Wondering if it is possible for a 6 year old to start a period or have one?

I was babysitting a girl one and thought she started her period because she did bleed heavy. Come to find out it was a bad uti due to dehydration. But it is possible with all the hormones they put in the food now.


It’s precocious puberty. My daughter is 7 and showing signs. She’s seeing an Endocrinologist for it.
She hasn’t had a period yet, but she has other development.

Her Endocrinologist did blood work at her initial appointment. Based on that she said they could do a half a day of testing to trigger hormones in her body to see how her body reacted by doing more blood work. And from there they could do an MRI of her brain to check for tumors or lesions and ultrasound of her anatomy too to check that

Thankfully she didn’t need anything past the initial blood work. But be prepared for lots of testing depending on how her blood work comes back when she does see a specialist.

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Yes. It’s possible from 5. But she needs to be seen by a specialist as it is possible to delay her puberty through the use of blockers. Otherwise, she will just develop at a faster rate then her peers.

This is happening alot currently. I’ve read stories of babies bleeding in diapers and women well past menopause getting periods again. I’m talking 70 -80 years old. Can’t be sure of the cause, but there are whole groups popping up with thousands of women discussing early periods or periods in elderly women. The main thing now is to determine where it came from. Vagina or bladder?

Don’t second guess things like this. Follow up with doctors.


I started a 9 yrs old and that was a shocker back in my time. I have custody of my 7 yr old granddaughter. A 6yr old in her kindergarten class start last yr. Yes, it’s young but you can’t argue with it you just have to start the talk real early.
Hugs moma!

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I would definitely be looking more into uti or kidney issues😢 She’s probably in some pain if it’s any of that.

Precocious puberty is what is called i believe. But getting her checked out was the right thing to do for sure.

Put a liner in her panties if its discharge you will see it’s her monthly starting. If its urine n bloos she needs tobe seen by a pediatric urologist. You definitely need to get her into her pediatrician.


I work at an elementary school and we see it more than we ever thought we would! It’s crazy, those poor little girls don’t even get to enjoy being little before they get it!

Medically speaking it could be a bad uti or polycystic ovary disease. It can also be a sign of other things. Please have a doctor thoroughly check it out. I once saw an 8 year old that was being abused but denied it but had gotten an infection because of it.


100 pounds or more they can have periods.

Yes it’s possible! Ask to see an Endrocologist my 8 yr old has been under one since 6 & 1/2 due to early puberty.


It’s possible. I started at 8. My grandmother kept asking me if I fell off of my bike because she swore I was to young.

I started at 8 and so did my granddaughter. We were both the same maturity and emotions of a 13 year old and body of a 13 year old…she should see a specialist


Is anyone using testosterone cream in your house?

I remember being in the 5th grade and girls were starting but at 6, wow that’s young. I have a six-year-old daughter now and I could not imagine her starting her period now. Try putting a pad in her underwear and if there’s blood on it later it’s definitely a period If it’s only coming out when she’s peeing then it’s something else

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It’s rare but it does happen. Talk to her pediatrician.

I’ve never heard of a 6 year old starting one or having one.

I got mine when I was 7 turning 8 the next month. It was horrendous. I went to a gynecologist very early because of it

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My daughter is 10 and her doctor said sometimes he sees 6-7 year old girls have a period for about 6 months, then nothing again until around 11-12.

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See a doctor not normal she isn’t matured till thirteen

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I was 7 years old when I started mine. Yes.

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It happens and is called precocious puberty.

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They should have been able to tell you when you took her in

Check her hymen. Could be abuse but don’t rule out other medical concerns it does happen but be thorough. Wanna take the best care of the situation. Stay strong.


All the dang steroids in all these foods are pushing these kids to go into puberty before their mentally ready…:disappointed: more organic foods stay away from Mickey D’s…u actually see and notice the difference from country kids and kids who have access to fastfoods…

Yes maam it is very possible

They need to check her estrogen level. Also have them do an MRI cause her pituitary gland might be messing up.


I had just turned 7 when I started mine.

Started my period at 8years old. It can happen

I started at 11, mom started at 10 an one of my sisters started at 10. Pretty sure some cousins started that early as well, so it’s possible for sure.

