Would it be weird to give my 3-year-old breastmilk?

My son turns 3 next month and is still breastfed.


Natural term feeding can end around age 7 ! So not strange. Only seems strange to our cultured modern day life as it’s out of the norm

Absolutely NOT weird, we drink milk from cows boobs until we grow old!!

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That would be a great idea honestly. The health benefits are tremendous

I dont think its wierd. I dont know if he’ll like it. But I understand why you want to.

Milk is milk who cares where it comes from plus if it’s getting close to expiring why not give it to them

So I mean a human drinking cow milk is weirder than a human drinking human milk, logically speaking.


My daughter is 3.5 and still gets breast milk. As well as my 16 month old.

My almost 3 year old still drinks breast milk :woman_shrugging:

Give him some,it would be good for him,and you could mix it in with other milk,or cereal

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I don’t think it’s weird at all breast milk is a great source of antibodies

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No that is definitely my plan when we have our 2nd child, first born will get some too. Whats weird about it? Whats really weird is that we think human milk is gross and not meant for anyone else other than newborns but we drink cow milk by the gallon… cow milk is for cow growth, human milk is for human growth we just can’t have a bunch of woman raised to strickly produce milk. So not its not weird. Please give your child all the benefits he/she can get while you can offer it!!


Not weird at all! That what it’s for and you are blessed to have it available. Use it up! You go girl


Absolutely not!!! Your milk is literally made for your children! It doesn’t just magically lose nutritional value when your child turns 1. All of the health benefits that an infant receives from nursing, so will a toddler! :heart: And just a side note… Mothers in 3rd world countries generally nurse to around 4 or 5 years old for health and bonding purposes! :hugs:


Doesn’t sound crazy to me at all. Go for it! It would be super healthy and alot of countries nurse long after age 3. Wether from a cows “boob” or yours, it’s just milk, and yours is way better for your babies.

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I don’t think it’s weird. You could even make it chocolate milk too.


I did it after i had my 2nd but my 1st had just turned one but stopped breastfeeding at 6 months. Lol

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I don’t think it’s be weird if you pumped and put it in a cup for the three year old. I’ve heard of people feeding their 5 yr old straight from the breast. Now that is weird.


Its actually a fantastic idea.


Its a good idea. Also starting a daily dose of elderberry syurp or gummies will help boost their immune system.


The healthiest thing for him :heartpulse:

I think its a fabolous idea… And smart thinking.


I have wondered the same thing. I didnt breastfeed my first 2 but with this third baby coming was wondering if it would help not only her when she’s born but my 2nd who we’ve recently discovered has a low wbc which makes her immunocompromised.

If folks can give their children the milk of a cow :joy: you can give your own child your own human milk


Nope it’s great for them. Milk made by mommy is the best milk for your little ones. My youngest never got sick till we weaned at 3. She now seems to keep a runny nose and cough.

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It shouldn’t be an issue, if it’s just in a cup and if he likes the taste that is…

It’s a great idea as your breast milk is full of everything to help his immune system.

Its medicine
Especially when hes sick…I would put in his sippy cup

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It’s not weird. When I first brought my daughter home my son was fascinated with the fact that she nurses so one time when I pumped I offered him a small sip in a cup. He was 3.

Definitely not weird. But he may not like it anymore. Or he may actually want some when he sees baby drinking it

Maybe 3 is a little old. A cup would be better.

I don’t think so. It’s good’s for her.

I think it’s a great idea!

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In developing countries, they nurse babies to 3- 4-5 and 6… granted that’s not the US but it’s good for the babies

Well breastmilk is made for humans…

I think your husband is weird.


Lol girl give your 3 year old a cup. Say its milk. See if they like it.

I did it and my 2 year old said yuck hahaha

My 3.5 year old still drinks some of my colostrum :woman_shrugging:t2:
Shit works better than any meds I’ve given her.

I’m 32 weeks pregnant and plan to give her breastmilk if she asks. It’s that time of the year where everyone gets sick, I’d give my husband breastmilk if he wasn’t picky about it lol, it’s liquid gold!

I do this with my 2 yr old when he’s sick

Dude yes! Great for his immune system. Glad you thought of this mama <3

Do it. Its not weird. Its literally just food. I think its weird that some ppl don’t understand that.

