Will my son need a new birth certificate?

I recently just got married and just got my new social and in the process of getting a new license, bank card, etc. And I just realized do I have to get a new birth certificate for my son with my name new on it?? We are flying out of state in December and he’s only 2 so the only form of ID he has is his birth certificate and social. So now I’m afraid he won’t be able to fly??


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Will my son need a new birth certificate?

No. Birth certificates only ever have moms maiden name on them.

If I remember correctly birth certificates only have the mother’s maiden name on it.

You just take your birth certificate with you as well. Alternate forms of ID showing your name before and after.
Your marriage certificate should also have your prior name on it so a copy of that will be fine.

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No you don’t have to.

No. Your birth certificate should have maiden name so it should be fine.

Don’t have to do that ur maiden name is on it

You don’t change your name on the birth certificate


No because nothing changed for him I assume(name wise). When a birth certificate is issued, it’s issued with the legal names at the time of birth. You getting married and having a name change, changes nothing about the legality of his birth certificate. If you are worried about the difference in names, just also bring a copy of your marriage license to show proof of your name change.

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Take a copy of your marriage license with you too if needed. Also take child’s insurance card as a form of ID.

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No. They put Maiden names on them anyways. You keep your marriage certificate with it to prove the name change.


Unless you’re changing or have changed his name too then no you do NOT change his birth certificate. :woman_facepalming:


Nope birth certificates only ever have the mother’s maiden name.

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Look on the government website ,a friend told me that you are supposed to do this process regarding birth certificates but we never got round to it.

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Your son’s last name stays as the one he is born with. At 18 he can petition a name change if that is his choice. When you travel bring a copy of your birth certificate with your maiden name that matches the name as mother on your son’s birth certificate. Then also have your marriage certificate that shows why your now legal name has changed.

Pretty much bring all paperwork that provides proof that he is yours.

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No you dont need a new birth certificate unless his last name was changing as well

Birth certificate only have mother’s maiden name on it!

No that just means thats what your name was at the time of birth

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His birth certificate should have your maiden name on it.

No, you probably won’t be able to change your name on the birth certificate. It should reflect you last name at the time of his birth.


Birth certificates can not be amended for change of name only. I actually changed my son’s last name in Massachusetts and he will forever have a separate sheet of paper attached to his bc with new last name and Judges signature


Most airlines you don’t need his birth certificate to fly unless you are flying out of the country

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No but for him to fly you will need to take your marriage certificate and his birth certificate to prove your his mother or he won’t be able to fly

The only time he needs a new birth certificate is if you change HIS name

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I understand the question. My mothers name on my birth certificate is her married name. She and my dad are divorced now but she didn’t have to have her name changed on my birth certificate. I think you’ll be ok if you just keep your marriage license with you to prove your name change. Safe travels :heart:

Both my sons birth certificates have my maiden name and I was married when I had them


They never asked for my children birth certificate when we flew. They just asked my relation to him. Under 18 you don’t need identification to travel unless out of state. Also my son flew with his class recently and wasn’t even with a parent or guardian and there was no form of identification given or issues.

No. It has your name at time of his birth. That doesn’t change.


Nope. They don’t even ask for anything at the airport unfortunately. But I would take his bc just in case.

I had to change my birth for my 3 girl as I married her dad n it had my maiden name on it think it was couple of quid n done there n then I had to have father with me and though I thin as was with me before

It’s the new law now in the U.K that when you get married you have to change your surname on the child’s birth certificate or you will get fined. Only if the child is your husbands biological child X

No they use your maiden name anyways. When my son was born they put my maiden name on it vs married. I was married when my son was born. They always put moms maiden name on it regardless if you are married etc.

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No you won’t need a new one. It goes by your maiden name on the your children’s birth certificate.

No my dad changed his name after I was born and my birth certificate has his old name on it

the short answer is no.

No worries mama, baby can fly,

You don’t change names on the birth certificate


No, birth certificates have the mothers maiden name on it intentionally. Even if you are married when the child is born and you’ve legally changed your last name, it will have your maiden name on it.

no need your son will be fine to fly

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Take your marriage license with you as well as his birth certificate and social to verify you’re his mother. Or If you are traveling with your husband who happens to be his birth father or person named as father on birth certificate then you should be fine

New birth certificate? Did he get adopted and how old is he…

No. Even after my husband legally adopted my son and we had to get him a new birth certificate with his new last name on it, my name still stayed the same as the one I had when I gave birth to him

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No. I was never married to my kids dad. She don’t have the same last name and I just put her on a plane to her dad. She went alone with a chaperone and they still didn’t check anything

No. My daughter and granddaughter have different last names and they do it all the time. A birth certificate is merely a documented

No a birth certificate identifies him at birth nothing you do with your identity

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No. You don’t need a new birth certificate. You didn’t have that last name you had your son

No your maiden name is on the birth certificate it will never change


No, it’s mother’s maiden name on the birth certificate. I was married to their dad, my, husband, when I had all of our kids and it was maiden name.

You don’t need any ID for your son to fly. Also, birth certificate has your maiden name on it anyways.

