hot dogs because some nights I don’t get off until 7 so I don’t get home until 730/745 and them being up until 9 throws their schedules out of wack for school. They should learn early

I think it’s great that she can however, I wouldn’t allow it unsupervised at this point! I’d want to be there just in case something happened!!

You maybe old fashioned but my mom was cooking full Thanksgiving meals at that age. Myself i was making my own noodle soups on the stove by myself at 8. My daughter wont be but thats bc shes not without lots of accidents in the kitchen but each child is different as long as shes not getting hurt theres no real reason mom shouldn’t let her learn to do things her own way

I think 9 is way too young unless she is supervised too easy too poor hot water or grease over yourself

Not unsupervised. My daughter was 11 and got a towel too close and it caught fire. She panicked. If I hadn’t been there my house would have burned.

Depends how mature for their age they are

My 9 year old cooks but never unsupervised… anything could happen, still a bit young

Depending on the maturity of the child and how long she has been cooking for, also does unsupervised means no adult in the house or no adult looking over her shoulder?

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Yes especially these days

Don’t you see MasterChef Jr? Some of those kids were cooking full meals by age 7! Better than a 29 year old who can’t cook anything but toast!


I was cooking meals at that age. Each child is different.

No Use of stove should be supervised in my oponion. Unless there is a law parental choice.

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My mom got me using a kettle to make her coffee at the age of six. Using Washing Machines at 11 and cooking at the age of 12 and my room wouldn’t be touched until I cleaned it up myself. I’m doing the same thing with my children, but a lot more supervised, one day I might not be here. So they’ll have to learn to do it. I’m not tidying up a teenage girls room, she can do that herself. It teaches them about self-responsibility.


Don’t want them burn their self or the house

My grandson is 9 and just started washing the dishes. Cooking I dont think he is mature enough.

I think its to young unsupervised!

I did it :person_shrugging: my dad and stepmom would leave for work and leave my older brothers in charge and of course they never really did anything to help us so my brother who is only a year-and-a-half older than me and I had to learn how to do everything on our own early

I truly believe it depends on the maturity of the child and how well they handle situations my kids were cooking certain things at nine but they were not allowed to if I was not in the home they knew how to use a fire extinguisher if needed ect…


I think you’re right in saying that she’s too young to be cooking unsupervised.

Cooking with the help of a trusted adult is different - the world needs more people who can actually cook in my opinion. So if she had assistance at all times, I’d say teaching her young is a wonderful thing

An adult should be there in case anything happens

My oldest daughter is 6 and can make herself a grilled cheese sandwich with no help. But I make sure I am supervising her at all times when she is cooking.

I think it depends on the person. I mean my grown husband almost got 3rd degree burns on his hand from grabbing the pan without an oven mit :woman_shrugging:


Ugh I taught my son to cook eggs at 6 yrs old lol. Old fashioned should mean you’re teaching her to be independent


I was cooking dinner for my mom 2 days a week when was 12. Everyone was at work. At 13 I made cream puffs for a bridal shower. I still love to cook and bake.

I don’t think so but it honestly depends on her maturity level.

Every kid is different. My 9yr old makes grilled cheese, eggs, etc…easy stuff. But she can’t do it if we’re not home.
Just talk to her about safety and being responsible. Help her make quick things so she can feel confident. I sit on the couch and if my daughter needs help, I’m right there.
We also have 2 fire extinguishers and she knows how to use those. :joy:
She can also do laundry, use a vacuum, help bathe the dogs, etc. She’s 9. She’s not helpless or stupid. She just needed to be taught.
So, great grandma, be her guide. It’ll make for hilarious times and great memories. :blue_heart::blue_heart:


Most should be supervised, but it really depends on the individual child. Some adults shouldn’t cook without supervision, and some 9year olds cook better than their adult supervisors.


Depends on the kid, but not while home alone

Depends on kid and if they have been taught properly to do so. Idt 9 is too young personally

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Depends on the kid and their maturity level. I have been cooking alone since I was in the 5 grade.

My 9 year old cooks. She needed to learn to be self sufficient sometime in her lifetime.

Do you not watch these kid cooking shows? Teach safety and they will be fine. I never leave my daughter unattended while she is cooking.

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Depends on the maturity of the child and how well she handles herself in the kitchen. I stated to cook meals at 10. and breakfast at 9

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Glad to see your concerns. I also am in your position. I think it depends on the child. Some are just more coordinated and less likely to have an accident. My 10 year old is not there yet. She is always supervised.

Depends on the child. At 9, I was cooking unsupervised a lot and was very safe …my siblings weren’t and my 9yo is not quite ready for that yet either. Just depends.

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My child is 9 , going on 10, and uses the stove supervised .

Me & my sister did…we were like 5…

I think it comes down to how mature she is. Nothing wrong with knowing the basics at that age. Could turn into a chef one day :wink:

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She needs to be super vised at age 9. But after watching her a few times, you may not have to.

Depends on the child. If she’s doing good and being cautious then it’s ok. But should still be supervised

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Maybe she’s good at it because she has to fend for herself. My two nieces cooked whatever they could scrounge as their mother is an angry alcoholic and left them alone a lot.

I’ve been cooking on the stove since i was 6. My parents were in the next room and would check on me. But once they saw and questioned me on how things work and how to do things safe. They just let me cook. Just had to tell them i was cooking. By time i hit 8 years old i was making stir-fry with 4-6 different veggies and a meat. All by myself. Its really all pending on how the child is with it safety wise

Depends on maturity level and of she can show proper safe techniques. I watched my momma cook and she would explain how to do things as she went. I was def cooking on my own at age 9 or 10.


Yeah i think its fine if she’s able to do it, nor a bad thing on her parents bc theyre lazy or not taking care her. One of the best things you can do is allow /teach your kids how to be independent.


Guess you haven’t seen master chef Junior… Or any of those kid cooking shows… they are younger than that.


i wouldnt let mine personally my 24 yr didnt mess with a stove at that age weather we were home or not.

Unsupervised no way!!
I let my daughter help me with dinner and her snack, but I never allow her around the stove/oven without my supervision…


Had all my kids independant by 12 cos last thing kids need is not being self sufficient and im not doing it when theyre adult. 2 of my boys are autistic with learning difficulties its a bit harder but in the adult world everyone has to do it cos noone else will.

If they have been teaching the child independence from day one which we all do, then definitely sit back and supervise to make sure She’s handling it. I’m with the other comment, once you do that you’ll know if she’s capable. Too many helicopter parents stifling maturity and responsibility.

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I’m kind of leery of the unsupervised part (but then again I’m a little over protective LoL) but hey, I also think it’s great that she knows how to cook!

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I know someone would was severely burnt. After skin graft he developed hepatitis and then got brain cancer.

I think she is too young to cook unsupervised. What doesn’t happen in a year could happen in a second.

I was watching that show last for the third time with that Famous Chef Gourdan Rasmey,probably don’t have his name right? But it’s a cooking contest show about young kids,I’m saying 8,9,10 and 12 years of age?@@@Xxx Dd

They probably can but age nine is too young to be unsupervised period

It depends on the kid. Me at 9? No way. My husband at 9? He would’ve been fine. If she knows what she’s doing and knows the dangers, then I wouldn’t be as worried.

I would cook at 8 years old for myself and cousins. I think if she is careful, mature, and likes to do it then it is totally acceptable.

Yes. My sister was able to and so was I. Quit being critical of the parents

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