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If he will drink it let him have it - it’s very normal - men crack me up when it comes to things like this - but due to the fact they can’t do any of it bc they can’t do what us women can - child birth, feeding them with our bodies…lol.

I could have written this minus my son being in school/daycare; I give it to him if he starts showing any symptoms of sickness. Nothing weird about it!

Not weird and not anybody’s business.

Why not. They also have immune gummies you could give as well.

It’s natural and super healthy, why not? My 2.5 year old would get jealous when I was feeding my newborn so when I’d pump I’d put a little in a cup for him :joy::woman_shrugging:t3:

It would be so the OPPOSITE of weird. DO IT

It is absolutely not weird. The only reason you are questioning this is because our society has lost all knowledge of what is actually natural and healthy. It would be great for your preschooler’s immune system! And, just because nursing didn’t work out for the first doesn’t mean it won’t for the second babe. My advice: go ahead and get a lactation consultant lined up ASAP after birth. If you birth in a hospital, go ahead and ask if there will be one available after you deliver.
After I didn’t have any more milk, I gave my constipated toddler some of my friend’s breast milk. It cured her constipation.


I gave my babies formula … Just as good as breast milk. They were very healthy. As long as you hold them while feeding them the bottle.

Everyone is worried about the taste but mine was always super sweet and my kids fought over it :joy::joy: Their dad and I joked that I produced coffee creamer


I wouldn’t think there would be a problem with it. Just that the first milk produced is for the new baby though and the best stuff he/she can get!


I think it’s awesome, give her as much immune protection as possible.


Absolutely not weird! Actually very healthy up to 5 years. :slight_smile:


Yep perfectly fine mama!


It’s perfectly fine. What does he know?!?!

If I was able to breastfeed or develop an ample Supply, I could see myself doing this. If that’s weird, let’s start a club and make it less weird

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Not weird at all but might want to add a drop or two of chocolate syrup :slight_smile:


You’re (and anyone else who can), lucky to be able to have enough milk to give to a three year old, I didn’t have enough to satisfy a three week old…

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I gave my daughter her brothers breast milk for awhile. I have Irish twins and my daughter has a very weak immune system. It seemed to help a ton


I nursed my daughter to she self.weaned at 4.

I would!! Just make sure baby gets the hind milk (fatty part)!

I don’t think it’s crazy at all.
Most of us give and consume milk meant for baby cows and nobody bats an eye :woman_shrugging:t3:
It’ll probably help a ton :slightly_smiling_face:


Nothing wrong with him having breastmilk. Some toddlers are still nursing at that age. If he’ll drink it (he might not like the taste of it), go for it. It definitely isn’t going to hurt anything to try.

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Many children still drink breast milk at this age, so nothing wierd about it😊


There is nothing weird about this. When mine were around that age and got sick, I’d do the same. I used to pour it in their cereal lol They got better a whole lot faster.

I mean, I haven’t thought about it personally but I don’t see it as taboo or crazy either. There are people out there still nursing their kids in kindergarten so do what works for you. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I let my 2.5 year old take whatever is left of my 8 month olds bottle 🤷 she likes it and steals it so…


3 of my 4 kids nursed past the 3 year mark, child-led weaning often goes longer than that!


Mothers tandem nurse their multi aged children all the time. This isn’t weird. Just pop it in his sippy and go on. You could mix it with his regular milk if you are worried about him not liking the taste.

I think you need to give JUST your newborn your milk for first few weeks because it’ll have everything your newborn needs to build the immunity system she/he will need. After that, go for it. The only reason why I said that is because as your newborn baby grows, her/his needs will change and your milk nutrition will change to accommodate her needs.


I don’t know how that would be weird. People give their kids milk from some random cow that they know nothing about. People give their kids vitamins/medications they know little about every day. So why should it be weird to give your kid breastmilk from his mom when you know it is going to do nothing but help him.


First and foremost, your kids your decision. As far as taste, even if a preschool age childdoesn’t particularly have a taste for breast milk anymore, you can always mix it with a little bit of regular milk. I think that would be okay because they’re still getting the antibodies and nutrition from the breast milk. Immune speaking, I don’t think it would hurt at all. But normally any virus antibodies that your body creates are coming from any virus that your body sees or the baby who is nursing from you sees. So in order for the body to create those particular antibodies, you or the baby would have to come in contact with that virus. But with that being said the nutrition is hands down the best and would probably be the best to support body, growth, and the immune system.

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My mom gave me her breast milk like regular cow milk until I was about 6 years old. Lemme just say, I rarely get sick and when I last did may have been 3 years ago. It’s so long ago I don’t remember. So it’s a great thing and definitely not strange or weird

Go with your gut you are the mom and what you do for your child is from a place of pure love.

Come on now. 3rd world countries breastfeed past 2 years for survival. Enough wean the kid before you screw it up permanently.science prove no additional anti bodies from breastfeeding occur after 6 month’s

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Sorry but the new baby will NEED all the breast milk you can produce.

Nope it’s a good source of antibodies. Though unless he is breat feeding himself it wont be to his specific need but it will provide him a good boost of immune health.

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I think that would be AWESOME…to share your breast milk with your 3yr old…
And for those saying something about the taste of it…my hubs was curious about the taste…so, he naturally tasted it…as well as, myself…I pumped some out for myself…the taste of BM is slightly sweet and of course, warm when it comes straight from the breast…my son breastfed until he was 3yrs old…a close relative asked me once…if I was sexually stimulated by him still breastfeeding…:roll_eyes:
After I was over the shock of such a dumbass question…I replied…“funny you should ask that…because God took care of that…I have NO FEELING WHATSOEVER from him suckling on my breast…unless he bites me…and THAT HURTS…”
And DON’T TO THIS DAY…almost 19yrs later…some feeling has returned but for the most part, No…knowing this…I still WOULD NOT CHANGE A THING about how I breastfed my Son…
And your hubs needs to lighten the hell up…(lol​:expressionless:) and besides who the hell would know any of this unless you tell them…So, share away…and God Bless…:heart:

I agree save the first milk for the new baby but then yes share it with your child for antibodies

Go for it! Breastmilk can be given to all ages even adults can drink it! Just make sure your baby gets enough first! And don’t pump until baby is born or you are going to put yourself into labor lol try a nipple shield with this baby if you didn’t previously. Try skin to skin before and during breastfeeding that could help as well :relaxed:

Why would it be crazy or weird to give your child breast milk that came from your body but yet it’s okay to give the child cow’s milk? The ideas people have about stuff. Give ur 3 year old breast milk!!! Thats what irs for, to feed our babies. Of course u know not to pump now right? It could cause u to go into labor.

It should be your decision .

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Did your man even look up the benefits of breast milk? My husband loved to drink it, he said it was the sweetest and it carried him off to sleep sometimes. Tell your man grow up😂

I would do it if I had a child that age and was concerned about immune health. They may not take it because of the taste, maybe mix with regular milk or something?

Absolutely not!! Your milk is created specifically for your children! Don’t EVER feel weird or ashamed for giving YOUR child YOUR milk. To me, its weird that people think it is more normal for us to drink the milk of another species well after we are babies. What a world.

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The antibodies I wouldn’t think would be effective on a three year old.


I think of the movie Grown Ups and say 3 is a bit old. But you do you. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Why not mix and do half milk and half breast milk with strawberry or cocoa

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Mama don’t about it, if you wanna do that do it. But I’d probably put it in a sippy cup. Just because I wouldn’t want two babies on the tits lol.

There is nothing wrong with it. If you are concerned about fighting germs, you could do elderberry syrup to help with that instead. He may not like the taste of the breastmilk

My daughter is 6 and she drinks my bm occasionally

If he hasn’t had it for that long I doubt he’ll like the taste. Lol

Doubt he would drink it tbh

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No go a head your fine

Nothing wrong with that!

Nothing wrong with it.

I don’t see a problem I breast fed all mine and I say give it to him it might help greatly .

Your baby
Your womb
Your boobs
Your breast milk
Your natural Immunity booster

Sick family
Boost immunity
It’s a no brainer :heart:

I think it would be perfectly fine. Not gross at all. Your milk, your kids. I wouldn’t even mention it to the husband if it grosses him out or whatever. Men just don’t understand things the way women do.

Breast milk helps with everything. I had a friend who was constipated and I gave her two ounces of my breast milk (in a cup :grin:) and she pooped that day! :laughing: