Wondering if it is possible for a 6 year old to start a period or have one?

My almost 6 year old has had strong body odour for a nice while now and hairy legs. Yesterday evening she went to pee and had a full stream of blood, like an adult amount of period blood. I was very alarmed and went to hospital where the done simple routine blood work and urine. Nothing in either, waiting on a referral now to a specialist and to get ultrasounds. But is it possible for a period to happen at this age ? Maybe a one time thing. She’s otherwise healthy, I’m at a loss wondering what’s possible and what it could be

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Wondering if it is possible for a 6 year old to start a period or have one?

It can happen. Its not common. But it does happen. It may mean puberty may hit earlier. And you may have to be imvolved with specialists for medication for the meantime.

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My daughter started at 8 so it may well be possible. I know with mine it wasn’t monthly to start with. Maybe one every 3-4 months but by the time she was 10 she was on a monthly cycle. These poor girlies are just babies. Far to young for this x


My daughter is 10 and has a period cramps and under arm hair and leg hair already. I’m 100% sure she will get her period before shes 11

As someone who works with children please be aware that a cause of early menstruation can be abuse :cry: just incase there are any red flags or concerns


Precocious puberty can happen at this age


My daughter got hers at 9

Yes , its called precocious puberty, she needs to see her Dr so he can give her meds to stop it or she will never grow very tall !!

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My Aunt got her period at 8. It happens earlier for some

My sister got hers at 9

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Wondering if it is possible for a 6 year old to start a period or have one?

She needs to have her pituitary gland checked out, it is rare for a child that young to go into puberty not impossible but I would think it is hormonal related she needs to have everything checked in case. Prayers to you and your little girl :heart:


It’s rare but not impossible, could be hormone related…
Does it burn when she pees? Is she having discomfort urinating?


It is possible for her to get her period! She may not get another for a long time! Keep note of date as could
Be her first period! See her GP though


She might have a hormone imbalance, you are on the right track with going to the doctor. I would as well. I have an 8 year old daughter and she has bad armpit smell, hairy legs but no pubic hair or period yet. Her nipples on her chest kinda pertrude so she wears sports bras under shirts.

Write down all symptoms and stuff for the dr. My daughter got hers at 10 so it varies from child to child

Yes have her see the doctors but my grandma taught first grade for years and they had several girls start their periods so it is possible

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It’s possible. It’s rare but possible. I’d say make sure she sees the specialist

Im going through this atm except haven’t reached period yet, but everything else is there… she’s only 7

My cousin started at 7. :tired_face: I started mine at 10. Most everyone else I know started closer to 13.

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Yes it is possible. Had this happen to a friend & it was related to her pituitary gland.

I started the day after I turned 10. If she is showing other signs of puberty it is entirely possible. What is the average age for menstruation in your family?

First thing you need to be asking her is if anybody touched her or did any thing else to her there. It’s VERY rare and girls tend to take after their mother as to when they will start or when the females on their fathers side started. Have her hypothalamus checked.


It’s called precious puberty. Simple answer she will go thru puberty before the average age of most girls. I went thru this. They told my mom I’d b a tall kid but short adult and I would hit all my puberty mild stones years ahead of my peers. My mom decided against treating me for it (adding artificial hormones to put off puberty).


I started mine at 10 so some people can start early, but that age is still very rare. I hope you get answers soon!

Precocious puberty is what my oldest daughter has. She started hers at 7 and we opted for her to get Lupron injections. We have stopped them since she is now 9 but she sees an endocrinologist. They did blood work, ultrasound, bone growth scan and an MRI of her pituitary gland.


I was 15 and my daughter was 11 and freaked out

That’s fairly young but def not impossible. The girls are getting them younger by the year imo.

I’m sure it’s possible. I was 10, which is young.

Look into Premature Adrenarche.
There’s even a group u can join.
Will shed a lot of light I think

It is happening early in kiddos these days

I was 8 when I started mine and my daughter was 9

My daughter started at 6 I was 15 my mom 9. It depends on the hormones. She started after we bought 1/2 calf that wasn’t organic. She will be fine.

I got my period first time when I was 9 years old. My mum didn’t bother to get me checked or to question if 9 was too young. My eldest started bleeding at 8 for like a day then stopped till she was 12 I still took her to docs to get advice. It’s rear but not impossible like everyone else has said. I also heard from a gp that being sexually abused can also speed up puberty. I was in to minds about it but that is the only thing that could explain me getting it at 9. I’ve had misinformation from a gp before, for example my gp wouldn’t give me the rod and said as long as I was breastfeeding I couldn’t get pregnant. Two of my kids are 14 month 23 days apart :joy::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

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Gee whiz 6 is so young I’ve never heard of the above diagnosis but you learn something new every day poor poppet so so young to go thru this shit

I started at 6 and got diagnosed with precocious puberty

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My daughter had her first show when she was 6, was all she had until she had another show at 8, she started proper monthly periods when she hit 9. But at 6 she had matured alot quicker than she should of for her age, it is possible. At the age of 7 I was showing her how to shave her legs and armpits.

I was 8 and suddenly starting bleeding, the doctors assumed I started my period because they couldn’t find anything wrong at the time, I didn’t have an actual period until I was 15 but I had more random bleeding episodes over the years and it ended being ovarian cysts that were rupturing. Took years before the doctors realized what was going on with me


My daughter started right after 2nd grade…

You need to switch her to a balanced for her blood type organic diet


Honestly, 2 things come to my mind when a female child is bleeding as you described. A. Urinary tract infection, or she waited too long to relieve herself and caused stress on her bladder and urinary tract. Period blood is uterine and though it would come out with pee, it is still not related where it actually comes from. B. Make sure there is not anyone doing anything or anything happening in that region that would cause it. Always ask about inappropriate touch or have the child describe what has recently happened if it hurts or is sure there.
Most likely the child was just playing too long and holding it. But don’t dismiss any type of sexual assault either.


My daughter just started at 10! She has required deodorant since about age 3 though! Has always been way more developed than her peers! She is 5’5’’ 160 pounds with a very very womanly figure! It’s crazy how young things started happening

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It is possible. It’s whenever your body decides puberty is beginning. But a sporadic start is also normal when so young. My daughter was 8 and had a full bleed then nothing for a year, then another full, then nothing for another year before she got hers properly. Sad for your 6 year old though. That’s not something you want at that age

My daughter started smelling like a pre teen at 6 and it made me so nervous. The pediatrician checked for pubic hair and that was pretty much it. This makes me feel better knowing it’s not just my daughter!

yes it’s possible i have a god daughter she had her 1st period at 5yo she then went to lab tests and she was diagnosed with CAH


I knew a girl that got it at 7 so its not impossible to happen

Taking her to a Dr was a good move. What did they say about it being her period? Keep up with the tests & appts. The earliest I’ve ever heard of is 8. But it is possible. It can be other things as well. I thought maybe an UTI. The hospital should have detected that though. Keep track of her symptoms. Pain, nausea, mood changes, appetite, unexplained bruises etc. Write down anything that’s unusual even if it happens once. Talk to her about the body changes she’s expirencing. She’s likely confused, scared & feels out of place being so young when her friends aren’t expirencing it too.

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Yes… all the hormones in the food we eat. My daughter started at 10 I completely changed our diet. It freaked me out.


Stream of blood sounds like a bad UTI. Body odor could be type 1 diabetes

But blood work and urine samples would have caught that


Anything is possible anymore. The s*** they put in our food does stuff to our bodies over time so yes it is possible for a 6-year-old to start


Could be a UTI or a Kidney infection you should go see her dr right away and not ask us because there could be something going on that needs to be addressed by a Medical professional

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It’s possible. I’m 47 and have learned even 8 yr old girls can start :woman_shrugging:

Could be a medical issue, bad diet, simply an early starter, or getting abused sexually.

. Having a cyst in her Fallopian tubes can cause bleeding.

. Holding pee for too long can cause bleeding

. Added hormones in food can also cause her body to start producing ‘puberty’ hormones as well.


Early puberty needs to be monitored .

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I started at 8 years old. And I was the super tall kid in grade school growth spurt before everyone else. And my boobs developed in 2nd grade. Now I’m shorter than everyone lol 5’3. Early puberty.

Yes it’s possible look up percosis puberty I had that as a child and I started my period at the age of 5


Yes it is possible, but rare! My daughter has Central Precocious Puberty, CPP. It’s basically early onset of Puberty. We started noticing symptoms around age 7 and she started seeing an endocrinologist. There’s no issues, triggers, causes, etc. It just happens. Body odor and hair growth are some of the very first indicators, breast buds, rapid growth, will happen too.

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Im not saying your daughter has experienced any trauma but trauma and adverse childhood experiences are linked to earlier onset puberty in girls

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It is possible. It’s called precocious puberty. I started my at 5 years old. Fortunately there is medication to stop this now. So she does start at a later age.


Has she taken one of your birthing pills as this can cause this to happen?


I would read up about CPP! This is more common than what alot think.

I started my period when I was 8


I had mine when I was 6, very common.

I was 6 turning 7. Got it a week before my 7th birthday while in Church. Yes it is possible.

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I started at age 9. With all the growth hormones in everything it is possible

My daughter was 8 but I could tell she was going to start soon at 7

No UTI? Precocious puberty possibly but unlikely. I’m stunned I didn’t start until almost 15. Is she heavy by any chance?

Stream of blood when she pees sounds more like it’s coming from the uretha and not the vagina.

Yes it is. My sister in law started at a young age too.

Some kids start way earlier if she’s already showing signs of puberty I would assume it’s a period

I had a friend in elementary who got her period at 7. We all thought she was dying because she bled through all white :sweat_smile:. But yes, very possible. I’m sure the Drs will be interested

At 6 that would be precocious puberty.


Yes it is possible my husband cousin did and they were told all the stuff that is give to cow chickens and ECT. To make age quicker for butchering I can’t think of the right wo they called it all that comes to mind is stuff steroid’s


Heather Kent can you offer this mama some insight?

I got mine around 7/8

Could be precocious puberty or prater Willie I would honestly contact your doctor if it was my child I would be concerned

Holy moly after reading these comments I didn’t know it could start this early! Oh my goodness my daughter is 6 as of today. Good to know!

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Go to a pediatric endocrinologist ASAP! My daughter has precocious puberty and required an implant to stop her puberty. She started at 9 yrs old and would bleed for 30 days straight. It’s typically due to the pituitary gland sending excess signals to ovaries and their little bodies release the hormones of a grown woman. Just google it and get set up with a pediatric endocrinologist…not just a regular endo.

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I started @9 but my dr said it’s too early 6 and younger

I fear this every day for my little girl :weary: she’s almost 7 and I’m almost certain she’s starting puberty. I just don’t remember this happening to me and my girlfriends at that age in the mid90s.

Oh my goodness. All of these comments of those that started at 6/7, poor girls. I didn’t know that was possible.

It can happen but obviously rare … the youngest pregnancy was age five if you Google it which is a sad story in itself

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Early onset puberty is a very real thing

It may turn out to be “normal” but in no way would it be appropriate to just accept this in your child without a full pediatric and specialist evaluation and work up. Prayers for all to be well.


my daughter is 7 and I think she will be starting soon. she doesn’t have the odor yet but she has hair down there and has breastbuds already. has been complaining that her boobs hurt. i didn’t prepare myself for this :woozy_face::rofl: thought I had longer lol. not ready for the syncing of periods.

Whoaaaaaa. I started at 14 n my daughter at 13. I had no idea this was a thing. :exploding_head:

I was 8… 6 is young but yes.

I started at 9 was getting hairy and stinky for a while before it actually started.

I went to school with a girl who started at 8 years old so yes it is possible.

A stream of blood, while peeing. That’s from the bladder more than likely. Or is she leaking blood as we do when on our periods?

Here’s my concern. One of my daughters, at the age of 5, wiped wrong. One day she peed blood. No other symptoms. Immediately took her to the ER. She was able to explain when the dr asked how she wiped with a #2. With no odor or discharge, blood in the urine - they said UTI. She was treated and has been fine since. Issue is, to get a clean catch at that age - is darn near impossible. With a dip stick test - it’s tricky. And results might be wrong. It had to be sent off for a culture. Which can take 2 days. Push for answers, because a UTI will quickly travel to the kidneys and make you very sick.


I started at 9 could be possible

Yes I knew a girl who had her period at 7 yrs old . Have a cousin who got hers at 8 yrs old…

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I used to have that with kidney stones. The pain is almost similar to menstrual cycle. However, my the bleeding associated with kidney stones passing, started prior my cycle and I didn’t know better. When my period actually started, I was really disappointed as I thought it was just another “attack”.

I had got mines at the age of 9 and I was in the 4 grade and I was thinking that was young. I was the only person in my class that started


Was the blood in her urine? That could be something related to kidneys if the blood was coming from the stream of pee


I do have a friend whose 6 year old is going through puberty. I guess they ended up finding a tumor on her her pituitary gland that kick started it.

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I think its called precious puberty it can be brought on by abuse but I’m sure that’s not the only reason it happens.

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