When were your boys potty trained?

Lo will be three on Sunday, and we’re working on potty training right now but what is the age that boys r potty trained My friends are saying he’s too old for diapers and he needs to be potty trained by now as he’s smart and also when he is completely potty trained what age is ok for him to go in the bathroom alone like when we’re out in public I’m not ready yet as he could get locked in there etc. and do u take him into the women’s I always have thank u


My boy was 3 1/2 and before he finally caught on, and he goes into the women’s side he doesn’t go by hisself

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Every kid potty trains at different ages and if you put too much pressure on him he could end up incontinent. Take your time, make it fun and he’ll get the hang of it.

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We potty trained at 3. It was “encouraged” by Preschool. By prek 3, they should be going in potty trained.

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My son was 2 yrs 8mths when he started potty training he amazed me how quick he took to it was trained within a week . No nappys

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My 2 boys and 1 girl, were all potty trained by 2 1/2, As well as my grands. They went to the ladies room with me untill school age.

Mine was barely potty trained before 4. My cousins potty trained before they were 3. Each child is different and goes at their own pace. One day it’ll just click.

My 9 year old comes with me In restrooms in public like Walmart or a gas station. Idgaf my son not going in there with creepy ass creepers. Unless it’s a single person bathroom obviously… he was potty trained by 2 years old but I have a 3 year old now who doesn’t want to do anything but pee on toilet sometimes. They are ready at their own pace

All children are different of course and also depends on their mentality so for me to say mine were all done by 2 needless to say they started walking about 9 1/2 months. Good luck mom

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My oldest was 4
Middle was 4
Youngest was 41/2

My son is 4 and I’m still having trouble with him with the poop part. My only suggestion would be put undies on during day and pull up at nite. It’s gonna be gross and messy. I wish I would’ve done it sooner. Good luck momma!

My boy is 3 and he will pee in the potty just fine. He pooped in the potty the other day (YAY!) on his own but he has to be without a diaper to do it. He just doesn’t seem to grasp pulling his pull up down :woman_shrugging:

My son was a little over 2 years old. But he showed signs he was ready at age 1.

My son was fully potty trained before age 2 and he started going by himself age 6 in public

My daughter was completely diaper free at 19 months

My boy was 3 in March, we started in June and trained by the end of July

My girl is nearly 3 & will not wee on potty or toilet , she tells me sometimes when she needs a wee so we go to the toilet & nothing x

During the day just after his 4th birthday. He stopped having accidents at night a couple months after that.

Any child (not counting mentally handicapped) should be fully potty trained by 3. Girls catch on quicker so they should be fully done by 2, boys 2.5! My daughter was fully trained at 20 months, my nephew was 2.5

1 week before he turned 3nust wokeup and wanted to potty himself

2 and 10 months we potty trained took him about a week to click, few accidents over the weeks after but hes doing really good now and he will be 3 in 2 weeks. I tried at 2 and 5 months but he wasnt ready. Hes now dry all night too, it just clicks when they are ready.

I started to potty training mine and he is 2 years old , he knows when he poop and when he pee…He said poop :joy: and when he pee said pee ! Pee !! So funny

Mine was potty trained at 3… at preschool we start introducing the potty at 2.5. All boys are different. Be consistent with your training… praise, rewards, stickers whatever you do… he will get there.
My son is 5 and I don’t let him go alone… to many weirdos. I’m lucky to have an older son and 2 older daughters to help but usually I go with him or my husband. We still go wIt outside the door with my 11 yr old


My boy is 3.5 and he completely pee potty trained but refuses to poop on the potty

Mines 3.5 and still not ready but he may be on the spectrum

My son will be 4 next month and he is fully potty trained as of a couple months ago. He wasnt interested till a little after 3. If he isnt ready dont push it. We used pull ups and a plastic urinal I got off amazon and it really helped.


