Will you send your kid back to school if they require masks?

Will you be sending your kids to school if they require them to wear a mask and practice social distancing? I am torn on what to do because I know my little will want to interact with everyone. How are they even going to do this?


Yes my kids are going. It’s an adjustment and hopefully temporary, in my opinion kids need to learn to adjust to new situations regardless.


They will never make kids under 12 wear masks


My kids are not going back

No masks on my children. We werent born with a mask on our faces. They arent good for us at all.

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I bought a couple different packs of these for my kids to wear. A simple mask won’t hurt them especially if it protects others.
I mean they have to get shots to go to school wearing a mask is so much easier.


I’m sending mine anyway I can. I have bought my youngest face shields it looks like they are requiring face coverings for now

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My kids are 13, 16, and 17. They want to go back and they don’t care about mask. One is in her senior year.


Mine are going if they have to ride a horse there. :joy:


I would probably look in to my other options, but my kids are so desperate to get back they all said they’d wear one. At 13, 14, and 17 I think they’re able to makes that choice.


Nope. I don’t find it MENTALLY healthy for children to go through temp checks, distancing, no play time, masks, etc…


No, my kids will not be wearing masks.

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IF I let my son go back (high risk) YES he will be wearing a mask. If we have options for NTI or online learning…he will probably do that.

Mine will be returning to school with masks as will I as an employee

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Our schools are only requiring 3rd grade and up to wear masks IF they even go back to school so luckily i dont have to worry about it right now

No, because I don’t want to put the kids or teachers at that kind of risk, masks or not. If they could enforce it 100%, sure, but they can’t. Online school is far better anyway.


Yes, ours will be attending school.
Ours know things will be different this year. Feather more it’s a good way to learn that things change, and that they are more then capable of adjusting, regardless of the situation.


Nobody can make you do anything. Just as some don’t want to wear mask.
Some don’t have to send kids back to school. People have options ya know?

In my city they closed all schools

My school gave the option of going virtual. Thankfully working from home, that is our best option. My kids will be homeschooled until this is all over.

My kids haven’t worn a mask yet and I refuse to let them


I’m keeping my 3 school aged kids home for virtual learning. I teach first grade and would rather I be the only one to worry about sanitation when I return home since we have a newborn and toddler as well. School will be a lot different to where the social needs of the kids will most likely not be met anyway, so they might as well continue their social skills with their siblings. Their pediatrician told me it’s not good for kids to wear masks all day so that’s another reason they’ll be remaining home.

Nope. Not chancing my child’s life just for school. My kid is not going to be in a prison like school. All the mask and protocols. He is 4. He will not follow them. I remember being in school and anytime some crap happened like Ebola for instant we always used to joke about it didnt care. Got in people faces sneezed on people licked out hands and tried to touch people. Imagine now with covid. This will be a joke to kids. They dont fully understand and the virus will spread. I pray for those that have kids that WILL get sick because their parents sent them to school. But remember. You didnt care when you put them there in the school so dont go crying to anyone when they get sick.

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My son is autistic and loooooves masks

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My kids will go two days a week and have to wear masks. They will do E learning the other 3 days. They’ll be going the two days.

Not gonna matter because a very large scale teachers strike is brewing …this time not for an increase of pay but for safety. They know that they can’t effectively social distance 300+ students and they are concerned for the students safety, teachers safety and their families safety…they are asking for the inschool start date to be pushed back …givernorsshould comply because without teachers to run it you can’t even do district online distance learning .

Idk how they will enforce that. There is no way kids are gonna stay 6 feet apart and keep their masks on. They can punish the kids and stuff, but that just takes away from the normal fun learning environment. Idk. I’m torn


Where I live schools aren’t considered a “public enclosed space” so no masks will be required. They’re only making certain grades go certain days of the week tho. In high school for example, grades 9-10 are monday, Wednesday and Friday and 11-12 are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is online. I wouldn’t be if my daughter was old enough for school, screw that.

Mine will go back if they can. I’m praying hard. They need to be in school with a teacher. Nobody at home to make them do virtual. They would sleep till noon

Our district is doing online learning, which isn’t learning, in my opinion. But my children will never be wearing masks, so I’m actually somewhat relieved.

No because my daughter will not handle wearing a mask that long, school already gives her anxiety!

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Where I’m from schools “might” reopen in September and I am afraid to send my kids

No, I’m keeping my daughter home .

Most likely not. My two kids can not really tolerate wearing masks due to having autism. They probably could be exempt but I am afraid some of their peers will harass them. I also worry that how it will effect them mentally so we will probably do online school.

Not requiring, only in the hallway where social distancing may not be possible. Thank God! So, we are gonna go!

Im in St.Petersburg FL my kids are going back they know they have to wear mask. The only thing im having a problem with is my youngest son will be in 1st grade and he is autistic. So i dont know how he is going to do with keeping the mask on or if he will get in trouble if he takes it off during the school day. School starts back for us August 12th

Nope I will be homeschooling my daughter!

