Would this be weird to you?

Imagine being with some one for 6 years and only having like 3 pictures together all from the same occasion years ago (aside from generational pics at reunions) how would that make you feel?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would this be weird to you?

I hate pics so I would not feel bad. Everyone is different


Yes, pictures are memories that last a lifetime. I suggest start taking pics

My partner didn’t like pics, every pic I have is sneaked :joy:

I only got a few on special occasions

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Not everyone likes taking pictures, so it could be that?

Maybe ask why you don’t take them more often? or suggest that you take some?


I wouldn’t be okay with that. I’ve been in relationships before where pics were a fight. They weren’t good relationships.

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I feel ya, the worst is when you see many pics with friends but none with you

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I have like 2 pictures of my boyfriend and I been togeather 13 years!

… that is kind of weird.
I’ve been with my husband for 7yrs now and I’m LOADED with pics. Every chance I get, of literally anything I’ll snap a pic.

Those are memories :heart:

Hate pics so we barely have any together


Been with my husband for 12 years I hate pics so we don’t take many


i hated not having more pictures with my fiancé, but it was my fault. i hate pictures and i feel weird taking them. so i never took any and i wouldn’t let him


Me and my hubs dont have many together
Maybe 4 or 5 pics in 5 years lol
We have pics of each of us with our kids
But not many together.

Most people dont realize how important pictures are until theyre all you have left

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I dont like pics of myself i look like the joker. Dont take personally.


Divorced. I would feel divorced.


My parents have no pictures really cause my mom doesn’t like her picture taken. They have been together between dating and married for close to 50 years. We just got her in pictures when the grandkids started. Now we have family pictures. We were also sneaking them for a bit.

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My significant other hates pictures of him. He has had the same profile pic for 7 years lol


I must be a shitty person then Cuz I don’t take many pictures of us together …
. I hate pictures

I haven’t taken a pic with my husband in years… I hated them.
So, I feel fine. :woman_shrugging:


:woman_shrugging: I don’t have any

My hubs have a ton from the beginning. But we have a lot of each of us with kids .

I don’t like to be in pictures so I’d be fine.


I hate pics so I would be fine with it. :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Not weird…some people just dont like pictures :raising_hand_woman:

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We do t have alot of family or like big get together were some one would be able to take a pic of us so no its either him or him and the kids or me /me and the kids lol

Me and my boyfriend of 6 years have maybe 5 pictures together lol. We live together, but we work all the time so we don’t have an opportunity to take pictures. Besides I don’t want people seeing me in my nasty work uniform :sweat_smile:
Idk I personally I think it’s overrated to have hundreds and hundreds of pictures together. It’s nice to have them, but not that many lol.

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I detest having my picture taken so it wouldn’t bother me

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I regret not taking more pictures over the years with my husband (been married 20 years) and my children… I was always the one behind the camera…

The last picture I have with my husband was from like 5 years ago lol

Not really that strange. Some people don’t like to be photographed.

I dated someone for a year and don’t have any pictures of us together I have a ton of his dogs and some of him but he didn’t like pictures. I personally do so it bothered me. I make yearly albums and wish I had someone to take photos of me and my daughter together. We take a lot of selfies

I have a total of like 5 maybe and I’ve been with him 6 years

Some people don’t like taking pictures… not weird at all.

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My husband and I haven’t taken a picture together in just over 2 years. I have pictures of him with our 2 year old daughter, and him the same, but none together :woman_shrugging:t2:. Not everyone likes being in pictures


Doesn’t matter how any1 feels except you. so tired of people wanting to know how other people would feel in their situation lol like think for yourselves


My husband hates his picture taken but he grins and bares it. It only takes a few seconds (usually). He knows that one day that’s all we will have of each other so he does it to make me happy. I don’t force him to take pictures. He usually is the one that says ok get the camera and let’s get this over with. :laughing:

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Not strange. Been with my husband 11 yrs and we have like 3 or 4 photos together. We HATE having our picture taken.

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I’ve been with my husband for 7 years and we have maybe 3 pictures of us together.

Me and my boyfriend only have like one picture a year together lol he hates his picture being taken it bothers me but I understand

It would make me feel like they don’t like pictures. I have been married to my husband for 12 years and we have 2 pictures together. One the day before we got married and one about 5 years ago when we went to a reds game. It’s not that I don’t love him, I just don’t like taking pictures or having picture taken of me.

We dont take pics together it annoys me but life is just too busy sometimes. :woman_shrugging:

So why don’t you take pics of y’all together??

Don’t have many of me n the hubs 🤷

Been with my man for 6 years, we have maybe 4 or 5 pictures together, all from our first year or 2 together. Lol. Been busy living life since then.

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It would make me feel like we haven’t taken enough pictures

No but same it’s been almost 4 and we barely have any. We’ve started talking about taking more. Just communicate

Been together 10 years, probably have about 5 photos of us together. The rest are all of our daughters.
Life is busy AF. If you want more photos together then take them.

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Be happy for the ones you have…we have no pictures of a sister when she was a baby…yet many of the other 7 kids…

Same but I just really hate my picture taken, not the other way around. I always tell myself I’m going to regret it down the road


I love taking pictures with people because I love printing and framing them or just have them to look back on far we’ve come.

If it’s important to you just take pictures. If your partner literally refuses, that’s kind of shitty. Just ask him/ her to take pictures with you? Maybe they’re self conscious idk. Just ask them to take more pictures.

My husband and I have been together for 8 years married for a little over 1 year and the most pictures we have together are from our wedding day. Before that there may have been 1 or 2 but that’s it.

I’ve been with my husband for 6 yrs and we literally have filled 2 sd cards of pics of just us and on my current phone I have 2000 pics but my mom and dad have been together for 30 yrs and only have a handful of pics together

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Go have pictures taken… What’s the problem?


If it was down to me, purely down to not thinking we wouldn’t have any lol but my hubby always takes selfish of us together if we are out anywhere

I def have more photos from wheb my fiance and I first started dating. It’s been 7 years together now and I know he hates photos so I don’t take many at all. He NEVER takes selfies or anything either. Does your bf take photos of himself? Has he expressed he doesnt like photos?

It would make me feel like talking to my partner about it 🤷

Maybe he just doesn’t like pictures. Maybe he just wants you to initiate them. Maybe he doesn’t realize it matters to you.

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Me and my husband don’t have a lot together :sweat_smile:. But I don’t really care to have my picture taken. So it doesn’t really bother me. We take pictures of the kids.

I’d feel like we didn’t have enough pictures. But pictures are super important to me. When we lose someone pictures help me to remember. But everyone is different.

Start taking more pics

It would make me feel like I enjoyed the moment and didn’t have to worry about wasting time on pictures

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We don’t have a ton together. Most times I think we just don’t think about it.

Id feel like i dont grab my phone and say “lets take a selfie” enough :woman_shrugging:.
Thats what i do when i want newer pics of us.

Was married to my ex for 24 years and there are maybe a total of 5 pictures of us together.

Do you ask him to take pictures? Men aren’t going to be like hey let’s take a pic

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I have like none lol :laughing: been worh my other half 8 years there’s no need

Amber McGukin did you write this?

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27 years in the same relationship and we have 2 pictures of us together :heart: but oh the memories.


I’ve been with someone 24 yrs and I think we have maybe 4 together lol it could be less

I’ve been with mine for 24 hours and I bet we don’t have 10 pictures made together. I don’t like having my picture taken though.

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My hub and I don’t have a ton of pics…and after having our daughter it’s usually just her…or half my head, half his head, and her in-between! Lol

I’ve been with my partner almost 8 months now and we don’t have a single picture together,it doesn’t matter though I’ve never been one to like photos

My hubby and I only have pictures together from like 4 events and we been together just over 6 years. Some people just hate taking pictures. It only matters how he treats you and that he loves you.

Let’s just say I’ve been with my wife for almost 20 years. Maybe 5 pictures total of us together. Not even a pic of us at our wedding. But there is one of me and her brother, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Not everyone likes taking pics

Like you’re the one behind the camera or you don’t speak up to have others take pix. Some folks don’t like getting their pic taken or feel photos aren’t important. Schedule a portrait session somewhere. Whenever my church would get a new directory I’d haul the family in for a professional shot.

Been with my Mr 13.5yrs and have like 2 pics together🤷lol
Lots of just him, or just me…but seldom any together.
Doesn’t bother me…cuz I ain’t taking the pics either 🤷

Who cares? It’s the memories that count. The time spent.

If pictures are that important to you take more. Ask others to take more. Simple fix.

Been friends with my SO for almost 20 years and together for almost 7 and we have like 3-5 pictures together lol

I have like no pictures with my SO…maybe two over the course of 4 years lol. :woman_shrugging:

Our family lives on taking picture everywhere we go and anything we do.🤷🏽 Are we weird?

My husband takes no pictures (aside from work pictures) unless I say “come take a picture”. The only pictures on his FB are ones that he’s tagged in. I understand wanting pictures to have as memories, but I think the memories themselves are more important. I wouldn’t worry about it much.

My wife and I have a ton but only because I’m a picture fanatic and force her and our kids to take pics constantly

It would make me sad because that’s all you’ll have someday to remember them. And it’s fun to look back on memories made together and show your kids/grandkids if you have any of plan to have any…

10 years and only have very few pictures together. Most are from 10 years ago. Or more recently with our daughter. We don’t like each other enough to take pictures :rofl:

I’ve been with my partner 8.5 years and besides pics that are taken of us at events we hardly have any we take together. We also have a 2.5 year old and probably have 5 pics together as a family. Only 1 of them were taken by us :rofl:

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My husband and I were together 15 years and after he died I realized I only had a handful of pics of us together. Don’t worry about why you dont have more and just take more together. When pics and memories are all you’ve got, you want to make sure you have lots of them.


I have no photos of my x boyfriend and myself and we were together 15 yrs. Would not want his ugly mug, would have broken the camera.

Same. Not happy. 16 years.

I have 2 of us together and that’s it. He doesn’t do pictures




Idk, ask my wife because I HATE taking pictures. :woman_shrugging:

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Been with my fiance for 5 years and as far as photos of just the two of us I could probably count them on both hands. Majority of photos of us are with our children or family members or friends

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Partner and I have been together over 3 years and have like, 4 pictures together, none recent. But are happy :blush:

My. Husband won’t take pictures also but there’s so much more bigger things to be pondering l just let it go

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Normal for me. I HATE having my photo taken. (Past trauma) my family and friends understand

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We don’t have many pictures together either after almost 6 years. But I don’t mind because I hate having my picture taken.

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Idc. Been with the same guy 4.5 years and we have very few pictures together.

Take a fuckin selfie?