My boy was completely potty trained 3 days before his 2nd birthday. He’s 4 now and he still doesn’t go to the bathroom alone in public and he goes in the women’s with me. In today’s times, it will be awhile before I let him go alone in public

I started potty training right after my sons 2nd birthday. Birthday in august but we started November we had him fully potty trained by the end of February. So took us about 3-4 months after we started. I highly reccomend going to amazon and buying “the potty watch.” It helped so much! It can be set for different times and it play a different little tune each time it goes off. It got my son excited to go to the bathroom!

my son is 4 now, he was 2 when he was completely trained 3 when he start standing to pee.

My sons was fully potty trained by 2 he still goes with me in the resroom

My son is 22 months old and he’s already started. Just last week he asked to potty and peed in his training potty.

All three of my kids were potty trained day and night right after they all turned 2

My son was potty trained including overnights by the time he turned 2. Started at 15 months and by 20-22 months he was no longer having any accidents. At the daycare I worked at we started putting them on the potty at 18 months and all kids had to be potty trained by 3. If they were not they couldn’t move up to the 3 year old class on their birthday and got held back in the 2 year old class until they were potty trained.


My 6 year was potty trained by 3. My youngest is 3. He used to love the potty before he hit 2 . Now he will only go to the toilet when his Dad or brother go :rofl: I won’t force him though.

Both my boys potty trained at 2 1/2, will bring them to the ladies room until they’re able to control locks etc themselves, They’re 4 & 5 now.

Our pediatrician said boys are typically ready to potty train around 2.5-3years old. My son will be 3 in December and he is day time potty trained

Every child is different. Shouldn’t have an expected time to be potty trained


Mine was 2.5. I still make him come in the women’s bathroom with me and he’s 10 :joy: he hates it, And if he does go in the men’s I make him use the stall :grimacing:

By age of 2 all 3 of my boys were potty trained day and night .

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My son was potty trained at 2.5 and my daughter at 3.5. There is no right age, it’s supposed to be when he is ready. If you try to force it it could make it worse.

Every child is different and unique. Don’t compare your child to other children. I have three kids and each single one progressed at their own pace, individually, in their own timeframe. Best of luck :two_hearts:

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My boys were 2 years old and potty trained

My oldest 3 kids potty trained at 2yrs but my last baby is 2 and 2 months and I haven’t even started yet lol…

My mom told me that my brother was the hardest to train he was not fully trained til almost 4. I’m nervous because my youngest is my only boy hes two and had no interest in the potty but my three daughters where all trained by 15 months

3 is a good age to start as the ability to effectively communicate and control bowels is important to successful potty training. And yes bring him into the women’s restroom with you. My youngest boy is 4 1/2 and I still do if it’s just me. If he is with dad he goes into the men’s with him.

My son was potty trained when he was about 3 and a half. We tried before then but he just wasn’t ready yet. And then one day, he was. And in the last year he’s only had maybe a handful of accidents. Its all on their own timing

Boys potty train later this girls, especially first born. Don’t let anyone make you try to follow their arbitrary timeline of when things should happen with your child. If you’re concerned, talk to his pediatrician because everyone’s personal experience is unique and their opinions are all anecdotal.


Son potty trained himself by 2.5 my girls were around 2 when we had them fully potty trained. Occasional night time accidents.

My son was almost 4 before he was fully potty trained. I couldn’t let him go to pre-k because they wanted all the kids potty trained and he just REFUSED. As for when to let him go into a public restroom alone, I had both my kids going to the women’s restroom with me until my son was about 7-8.

The child will show signs when they are ready to potty train. It’s not all about the age.

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My daughter turned 4 in April,and my son turned 3 in February… and they just became potty trained about 2 months ago. I took the advice of alot of other moms,and let them do it when they wanted to,and it went alot smoother. One day my daughter just walked up to me and said “Mommy I want underwear on”… and it went from diapers to fully potty trained in about 2 weeks tops.


2 with one 2.5 with the other. Peeing outside helps a lot! :rofl:


Whenever he feels ready !! Every child is different…you will know when he is ready

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Im encouraging mine to start potty training as hes curious and always wants to come in the bathroom with me, hes two next month, got him a mini toilet from kmart, and hes gone wee on it a few times, but everyone else I know who has boys were toilet trained between 2.5 and 3.5. I’d take my boy into the baby room toilet, or in the womans one. The advice I have got from every mother I know is, he will show you when hes ready, pushing them into it will just delay it longer and make it a negative experience for them. So im just going by his cues, and if he learns now cool, if not, im happy to wait till hes ready.