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I know in UK if you marry the father of the child after birth then you have to get the child reregistered

You’ll get in trouble for fraud if you done that!
Unless your name husband went to court to adopt him

Out of state they dont require child ID to fly. And birth certificate is maiden name. You’re fine.

  1. you don’t don’t need to get a new birth certificate for your child with your married name on it.

  2. Your child will not need a birth certificate to fly.

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Thanks for the laugh

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No your marriage certificate proves that was your name at time of registering


I flew with 2 grands and wasn’t asked anything except were they mine. Said yes and that was it

No. If you think you need more confirmation, just take your marriage license with your before name.


Birth certificates always contain the Mother’s maiden name.


No your maiden name will stay on his bc.

Birth certificate is maiden names

what the heck. is this a serious question??? Of course you dont get a new birth certificate for him. just because you have remarried your name wont have changed. from the day he was born this has to be a joke surely?? surely you are not seriously asking this question lol


Uhhhh… your child’s name does not change just because yours does……


You will need to have your marriage certificate to explain the difference in name


Your new certificate should have previous names you’re known by with registration numbers and your sons birth certificate should have your name on it. You do not need to get new ID for the child

No. Your name on his BC does not change. Just take a copy of your marriage license with you.


Why are so many people assuming the husband isn’t the child’s father?

You don’t need verification for him unless he’s a non paying flyer (under 2 is free so they need to verify AGE) they don’t care what his name is flying domestically either.

No. Birth certificate (including yours) will always have your name the way it was when you were born. Even my child’s bc after I was married showed what my maiden name was.


Your marriage license will have your previous name on it. As long as it matches the birth certificate, you are fine. If its a US domestic flight, they really don’t check (which they should but)


They don’t need a birth certificate to fly

You won’t need ID for him no fly and no, his birth certificate won’t be updated.

This could be a first time mother to which she doesn’t know these things and you guys are being very fucking judgmental which is rude asf. Are y’all gonna sit here and tell you knew everything as a first time parent? No it’s not common fucking sense she’s asking a genuine question.

Only if he adopts the child does the name changes. Then it is done in court


No. The birth certificate has your maiden name on it regardless of if your last name changed


Some of these comments are freaking RUDE… god have some compassion. She is asking because she is worried they will see a different name on his birth certificate and they will have problems… its a legitimate question, maybe she should have worded it differently but we aren’t all versed in traveling with children where identification is needed especially after changing your name… Everything will be fine girl, your maiden name is on his birth certificate and people get married all the time. Just bring a copy of your marriage license :heart::heart:

Even if you had your married name at his birth…they ask for the mothers maiden name on the B. C.

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I wasn’t sure of this either when we flew if my daughter would need some kind of identification and because she has her fathers last name I didn’t know how that would go. But we are enrolled in a federal tribe so I was able to get her a tribal id which indicated we lived at the same address.

I’ve flown with my 4 year old and never once did I need his birth certificate or any ID for him. Just the boarding pass is all.

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The laugh reacts :roll_eyes: Really now. Totally unnecessary :tipping_hand_woman:t4:

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I’ve never been asked for my child’s birth certificate.
Only when crossing the Canadian border.

If he has his own ticket, they don’t need anything.

My sons birth certificate has my maiden name on it. His father and I got married when he was 2. There is no need to change your name on his BC because that’s who you were when he was born. The only time he needs a new one is if HIS name changes not yours.


You don’t need a birth certificate to fly. No Form of ID is needed for a 2 year old unless you are leaving the country. In that case, your 2 year old will need a passport.

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You will just need to show the birth certificate. Don’t even bring up your name difference. The process of flying a young child is a non-event. They aren’t asking for you to prove your relationship only that the child has some form of legit ID.

No, he doesn’t need your new last name on it, my kids have the same last name but different from mine and we are still able to fly and my kids have their dads last name on the passports and I have my last name on mine.

No, your madin name will be on his birth certificate. That will never change. No matter how many times you marry.

I saw a woman asked for her child’s birth certificate to prove age because the airlines were saying the child couldn’t be a lap passenger :woman_shrugging: to prove the age not who the parents were :grin::grin: hope that helps.
I didn’t change anything on my first sons birth certificate and I married after he was born, not to his father and I since divorced. It’s all fine​:grin::grin: if you have a copy of it, it’s fine. No need to change a single thing!
Good luck and have a great trip !! :heart::heart:

No ma’am you do not.

No, he doesn’t need a new birth certificate. If you look at his birth certificate, it should list your maiden name.

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I completely read that wrong the first time I commented. Just show them your marriage license. I mean, idk if they’ll actually ask for the BC. They always tell you that you need it, then never ask for it🙄 nevertheless, just take your marriage license with you!

Humans cannot fly regardless of their name.


Just bc you got married, his name doesn’t change. :woman_facepalming:
You have to legally do that & the bio dad has to approve it.
And unless you fly international, he won’t need id anyway.

Birth certificates always require to have a mothers madien name on it no matter how many times she changes her name


Yeah I flew with two kids 8 and 5 and didn’t need a birth cert

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No. Your name was your name at birth, he doesn’t get a new birth certificate.

If that was the case, children would need a new one anytime one parent marries.

The bc ask for maiden name so you’re good.

Where did you get this info? Lol

No, your Maiden name never changes .

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