It’s definitely not impossible. She could have high hormones and it could have made her start early. Every kid is different. I thought when my 5yo lost hid first tooth it was a huge deal and a bad thing. Like isn’t that tooo early ? But it was loose for a few days and he started popping teeth out at 3months so it’s not too surprising. I really feel like kids now a day are 10 steps ahead of the previous generations. Like they’re missing that preteen ugly stage and going from child to adult real quick.
My advice would to first and foremost trust your gut and how she feels. Take her to doctor for multiple possibilities. And don’t settle on an answer if you don’t feel its right.

I’m hoping it’s only a period. And If it is then good luck to her and you.

Yep it’s totally possible

Precocious puberty. Endocrinologist ordered a hand xray on my girl to check bone age.

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I got my first period when I was 8/9

My sister was 8 so we believe it

It happens. Use this time to educate her

6??? I was 9 I can see 8 maybe rarely a 7 year old. But 6??? No way

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It’s not probable and you should take her to a doctor other than the ER. Soon.


Yes it possible my kid is 6 and i think shes gonna start soon
Shes moody
Has boobs
And hair

6 is early tbh especially losing that much blood…but if she’s developed enough its possible .
I’m glad you’ve got tests arranged to rule out any problems

My friend in 2nd grade had to go on medicine because she started puberty way too early, so there are real medical conditions that could explain it. Definitely start with the pediatrician!


My sister started her period at 7. She ended up being diagnosed with PCOS a few years later. She also has a ton of hair & gained a lot of weight very quickly once she started puberty. I started mine at 9 or 10 I think.

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Have the dr check her for precocious puberty


Got mine when i was 9

I was 14 thank God I didn’t start that early 6 years old that would have scared the hell out of me

I started mine at 7, and it was shortly after I turned 7, so it’s very possible. I ended up being diagnosed with PCOS a few years after.


All I’m thinking is poor girl to have to start her periods that early in life… i always hated mine. The cramps… nothing I’m missing for sure!
But yes i would get a professional opinion… it does seem kinda early, just to put your mind at rest and make sure everything is ok.
Good luck

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Google Cpp, with body odor like that it’s a sign she has it.

Don’t tell me this!!! 🥲 my 5 year old is so moody I’ve been worried about this, but didn’t even know it happened :tired_face:

You never know when I guess i have a friend her daughter had that situation where it happened once and didnt start normally again for a year

Urinary tract infection is more likely, but that’s a quick test.

I was super late then bc I gotten my first period at 17

Maybe a bad uti definitely take her to a pediatrician

There Is a thing called precocious puberty. So yes, it’s possible

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Yes, totally can happen that young. I got mine at 8, but some of my friends got theirs earlier than that.

I started at 8 years old. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was school and I was panicking because I didn’t know what was going on. My mom hadn’t had “the talk” with me yet bc both her and my grandmother started around 12-13, so I believe she thought she had some some before she had to tell me about it. I was never moody or anything but I had been having migraines once a month for about a year prior.

Both of my daughters started at 8

My niece started at 6 so its very possible

If it is her period, SA can cause early periods. I don’t want to alarm or accuse, but watching who she is with and when/how long/if she’s alone… Just make sure if it is a period, that there’s not an external force that spurred it on. Even some shampoos with extra hormones cna cause early menstruation so SA is not the only cause. I don’t feel right not mentioning it though, with how young the person in question is


I started my period when I was 8, but I was also raped from 5-7 years old by a family member

Yes at girl her age can start period. There’s meds a dr can give to stop it until closer to normal puberty.

My mom started at age 8. And I babysit a girl who’s had her period since she was 8 as well.

Omg!!! 6&8 years old starting periods???:flushed: Lord Have Mercy!!! :pensive:


I started mine around 7 I had boobs at 6 so it’s very possible I think and my grandmother also started very young like me. I had the worst cramps and headaches all the time when it first started by 16 I was on IUD not having periods still on a IUD to not get them because there so bad and intense.

I started at an alarmingly young age myself I was just barely 8 I have alot of hormonal issues as an adults including thyroid pcos and endometriosis.

The general ages to start your period are 8-15. Most girls get them about 2 years after they start developing breasts making the usual age 12. If she has a hormone imbalance it could start it early. Those run in my family and 2 of my aunt’s got their first periods at 7. They also have endometriosis which contributes to the periods and was caused by the hormone imbalance.
Would be good to know what tests they ran at the hospital so you can tell her doctor what has been checked already vs. the ideas the rest of us give you.

Yes. I’ve even heard of 5 year olds starting their period.

I was 9 when I got mine

Yes. My son has been going through precocious puberty since he was was 5. He has an implant to stop it until he’s 11. He is now 10.

If you haven’t already she needs to go to an endocrinologist


Endocrinologist is definitely warranted.


My sisters started theirs young too. Seems like girls start younger every year and it’s a little scary :flushed: I didn’t start mine until I was 13 I think.

Yes. Get her into a doctor to monitor her.

I was 6 and my mom was 5


My sister started at 8, so yes it’s entirely possible.

That’s to young. She needs to see a doctor so they can stop it.


Yes, it is completely possible. My granddaughter has the same issue. Hormones are developing too fast. Find a pediatric endocrinologist and make an appt.

Yes and it can be normal to start so young. A lot of women do. Even at age 5. A couple of my cousins started at 7-8.

This sounds as though this could be a hormone imbalance. It is uncommon but some girls do start early. Talk to her provider and have a blood test run. She needs D3, E1, E2 and kidney test run.

Endocrinologist for sure to check hormone activity and make sure nothing out of the norm going on with the pituitary gland


Get them to check her protuitory gland

I’ve heard it’s everything they put in our food now. Definitely possible.


Yes it’s possible, my cousin’s both sisters had theirs at 8

I didn’t atart till I was 14…but I know my little half sister started at 8…so its not entirely impossible!

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I got mine at age 8.

I would have her checked for sexual abuse. That doesn’t sound normal, especially not a stream of blood.


My grandmother was 6… one aunt was 16 and the other was 8… I started when I was 10…

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It’s called percosious puberty. Happens in girls and boys younger than 8.

If she “urinated a stream of blood”, that came from the bladder, UT, so that would have nothing to do with the uterus…


When i was in my teens, a friend of mine’s little sister was 6 with her period :woman_shrugging:t2:

My daughter started hers at 8

Could be a UTI. Like one person said if it came when she was peeing that would have more to do with the urinary track.

Do you always watch your 6 year olds urine stream?
Am I the only one finding this odd?
Either way she needs to be evaluated by a doctor because starting that early means there’s something hormonally wrong or if she’s PEEING a stream of blood that means she’s bleeding somewhere else

I would think maybe a kidney stone that ruptured if it was a steady stream with the urine, but you would think she would have definitely felt that and had some pain plus you said the hospital did all the appropriate tests and prob would have ruled that out. I’ve never had hardly any best under my armpits and never had to shave them, I just do it occasionally to still feel like a woman and just swipe over the blondish almost
Make believe peach fuzz. Anyways I say this bc even though I never and still don’t have this, I had (darker colored) hair down there as early as 3rd/4Th grade and started my period right in that time period too and had boobs and everything. It was hard bc I was so young and hardly anyone else in my class was going though that. Be involved, ask questions, be her friend, let her ask questions, I was going through something that I didn’t realize was sexual abuse at the time, which can trigger this prematurely. I’m not in anyways saying anything has happened to your daughter, please don’t take offense to that, just ask questions and remind her that she can tell you everything and anything so she will feel more comfortable…. Bc there are just lots of questions that young especially very young girls have about their bodies and what they are going through, so momma to the rescue :slightly_smiling_face: !!! Good luck and I hope you find the answers you are looking for, for your little girl!

That’s young but then again I was only nine when mine started

All the hormones etc they put in food nowadays. It’s very possible could be period! Wouldn’t hurt to take extra precautions and have her checked for what others have stated above :arrow_up:

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My 5 year old also has leg hair and blonde underarm hair I got my p. At 10 the next generation could mature faster cuz of chemicals in our food


My sisters had their period at 6 & 7. I started at 10.

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