We start on the 3rd birthday it usually only takes a week or 2. When people tell me they’re too old for diapers I just say “are you the one changing him? No? So don’t worry about it”
We just do the naked thing. We had a set back with my second when we got roommates who, despite being told to keep it open, would always close the bathroom door after they were done. He couldn’t open it by himself and it was always too late by the time he got to me to ask for help.

My son was potty trained daytime by 2.5, however due to kidney issues, still wet the bed till almost 12. That was exhausting, mentally and physically. As far as letting him go to the bathroom alone, in a restaurant or something I started about 5, live sports events, not till like 8. And im still kinda psycho when it comes to road trips and rest stops and he is 12.5.

My boys were both potty trained day & night at 2. I took them into the restroom with me until they were 5 & then I stood right outside of the door

One was potty trained at 1 and a half and the other at almost 4

Every child is different I’m glad I didn’t see any bashing bof mom by 3 .5 shud b done if not maybe he / she needs a minute more keep being consistent with the babe❤️it will happen

So my son was fully potty trained around 3. He is now 6 and still does not go to the bathroom alone in public. I take him into the women’s with me and we either take the large stall or I stand right outside his stall. If my husband or my older bonus kids (12,13) are with us I will make them take him. There’s way too many creeps out there.


#1 4yrs old
#2 5yrs old (delayed child)
#3 3yrs old
#4 GIRL 2yrs old
#5 3 1/2yrs old
#6 turned 3 in June ; wants ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with potty training.

3 and 5 years 3 the youngest 5 the eldest

He’s about the right age. Boys just don’t care! Take him with you in the ladies room as long as you can get away with it.

Every child is different my first boy was 18 month
Second boy was 2.5 an is autistic
Third boy is 3.5 an still refuses
So honestly people shouldnt be judging the fact hes in diapers

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All 3 of my boys were potty trained by 2 yrs old. My daughter is 19 months old and is almost there.

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My first was 1 1/2 second was 2. I always took my boys to restroom with me. I didn’t care. Until 6!

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When I’m out in public alone I still take my 8 year old in women’s bathrooms. I dont trust him going into the men’s room alone


I started my daughter with some really cute potty videos. One day I asked her if she wanted to buy a potty and she was so excited. Took finally going cold turkey to finalize daytime. Took a few months for overnight but I just put a pee pad under her at night to save the bed lol.

I have 3 of those little peeing machines…my first potty trained around 2 my second 2 1/2 and my 3rd was a monster and wanted nothing to do with it so he was like 3 1/2 honestly it was easier just waiting for him to be ready than pushing it

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Most boys understsnd after 3 years

No one has the right to judge and if they do f*ck em. My 1st daughter was around 2.5 my son 3.5 wants nothing to do with the bathroom. My almost 2 yr old daughter is starting to show interest

15 months :blue_heart: I’ve always taken him in with me he is 4 now

Each boy is different-my daughter out Cheerios and made a game of hitting the cheerio. One of my sons could care about potty trying-2nd one didn’t like being wet and her was easier. Don’t worry what others are saying he’s too old for diapers

My boy is 5 and he comes in the ladies with me. Heard to many stories about perverts in toilets to let him go alone in the mens and when he does I’ll wait outside the toilet cant be to careful nowadays. As for potty training just try him and see how it goes, my lad was nearly 3, they go school at 3 so needed to get him ready.

3 of my kids were potty trained by 18 months and my youngest at 2. But every child is different. Just introduce and go from there.

Mine turned 3 last week and has 0 interest in using the potty. Our pediatrician said some boys can take up until the age of 5 to be completely potty trained.
Take him with you in the ladies room as long as you feel comfortable.

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My sons 3.5 and he’s not fully potty trained. He is to pee but not to poop. I’m honestly not even rushing. He’ll get it when he’s ready.

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My son turns 3 next Monday! He will go pee if we sit him randomly but he won’t stay with it… he totally understands but he’s not the best at talking yet? He’s my only boy as well! All my girls (3 before him) was trained fully at 2 or before!

My son turned 3 in July and soon after he turned 3 he was potty trained (but personally I believe every child is different so there isn’t a set age )

My oldest was fullu potty trained right before his 3rd bday…my LO is not even 2.5 yet and is very particular and scared of a flushing toilet so I’m sure he will be more difficult

My oldest son was almost 4 my youngest had just turned 2

Mine wouldn’t after trying and trying. Finally at almost 3 years 8 months it just clicked and no accidents since. Keep your head up and do your best.

My son was fully potty trained (night and day) right at 2. He came in the stall with us until he was maybe 5. We accompanied him TO the restroom until he was about 10-but he would go to the stall by himself of course!..he’s 13 now.


3 is too old unless special circumstances

Most malls and some place have family bathrooms. Potty training should be between the ages of 2 and 3 on average some start to get early some later. You have to be consistent or your wasteing your time

My husband started the cheerio game with them . We had a stool so they could play. We had a tree and dad showed them there. Poop took longer. They were taught take a book n have quiet time (hubby does puzzles). That seemed to help

I bought this for my little guy and he’s 14 months old… works great and makes flushing sounds too

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My son was potty trained at 2 1/2. I wasn’t even trying to potty train him he just magically went to the toilet and started doing it. I was shocked! But in regards to going to the bathroom in public places- my son is 4 now and still goes to the ladies room with me. Sometimes I’ll let him go in the stall by himself if it’s small and I’ll stand outside the stall. I don’t plan on letting him go alone until like 8 lol I’ve seen too many lifetime movies and there’s too many perverts out there. Everyone’s different, good luck :blush:

I still get nervous letting my go in public restrooms . I try to do family and tell them to stay together. They are 10 and 12.

My son got potty trained at 2 and a half my girls were at 2. I do the 3 day potty party. It works like a charm and I will never use another way to potty train my children. I did it at 2 but he wasn’t ready so I waited 6 months and did it again and he was wearing underwear on the 3rd day and going on his own. I take him with me to the women’s restroom and probably will for many years to come unless there’s a man yo go in with him

Take him in the ladies room for petes sakes hes just alittle boy !!!

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My oldest son was by 3 1/2 and my youngest son was at 17months! Depends on the child and and if the parents are ready when the child is!

I’m not sure on the proper age. I think my daughter was almost 3.5. And she had to be to enroll in preschool. I don’t have any boys but I think it’s fine for him to go at his own pace. For her we bought her regular panties and we then found pantys that she really liked with characters and told her she got to wear the character ones when she had no accidents. It worked for her quickly. I’ve heard diff incentives for diff kids though like stickers, candy ect. I’ve heard the cheerio thing a lot about them making a game to hit the Cheerio. Also You can take him in the womens with you until you are confident he is ok on his own and comfortable with it.

Mine started when he was 3, but yeah it’s taken a lot because all kids are different. I wouldn’t sweat what your friend says… her child isn’t the same as your and children will show when they’re ready. No harm in trying though. My kid id still in pampers while he sleeps.

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My son was 2.5 years old. It was a struggle

My oldest was a potty trained a little after he turned 2, but my youngest it didn’t click for until right around his 3rd birthday. As far as going in the restroom alone, I let my now 5 year old go in alone if it is a single person bathroom and I am right outside, otherwise they use the ladies room with me and probably will for a couple more years

Night and day Trained a month after he turned 2

My daughter was the hard one lol she was 3

My son finally got it and did it at 3.5 yrs old

My first was potty trained by 18 months, completely his lead! My send turned two in May and will pee in the potty some but is no where near close to being potty trained. Every child is developmentally different, do what feels right for you and him and don’t worry about anyone else. As far as going in the bathroom alone in public my kiddos are 2 and 3 1/2 and it definitely won’t happen anytime soon. To many things could happen. At home my 3 year old goes by himself no problem.