Would it be weird of me to breastfeed my boyfriends kid?

I have kinda a weird question…I met my boyfriend a 7 months ago…when we met, he had told me he had gotten someone pregnant but it was a one night stand…I was happy he was honest with me and it never bothered me as they both knew they didn’t want a relationship but they do co parent well and its very positive…my question is…i have a 2 year old from a previous relationship and their baby is now 2 months old…baby comes to our house and refuses a bottle and I am still breastfeeding…would it be weird of me to offer to feed their baby? Like I want to help out and feel bad she wont take a bottle when she is here…


Not weird but definitely ask mom and make sure she knows you are coming from a helpful place and make it clear you aren’t trying to replace her.


I actually love this idea AFTER you make sure momma is okay with it.


Ummm YES that’s weird! Do not do that. If my babies new gf did this with my baby I’d be finding a way to take legal action. Just no! Omg! No!


Ask moms permissiom first!! It’s not weird at all, just a baby being fed.
Good on you for caring enough to share your body and milk to make sure the baby is nurtured.


I certainly would prefer if this was discussed with me before someone else breastfed my babies, I don’t think I’d be comfortable with the idea anyway. I would speak to the child’s mother as it’s her decision to make.


I highly doubt mom would allow it but you would have to make sure both mom and dad are ok with it
Honestly, I wouldn’t be


I would just ask the mom directly how she feels about it. I don’t think it’s weird to offer, given the circumstances. I mean, realistically, she can’t really send the baby there if the baby won’t take a bottle. If she says no, I would honor that and her and him would have to decide the best course of action.


I would definitely ask the Mother, I’d honestly be pissed if someone breastfed my child, without me saying it was ok. I’d leave it up to mom


Breast feeding is a bonding time for mother and child. She should be sending her own breast milk. As a mom my answer would be no. You pass things to the child in breast milk. The mom needs to send milk for the child. You may be dealing with a baby that’s being switched to formula. But you need to talk to dad and have him bring it up to mom. And yes I understand the baby needs to eat. That’s just crossing the line in my opinion. Let the parents work it out they may be ok with it.


Oooh she brave. Lol I could never let my baby be without me that young.


I would discuss with mom about it. I think a fed baby is best but talk it over with her


That is a very special bonding moment between a mother and her child. I’m thinking maybe one of those breast things that dads can wear might be a better option. I don’t know, it’s a sensitive topic.


I would not allow anyone else to breastfeed my child. Hard no. If baby wasn’t drinking a bottle they would stay with me until otherwise.


Talk to mum first. It all depends on if she’s comfortable or not with it.


I would ask momma permission first. If no issues I would say go for it.


Don’t ask the dad. That’s not his choice make sure mom is 100% on board with you putting your body in her baby. Yes baby needs feed but she will learn the bottle.


You should most definitely talk to the mother about it.


Crazy idea let the mom of baby feed it that is not your job


Definitely ask mom how she feels about it and if she is ok with it I would definitely be down!


Talk to the mom first. If I found someone did that behind my back… Omg I hope to look good in orange


It’s only a problem if you don’t have moms permission or don’t respect her wishes.


Definitely not weird but talk to the mama. Well done to you all for being amazing parents together

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Would you be happy if you found out your tiny baby was being breastfeed by another woman, that I’m assuming you’ve never even met, keep your boobs to yourself lady.

Not weird at all. It’s actually very kind.
Make sure the mama is OK with it first and there shouldn’t be a problem.


I’m all for babies being fed. But, like others stated talk with momma first since co-parenting is going so well, you don’t want something so wonderful to disrupt it over a misunderstanding. Otherwise absolutely :100:

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I mean…yeah, it’s weird. Across the board, in several ways, it’s weird lol. But I think it’s more awkward than anything else, and awkwardness isn’t permanent.
If you know the mom well enough and feel like she might be open to it, then it’s worth a shot. Just be prepared in case things are awkward for awhile.

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I would deff ask mom first. If she’s ok with it that’s great

I would try and feed the baby the bottle yourself first… the baby may smell your milk and take to the bottle… if not, I would definitely ask the mom first… if she is not okay with this, I would suggest other custody agreement s be made until the baby takes a bottle.

Milk for 2 yr old is different than for 2 month old but if the mom is ok, food is food. I wish I had a nanny with breast milk as my baby didn’t take bottle for 11 months, I had no choice but solid foods at 2 months.

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If the mommy is ok with it then by all means don’t let that baby go hungry

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Speak to mumma if she’s OK then go for it but don’t do this without permission. I’m all about what’s best for baby is to be fed but you need boundaries with the mother your still very new in the relationship so if things don’t work out baby still may need to transition. I would definitely not do this without speaking to mum tho xx

I would offer to get a blood test to prove you don’t have any diseases/illnesses that could be transmitted.


I mean its different. But i bf. And as long as you arent a smoker id be okay with it. So my baby gets to eat… but its definitely something you need to ask mom about.

Talk to Momma first… wet nurses kept many a baby alive so I see nothing weird about feeding a hungry baby if that is the only way to do so…

All you can do is talk and offer. Not everyone is open to the idea but if the mom has to work and baby is hungry she might think why not. But keep trying different the bottles. Or maybe the mom could come with baby or you guys go to the baby to visit until baby is taking a bottle better or little older. Gotta do whats best for the baby.

If the baby needs to be fed feed it. It has to have milk one way or another? If not then the baby needs to stay at home. Too young and needs milk


I think it depends on the mother. If she is not ok with it then you should never do that. You need to be asking her and not a bunch of strangers on the Internet. I wouldn’t like it, I hope to go you’re not already doing it without the mothers permission.

Definitely check with the mama first. I think it’s wonderful you would want to offer. I think people forget about wet nurses.

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Not weird if you talk to both of them about it, or have your boyfriend talk to her about it

If they’re fine with it I feel like it’s a positive. No harm in asking. May make coparent if easier

Not my cup of tea, but, it’s nice of you to offer. Definitely ask first. She might be ok with it if it means she gets a break.

No but definitely ask mom first not just dad.

I would ask the mom but I certainly don’t think I would let a woman my baby dad met 7mos ago breast feed my baby.

That’s a discussion for you to have with bubs mum.

If mom is okay with it then go for it.

No, not at all.
As long as it has been discussed with mom and she okays it.

Definitely make sure mama is ok with it.

As long as the mother approves really.

I think that’s beautiful :heart: ask māmā and see how she feels :pray:t4:

Or pump for them could be a option as well. Maybe it’s not the bottle but what’s inside the bottle.

There’s no way she’s gonna be ok with that :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Yes, unless you get consent from the baby’s actual mom, then that is weird and a huge overstep on your part.

That’s just weird asf​:rofl::rofl:

Talk to mom about it first. If shes okay with it, then go for it. If shes not, don’t overstep.


Yes ot would be weird, and I’m some places could be considered sexual assault since it’s not your kid. Please don’t do this.

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Is the mother ok with it? Is the father ok with it? Are you ok with it? If all three answers are yes then it is not weird.

its a conversation to have with the boyfriend and then a conversation for him to have with the babies mom, there are so many women who donate their breast milk, i wouldnt see a problem here, but there are alot of people who dont have the same views as me, get permission before anything from both parents


You need to be asking mom, not the internet. Hers is the only opinion that matters in this case.

I would ask the mom. Honestly breastfeeding is the best for a baby I’d want to know u were disease free and a clean bill of health if that all checked out id probably let u breastfeed my child. to many recalls on formula anymore. They use to have wet nurses. I think it’s great of u to offer

Discuss it with mom. If everyone is comfortable with it I don’t see an issue with it.

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Oooffff. That’s tough. It’s super kind of you to offer it, however, I don’t think the mom would be very fond of this idea. Only one way to find out. Have to ask the queen momma bear. I always have to put myself in other peoples shoes. Yes you want to help the baby; but imagine if things were reversed. How would you feel ?

Um girl what the fuck? No… just fucking no…

I’d be pissed if I were mom if you did that without my permission. We’d actually have a knock down drg out :joy:


Absolutely not :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: that baby is also your family being your partners child and if the baby needs fed the baby needs fed :tipping_hand_woman:


If mom and dad don’t mind go for it. Baby needs to eat. I have nursed my nephew in the past not odd at all.

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Talk to the mom first. I personally would not someone breastfeeding my child, but also I would not send her off unless she stated taking the bottle first

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Definitely a question you should ask mom. Some people are okay with it and some aren’t.

Ask mom first and explain you just wanna help. This isnt weird at all i find it very comforting and loving

Just talk to momma first! Remember it takes a village!

You might have to try out different bottles in order to get one she likes. Try ones that mimic the breast.

Always ask the mother of the child before doing anything

Ask the baby’s mother first,
It’s called wet nurse.

You should ask the baby’s mother.

Ask the mom…
That’s the only person you should ask

It’s nothing new to brestfeed let alone brestfeed other lady’s babies

A wet nurse
Used to be a really big thing befor gudgement became a thing

Something tells me… The mom might not love that idea. I dunno… I was always told my milk was tailored to my babies specifically back when I was breastfeeding… meaning that little girl is use to her mom’s milk and mom feeding her by breast Although I also know the history of wet nursing… She still might not take yours that way either just depends upon the baby. You might have to wait on overnight visits baby is still to little.

You are obviously crazy if not insane

Hell yes it would be strange and disrespectful if the MOTHER of said baby didn’t allow it! Ask the mother not the Internet before you go over stepping.

Have an honest conversation with the baby’s mother. I don’t care if boyfriend is on board, this is one of those things that both parents need to agree with. “Wet nurses” use to be a real thing, but none of us can guess how this mom would feel.

Personally, this isn’t out of necessity so I wouldn’t be okay with it. She can pump and he can bottle feed. Try different bottles. Pump and bottle feed in both homes. There’s other options too.


Why is everyone jumping on her like she said she would do it? She said OFFER… That means not without permission

You said that the baby comes there but refuses the bottle, so what do you do? Does she not have the baby come over?

Dad brings the baby without milk ? If there is a bottle feed the bottle. Don’t take it upon yourself to breast feed the child that is not yours. Mom needs to be aware and ok with this

Questions, is the baby breastfeeding with the mom?
If so talk to mom abt all options to remedy this.
If mom doesn’t breastfeed then no not at all I would not even ask.

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Why you asking Facebook and not the mother?


Noooooope. Ask moms permission.

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Eww my opinion, noway! That is just weird.


It’s not weird, but …

  1. Send that baby back to his mother .
  2. It’s only been 7 months , you’re already doing too much

First off I read this as ‘would it be weird if i breastfed my boyfriend’ :joy:

But… I would ask the mother if she’s comfortable with it. If she is, then go ahead. A fed baby is the best.


If I was the mom I’d say no just because it isn’t something I’m use to. But I wouldn’t be upset you asked. Wet nurses are a thing. It may be something she hasn’t even thought about. If you have zero relationship I wouldn’t ask but if you know her on a decent level then why not.


I might be an outlier here but I think it would be a great way to bond with a baby that may be a part of your life forever but ONLY IF the mother agrees to it - which will be your biggest obstacle. Good luck with that because it will take a SPECIAL woman to allow you to do that for the benefit of her baby. If she agrees, this will be an awesome opportunity to build a rapport with the mother and maybe have the best co-parenting experience ever.

Personally, I’m not that special. :woman_shrugging:t4:


It’s not weird at all IMO and it’s actually a beautiful, thoughtful gesture. I would ask the child’s mother if she’s okay with it of course. If she is, then baby will eat. I personally would rather have my baby breastfed by someone I trust and my baby happy while spending time with their dad than worrying about them crying and being unhappy the whole time. Everyone wins.

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Wet nursing is not weird and has been done since the beginning of time.
I would have a conversation with the mother bc this is a very sensitive topic and she could feel threatened by it.


If she sends her breastfed baby away with dad at only 2 months I believe she would be open to the idea, couldn’t hurt to ask. Personally I would say Thanks but no thanks… But I also wouldn’t send my baby away that young, dad or not.

Yes it would be weird! Have you spoken to the mother of the child about this!?

What a beautiful soul you are. I dont see anything wrong with it but you for sure need mom and dads approval.

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It’s only weird if you don’t get permission, I was baby sitting my nephew and he ran out of formula. Mom was fine with me nursing him but she did bawl her eyes out because of it even though it needed to be done, I couldn’t get to the store because I had all 5 kids hers and mine, it’s a very emotional thing to have another woman even your sister nurse your child.

My mom had my sister in July and her sister had her son in August they babysat for one another when needed. Both babies being breastfed they nursed the babies when they were hungry. They were sisters though. I am not sure how an ex partner would feel. Just offer and then let it be.

I would definitely ask the mom but I would be okay if it were me. The baby needs to eat somehow when the baby is with you.

Before you consider doing anything like this you need to First speak to the mother of the child how she feels about this and her answer to this question is the only one that matters. So ask the mother.

Talk to spouse and mom. The baby may just need shorter visits until she adjust to bottle for mom. 2 months is pretty young to be without mom when breast feeding