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Yes I am sending my daughter back to a five day a week preschool program that requires mask.

As of right now, I’m pretty sure I’ll be homeschooling. But my kids have no issue wearing masks. They are 5&8.

I’m homeschooling but my kids wear masks anytime they leave the house so that’s not my issue. I’d be more concerned if nobody had a mask on.

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I don’t have kids of school age yet but in my opinion I don’t think I would, I’d look into other options like online learning or homeschooling. A mask is part of preventing it, but schools are full of germs as it is and if one kid in the class has covid then it can be spread to all of the other children easily. No way are children going to social distance at school and preventing covid would be very difficult. That’s why I am not going back to school myself this year (I had plans for college this year and they need to wait to protect my family that has a lot of high risk people in it. School can wait until they figure everything out.)

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We are going with distance learning my son has asthma he can’t wear a mask for that long. Plus he is high risk so his sister is staying home as well. 1 year of school at home won’t hurt no one.

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No, my 5 yr old wont keep a mask on all day lol

I am so scared to send my only daughter to school. She is fourteen and very clever and fully aware of the virus etc. She has to go back on 3 Aug. She suffers from very bad sinusitis and seasonal asthma. She came to me earlier this week and told me that you need to get educated and that school is nice and that she longs for her friends, but in the same breath mommy I don’t want to get sick and die as yet. I know God knows the beginning and the end, but if it is Gods will I still want to live for long to be with you. Broke my heart… Oh what to do

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We are E learning - but to answer this question, NOPE.

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Mine won’t keep a mask on. Our district is starting online and reevaluating around labor day. He will not go if they mandate a vaccine (once they have one)

I will be. It’s better for social development and they need to be around each other to get immunity from other childhood illnesses too.


Yes we are two working parent household. She needs the socialization. She will be going into 5th grade…


Homeschool is what we are doing this year the kids asked to it so we said okay K12 with 4 kids here I come

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Children under 11 don’t have to wear them in the uk

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Leaning towards schooling at home so that there is more room and resources for kids that don’t have a choice for whatever reason.

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I dont think little ones can handle wearing a mask for a long period of time so I would say no do online classes like before.or send pack it home with work for child to do and hand back n on Fridays

I would but thankfully where I am in Canada they aren’t requiring masks and classes are a bubble so they won’t have to social distance just with their own class. So will be fairly normal, just more hand washing etc.

No I’m going to do homeschooling or whatever my daughter’s school offers. So many people are sending their kids for socialization reasons, but it’s not going to be a ocular environment at all. No gym or recess. They’ll eat lunch at their desks and are distanced 6 feet apart. This is my daughter’s first year of school. I don’t want to give her a negative idea of it.


I’m still not fully okay with it but my 13 and 15 year olds literally begged me so I finally caved. I’ll be making them use hand sanitizer and strip to boxers at the door.

Absolutely! My Kids need to be in school! I refuse to keep them away from their friends and teachers. They won’t be stuck wearing a mask forever. Don’t want to chance them falling behind academically.


Nope. I will not put my kids in school to be ruled under a tiny thumb…if they do any restrictions it will be absolute torture on kids, especially younger kids. We are a full time working household and cannot do homeschooling or distance learning. This whole thing is such a joke :unamused::unamused:. Come November everything will magically disappear… just watch.


With mixed feelings on the situation my granddaughter is going to traditional school. Her parents work outside of their homes. She needs to be around kids. She’s an only child so no siblings to interact with. I guess if the school closes again her grandfather and myself will step in.

My child will be going back… shes in daycare now and our daycare doesnt require them to wear a mask but have one packed in their bag for if they say dont feel good they can wear it there until picked up… theyre just in smaller pod groups…so I imagine our schools are going to operate the same

Nope doing e elearning for the first half of the semesters

I’m so very thankful that I don’t have to!
I wish I was set up to take a couple more kids though, I know there’s some mom who must send their kid but would rather not. In the same breath, I would not be able to handle it if someone else got sick in my care.

My daughter’s school is not requiring masks except for busses I am a single parent and work full time but have a huge village to help me so we are doing virtual learning this year. She has seasonal allergies and seasonal asthma so I am very worried about sending her to in school leaning.


If my child was older, maybe but I have a brand new kindergartener and I think putting her into her first year of school in the current situation isnt a smart one. I will most likely be homeschooling unless they come up with a solution that seems reasonable and safe, which they havent yet.


My 2 are in preschool. So depending on what the school has planned. They talked about virtual learning. But if I’m paying $270 a month per kid to do it over zoom then forget it.

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They will get used to it- the same as wearing seatbelts- waiting in line ect


My daughter will be going. Period. This bs will end eventually and her education will be exactly where it needs to be.


Idk how they would do this for the little ones. I almost signed my son up for preschool and I’m glad I didn’t. He’s only 3 so next year he will be in school . But honestly in the state I live they are letting criminals out because of covid so if it’s so serious criminals are being let out then why are kids even going back ?:thinking: i would probably homeschool if it was at all possible. But preschool is different than older ages.

Yes. Some of us aren’t lucky and can’t homeschool or afford someone to homeschool our children. I don’t have patience to teach my son, and his attention span is horrible at home. He does so much better in school. I am also pregnant, and my bf and I both will be working full time by the time school starts again. So school it is.


Yes my kids will. I have been telling them all along what’s been going on and why we wear masks and they understand. My daughter will be going to Kinder and my son to 2nd grade and they’re excited. They need to interact with other children and I don’t want my daughter to miss out on her 1st big day mask or not. It’s life things always happen. Prep kids for the real world. Sheltering them won’t do them any good if every where else everything is happening.


Nope! Not because they have to where masks but because of the virus, period!!


Not sending mine back. She will be doing online schooling.

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I work at a school and this will never work. Even if you protect your child other won’t. Parents will send there sick kids to school i guarantee you. Kids will joke around about it. Masks will be removed desks will be dirty. The virus will spread thick.


I dont think school is worth dying.

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Nope signed my two grandkids up for K12 I’ll be coaching again this year.

I have a high schooler, so I’m confident she will wear her mask all day, but there’s no way these kids can properly practice social distancing. Not with 30 kids in a classroom. I think attempting to send kids back to the classroom at this point in time is highly unpractical. What happens when half the faculty and a high percentage of the student body turns up covid positive all in one week?? School shuts right back down that’s what and umpteen households are forced to quarantine for 2 weeks regardless

Not if Masks are required. My four year old will never make it through the day, she touches everything and everyone! They all do.

Where I am they will be splitting up the kids classes for ex. 15 kids will be in the classroom for a week while the others are doing online then visa versa but I will continue to home school mine

I’m not sending my kids.


If we don’t we go to jail.Its against the law to keep them home

My son is not going back at least for 9 weeks. We are taking advantage of his districts virtual scholars program

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Nope, my sone has a 4.0… he won’t be able to concentrate well enough messing with a mask all day. I wear one every day and it is hard on me.

Nope, not sending mine back. Trump can kiss my fat @$$

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Thinking no :-1:t4: homeschooling is in our future…I’d rather have them here then not no matter what :pensive:

I’m not a stay at home mom I won’t have a choice… :pensive:


Yes my children are going back. No our board is not requiring masks on students or staff. Yes, there will still be gym and recess. We have 3 active cases in our province. I am hopeful.

Yes. This whole pandemic is messing with their mental health just as it is ours. They need socialising. They need friends.

Our schools will start back with temp checks.

Not all families can afford WiFi for online school. Not all parents can miss work to stay home with kids…


I’m homeschooling for the first time.

I’m not sending my kids to school ka nnete

Yes i am sending my kids back to school. I can not afford to stay home with them .


Nothing I choose feels right

School doesn’t feel right

Homeschool doesn’t feel right

Virtual school doesn’t feel right

Hybrid school doesn’t feel right

Delaying school doesn’t feel right

Starting school on time doesn’t feel right

Getting temperature checks doesn’t feel right

Having my child wear a mask in school doesn’t feel right

Having to choose between my children’s health and education doesn’t feel right

Worrying if I send them to a school that not only looks different but feels different doesn’t feel right

Worrying that later on down the road sending them to a school and wearing a mask and getting their temperature checked constantly will somehow impact their mental health doesn’t feel right

Worrying that them possibly seeing a classmate or teacher become sick and worrying if that person will ever come back doesn’t feel right

As parents we aren’t just thinking about this upcoming school year, we are worrying about how this will impact our kid’s health and mental health now and in the future because both of those things are equally as important

Because the truth is this school year nothing I choose feels right and the only thing that would feel right is school back to how it was last year before all this came along


Same as above. My kids have to go. Your lucky if you have the option to stay home with them but not all of us can.

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Yes bc that’s what is best for their education!!

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Idk if I should . If i do and her "seasonal allergies " kick in and gets sick, someone will probably say she has to get tested. Some of the tests are fake to get numbers. Say it test positive and the hospital kills my child because of the uproar of seasonal allergies but everybody screams covid because that’s “the thing” now. Everything is a mess


My 3 in middle school will be remote learning due to health issues and they can’t wear masks. My high schooler and 3 in elementary will be doing traditional schooling as masks aren’t required in their schools (I’m still sending them with one just in case)

Our SD is only doing 2 days in school and 3 online… however I will be cyber schooling my child

No thanks we have a newborn in the house… I’m already looking into home schooling. Itll be hard but safer

With home Schooling kids do not know how to enter act with there peers . Also believe the law is so much public schooling.

Wait what country is requiring this? This is not good for kids it’s actually toxic

Yes my son is going. They require a mask but not in class. We will see how it goes

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This is crazy. I’m so glad my kids aren’t old enough to be in school yet. I hope its all over before they start. But I feel so bad for you moms having to choose & worry.:persevere: