Why Do Guys Send Selfies?

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"So, been married 10 years, three kids. Recently, he went out of town for work. Well, he met another girl. I have seen where they have been texting and he has sent her selfies. Nothing vulgar but as far as i can tell she didnt ask for them. I want to tell him but I dont want him to know how I found out. Why do guys send selfies? He even called her picture sexy, calls her QT. She is a nurse and was in scrubs. All you could see was her face."

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"he’s perusing…sounds as if he’s going to cheat, if he hasn’t already."

"Uh oh heck no, pfft huge red flag, i would be talking to him and probably leaving. Thats definitely not ok."

"It opens the door for her. Trust me, there is no good intentions there. That’s how all previous emotional affairs started. They eventually escalate."

"Sounds like the beginning of an affair…"

"They want to be told they are attractive. It’s attention seeking. They will use it as an excuse to why they cheated. Well you never made me feel appreciated, attractive or loved…blah blah blah. It’s a bs excuse to make you the bad guy when they are the ones that obviously can’t commit and communicate."

"Because he wants to bait her to see what she will say. My ex did that a lot. Sent a flexing selfie to his best friends gf and she showed her man and her man told him to fuck off and “send your selfies to your own girlfriend” which was embarrassing for meee lmfao"

"Ask him about his trip and if he met anyone new. If he lies, tell him the truth. Keeping it a secret of how you found it shouldn’t be the thing you think about."

"sounds like he’s flirting with her and giving her chances to flirt back"

"He’s trying to pull. Dump him."

"He wants her to want him."

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